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  1. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    Also, just a small note, they removed that small rear turret. The ship has a major weak point. Back and down arcs. The tiny AI/remote is gone again. it was small but it did give you pepparing while attacking from behind.
  2. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    She's gotten quite bigger this time. the images from last year, had her roughly the same size as the Previous in-game one. Also the images show the two extra seats behind the pilots, guessing they are both remote gunner seats). And the walk-way to them is bigger/wider. I assume that her wasted space (bottom gunner) won't be the same as her old ones. Hmmm either the weapons got a lot beefer or just bad image when stretching. Well I hope they keep going down this path. There was too much style over function on previous ships.
  3. One thing, it is a cargo carrier. Why the hell are its engines so small(on the outside), they look even smaller on the back. However the layout looks pretty good internally. Just a nice "escape hatch" would be nice. opening doors with no power can't be easy.
  4. a trade troller
  5. It's IceMan. He's a born troll.
  6. There is reason why they will give a playable Idris to us until they have more than for the server(50-60 is the max I think). That if they release it before the already stated release. Atm the Idris(ingame) isn't a real ship it has no internal layout and that is why you're not seeing them launching fighters. Tbh, it's very CCP (eve) way on dropping in if you have killed a player. There was an easy way to get around the whole think.
  7. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    Still haven't even left the white box, how sad. I've always had a soft spot for that ship.
  8. Devil Khan

    RSI Perseus

    they were shot weeks ago 😆
  9. Devil Khan

    RSI Perseus

    "wolf pack" just like the polaris etc 😆
  10. Devil Khan

    RSI Perseus

    The last 3 big ships were weak on shields and the similar with fighters with "glass cannon" eg bucaneer, hurricane etc. Hammerhead and polaris Look very nice, yet every stat has a large weakness. Like designing a ship would do it with exact "spaceships" in mind IE airlocks anyone? they started with redesign the ship and somewhat did a decent job. EG connie, freelancer Drake ships wouldn't have an airlock as it would cost money. I'd have bought one, if they had got rid of the torps and stuck 2-3 PDS at least. Personally I found the stats laughable, considering the the hammerhead coul
  11. Devil Khan

    RSI Perseus

    20 x torps are just too small. The number, rather than size. if her main target is sub-cap class IE the catterpillar and She can take 3-4 size 9 to destroy her with its default shield. I know that torps aren't the main weapon. It's just for show if they are meant to only be fighting sub cap class. also the missed use of wasted space above the cargo bay. Again where is ths captains seat...😁
  12. Devil Khan

    RSI Perseus

    Size 5 Heavy ordnance. under whelming to say the least. The weapons, cargo, shields etc etc don't align with the same price Polaris (as far as I remember). Don't get me wrong, it's a good ship for attacking (and not defending same reasoning with the Polaris, but She has 5x S4s and 1x Size 5). I think think the the price is too high. I might get one in CCU though shaving a few bucks off though heh. One thing I've got to look up are the stats on the Polaris again. I'm growing tired of these ships. While they look extremely pleasing to the eyes their function is sort of lacking. CIG, se
  13. Devil Khan

    RSI Perseus

    "deep charges" on a space craft. It is not used by most navies 😄. Still, the lack of guns besides the two turrets and two PDT. However, there are the unknown pieces on both side. Still they would be intresting if there is something there for a possible missile/torp launcher where we taught were turrets on the side. Still know nothing until RSI day. So I def don't think that the ship got a huge increase in size, because of the trusters looked the same as on other large ship.
  14. Wow, it has HUGE room in it's bay and the external shot of it and people.
  15. Devil Khan

    Anvil - Hurricane

    They are pricey as hell, even more so when the ships get bigger. It literally just a paint job. It's not new with SC and skins. Seriously though, there was a round the verse were they told us basically they could make the new skin on the press of a button. I'd love to see what it generates now.
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