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Found 24 results

  1. Saw this on Reddit this morning and was absolutely blown away. The possibilities for this joystick to completely replace dual stick/HOTAS setups or to complement them considerably look to be awesome. Sublight Dynamics plans to launch a Kickstarter to fund production of the device late this summer. What does everyone think of this beauty? Here's a video of the device in action in a number of games including SC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNSzqO93FN4 Here is the Reddit thread: https://i.redd.it/ok83fxvynxt21.jpg And here is the companies website where you can sign up for notification of the Kickstarter launch (on the FAQ page): https://www.sublightdynamics.com
  2. WarWulf

    Ongoing Discussion Force Feedback in a new generation

    Is immersion, and are haptics, still relevant? Sony has recently revealed their new controller... and it looks like they've replaced the usual rumble pad with actual haptics and force feedback. In their blog post, Sony detailed the "variety of powerful sensations" haptic feedback can bring to gameplay, like "the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud." Haptic feedback is the same technology behind the Nintendo Switch's HD rumble and we know the Xbox Series X controller will make use of it as well. Probably the most famous haptic controller in this community will be the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2, which hasn't been available commercially since 2003. This controller is now much sought after by a relatively small group of people, and although haptic feedback is not widely supported, it is still incorporated into some of the more detailed flight sims even after 20 years. So what were some of the features that this provided? It's been a long time since I let mine go, but I do remember the demos which were part of the joysticks toolkit. This allowed you to feel simulated experiences such as a something similar to dragging a pencil over corrugated cardboard (intermittent resistance), feeling a difficult spot within the joysticks range of motion, resistance in one direction, etc. It might be nostalgia, but I definitely recall being impressed by these demonstrations. I was even more impressed when I fired it up in my first flight simulation haptic experience. I had never had the experience of fighting the winds before and it was obviously something that Microsoft had spend time refining. So why, if this controller was as legendary as its fans would tell you, did it die off? Patents. The company Immersion Technology had developed the technology and owned the patents to it, and Microsoft and Sony were not paying to license the patents. It would be easy to see this is a patent troll manoeuvre, however the truth is that without these licenses, innovations would probably be fewer and far between. There were a number of court cases, Microsoft settled early paying a dividend and purchasing a portion of the company. Sony were more resistant. The court cases went on for a number of years, during which they were appealing a court decision that would have ceased production of the PlayStation line until the patented technology was removed. Eventually it all closed down and while it never really made any big headlines, even those outlets following the situation lost interest. No console had haptic feedback, favouring the rumble technology instead, and immersion continued to produce technology aimed towards industrial production and military products. Now we're caught up in the timeline, what is the latest development? The patents for a number of applications for haptic technology, including those used in the Sidewinder FF, have finally expired after being extended by the holding company. Those die hard fans have been theorising about a resurgence of this niche technology. However there has largely been radio silence on the subject. Theory-crafting was simply that. Until the consoles announced that they were going to be providing their own haptics. This changes the lay of the land. As any good PC gamer knows (even if they may not like it) a large portion of the industry is motivated by console technologies above those on PC. There are always areas which are PC-centric, and the PC is always at the forefront of the technology curve, but frankly consoles and mobiles are where the big money is these days. And you can't argue with profits. So with this possibly becoming something that will be developed for and supported again, the big question is; Is it still relevant? And how would we want it to be implemented? This isn't an attempt at an opinion piece, although my opinion will bleed into it. I'm genuinely interested in whether or not this has piqued enough curiosity for people to vote with their wallets. How will people want it to apply to Star Citizen, if it is implemented? Feeling the buffeting of atmosphere and the kiss of the tarmac when flying on atmosphere and landing? Simulating faults in the system making controls sluggish and less responsive? Or perhaps something more in-depth? Is this even relevant enough for people to notice? I look forward to your comments, if any.
  3. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    Virpil recently posted their 2 years in review where they also announced they'll be releasing their new WarBRD grip on 23rd January 2019. This is their current lineup of products where you see: WarBRD Base with a Constellation Delta Grip Desk Mount MT-50 Throttle MT-50 base(now discontinued) with a MT-50CM Grip Pictures of the new WarBRD grip: Its specs are: Dual Stage Trigger 1 x 8-way POV Hat (+ Push) 2 x Momentary Push Buttons 4-Way (+ Push) Thumb Hat All Metal Twist Axis with VPC Contactless Sensor Configurable Mode LED So it basically has 2 hats with push, 2 buttons, dual stage trigger and a twist axis with contactless sensor. It looks like a good space sim grip for me even it lacks in the button/hat department a bit. I plan to pick it up when I can in combination with a WarBRD base and recently released cosmosim no center cams for WarBRD base. VPC products tend to be out of stock yet they restock every 2-3 weeks and sell out in hours. If you're interested in picking one, you might need to set an alarm to their restocking schedule. Their next restock will be on 7th January 2019, 6 AM - 9 AM GMT.
  4. Hello, I recently purchased new Virpil WarBRD joysticks and was hoping to sell my used Thrustmaster TWCS throttle and T16000M (FCS HOTAS Set), CH Pro Pedals, and my VKB Gladiator Mk. II Joystick. They all worked great, I was just hoping to upgrade / change my setup. They are still like new in the boxes. The T16000M has both left and right grip adapters. CH Pro Pedals - $80 FCS HOTAS - $90 VKB Gladiator Mk. II - $80 SOLD Thank you!
  5. A friend tipped me off to VirPil.com, producer/sellers of some joysticks and throttle accessories -- the sticks are both for left and right handed use catalogue: https://virpil.com/en/shop https://virpil.com/en/blog/106-vpc-mongoost-50-throttle-off-to-production https://virpil.com/en/shop/grips/vpc-constellation-delta-vpc The sticks require a separate base to work, which VirPil also sells. They also have desk mounts, stick extensions, mounting plates and dust cover. Here's the thing - they are NOT cheap
  6. So I've been rocking an okay joystick for a while, a Logitech Extreme 3D. It works well enough in Freespace 2, but in SC it's not precise enough and I can't aim well at all. I've moved to a mouse and keyboard setup since, and have drastically improved my combat aim. My question is if a better joystick might yield better results? I see people mentioning HOTAS controllers and dual stick controllers as options and was looking for feedback from the community.
  7. Hi. I'm not exactly sure where to post this because its about hardware but the problem is more likely with software. If it's wrong, mods feel free to move it;) I just bought a Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas (yeah, I know.. I couldn't resist. so.. shiny..) and I'm having some problems getting it to function the way I want it to. My issue right now is that it doesn't pick up the throttle at all. I can move that thing up and down and nothing happens. The lights are on and all the buttons are functioning but the throttle does nothing. I've tried following several setup guides (like Clifford aka Miku's on youtube (though its a few years old)), tried loading different profiles (like Solarfly's) and still nothing. Ive messed around with the settings in Star Citizen for a few hours but it still. wont. work. any ideas?
  8. Squirrel

