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  1. Devil Khan

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Soooo why is the 890J covered with weapons and has a battle bridge... air force 1 had after market upgrades even now it haas no offensive fire power. Also in real life the 747 has more beds and privacy than the 890J
  2. Devil Khan

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I do think it would be bad to "have", buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I don't think it will be a huge money maker. Tbh, I thought there was 5 guest rooms and that was low. I think it should have be done right... especially put some frigging windows on those bed rooms! Also the staff room/area/beds, it's blagh. Drake have way better looking beds tbh and they just stuck a "mat" and few pipes of steel and called it a bed. I am using the 600i as well, I suspect the Banu MM very similar with their bed in the really old pic.
  3. Devil Khan

    Origin 890 JUMP

    One thing to note 3 cabines ... and a captains quarters(?). Now say 2 people max per cabin and 6 max. I'd say you'd want to charge a fudge ton for them to be profitable. Also, rarity is not exactly at this stage. There are really are rarer with limited numbers connie phoenix. Still, the curved look it isn't there now. I like the style, but tbh its filler and nonsense like the freelancer mis missiles systems. It won't be as profitable as what you think. I do look it has missed the ball. The one thing that it was two seperate corredors people staff and guests.
  4. Devil Khan

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Is that like indiana jones and tge temple of doom?
  5. Devil Khan

    Origin 890 JUMP

    The bay door is stupid. It forces the craft to be a 85X. And wtf is with the landing gear... anybody ever hear on mag plate?
  6. Devil Khan

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I am assuming that the m will have an extra power planet. The m will have one single damage. The k has less dmg, but the continues beam piles up. However, there are major flaws in the main weapon. Such as drops shields for 1 and a half minutes (WIP) for the Idris-m. I Think the K knocks out the entire ship, but could be wrong it could be just shields again. Personally when we heard about it for first time, I suddenly saw the railgun as a ornament from then on in ship to ship combat. It will be pretty deadly (other than the missile turret ) PDS will close range fighters as will the missile turret to. The PDS has this thing it won't shoot like players. However, if you have excellent gunners then still with RTs. The beam weapon has some very good things. Pro you can move the beam during firing to keep you on target. Pro its a energy weapon, were as the idris m has only 16 rounds and each shot better hit. Con it does a low dmg if simply tapped the key, but continously will do a lot more damage. Con fire the weapon pull the ships power plug after each shot. I wonder if we could bring a second power plant which the Idris-m uses. @Painmiester No, the 4 RT (2 weapons) are replaced by the PDS (1 weapon).you still have 5 manned turrets and the missile replaced the 6th. Still wish the actual launch was included
  7. reddit... Anyway bought a few Arrows, but then found out that they weren't stealth, but kept them anyway, probably CCU'd also bought Idris-K and a few other CCUs such as the Redeemer and the San'Tok'Yai. Still looked like the STY is much larger, compared to the F7C and Hurricane.
  8. Devil Khan


    Almost all large/medium haven't finished their work including sorting out the doors / airlock. Some doors don't open when in space. As door lock from around the ships EG airlock shouldn't open by anyone.
  9. Devil Khan

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Only in Foundry 42 office. We were told that at the start for small "jump-points" we would send the dedicated(parasite to the carrack) small craft through the would whole. Then Ben said no we are not. I had this mental image of BSG scout Raptor, small ship multiple seats, but now it'll probably look basically the same as p-52.
  10. Devil Khan

    Aegis Idris Frigate

  11. Devil Khan

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    AI = blade = zero cost ( other that if you have to buy a blade like the hurricane). CR doesn't like it if it is easy. The blade/AI no cost (outside of maintenance), but NPC cost money to hire and the maintain them "happy" IE wage/food ( these actually do plan in SC). So that is why the blade can't be that good. There is no P2W. Hammerhead needs a pilot, otherwise it is a sitting duck. only 4 (not the front 2 those can be operated via remote. From day zero, it was always talked about taking Idris soloing. ok Polaris has 6 manned S4 dual guns, 1 S5 Dual remote gun and 4 we were told (28 single) 4x s10 Torpedoes. Hammerhead has 6 quad S4 turrets
  12. Devil Khan

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    Hammmerhead and the Polaris are not really the same fish. The hammerhead has a lot of short range firepower and basically it's escort is basically killing things. The Polaris, while nowhere near the Hammerheads guns, it has quite a good number of the internal rooms on concept. There is NOTHING capital about any of the modules on board the Hammerhead. The Polaris has every thing except the shields as capital class. The AI is supposed to be "dumb" and fires below average*. The NPCs "will" have difference skills such as ace gunner, but we have to yet see them operating real time. It's nothing new with varied skills with your NPCs. It's getting them to look natural (human). NPC's will (I hope) operate turrets if you spend more money then the higher the skill base for gunnery. Of course this is theory work as they have yet to show us, I mean put it in the game.
  13. Devil Khan


    It does say quite a few interesting points.
  14. Devil Khan

    MISC Endeavor

    They are slots. 3 along each side, 6 total. 2x 1 = Left and right side = 2 taken up 1 slot = 1.
  15. Devil Khan

    MISC Endeavor

    The only new one is double Bio Dome. Still should say 2x1.5 for bio dome. They can only put 2 and nothing else can fit ( other than landing bay)