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  1. Scotterius

    Drake Kraken

    So they will make it a little bigger.
  2. Scotterius

    Drake Kraken

    The exposed fighters might make asteroids a little more trickier too. My thought about pocket carriers has always been using them as support craft and not as combat craft. IE: use the fighters to find targets and destroy them and keep their home secret and safe. I have some friends who will likely never begin to be comfortably in fighters and would honestly enjoy being crewmen (Heck, I enjoy it...it is really, really relaxing). My thoughts have always centered around having the Idris crewed by just one person or a handful. With the kraken, you could bring a much larger gang due to the number of ships it can dock..and it takes far less crew. More fun? Another problem of the IDRIS is that it is made for Squadron 42, and it has a lot of things that are cool...but not necessary. There is a gym, a briefing room, the second walkway to the bridge, and huge double showers that could be used for munitions, loot, and stuff I actually could use as a player. Honestly the rail gun would be better spent for fuel, but maybe there will be events that will take that kind of firepower...seems hard to imagine with the server state now...but It would be cool. I cases like that, The Idris might be worth it. But it is really, really hard to imagine that it would be better to have players as crewman instead of in fighters. Unless fighters suck. Hey did you see the TTKs of fighter vs fighter in the trailer? Actual game footage...right? Alas.
  3. Scotterius

    Drake Kraken

    If this had come out 3 years ago, I would have grabbed it for 3K with no hesitation. It looks better than anything I have. I like the dragon fly bay more than the unarmed shuttle of the Idris, I like the insta launch capacity more than the Idris, and the refuel and repair capacity looks about practically the same (in practical use...like with real people). The engines are huge in comparison with the IDRIS, and the mass looks about the same. It looks fast. It looks great! And it would serve as a great base for my friends when planet side. The only obstacle I have is its strongest asset: It is a great carrier...and fighters mechanics are terrible right now. I am sure they will get fixed...but, $2000 is more sure than I am. Arg. CIG! I want to support you... but the lag...and...and the clumsiness makes it so hard.
  4. Scotterius

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Yes the Polaris sounds really good for attacking larger ships, with its torpedo complement. It is kind of the perfect counter to the Hammer head. And when thinking ship versus ship, it is important to remember that fighters will likely accompany, as they are simply the best effective DPS per player available ( I mean a hornet can about out dps a size 9 torpedo in the time it takes to lock?). The Polaris gets a lot of diversity from supporting them...just as you said. Turret game play will improve, but a Hammerhead will likely still have to play to its strengths when fighting fighters. This may mean as a tool for denial of space rather than an magic eraser against player fighters. I also like ...the RSI aesthetic too. And that under mounted cockpit of the Hammer head is still weird to me.
  5. Scotterius

    Feedback Wanted Simpit and Peripherals

    The ergonomics are very similar to mine. I have a joystick 'ductaped' to an office chair for left hand and use mouse in right. It is spot on for ergonomics, and is fine for long play sessions. I used this method but mounted my joystick going out to the side with my hand resting to the left (left handed stick in my case) and 3 inches behind seat cushion edge. It would be like the set up here but 90 degrees to the left. I also started with a better chair and did some drilling. With forward facing mounts, and desk mounted sticks I always ran into problems. The sticks would bump the table, chair or be in awkward positions...or it would just be tricky to sit in. The point is, that my set up puts the sticks in the same location and it works great. What you are seeing matches up with what I have played with. There might even be a $40 solution for you. I have spent thousands of dollars on sticks, throttles and mounts...and my favorite is this. (Throttles are kinda tying your hands behind your back...but I don't think that was what you were asking about). Mouse space is limited too, and it might be a little to far away.
  6. Scotterius

    F8 Lightning

    Thank you @J. Coren for your explaination of what a heavy fighter is historically, with multiple actual real world examples. That was a really good job. (Cool fact: the mosquito was made of plywood!). I did not know what the BF 110 was and that was fun to learn about. The term 'heavy fighter' has been thrown around longer than any of us have been alive (If you are older, I congratulate on your 98+ years). A lot of confusion comes from playing video games, and even Chris Roberts own games where 'Heavy Fighters' were just 'Super Fighters'. That does not seem to be the case with Star Citizen. Thinking that they will out fly or even be as tough as a cheaper light fighter is not appropriate. It just is not what a Heavy fighter was historically or seems to be in star citizen.
  7. Scotterius

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    I feel The Polaris might end up being a more practical carrier than the Idris (or the larger carrier that will be made for fund raising) for many situations. I feel it will be faster, and able to run with a smaller crew. You can support a lot of fighters by allowing the fighters to refuel and rearm. It comes down to efficient use of players. A player in a turret is a waste, compared to one in a saber in my opinion. It has some serious advantages over the IDRIS 1. Requires less crew. 2. Faster speed. 3. It's hanger flight path cant be blocked by other ships. The way you come in is the way you go out. Unless the Idris is empty the ships have to turn around inside the ship to relaunch. 4. Less of a strategic imprint. It is cheaper to aquire, draws less attention, and will be less painful to lose. I can imagine a series of polaris class ship with a skeleton crew operating more efficiently than a larger IDRIS. I can imagine it fielding 5 fighters with 7 players easier.
  8. The gladiator for me. The maneuverability and speed and smaller target profile help with survivability. Fire power does not mean much if you cant dance to the target after the party starts. It is also a good combination of capability per player, as many of the other ships are multi-crew...actually it is too I guess. You can live without the turret though. I just hope the fuel mechanic does not nerf it to uselessness.
  9. Scotterius

