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  1. yeah, it's no big deal (EMP) just we may have them or normal missiles as the default loadout. However, It is iffy whether they are going to put them on as default. Especially when they are supposed to be an long range escort ship.
  2. The very first Q&A was about the visibility of the defender he said they have 4-5 ways of getting around it and they have know it for a while. <insert link here>
  3. See only 150m long (give or take 10m).
  4. yup, just don't use the ccu straight away a less if. you can't fly in it yet.well for a year at least The baby length is not really that is some theorycrafting through there asses
  5. Everything is fine, just need to raise the cockpits or put dimples in. There is no reason for moving the weapons. It is a simple reason just lower the whole area around (or raise the central spine) . One reason as to why they can't move is because the center lines are now crossing out and can't move enough to correct the central line. The odd thing is if was a centrally placed cockpit and co-pilot probably be correct, but it will be easier to move the "wing" mounts down a bit or raise the center of the cockpits.
  6. Gee maybe it is because they are in the same family like last few concepts. However, it is easier to get a Glaive than an 890
  7. sorry mixded stats my bad.
  8. The Vanguard hoplite will fit on the Idris as told by CR. assuming the Hoplite can, then the rest can fit.
  9. if a vanguard can land on an Idris then a Defender can too.
  10. When was is rare and exclusive? The Polaris is rarer that the ship that's been on sale more times than Hull series. The MM was massive to begin with, 100m length and even wider wing span. Take it with as (huge) grain of salt that they used it for a portrait, an illustration, not a size comparison. in reference to MM parked at a starport: 2 tiny straight(ISH) lines are human? They could be containers or children or even Banu... on a banu planet, but if you can actually 100% tell me they are human and they are 183cm tall. It's a great concept art, but until we have concrete (even though they do back flips constantly). Even Disco calls the Avenger massive yet the avenger is still small ex-paddy wagon. Retailiator isn't changed much (externally) in it's length made in F42. Idris had to grown bigger as its size internally and externally didn't match. Same with the Javelin. They didn't think about internal layout at all in most concepts. God, I dislike theory crafting when they do it like it's true. It will grow, but it will have grown fatter, rather than stretching a lot longer. Don't forget, if it is bigger there are less and less places accessible to it as it would need super XL landing pads and CR stated that most ships can't land anywhere due to sizes and some even be able to land at all one some ports.
  11. That's why the defender was drawn up . The SCU is probably wrong for any of the large ships amount. Even the Hull C is less against the MM, I think they had gotten up to 9K on the MM. Still the MM has more to do with it's roles unlike the transport primary role is A to B.
  12. Read the previous posts Tom. They have said the there was a problem with LOS and they will adjust the problem. This was weeks ago from the Devs the this months issue.
  13. Eah Tiny feet, big shoes. Look, I have a feeling the guys were spouting from their asses. Disco said he was going to be massive and yes it is, considering the rooms needed in the ship not even looking at cargo. remember the MM is a trading vessel not a pure transporter. Just go back and read the lore on races and how families would own a ship and solely running the job of trading out of it. I seriously doubt that 200m+ is what the ship will have. The Hull E Cargo units 98304, Hull D 20736, granted stats page is a joke, but it helps show the layout and rough draft. I doubt it will even come close to even half of the Hull D. It will have to have accommodation and various crew quarters and habit. Take ships gotten bigger, yet it's weapons got smaller, Javelin. As we have known for ages, put her thought on another pass and she got fatter, instead of the slim length. I have one and intent to keep it. However as I said no-way in hell that she will becoming as big in cargo space as the Hull-D or E.
  14. "Buyer beware" It's grey market because it was not intended for 3rd party people to be "selling" ships or any items digital or physical. Which is why there was originally unlimited gifts, but soon changed over to one gift per item. Buying even CIG stuff (which some can take 4-5 years before flyable) is a change of failure. The most basic pack is $40 (35 for special sales). Keep telling yourself that maybe it will come true