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  1. Hey, I was watching the last ATV and here is another picture of a gladius with a different gun layout. Here the guns are on the inner platform with missiles on the outer. I am really, really curious about the changes that are happening here. Are they rebalancing it? Moving some weapon slots to a universal type? If you could put 5 size 2 guns on this baby it would be almost as powerful as a gimbaled hornet! That would be a fun, fun, fun ship! If you could put a size 3 on the front? 3 size 3s? 3 size 3s and 2 size 2s? ...Forgive me Holy mother of Sabres for I covet thy sister.
  2. As @LeroyJenkins so elegantly summarized: In any game where objects can be traded, using real world money to attempt to get an advantage occurs. This really cant be avoided. It not only money. For example: if you are willing to wash my car for September I will give you a sweet legacy Aura MR with LTI in a shiny Digital Scout package. Enjoying the game, and having fun with it is a strong advantage for anyone's success.
  3. The Idris. The Idris. The Idris. Star Citizen is a hard game. It takes hundred of hours to learn to fly a Fighter. And when you can...it is really fun. Fun is what the game is about and Cap ships...are pretty much about supporting vehicles that support Fighters. The Idris supports 3. Remember please that Chris Roberts has made many games. The wing commander series. The privateer series. Then Freelancer and Star Lancer (Star Lancer came after Freespace 2*). In all the games the Fighter was king. In the first wing commander mission you could kill a destroyer in a light fighter. The first one. And this never ever changed, in all his games. Guess what...the first Star Citizen game, "Squadron 42" is a fighter based game. If you want a support ship, support fighters. Love fighters. Long live the Fighters! All hail Chris. May his dream never falter. *This is an important point. In Freespace 2 Cap ships fought back. In Star Lancer, Fighters still made chumps of them. Chris chose to balance in favor of fighters knowing the popular contrary example.
  4. I have no idea on how scanning will work. I do know the Polaris is slow. The hornet is less slow. I assume you want to blow stuff up. Most hornet pilots want to blow stuff up too. The hornet finds the party, starts the party and you show up fashionably late to end that party.
  5. You most certainly can, and that is the stock set up. The gladius is really fast though, and you may find that flying with larger fixed weapons may not be much more difficult.
  6. From Bored gamer
  7. Oh sweet mother of Sabre. This is huge.
  8. Feedback Wanted

    That is really nice. What kind of material did you use for the platform for pedals and sticks? It is screwed into the PVC? Do you like the height of the sticks? Is transitioning to First person shooter difficult? Something I would recommend is to remove the wheels on your chair, it gives a lot of stability to everything. Yeah, it sounds weird but I really liked it. The support pipe that connects to the inner pipe leading from the ground to the joystick platform could be moved so that it connects to the pvc right under the front of the joystick platform if you need more stability, (I know that is confusing). @Fizzlefuse Have you considered mounting the stick to the chair with something like this?
  9. This is wonderful, thank you!
  10. I am confused about the turret size on the buccaneer. When it is removed, can you replace it with a fixed weapon? if so what size can you use? What size weapons are actually on the turret?
  11. That is a lot of bars on the windows.
  12. Try this : http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/teamplayer-use-multiple-keyboard-and-mice-on-one-system/
  13. I will believe it when I see it. This is Chris Roberts. I cant think of a game or movie of his when fighters did not rule. I think that 3 undistracted hornets will dismantle a poor javelin or Idris. But I think the Idris P is nice...and yes I would upgrade a Polaris for it. The main reason is that you can 3 fighters. I think that is a saving grace for an Idris. I think it could be far more effective with 5 crew (Pilot, engineer, and 3 fighter pilots) than any other capital ships. This is because, Fighters will likely remain the most effective use of skilled players applied effectively. The two on the IDRIS are just to keep her there to support the fighters.
  14. That sounds GREAT!
  15. @Rocket Man Sorry it is frustrating you. This is not my favorite reiteration either, but I think I have pretty successfully adapted. I liked the model the best, right before the doubled the hit points of all the ships. I liked this time because I felt that light fighters did really well (the gladius, and the 350R). During this time firepower seemed pretty balanced between ships, as the faster ships had just as quick (or quicker) time to kills than heavier ships due to being able to get to targets faster and shooting more often...at least in vanduul swarm. Flight skill had more pay off. The light ships were just so exciting because with some concentration and practice they were actually better in a heavy fray. The hornet felt like a death trap to me, plenty of firepower, but without the agility to dodge hits. In retrospect, I agree with you that the acceleration changes are what made the fixed weapon layouts less useful in 2.6.1. These changes also made the hornet amazing with vector changes, actually seeming to out fly the Sabre. I dont fly using a M&K strictly speaking. I use programmable mouse, a razor tartarus (a mini key board, with a directional pad and thumb switch), and foot pedals. So I use the mouse for 2 DoF, the Tartarus for 4(and roll) and the pedals for 2. It allows me to do all DoF simultanously...and that was something I was exploring even before AC. I fear also that your and Doops ( @Doopsums )problem is that you are really, really good. So the game will always seem to be balanced for someone else, someone less good. Like me perhaps. My heart bleeds for you though I suggest drinking more. Washington state, and Oregon has great beer. I can recommend some.