    Aegis Sabre

    No word yet. A lot of negative response from the community over this. The fighters have intakes which we all thought were fuel intakes...until they weren't. Will all fighters get another rework? Will this game ever...be done? I suspect though...that there will be a tactical advantage to not having a fuel scooping system. Like a larger fuel tank for boosting, like considerably larger. So if you are against a similar ship with a scoop, you could out boost them until they run out of available boost and then use your boost advantage. You might even be able to purchase a fuel scooping system that replaces your combat system. Maybe... Or...it might just suck. Faith has really been tested over this.
  10. Scotterius

    Anvil - Hurricane

    Does the evocati have the hurricane now?
  11. Scotterius

    Wingman and your ships

    I dont see that as unlikely or really undesirable. An NPC crew ( even a poorly skilled one) would be fine until you really want to try to hurt real players with it right? The only catch is that there are also some ships now (like the hammerhead) which would be brutal with NPCs at current skill levels against large ships (Reclaimers, Orions, Hull D, Carrack, Polaris.). The hammerhead is kind of the exception to the rule though, and a player would have to have what, 6 NPCs to just man the turrets? Another option is to limit the amount of NPCs available for purchase at one time to a player (like what Chris did in Freelancer and Privateer). For example a starting player could hire 1 at start and unlock up to 4 through rep grinding with NPC faction (This number reseting at player permanent death). Then you would still need 2 or 3 players to fill out your hammerhead. So I would say that NPCs need to be weak they or need to be numerically regulated, or limited in another fashion. Otherwise it turns into Pay (grind) to Win, throws skill out the window...and will reduce the game appeal to skilled players and beginning players alike. It will always be important to consider the best way to apply yourself and your team through 4P. Some players will be better in certain roles. I feel there is to much diversity in vessel capability and player skill that I doubt that there will be one meta for power for all player. Each player may have his ideal potential per his solo traits and it will be also shaped by how much community support he has, and the amount of teamwork he displays. In my opinion, there is no replacement for practice, or camaraderie (or kindness for that matter). Will a player with years of practice in a Sabre be better in that cockpit if you you can put him in a NPC gunship? I dont know, but I strongly feel that he deserves to be valuable in the ship that his time and patience are invested in.
  12. Been watching this one. Does Virpil have a base that has twist? The only one I know is the VKB gladiator (out of thrustmaster, vkb and VIRPIL), but you might lose some function. Oh yes. A stick in left hand and a mouse is pretty popular. Most of us now use a thrustmaster 1600 for the lefthand stick (with a twist axis for strafe up and down) and foot petals. But, right now the thrustmaster 1600 is kind of the stick available, I am sure a lot of us have eyes on the Virpil one. A bitter pill is that VIRPIL grips are expensive. The mongoose runs about $220. Add in a $99 gladiator, and you have a pretty expensive stick that will likely work mostly some of the time for most things. (I think they need to make their own base too).
  13. Scotterius

    Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    Well sorting out the sticks will be tricky and there might not be permanent fixes available today. I would check out AotW discord and ask there. They have a lot of dual stick players and helpful players from other groups also follow the discord. With the state star citizen is in they would likely be happy to have something to talk about besides misery https://discord.gg/6JF6rxh
  14. Scotterius

    Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    I can think of two reasons you might be having problems now. Duel joysticks setups do often have problems with windows confusing the sticks. This could be the source of your problem. Another bug going on now seems to be related to disruption damage, where it will not dissipate. If you are in pirate swarm where these problems occur I would suspect the later, outside of that doing anything else I would suspect joystick problems.
  15. Scotterius

    Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    Pedals are wonderful. I see a throttle as a hindrance. I dont know anyone who actually uses the throttle in game. We map thrust to an axis instead. You might be able to do this with a throttle...but essentially you would have a joystick with only one axis. I know a lot of top players using the 16000 thrustmaster. It feels cheap in your hand, lacks the buttons and build quality of the warthog...but it is inexpensive, and good enough. I have one and I use it well. I mean it is not fancy like my warthog...but the 16000 is better for a left hand stick, and the best on the market today for that role in my opinion. The CH sticks are great too but lack swivels as far as I recall. Just keep in mind that if you want to play with all movement axis on gradient control inputs, you will need 6 input sources. This is usually at least one stick with a swivel (like the thrust master 1600) while using pedals and a third controller (traditional stick or mouse). Likewise you could use two sticks with swivels and plenty of other solutions. Star Citizen in unconventional in its accurate thrust and ship movement. It makes conventional flight controls a poor fit