    Build help Portable Flight Controls

    So, I am looking at a possible job that would have me on the road several days a week on some weeks. As such, I am looking at portable flight solutions. I have 3 or so power gaming laptops I am looking at so that part is handled. But, I need some sort of flight control system that is somewhat portable other than a gamepad. I have never liked gamepads myself and would rather do mouse/keypad. But, my preference is something stick based. Anyone have ideas? The x-56 allows you to detach the stick from it's base. But, overall, the thing is very bulky and I would prefer something more portable. Just looking for ideas from other folks. Preference is for something portable and stick based. Some ideas on some solutions I have looked at: X-56: I like that the stick can detach from it's base, but even with that, it is still pretty bulky. T16000m/FCWS: I like the low profile of the throttle and inexpensiveness of the stick if I have to replace it but would probably need to construct some sort of padded 'brace'/carrier to protect the stick. G13/Orbweaver/Tarterus Keypad: I like this as an option combined with a good multi-button mouse or inexpensive stick Logitech 3D Extreme: This used to be my main stay until I started doing HOTAS. The nice thing is that it is easy and cheap to replace if broken in transit Multi-button/MMO mouse: I prefer stick based flying for the more 'natural' feel but could probably train myself to use a mouse if needed Gamepad: Non-starter for me. This is one of the main reasons I have never been able to play on a console. I don't know what it is about a gamepad, but I just can't do it. I will probably intermix Voice Attack as wel. This will mean I'll need 2 buttons for voice. One for VA and one for voice Comms. Can folks think of other ideas or have experiences with anything like the ones I mentioned in a mobile kind of flight solution?
  9. Snakebyte

