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  1. To be honest, nothing new for the past few years except price increase. There is talk about a docking bay, I think it might be a external banu fighter, but nothing to talk about. again nothing to talk about.
  2. Just thought about this and realised that this ship shares it with the HULL Series. Multiple "zones" when it expands on landing and contracts.
  3. It is a brand name, not a classification. Which is construtor ship
  4. Doubt it. SC is supposed to be grindy and the fact that you'd have to go back each the bucket if full is already there. ... just a different type EG crashed ships. the loot is bad if you were expecting all the riches heh.
  5. Question, since there is no refining (not even the sorta one the prospector had) it kinda means that only 1, maybe 2 SCU. Can the "saddle bag" be taken of and stick on an empty one while out mining? Anyway, The prospector has 64 SCU without changing and I am hoping that this will make real (in game)
  6. Devil Khan

    RSI Odin

    I thought there wasn't a citcon(basically everything) this year as the whole covid-19. Anyway, slightly longer and it looks like beefer guns and heavy weapons port and starboard. There is mention of the raising armor.
  7. Devil Khan

    RSI Odin

    Very nice looking, even if it is from the leaked images. Still no specs it though.
  8. Devil Khan


    I do hope they will redesign the layout in the next decade. some of it is nice, but others are a mess. even as an FPS game layout it is still a mess too many points of contact. Seriously. The place is a mess tbh. also That was the starfarer gemini, the missing table/chairs are there in the mess hall and also in the captain's quarters in the starfarer.
  9. those are crew habs and storage. It's the new line for the crusader ships. Clean and functional. I'd have rather liked the walk way along the ships spine (above). It's a nice ship, just the two varants are way too high in real money.
  10. The nautalis looks good on paper, but its roll of a minelayer is very small roll and tbh the number of mines is very VERY small considering. It may have 2 BFG Anti-cap ships, but it has paper armour and almost see-thru shield. If you Get the CCU(s) but DO NOT APPLY THEM UNTIL 1. The ship is ingame and 2. You've decided you want to upgrade and change rolls. All ships are ingame for a period of time for free-flight upon release afaik. Just heads up most ships will jump in price when close to release. Carrack was 350 now 600, The Orion was 325, now is 575 and so on. CCU can be better if you have the right ships at the right price.
  11. Sorry? you don't mean the Javelan was meant to be an escort carrier? the give you a hint the Pegasus is nearly twice its lenght and carry several Squadrons. There were never any thought that Javelan was a Carrier. It was a DESTROYER.
  12. I wasn't trying to bring down, I mean I was just trying to avoid them from getting hyped and then crashing and burning everything. There are quite a few ships which we wouldn't know are there until Sq42 goes live(possibly beta). It is the upkeep that will cost you a mint just constantly making sure there is food ingame and fuel (at least 2 types). personally I'm not gonna buy one, it looks amazing. Just it needs a small fleet behind her at all times, not for protection, I mean for refuelling, restocking, rearming etc etc. I know a few ships that will be that way. One thing though, I wonder are they still going to go ahead with possible Mutiny (I mean not feeding or looking after well even NPCs), I'd like it if they implment it well.
  13. There isn't a fully working Javelan ingame of asset(s) afaik. Only the shell which we know has been done for a while ( with tweaks here and there ) but no interior. The same goes with the idris shell but no interior. IF they sell the Javelan, they will be really small and very pricy. you will need a lot to use it effectively, otherwise the player pirates would love to jack it. If not for use then for presstige. also it's just a shell no guns, shields or various components. which alone cost more than most other ships (if not even the Idris) on ingame currency. they past few times it came on sale I narrowedly declined it heh 😄
  14. middle or towards the end of event as crusader has been small brands and at the very end when every ship comes on sale again without any ship that has been on sale for limited numbers.
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