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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replicant Anyway I think you meant replica. No I am asking that Nox and Nox Kue is there a difference besides the skins. Anyway just wondering as 1 Nox Kue and 4 Nox. The limited number is on the Nox Kue but is there any difference in stats.
  2. IT IS a better racer as it is a RACER . The DF is an explorer dragonfly has no cover at all, Nox covers everything except sides. The Pilot has excellent view as shown on AtV. The Noxs looks a lot better. The Noxes have the same weapons (subject to Dev) as the DF The Noxii has better speed and maneuverability. Dragonfly is a cheap maintenance bike, It built to fall apart after a few taps. The Nox is built to take the hits for longer. Buying it warbond $35 which makes them dead even for price. One thing is the next Kue just a skin job or minus weapons bigger engine? Normally I'd say skin job just the Kue is written down as limited edition from first sale to humans.
  3. compulsive gambler
  4. You've said this just about every concept so far.
  5. yeah, I think they were trying to do tron this time, but they left out the neon colours
  6. *grites teeth* Nox promo It has two weapons under forward bottom
  7. Wow it is smaller that the dragonfly. unlike the dragonfly which is designed for exploring, the nox is designed to fight or race. It looks well badass tbh.
  8. I know... I am debating by the 5 pack warbond or use the RSI credit of course it is 5 bikes I'm going to CCU them anyway However there is very limited view ahead of the bike.
  9. Exclusive invitation from Aopoa/Maiden Group Greetings Citizen, You’ve heard the name, but now it’s here. Famed Xi’an ship manufacturer Aopoa is releasing its famous open-canopy speedster, inside the UEE. The Nox is fast, sleek and maneuverable, capable of operating both in the atmosphere and in space. As a proud owner of the Drake Dragonfly, we’re pleased to offer you an exclusive first look at this exciting new open-canopy racer. With the upcoming 3.0 release, the Nox is a perfect ship to whiz across the moons of Crusader or through the asteroids of Yela. It's a Racer https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15973-Aopoa-Nox-Warbond-Presale
  10. one simple thing, has anyone thought how the hell do I get one to that. Assuming any position that could be seen as riding it. How do you get on to it without looking like a moron?
  11. Nox Nox ... Who's there?
  12. The Steam is coming again! However, I didn't feel like it was anything but meh last time.

  13. Well the first pic pretty much what it is except the cockpit is pushed forward. Of course I haven't seen newer than 2-3 years "concept" art. The only difference will be that it would require armor or weapons really.
  14. Well of course we do "NEED" ground vehicles. greycat isn't even meant to go outside. Ursa more military-esq and the lynx more of a pickup truck. I think it better to have ground vehicles than "schimmer" or "hover tanks". However, it was bad to mistake to have the connie as the standard size of vehicles IE ground vehicle that is. It is very narrow to have the room to move. Don't get me wrong still think it is an very nice wheels and I like the way the wheel will move in when coming on board