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  1. Anvil Hawk

    Those discs underneath the rear wing is something I haven't seen before. I think they are fans, and the ship can perform in atmosphere better than other craft. The perfect ship to defend outposts! Or, raid them.
  2. Battleships and Destroyers

    @IronFoxide Your right. Insuring equipment, upgraded weapons, engines, cargo for capitalships will be expensive. LTI will insure stock equipment, and hull (iirc). Money making opportunists for these types of capitals will likely be rare. There will also be considerable ammo costs, repairs and fuel all on a scale much larger than other crafts. Finally the Idris P, and Javelin are missing important military equipment and if replaced will also need to be well insured. An integrated tax program for orgs, would be nice and would actually be very beneficial to members that have nothing to with caps. The org will have an invested benefit in seeing that they enjoy star citizen, and are financially successful. That program would point out people who need help.
  3. I imagine that most useful outpost will be in lawless areas. Its hard to imagine an outpost being more convenient than a space station where you can keep more gear, and keep it more safely. I hope that CIG does not use MMO magic to artificially limit player interaction. I imagine a little device like a radar dish you could deploy. Once powered and functioning, it could alert you, or the UEE to events. "Contact incoming", "Hostile fire detected", "Door breached", "Sensor Malfunction Dete%$$@@@@*"...this kind of thing. The outposts sound more like layovers, or a kind of base camp for deep exploring. I kind...of think (dont kill me here) that it might be more fun to set one up with a smaller ship like a connie (or aurora if possible) taking lots of trips. I mean the pioneer has more of a foot print than the outpost! Not to sneaky. I love the idea of leaving supplies stashed somewhere low profile. It makes much more sense than parking an unmanned expensive mother ship.
  4. Hornet

    We will know soon, with 3.0 for sure. I imagine its fine. If I was escorting and I could take any ship, I would consider the buccaneer. This is because they are faster, a little better at interdiction, and almost hit as hard. They would also be more fun to fool around in, while you go through the long runs. Since you are afraid they will shoot your convoy, vs you, the fragile nature of the light fighter is less of a disadvantage. ( You should rent this one and play with it, perhaps). But, *I* would take a hornet to almost anything, because I am comfortable with them. But I would be wary in particular of light fighters in the hands of more experienced pilots.
  5. Hornet

    Hey, Welcome back. The question about your hornet seems objective on the surface, I would argue it is more emotional than you think. I have a short and a long answer for you. Short answer: Yes, you will be disappointed. You will see other hornets with load outs you covet, they will fly circles around you and kill ships much faster. Light fighters will block your missile shots, steal kills and chase you away or kill you with impunity. Long answer: Its about love. The F7C is a great ship. It has a great potential loadout, it flies better than the superhornet and will likely be able to upgraded piecemeal to milspec awesomeness. You have a little farther to upgrade it than the F7CM, but that is a lot of the fun. I have heard very, very good players talk about the F7 series. They favor the F7CM unanimously unless playing casually. The simple reason is that the armor on it is the best in the game and a great nullifier for ballistic weapons. They compensate for the lack of maneuverability with excellent g force control ( This is not easy, takes lots of practice) and getting really close and aggressive. With enough practice you can keep even the light fighters in front of you. Another great thing about the hornet series is that it has great boost regeneration, and great jerk values (this is how fast you change direction when strafing). It moves great, in strafing it is practically indistinguishable from the saber with more hit points and guns. But, let me assure you this takes real skill. Expect to invest dozens of hours. There are very nice people in Imperium that can help you. I love the hornet. I love its boxy look, its mass, I love making it move faster than it should while I cringe on the edge of blacking out, I love its history, and its personality. When RSI releases a ship I think is lame, I buy one just for support. I currently have 6 but I have likely bought and melted around a dozen. Throughout the reiterations of patches and ship changes and flight model tweaks I have spent a lot of time flying the gladius, the sabre, the buccaneer and the hornet. In my opinion, the hornet (super hornet in particular) is the gold standard that RSI balances other fighters to. If you fall in love with star citizen, and play, play, play...I don't think the hornet will ever let you down. The F7CM is almost a red herring at that point, but it will be on sale again on the anniversary sale coming up. The long answer is that your fine, and you should take your baby out of her hanger more often.
  6. Drake Buccaneer (Pirate Interceptor)

