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  1. atm fixed S4 gimbal S3
  2. that was before the freelancer was redesigned larger and the max had to be redesigned again (as well as the others). The wake up CIG lowering a price hahaha seriously. CIG business side aren't the nicest people. Starfarer over 50% increase in price. 890 Jump 650 increased to 900.
  3. This is the same as the drones in the Carrack (same manufacturer) just different resources by default. IE scanning wrecks for good loot. however the drones can be what ever you can fit sizes wise. you can carry spares on any ship with cargo space.
  4. Firstly if you are thinking glass as we have glass in our windows... can I just say that glass is in liquid form and glass is a generic term, not specific to type. We have glass which is stronger than steel, but expensive and has a weakness. Even by current timeline glass is pretty strong compared to some metals. There is zero bubbles in the reclaimer as it's not there design. a military version... I suppose the have a military garbage truck? The Starfarer Gemini has a military ship, but the main thing is it has got increased armour plating. no extra weapons. The Reclaimer has already got reinforced plating... There is a separate cabin mounted on the belly again.
  5. It's like having a race between an M50 and a bengal carrier. The reason why I don't see a one man salvage is because of the multiple things at once. Anyway, it next concept is a bank and the only two of the list anvil and origin.
  6. Monty Python Spanish inquisition
  7. it was on the forums official like med size, but I can't seem to find it there any more.
  8. well considering you have to get guns ammo for the cargo hold and.... fudge it, it'sit's not a cargo ship for people who like to make a profit.
  9. We weren't talking about exercise rooms, but what was in them. However the Basketball court is doubling up as cargo hold
  10. One of his questions was in reference to the Small(med) size salvage ship.
  11. yeah that is still 4 months off.
  12. Well, it isn't that far ahead, they just using a block out systen to get it down to what while the ship do IE expand and contract. The newer Hull C does look better the twist and the extended rear cover look a lot better. They will have to sync up to see if interior and exterior won't clash. It is only using block out levels to see what goes where. It's the first time that we have an expanded ship by CIG (publicly known). I'm thinking of upgrading one more of the Hull D's to an E since I have an Idris now. To be honest, the size of the interior of the Hull E is huge, even with 8 people I wonder could you put in a basket ball court... just me thinking out loud.
  13. Oh yes, I forgot to say about how it does sort of look like an insert, such as an ant or spider. The body has two parts front and rear and instead of legs, it has only 4 Huge engines. like if you take away the huge arm(s) from the bottom it does look like a spidery ant-ish like insect . I'd photoshop a pic, but my work is terrible and level of procrastination is... to be continued