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  1. Ongoing Discussion Saitek x55 and x56

    That is not a bad deal in this case! Good thinking. If you want a second stick the thrust master 1600 is decent. Its plastic, but I ended up going through the x52, the warthog, various keypad setups and settling with it for a left hand set up. @Donut I have been drooling over the vkb stuff too. They make left handed sticks too, but I cant find them tonight.
  2. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    That's disappointing. Any other news?
  3. Time to shop for my SC build?

    I would also encourage you to wait. The wide range of frame rates experienced in the PU show that there are some unusual elements that drastically improve frame rates, particularly a very fast SSD. Not just any SSD. Memory is also important. I would recommend 32gb. This is also an opportunity to consider a new resolution as well. As time goes on these elements will become far less nebulous and more affordable. Here is a short video from Noobifier as he takes a look at it.
  4. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    I am now very angry at Crytek. I felt like they were standing on my throat. In the past if you sued a game company you effected its employees and its publisher, in this case they effected thousands of invested fans. I feel sympathy for Derek Smart, with a little medication he would be fine...might lose a bit of his intelligence (might actually still be a more effective game developer). The fact that he docent seek help or follow a regimen is his choice, and I understand it. Crytek on the other hand, just shook the tree I was in for no reason but their own enrichment from the money WE invested. They tried to rob US. I will not forget.
  5. Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    @Buckaroo The Connie is pretty sluggish going from the vanguard. Make sure you try the Cutlass. That might be more what you are looking for.
  6. RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    @xOperator Did you get a hammer head 666?
  7. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    This could be a whole other topic, and I would enjoy it. Turret design in Star Citizen suffers from some unique challenges when compared to a game like Planet side 2, which I am not very familiar with. But, after reading this I watched about an hour of video looking at how turrets worked in that game. Some challenges that SC faces are: 1. Fighters seem more mobile. 2. Projectiles are visible. 3. Combat against ships with turrets happens at much longer range (it is really hard to see the fighter), giving a longer time to avoid incoming fire. 4. Game is balanced to be fun from the Star Fighter perspective, it is Chris Roberts and it is Squadron 42 too. This makes it hard to change many of the traits that make Star Fighters survivable and potent. It will be interesting. I completely agree with you, that turret positions have to be fun. I also agree that NPCs and AI turrets sound far less interesting than giving incentives to players to take roles.
  8. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Hello there. I am a fighter pilot. Please add my name to your contact list. When you hammerhead is flight ready (and sincerely, thanks for the support for star citizen) I would like to demonstrate that the statement 'Death of all fighters'...has been somewhat premature. I am not going to stalk, or bully you and I don't mean to threaten you. Just remember, if you have any doubt that fighters, and skilled pilots are fearsome, please let me know. I propose that we match crew to fighter count. You have one crew, I will engage myself. If you have 9, I will bring 9...but just fighters. I like you, and you may be very well right. I will give you an opportunity to earn your answer. Perma-death will only be a penalty to the safe
  9. Happy Hour - Drake Vulture, Drake Corsair, Drake Kraken

    I do really like @Reavern's idea of a ship hauler. It fits so good in what I imagine Drake to be. 'Lets build a ship that move other ships and deliver them in any order...oops, pirates made a carrier out of it.' Even could have a octopus shaped mouth. Sadly, that is not what it sounded like. I imagine they could use automated stores to cut down on player need to run them. Sort of a big bennies but for ammo, and ship fuel. I have a lot a trouble imagining a truck stop, that is not persistent, can quantum travel, and is called 'THE KRAKEN'...or a scout carrier. Or...that sounds fun. "Yep, I cant go looting with the boyz, I have to run the truck stop. Its orbiting Daymar, all very dangerous and exciting. Come back when you need gas, or...want to talk to someone'.
  10. Titan Suit sneak peek

    Is for an alien? Does the operator walk on his knees? That might be 'Duul. Because the 8 foot monsters need power armor. In close spaces these things are going to be nightmarish. Imagine with some kind of auto shotgun....yikes.
  11. Which ship to keep? Hammerhead vs Polaris