    Nice catch. It will be slightly faster. (it is slower now). It will have about 40% of the firepower, and twice the profile though. I will take those odds. How is the ejection seat in the Kartu-al? (Man, that is a ship that needs some love. At least 4 size 2 guns like the promo art. I feel you there).
  7. Drake Buccaneer (Pirate Interceptor)

    @Devil Khan Now, I dont completely believe the ship matrix. But this little ship also has the same capability for power as the super hornet, and shields. The Buccaneer has an afterburner speed now of 710. Only the Herald, M50, 350r and Mustang Gamma (and Omega) are faster. None of those match the combat potential of the Buccanneer. Now, the afterburner is going to change in 3.0 ( and I dont really understand it). But the Buccaneer is fast, the sabre is good but not that close at 645 ( the gladius is just 660). For a dedicated fighter, not a racer (or whatever the herald is)...it is fast. Will it suck out the gate? Yes. Drake components are likely cheap. May it suck for someone? Easily possible. But if one upgrades this thing, and if the high quality upgrades are available (you can just yank from other ships) ...and if one take the time to learn how to handle the power, I believe this fighter has more upward potential than just about anything. Really excited about it. The boost regeneration is great too, which is my greatest peeve with the aegis ships.
  8. Drake Buccaneer (Pirate Interceptor)

    Hey, when you eject, your enemy can still shoot you while you drift around in space. This ship has a peerless top speed. I would take that over an injection seat, any day. You can control range of engagement, you can dodge, you hit harder than anything but a superhornet, and you can flee. It makes it a skirmisher...but that is likely what most combat will be. It sounds like a lot of fun.

    The ship matrix has the cutlass veiwable in the holo veiwer, along with updated stats. More fire power than a hopilite, more nimble, and room for dragonflys? This is my favorite non fighter (might be my favorite fighter, we will see) if all those facts are to be believed. This looks like a wonderful ship for tooling around in the verse, with some friends, or when you want some space to ground action.
  10. Drake Buccaneer (Pirate Interceptor)

    If the new ship matrix is to be believed the buccaneer is going to be a great fighter. Imagine shields upgradable to super hornet strength 4 size 3 guns and 2 size 1s, and double the missiles with 4 size 3s (that is as much as the gladius). Besides the lack of armor (mitigated by strong shields and unmatched speed and great manuverability) there is no weakness. By the time you have practiced to handle it without gsafe on, you will have gotten used to the bars on the windows. Perfect!
  11. Gladius

    The ship matrix is cofirming a size 3 for the nose now. This is so wonderful. Not only does it make the gladius more fun and relevant...it also means that the start of squadron 42 will be more fun!
  12. Hornet

    The recent ship matrix has a lot of interesting things concerning the hornets. For the first time they will have hard point differences. For example a hornet F7C has a canard turret with two size ones (as normal), the F7CM has a canard turret with two size two guns, and the F7A has a canard turret with two size 3s. The f7a may be a bit of wild card (maybe not though) but, it looks like the hornet series have a lot of depth and variation to them. Imagine a starting player buying a F7C new, as an upgrade from his mustang delta. He could upgrade the cockpit module perhaps by itself to gain access to the better canard capability, or maybe when he has the spare cash, some wings with some better mounts. these cockpits and wings share the similar geometry and animations and can be attached together to make custom varients. This sounds great, to me. The upside of course is that if it is not what they intend (and variant hardpoints can not be changed somehow) ...then those F7A upgrades...are going to be awesome. Awesome. 4 size 4s and 2 size 3s. hey maybe 8 size 3 missiles (thanks to the new missle bay!). Yikes. It sounds like a great day for hornet owners.
  13. Origin 600 Thread

    Lol. I am glad someone likes them. I have a boxster and they can out run me. Dang it. Edit: And that is what the proposed Origin line is supposed to be like.
  14. Issue with Dual T16000 & TARGET

    Great! Enjoy the two sticks! If you get frustrated, a stick in left hand and a mouse in the right works well for me. Let me give you one more simple tip. Enemy contact pretty much made me map a key to thrust forward- full throttle, and another for thrust back and zero throttle. It made a huge difference. Welcome to star citizen.
  15. CitizenCon 2017

    @Boildown A lot of people do not realize that orbit is a state of velocity not altitude, but I was pretty stunned about how pretty it was to look down at arc corp. Yes...it was wrong. Yes, your right. Man, though...making velocities in orbit is hard. Kerbal taught me that. I am ok with star wars space fantasy ww2 in space kind of thing. Edit: Drink more beer.