    Ongoing Discussion Dual Joysticks incoming

    Just won a CH Fighterstick on EBay for £45, where nobody else bid, and bought the T.16000M FCS HOTAS for £83 from CCL Computers. That leaves me £52 to buy pedals from the £180 I sold my warranty replacement X56 for. I've refused to start playing in the PTU until I know and have the controls I want and it looks like they'll be here just in time for 2.6.
  10. What will you use for controlling the game? Keyboard and Mouse or a Joystick? It's been so long since I've used a Joystick for gaming that I'm going to have to order a new one. Any suggestions on a good one? I've seen a lot of cheap ones but nothing great yet unless I want to spend over $500 on these ebay joysticks
  11. I just got myself a Warthog and am extremely excited! But it seems I can't get the system to work right. When I run their T.A.R.G.E.T. system with the keybindings that I set up my throttle goes from 0 to 100 and that's it, no backing down to 0 even. I would like to have the set up with at least increments of 5 with full stop at the throttle's idle position. Can anyone help me?
  12. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826280021 Currently on sale for USD $299.99.
  13. So what's coming? A replacement for the Warthog? A 6DoF controller with quality built in? Only a month to find out if I have a gently used Warthog HOTAS to sell.
  14. OskarH

    Build help joystick mount

    Hey Hoping someone could advise me on some joystick mounts This is my current setup (running dual T16000m joysticks) and I feel like I can't be precise enough, the only place for my right joystick is on my large mousepad and I constantly move it depending what game I'm playing. I was thinking of getting some kind of table mount so I could lover the joysticks and rest my arms on the armchair, that way I would only be moving my hand on the joystick but not the whole arm like i'm doing now. That itself doesn't have to be difficult, just take some measurements on what height I want it to be and find the necessary items in the next hardware store but the problem is that I play also a lot of fps games, mainly Counter Strike and I would like to be able to slide the joystick away when I'm not using so It's not in the way of my mouse. Same goes if I would just be doing 'on foot' scenario in Star Citizen. That got me to think of some kind of floor mount with slider that I could slide way down when I'm not using it but then I have the problem with the 'base', that it has to be heavy but yet may not be too big to be constantly in my way. This is my last resort as I've googled this matter and there are a lot of DIY projects but none that I've found that appeals to me, the closest I've found regarding usefulness and being easy is also in attachments, this is a table mount which seems to be able to be adjusted how far you want to go down but I still don't like the idea of taking the clamps on and off every time I'm flying or doing on foot battles. I've also looked into chair mounts but I would prefer to have my chair free and keep everything on the table Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated Thanks Óskar
  15. Ok, I am desperate for some technical help. I cannot get a joystick to work in Star Citizen. I have Saitek x52 Hotas but due to windows 10 driver issues I splurged and bought myself a Thrustmaster Warthog joystick on Amazon. I cannot get Star Citizen to recognize it. My setup: Windows 10 64bit, 16gb memory, Asus X99 Deluxe with I-5820, Dual Asus GTX 980 in SLI, BenQ 4K monitor, Thrustmaster Warthog joystick (only). I have followed driver installation instructions. After installing, Star Citizen just does not see the joystick. I had the same issue with the Saitek x52. When I go into windows 10 device manager it shows the HID compliant controller as installed (weirdly it shows a Microsoft driver vs a Thrustmaster one???). I have tried pluggin in the joystick before and after starting Star Citizen. The game just does not recognize. It will let me use mouse in combat arena. I really have no clue on how to make Star Citizen use a joystick. From what I have read it should automatically recognize the joystick? Anyone that has any advice or solution please let me know what the heck I am doing wrong. I have been beating my brains out for 3-4 days now trying to find a solution. Getting ready to shoot my computer and go back to board games.......
  16. Aimpad