    The hammerhead looks devastating. It does take 9 to crew though, at least 7 to fly and use weapons. Its use is really limited to an offensive and defensive platform. Maybe you have 9 people who want to be gunners, and crew members. Honestly, when I see more than 5 people in a discord channel I hesitate to join, so the 9 players would be an onus to me. The Polaris, is kind of a house boat with a garage for a sport car if you are by yourself. Its kind of a mobile hanger. I would hate to meet a hammerhead without a similar sized crowd supporting the Polaris, but with smaller groups it could offer a respite from station crowds or give a platform to operate from a desolate region. I think I could use the Polaris more often, and I would honestly enjoy that kind of play.
  12. Which ship to keep? Hammerhead vs Polaris

    In brief, yes. In particular to AI and NPC controlled turrets. Which is based on AI turrets and NPCs in the game today. I may have included player controlled turrets, and after thinking about your post, I want to take that back. I have never fought an player crew that was a cordinated multicrew (just pickups). I can imagine some strategies that would make it impossible for a fighter to survive and attack. The hammerhead is a large relative immobile target however, while a fighter is not. I am sure it can maneuver well, say..better than the Polaris but worse than a Connie. My experience is based on vs Connies. The hammerhead will have a lot more firepower. NPCs are... well...NPCs. Thanks for your critique. I hope you understand more where I am coming from. I think you actually underestimate how well the hornet would have to dodge, I am pretty sure it could not take a single 2K hit...and that is what the hammerhead is throwing around. Player operators, even poor ones, would be to unpredictable. In the end the hammerhead's shield might be so powerful that fighters cant burn it down...but this is kind of unlikely. Its Chris Roberts right? Squadron 42 is not about a brave gunboat crew. Chris Roberts has steered his previous titles away from powerful ships that slay fighters with impunity. Was it the first mission in wing commander where you can kill a destroyer in your light fighter? This is evidence it might be changing. Yikes, no reason to go at me personally bro. I have in fact played the game. I think the hammerhead will be great. I obviously hope the turrets can fire missiles too (this might happen). You don't think fighters can effectively avoid turret fire at moderate long range, as things are now in alpha? Really? (Hint: You have said they can in previous posts.) I can murder connies in a hornet with impunity (I admit it takes a while), I am sure you could too. I do disagree with you about the value of bombers, glad it made you laugh. I think the turret experience will be better, and 4 size 4s is pretty crazy (that is pretty severe, it can one shot any fighter today...or at least leave it a crippled wreck), and if that cant change it along with an improved interface I don't know what will. I don't think NPCs and AI will be more accurate though than today, or at least not more effective. I am pretty confident I could solo an NPC filled hammerhead, at least cripple it before being hit. A couple of hornets against an NPC hammer head though...my money would be on hornets. And 9 players in a hammerhead vs 9 players in hornets? That sounds like a great time...but not for the gunship. Your arguments about range and needing escorts that go farther are good. Back to topic, in general terms, I feel that fighters are kind of the currency of war in star citizen. That was my impression from Chris Roberts original pledge drive to make a personal level space sim. NPCs can be a threat against that in my opinion. If we were talking about a player filled hammerhead, or a player filled Polaris I feel the Polaris is the better craft in that it can support multiple starfighters. It will also be better with a smaller crew, even if it is just one player supporting star fighters and gladiators. But with NPCs...the hammerhead is going to be great, just be wary of fighters.
  13. Which ship to keep? Hammerhead vs Polaris

