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  1. The only weapons under pilot control looks like missiles and dual (gimbal?) nose mounted weapons with the smaller 4x on the turret. To be honest I see that fighter with a large manned turret really as one with a heavy armor and slower maneuvering rather than a very weak armor and assuming fast movement. It's harder to hit anything in a turret on a fast moving platform/fighter without assisted tracking. Anyway, we should get the first full specs today, then tues/weds we will find out that all are wrong and that the real stats are zero weapons and the things are sparklers . Anyway the pic looks good, nothing "fancy" or "wow" factor as of yet.
  2. Not what I was expecting, but very nice. Also it is a two seater and 4x instead of 2x weapons on the turret. It looks very smexy Of course now, The extra seat means 2 seater. I am now kinda deciding If I should upgrade the gladus and add an extra seat for each one or not. yeah I have noticed the wing tips from the Hornet. Hate them of the Hornet, hate them on the Hurricane.
  3. IMHO, nearly all ships are over priced and yet I am hypocritical considering the number of ships I have. The Vanguard is a Heavily shielded long range fighter and two seater with internal rroom. The Hurricane is just a fighter (supposedly) nothing other than cockpit. Also considet the pricing 170-180 Super hornet and Sabre. I could use the standard line of how you could buy the cheapest one. USD $25, and earn the rest in game. Anyway, USD $175 can be acceptable if it does have enough firepower. however we will wait and see. actually if it is a possible upgrade for a gladius if it has the speed and manuerability of a gladius.
  4. it's the leaked ages ago, lightening which is a Heavy fightet. F7 is a medium fighter, Hornet.
  5. Might be the Hawker Hurricane IN SPACE! It is something like the Gladius in it's end of life. However, it is the same class, but different role as far as I know. Although, I think it is just better/more off weapons, but slower than the buccaneer. The armament of it could be like the old "pre-WW II" 8xS1, 4xS3 or 2xS4/S5. However, this is just some of what the hawker hurricane carried. Tbh, I am thinking of what it will carry if it is a medium glass cannon fighter, thinking more fire power than the current Super Hornet. To be honest The Heavy fighter can't really be a Heavy if it is just a "glass cannon". The light, medium, heavy were how much armor it would have (real life from ground tank or ships I think). Anyway we'll have to wait and see.
  6. One thing, $175 you think a lot of armour even the Sabre is beefy-ish. This looks (yeah don't know what it literally look ) like it is going to be a Heavy Fighter, but with a glass cannon. They killed off the idea of starter ships a while ago. This is one of the higher "starter" tiers. However, I like the Heavy fighter, but if it does hold true and is a glass cannon it can suck for not being defensive fighter IE, won't have the armour for long haul. It's about time that we get a heavy fighter (other than knowing about the F8 Lightening), but still it is a heavy (assuming) class fighter. Which wouldn't have the greatest of speed or maneuverability.
  7. No, They have give out 1700,1700X and 1800X. with pricing. However, it still doesn't give actual "workload". However, still not looking to jump over. Intel ( and Nvidia for GPU) keeps the price high when they can. They didn't increase the normal consumers from 4/8 as of yet, they have had 6/12 and 8/16 under the extreme for years(probably for years to come).
  8. Ok it is another "glass cannon" confirmed by CIG's Will Weissbaum. So coming down to a buccaneer price-ing, 110-160.
  9. Personally I'd prefer if it didn't go out so far. It would be fine if we had large flat areas without rocks and "stuff". It's fine like the retaliator rotating it's engines they clipped the ground still it is still a retaliator how many of you have wallpaper or posters. Anyway, they are all my opinion have zero ruling in CIGs law.
  10. it is (presumable) classed as a Heavy fighter. The hornet is a medium fighter. Both are in civilian gear. Also they said they had abandoned the starter ships idea and Ben stated months ago the are using teirs.
  11. Nah, free labor is easy for them to get, basically they have hired guards the beat people away using sticks shaped it's either dildo or freelancer? Finding ones with skills is another story.
  12. Well seeing as it is a Heavy fighter, then you can guess 225-250 minimum. However, I can guess even higher really and this is a civilian ship load out. I might upgrade the two gladii(?) I currently own, but I'll wait and see first. Presuming the Hurricane will fit on board the Idris
  13. nearly six month later... and GPR isn't a round dish and I'm sure we had already dealt with it.
  14. the guy is doing it for future machinia, not CIG AFAIK.
  15. Yeah Hurricane, but given the past concept Hurricane can be anything. Still be lining up with med/ heavy fighter.