    Feedback Wanted Aimpad - Analog Keyboard Suggestions

    I noticed a couple posts that mentioned Aimpad on these forums and thought I would reach out for some feedback. For a quick recap, Aimpad is a company that is developing an analog keyboard. In other words, sensors are mounted under the key switch to sense how far down the key is being pressed and then translate that into an analog joystick axis. I have made a series of YouTube videos that focuses on how a keyboard like this can benefit you in different games. For my next one, I would like to focus on Star Citizen. However, I don't have a lot of experience in the game. I am looking for advice or recommendations on how one would best configure the inputs on an analog keyboard to effectively pilot a space craft while still using the mouse at the same time. Our current prototype is configured with 10 analog keys: Q = Left Analog TriggerW = Left Analog Stick "Up"E = Right Analog TriggerA = Left Analog Stick "Left"S = Left Analog Stick "Down"D = Left Analog Stick "Right"Up Arrow = Right Analog Stick "Up"Left Arrow = Right Analog Stick "Left"Down Arrow = Right Analog Stick "Down"Right Arrow = Right Analog Stick "Right" The rest of the keys on the keyboard are just normal digital keys (either keyboard keys or XInput buttons). If you have any recommendations on how you would use the analog keys above while using the mouse at the same time I would GREATLY appreciate it (and give you credit in my video). Right now I'm thinking maybe WASD for throttle and strafe, Q/E for roll, and the mouse would control pitch and yaw, and use other keys on the keyboard or mouse for vertical movement. Regardless would be curious on your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  17. So I was flying around in AC and I noticed, it would be great to just have all the flight buttons/macros on a controller. Chris Roberts uses a controller to fly, so there may be quite a bit of support for it. I've been following the Xbox Elite Controller and they have four extra "paddle like" buttons, essentially making the controller easier to use in flight and driving sims. Also the D-Pad has now turned into a flat joystick like button. The flight mechanics, in the past, have been too complicated for anything but a HOTAS or keybooard+Joystick control. However the Xbox Elite controller closes the gap with the extra button and ergonomic D-Pad. The only question is price. Is it worth having a $150 controller just for flight so that you can lean back in your chair to relax? Of course FPS would still be with mouse and keyboard, but think of the possibilities with a controller. Also think about VR technology. Flying around with a controller, without having to worry about a keyboard with a VR headset on.
  18. Looks like we're going to get a Saitek-made controller. Wonder if it'll be worth it? http://globenewswire.com/news-release/2015/08/04/757593/10144478/en/Mad-Catz-R-Teams-Up-With-Cloud-Imperium-R-Games-to-Create-Dedicated-Saitek-R-Branded-Star-Citizen-R-Hardware.html
  19. found this tidbit in this article --> http://www.killerguides.net/blog/mmorpg/summary-of-major-mmorpgs-and-rpgs-in-gamescom-2015-a-progressive-report Unveiled were new SC peripherals made by Saitek, that will come in different colors and designs to fit the different ship brands. To allow people to aim more easily, joysticks and throttles will have trackballs on them. Beginner joystick and throttle will cost $149. Players will be able to design a station with your keyboard and one peripheral on each side, as the stick and throttle are detachable from each other. Based off of the Saitek X-65, the high-end HOTAS setup will come with an OLED screen display. Also part of the SC product line are headsets and mics.
  20. Gallitin