    @Reavern Ok, barring magic, and making turrets super strong with magic powers. Fighters will still destroy slower ships that depend on them, even if they have an anti fighter tag. It is how turrets work...it is just the way it is. But, we are talking about skill here demonstrated by fighters: maintaining range, and dual or tipple axis strafing. In comparison to no skill by gun boat captains: NPCS or AI controlled turrets. @Zarian Sure, Hammerhead are brilliant against big slow ships like the industrial powerhouses. I would not want my IDRIS doing a 1v1 with a hammerhead. Sure multiple vectors would work, but the IDRIS does have a much larger sensor range. Seen that dish? I am sure you and your friends could murder ships with Hammerheads. The million dollar question is: How many NPCs will Chris Roberts let you rent before it becomes "Battleship Simulator". This is my big fear with the hammerhead. I would not be surprised with a limit of 3 (enough to man a Connie). I know lots of people really like the idea of big ships. It will be interesting. In his previous games he has let you rent like 2 elements a single transport and fighter wing( Privateer 2: Darkening {Not sure how much he was in that one]) and something similar in Freelancer. The idea of lots of NPCs has never really appealed to him before.
  14. Which ship to keep? Hammerhead vs Polaris

    The hammerhead does have a lot of fire power and a lone one would inflict severe damage or destroy an Idris if it caught it napping. If you equip your turrets with 4 size 4 m6As, you will inflict the equivalent of a size 9 torpedo with each turret every 5 seconds (faster than the missile lock?). You get 5 turrets lined up, and that is an obscene amount of firepower. I feel you underestimate the Idris. It has a longer scanning range and can dock 3 fighters...it can support many more. Those three fighters can kill a turret based craft with pretty much impunity by dictating the range of engagement and just pouring shots down range. 3 fighters on one gunship...would not be a contest. I would enjoy fighting a gun ship solo in a hornet. Turrets are not magical. At 1500 even dead on shots will always miss a fighter who is strafing in multiple directions and the fighter can stay out there and effectively rain down fire that hits...all the time. And the ability to do this does not take much longer than a few minutes to acquire. It is not fair. The situation is not effected at all with another hammerhead (the pilot can block it with the targeted hammerhead, and the third hammer head is even further away.) Effective formation control helps against fighters I imagine, but only so much. Ballistic gatlings would make it more dangerous to fighters, but the projectiles have even a lower speed and are limited in fire time. Now if turrets can lock on missiles, this changes the situation greatly. This is what they need in my opinion. I fear with a Idris vs 3 Hammerhead match up, the hammerheads will never see the Idris. They will be interdicted by fighters they cannot hurt, NPCs and AI turrets excellent accuracy and awareness will make them easier to dodge, and a player in a turret would have been better placed in a fighter of some kind. Every pirate player I know have purchased this craft. Every one. The reason being is that it will be great for extortion, or destroying large industrial ships quickly if they fail to pay. It is also likely be excellent against NPC fighters. For lawful players, it is also excellent against player fighters or bombers who are not focusing on dodging..like say...attacking your convoy. Sorry this got long, in short: I fear you overestimate turrets against fighters and I agree the hammerhead is good.
  15. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I have thought about this gunship, and I fear it will be the premium griefer vessel. I think it will be fine against small numbers of NPC fighters, and great against other crafts. I also think it will be great at defense, particularly against pirate threats like the cutlass. Fighters (Player controlled fighters) have a tremendous advantage in combat: They control the range of engagement. They fight from an distance where they can see and dodge incoming fire and just simply pour fire on the poor slow victim cap ship. Its not that they are hard to hit, they are almost impossible to hit. It is like playing dodge ball and one team is tied to a poll while the other team can stand behind them. I feel CIG cant solve this problem by making turret interfaces better or making guns bigger, I fear you just make it seem more fair. This ship has Awesome firepower, it will be sure death for Constellations, Starfarers, Orions, and Reclaimers. Those ships cant dodge, and each turret on the hammerhead packs the firepower of a Connie's main array. I imagine time to kill will be very short, (like 20-30 seconds) with no real chance for escape. Even with fighter support for the defense, the hammerhead could distract them with missiles, move in and kill the large ships...and then just run away. Pursuing fighters would lose their advantage of mobility, and turret operators operating from afterburner would have almost instant hits against them. This could be done by a single player and a hand full of NPCs. Think about that. Do you think it will be used more often by groups willing to organize a half dozen players for defense and protect for hours, or by individuals who just want to see the world burn and laugh about it for 15 minutes? Imagine a few used like this at the same time.