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  1. I am sticking with mine. Got it during concept sales all those years ago. I think it is an excellent ship. However there is the matter of no elevator for the snub craft 😔. it kinda erks me when some ships have one ( some ships have several ).
  2. Carrack ... 😄. to be honest, most aren't likely to be done just because of the sheer number of ships which is more than likely going up in numbers. most are small and have had other ships in the brand made. However, the bigger ships will require more people to do them.
  3. errr these two aren't in the same league. Ares hits large ships and can't really hit anything moving like a fighter. SH couldn't dent these large ships. each is in a different class and they both excel at that. the inferno has a weapons range of 8 km (wip) the SH has around 2-2.5 km. tbh I've got them for CCUS over my 2x huricanes.
  4. Ok, Talk about being naked and under the mining arm....
  5. That is the whole idea with ore not refined and metal which is refined. They both have the same thing orion and reclaimer. Except the reclaimer just has to sort out the scrap with drones only. The orion has just belt feed, the drones just bring they into range of tracker beens. Both have the same end product, refined ore.
  6. Kinda answers the question about swapping around different weapons.
  7. Maybe "we can't change weapon type" eg balistic or energy.
  8. It isn't a dogfighter, it is meant to hit harder the large ships with ease. The two are tandum and meant to compliment each other. A very nice ship. Howevet, the fixed (not talking about aimming) weapon it a really bad design. The ship can't change weapon even the same type afaik. Still, it fills the gap nicely. I'd see it going in the game next year. Too much of the "new" fighters were friggin' glass cannons. I still don't like the shield S2x3 inferno and S2x2 on the Ion. The inferno gets extra shield and ammo and the Ion gets an extra power plant.
  9. Too be honest you'd have to pair them for full capability. I'm thinking of CCUing my 2 hurricanes. I'm liking them more, but 3xS2 Shields for the Inferno and just 2xS2 for the Ion.
  10. Devil Khan

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    He is trolling.
  11. Devil Khan

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Idris-K and the Ares (Inferno and Ion)
  12. According to concept, they aren't the same with extra cargo. They don't want to give you extenders.
  13. Ummm the Reclaimer is a refinery and has drones. Granted you'd loose your bag.Don't forget, the prospector and mole don't have a refinery, but do process the stuff in its system. See the problem is that the actual roles out what they had on the concept. It was basically had to land and then mine. And the bags were dropped on to the ground. The saddle bags can be picked up by the argo tracker and at current state none of the hull could pickup in space. As have stated hulls couldn't use ships to land/take-off. Still as with the game there will be more and more mining stations to handle the stuff such as refining ore. The only two ships are reclaimer and the orion (which I hope to god, won't fudge up like 600i)
  14. The kraken and KP are two different options. The removale of the refueling is a major negative point for the KP. The DF bay is a downer, but acceptable. Without the refueling there really is a bad choice for calling it an attack carrier. Personally, I want it for a defensive security task. I'm not going to be a pirate heh.
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