    Want to Sell Logitech Attack 3 Joystick

    I purchased a new joystick a couple weeks back so my old one is just sitting. It's a good stick, but I wanted one with more buttons. It's a Logitech Attack 3. I think I paid $60 for it, it's in perfect like new condition. $20 $10 + Shipping takes it. Let me know your zip and I can calculate the shipping.
  21. Has anyone got a profile for the x52 pro for Freespace 2? I tried to find one in this big black hole called internet, but most links seem to be dead.
  22. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a joystick or good gaming setup to effectively fly in Star Citizen. Also, Does anyone think that a joystick setup is needed or is a mouse and keyboard sufficient? I feel that a joystick would be the best set up but am unsure and need some advice. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  23. Tuesday 21st January, 2014 Breaking News! Imperium Organization Goes Live on RSI website! Imperium News Network would like to report that Gallitin, the much beloved leader of Imperium, has successfully created the Organization within the RSI website. From this day forward you can show your organization with pride as it is now officially acknowledged and represented on the RSI website. Features are a little light on the ground right now with the only real features being the rank system and an organization chat mechanism but expect more features to be released soon. As always, Imperium plans to be at the forefront of new features and will be updating regularly so keep an eye on the website and INN for updates. SCB will continue to be the home for all things Imperium so expect for most things to continue as normal however all Imperium members are encouraged to register for official Imperium membership on RSI as soon as possible. Keep watching INN for new features to be released as well as exciting updates about the rapidly developing SCB portal and other features. Register now by heading to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/IMPERIUM Addendum: FAQ on Joining RSI Chat using an XMPP Client, such as Pidgin, can be found at the link below. https://robertsspace.../faq/xmpp-setup Combat Ops Team Meeting Those of you in Combat Ops will probably want to be aware of an upcoming TeamSpeak meeting on the 2nd February 2014. Naros is requesting your input as to what time to host the meeting in order to assure the maximum attendance possible. There will be many topics discussed and if you want to participate you’ll find all the details in the thread, linked below. I would like to emphasise how useful it is to attend these meetings as it’s always better to be part of the discussion about decisions than complain later that you don’t agree with a policy. Imperium members can check it out . Banana Warning! INN values each and every one of our readers, so when news caught my eye of a potential hazard to you all I felt it my responsibility and duty to bring it to your attention. The common banana has long been considered a friend to the human race and if you believe that sort of thing maybe even to the monkeys we supposedly “evolved” from. However it seems that these cunning yellow demon-fruit may have been slowly poisoning us over the years and consumers of these sweet-tasting traitors maybe the cause of many problems. I’ll let Imperium member Dekkarius fill you in on the exact details . Do you enjoy grasping your joystick or fingering your keyboard? There has been much debate about which will be better to use in Star Citizen. Many claim the joystick lacks the precision of the mouse while others contend that if the mouse were so great, why wouldn’t we drive cars and fly planes with it? Controller fans haven’t been as vocal yet.. There are a number of interesting points so feel free to add your opinion (bias?) on the thread and read the comments of grizzled old combat pilots, console jockeys and keyboard cowboys This has been your Community Newsbrief for Tuesday 21st January 2014. INN: Bringing you all the latest news just as soon as the editor finishes watching Torchwood. WarWulf INN Community Reporter This post has been promoted to an article
  24. Hi guys, Like many here I was a huge fan of Wing commander, X-wing and Tie-Fighter. I played WC right up until Prophecy. Does anyone think that Wing Commander 3 was one of the greatest PC games ever regardless of genre?! The space fights were great, the character development was absorbing and upgrading/changing your ship weapons pre-flight was so much fun. But what happened to the genre? Like many, I tried Free Lancer and its like. However you could use a mouse? and you could play 3rd person? WTF? If I wanted to play an arcade game I would play Xenon II right? Surely a space flight sim was all about learning to fly your ship with the joystick. It was about maneuvers, forcing your trigger finger to wait until lasers are fully charged and a Kilrathi was in your crosshair. It was about balancing your shields, sending orders to wingmen, protecting your convoys... I tried modern space games. It just seemed to me that games that were designed to use the mouse and play in 3rd person were no longer absorbing. The balance required meant that the soul of the game was lost. Maybe I didnt give them a chance, but I am dying to use my joystick again. X2 any good for this? Doesn't it too use a mouse? Moose
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