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  1. One day I would love to have a luxury medium to heavy starfighter with a bed....for when those moments when life intrudes and I am 10 minutes away from the nearest station.
  2. Sounds like the khartul-al is getting up gunned, with two gimbaled size 3s now.
  3. Scotterius

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    The constellation is pretty nice for a left hand grip. Those two r way hats! I struggle to find a use for the thumb (Free look for dual stick users?) You know, the thrustmaster 1600 is really, really hard to beat as an off hand stick. The constellation is the first that might. The buttons, the build quality.I like what Noobifier said about its feel. I would love to try it someday.
  4. @Pharesm The kick starter never mentions FPS by name. It does show it. It was proposed as a FPS all the time space sim, for immersion. His goal was never to break your perspective. You start FPS, you get in a ship ...still FPS, get out of the chair in FPS....powered by the best FPS engine at the time by Crytek. The first module was FPS. I struggle to imagine an original backer thinking you would not have personal weapons. While it was a space sim...it was definitely described as FPS. Wow, going back to 2012.
  5. Look at the Connie double parking. Sheesh....Connies.
  6. Scotterius


    I was looking at the sabre and hornet the other day and came to the conclusion that the rework of the hornet might not yet be over. There is just so little room inside of the hornet due to the middle being modular. While you cant remove it and leave the hollow circle, it does mean there is still far less room for sheild and engine comonents. The hornets engine is just smaller than one of the Sabres. It is very short due to that circular middle section. The later Anvil ships dont have this problem. The Sabre has plenty of interior space, and it might remain after the stealth addition with its current layout, to better compete against the F7A. The F7A does not have this limitation and it uses the clip on turret style that the arrow and buccaneer use. Kind of surprised this went through the last rework. I think the carry all component should just be dropped.
  7. I got the K upgrade, then I saw it in the Aegis exhibit, then I saw the video by Teller. It is gigantic, and overwhelming. How many players will it take to just outfit fighters? Even with automation...the thing is immense. Imagining just securing it is disturbing. So much space inside, with so many entrances... Will the insurance replacement time lend for play so conservative, it is rarely exciting? Honestly speaking... I have fun with a group larger than 20 people maybe 2 or 3 times a year? Usually my fun is with smaller groups. 2 to 10? I am pretty picky who I want to spend my morsels of free time with. Its hard to imagine my Idris as fun. I think it is wonderful as a peice of digital art though. Now, with size 10 beam weapon!
  8. No external changes? No changes to nose weapons?
  9. I did get a CCU. I am very skeptical, but the option is there. Seeing the F7A and the F8A was really cool.
  10. In the end it comes down to what you love. You will become skilled at the things you love to practice. If you love to gather crews for your 8 man gun corvette, it will be difficult to beat. It is an investment and takes practice and real skill. Managing a crew takes something, and I recognize it. If you want to solo it with NPCs then the Hammerhead is a much better choice than the Polaris. Having multiple players with NPC filled Hammerheads, sounds terrifying to me. (Kind of skeptical about how prevalent this will be though). I am a dog fighter and joined a group that requires members to try out. Squadrons in Imperium are the same deal. This situation just makes the Polaris a better option as it supports fighters. 5 or 6 skilled pilots and a Polaris with a skeleton crew (1 to 3 players) would be a hard, hard fight for a fully crewed Hammerhead, even with a skilled crew. But, the Polaris is just a big support craft with torpedoes at this point. A lot of people fall into the trap of "this ship is better than this ship". Having team mates and doing something that you enjoy is what is important. If you can find that, you have fun at that, even if you are never good at it.
  11. It is not great. I remember that a size 3 was $15 in the voyager direct store. A size 4 was more. If it was 20 then the value from 8 is 160, add the STS and the size 10 beam weapon? 60 and 100? So, the beam is around $100 by itself most likely. It is...pretty cool though.
  12. I think so... The "kit" is just a set of weapons with each one being a separate item. I imagine 'applying' it would be dragging the new items to replace the stock items on the P. It is not an upgade kit, as in turn a F7c to a F7CM.
  13. Anvil does tend to compensate for lower turning speeds with high jerk values, which allows the f7c to turn really fast under boost. In the sheets the F8a has a slightly higher mass than the the f7a (it is way lower than the F7C- and its part of what the devs were talking about in the flight model ATV) and the F8a has less jerk. I expect the f8a to be faster, but not as nimble as the f7a. I think the f7a and light fighters will still have a strong role. Mass is going to get more and more important. I am really excited. Alas. they really should have prioritized the new flight model. and maybe reworked weapon velocities. But, I really like the anvil flight feel today.
  14. You dont want two people on a Vanguard when you can have 2 people flying Vanguards. 😊 @Brightmist holy smokes! I misread your post. Yes it is two hornets. (Without taking the turret off for a fixed size 5...sheeesh.) The sheets state the F7A could carry 3 size 4s and an size 5 as well. So following the same trend with civ ships having one weapon size smaller...The F8c would have 6 size 2s and 2 size 3s....or replacing the turret it would have 4 size 2s, 2 size 3s and 1 size 4. There is where the Vanguard edges it out.
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