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  1. Ok had it for a while now. Pros and cons: +it feels very clean and millitary-like +visability is great +it isn't as sluggish as had thought. It handles quite quickly for a ship of its size. -the bridge was better in the first pass (3D concept). -tons of places that could and should have a door to prevent being vented in a second. aka some lifts and "jeffery tubes". -The layout of the bridge is fine if you don't want to do things fast. Aka only a (slow) lift. a Stairs would have been nice/ -"bumper ramp" to stop the rover from going up against the wall. It's great but why just put a physically fixed barrier in a fixed position? https://skfb.ly/6ATor
  2. yeah, that is common "feature" across so many ships. The Devs half thought about this. They should have over extended the ramps too make it handle properly. ED has right from day one, the landing colourizarion red/green. It is more and more of a problem with large ships landing outside of a port.
  3. Same here, least disliked heh. Ship is nice. only two gripes heh. No lift on the hanger bay and the bridge, you have to go out and take a lift down to access to the bottom deck. although, the bottom turret was supposed to be remote controlled? Can't see why they would change it?
  4. Damn this no lift, it's not exactly a hard thing to put in 😕 also I noticed how void the bottom of the bridge is. Still it is my favorite Ship. I was happy to notice that the vehicle bay goes to another area So I am happy with that. I loooove the observation deck which looks out above the hanger.
  5. It's better, but still could have increased the engine sizing instead of leaving it as is. The actual outline is sleeker and more defined with the mid engine. Tbh, I'd fire the devs in charge of designing the engine in the first place. They have zero clue. The new has more inline with the engine block matches the whole ship. not an "FU who cares" of screaming static! one thing, it looks like the slightly modified it again to where they put the angled frame at the top of both engines. It looks like it just goes straight up and they across at right angle (90 Deg) . I would have thought that 90 deg angles were the devils work for Anvil?
  6. hmmm, I'm wondering are the three modules still be swapped out. Another thing, is the vehicle hanger re-stricted to be there as Just had a thought that if you drop down (the modules) and then takes off and any person who was on the rover is trapped in the hanger. I'd be interested when they are released for us to "test" 😁
  7. that won't affect it at all. Like CR said during citcon that have it finished for a while now, but it isn't ready to go in until cargo containers and the actually extending are ready. No point in having another dud ship ingame *cough* reclaimer
  8. Ladies please. WW2 and a space fleet are two completely different roles. I know that CR is really interested in pre-modern weapons/vehicles, but the case isn't the same. a lot of newer ships are more modern. he is keeping the same weapons (range) as WW II, but the rest is modern. nobody will ever know the exact number of ships at a current time. This is excluding AI ships in missions and "surprise" missions eg knocked out of warp. This included alien races ships and UEE navy as most aren't permnant fixtured excluding destroyers and upwards. although, I'd say these are going to be semi-perm (ie it won't exist, it no human player is online). Having said that, I'd hope that if they have an AI/NPC captain it would have orders to do stuff like QT that would take ages. Anyway, I dygres, still saying noboby would be able to give the exact current time. The After the "war" there was supposed to be 7-12 bengals derlict. none would ever be player owned even if you restored them to fully operational. I assume even escort carriers such as the peagus class.
  9. how do you know that you can see everything.
  10. I am sticking with mine. Got it during concept sales all those years ago. I think it is an excellent ship. However there is the matter of no elevator for the snub craft 😔. it kinda erks me when some ships have one ( some ships have several ).
  11. Carrack ... 😄. to be honest, most aren't likely to be done just because of the sheer number of ships which is more than likely going up in numbers. most are small and have had other ships in the brand made. However, the bigger ships will require more people to do them.
  12. errr these two aren't in the same league. Ares hits large ships and can't really hit anything moving like a fighter. SH couldn't dent these large ships. each is in a different class and they both excel at that. the inferno has a weapons range of 8 km (wip) the SH has around 2-2.5 km. tbh I've got them for CCUS over my 2x huricanes.
  13. Ok, Talk about being naked and under the mining arm....
  14. That is the whole idea with ore not refined and metal which is refined. They both have the same thing orion and reclaimer. Except the reclaimer just has to sort out the scrap with drones only. The orion has just belt feed, the drones just bring they into range of tracker beens. Both have the same end product, refined ore.
  15. Kinda answers the question about swapping around different weapons.
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