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  1. Aegis Idris Frigate

    If we ever recieve it you mean i doubt they are finished with the idris-m let alone the idris-p. Personally I'd like a raised captain seat in the bridge heh Tbh you'd need the extra protect like the hammerhead.
  2. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Leaked? well we had already seen the walkway (with rooms). stern to bow to stern to be correct about it
  3. The Expanse cancelled!

    Yeah they are in talks since monday. However still nothing concrete. Also syfy was never free channel. The same as amazon, just different medium. Howrver amazon are purely about subscription not ads.
  4. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    One thing, the connie would have more fire power than the hercules. The herculas would have to have an escort in most systems. As it is a support ship.
  5. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I am thinking that M2 or the C2. except The M2 would reduce cargo space by a 1/3(-ish), but increase armour. However, I'm looking at the Shields and the C2 can use the same as the M2. despite the like of fire power (even the m2 doesn't really have it). However, never sending it in alone if you have too.
  6. The Expanse cancelled!

    Wow, talking about quick grab, Brooklyn Nine nine already has them on a sixth season with NBC, Wes Chatham he does it well from his normal life to sociopath on TV.
  7. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Those cyclone are in impossible places. With the current design.
  8. The Expanse cancelled!

    B5 except for the last season was great. Agreed with you on that. Had great potential, but they failed it on last season and script for the spin off was bad. 3 TV movies were pretty good except the one that was linked to the spinoff.
  9. The Expanse cancelled!

    God, It is a shame that they aren't renewing the show. I know that it hadn't the best viewership, but still the show had a great storyline, not as much as the GoT in space. Still there is some hope in the are shopping around for different networks and stream networks, but even though many of a great shows, but streaming services didn't do so well EG X-files, arrested development etc etc. I hope do they at least give it a try.
  10. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Quick question, did anyone see a flaw for the MOAB/morning star? something along the lines of crashing in to each other upon (dual) launch.
  11. Banu Defender

    Those are the same old pics from concept. The weapons are attached.
  12. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I didn't notice the elevator before. Anyway, isn't the "MOAB" facing backwards in that pic? If the rear access ramp isn't supposed to be there? Personally, I think the rear access should be still there and the front not "usable" like this pic.
  13. isn't the new release only a few months away? High costs (gfx cards) for the time being anyway. Rift meh,

    1. Chimaera


      Even with the new releases of GTX cards, the projections are that all cards will be high for the next year or so unless there's a crash in the virtual currency markets.

    2. rain2reign


      Funny how the 1070ti is the same price as a 1080 here in the Netherlands. I can't see the new gen GTX cards being any different give or take 30-60 euro's more expensive during the first 6 months..