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  1. CIG knows that if the reverse it they will have to give it back either RSI credit or cash (which they don't like). Normally they would let them slide, but not this time, this is one of the rarest ships around. It is more than likely they will at least remove the giftable of the CCU and such after.
  2. 8.83m = Redeemer 8.75m = Eclipse according to you, both are not going to fit However, the current design is 11m, for the Redeemer. However I think the 8.75 is shorter. The Dev will change it slightly, An extra bend in landing mode
  3. check again, 29m tall? 29m long surely 9.something tall. sorry mobile so don't have the time and stats to check it.
  4. Well the Redeemer fitted in the hanger, but he didn't see the height. 8.75m seem too long, for both the height and the moveable wing piece.
  5. Can we see a side view, how tall do the wings go when landed?
  6. 24m is needed even though it is approx 21m landed. Again the correct way will be forward facing. For landing you do need wiggle room and don't forget the two huge raised doors on either side of the hanger bay. The Idris grew to a large size because the amount of space for each room needed was huge, and realistically were needed. The size of the hanger will grow, but the Polaris won't be as big as the Idris. Remember the Polaris was made after that Idris became a Frigate Remember given the past, I wouldn't give it a 100% yet until either CIG give it in writing in pure virgin blood. It was given already that it would fit in the Idris (barely).
  7. It won't. Don't forget the last AtV and the systems of tied down including ships/vehicles inside.
  8. Three with one for "spare parts" and one Argo including bay. However, it seems that the original physical layout isn't that exact really. It could be like the hanger is now wish and it may come true or just select it from your hud list. Yeah won't work at 90 deg angles.
  9. AtV and the basic output doesn't take into account the fact that the engines move and the mass is different. It goes max weight for mass. the do it simply so that the thrust won't have any off centre and the ship would fly incorrectly to it's engine output.
  10. Doubt that, as they have have the external piece "built" for several weeks/months already. However, they still have to finish the internal pieces and then put it lighting across all of the ship, and they animation working correctly with everything IE doors, lifts etc. Then work out the ships correct flight model, but before that like I said they must define areas which break off and such various damage states IE engine blown off. Also they much tell the AI "how" to move drones for its destruction. While the ship isn't suppose to be slated for the Salvage phase. However, Don't forget the big event is August, as usual they will have "surprise" and before the date 3.0 will be released and a few micro-patches will be released. Either way The ship is pretty damn big even compared to previous ones. Starfarer for it's largest, with the caterpillar for the longest. The claw has lost it's "claw of death" though the new claw it just basic, granted it has large size. However I'm just focusing on the claw, not the arm(s). They have to give us new and improved hangers for the Reclaimer.
  11. all I need is a javelin and I have a full house for aegis
  12. I know I was just saying about the price and the point that it can't be downgrade if it is in a package to get it. EG Armada package
  13. Tbh, I didn't see his post about it either when I should have. Anyway I am going to wait and see what the Q&A deal with it. See if I want to upgrade my 2x Gladiators -> eclipses or is there both different enough to keep separate ships. The eclipse is very nice looking, just is it worth the price tag? I already have one. One thing on the brochure, one of the picture have a tail going down rather than up? why does it have a vertical line done when it is supposed to be like the mini-B2 like bomber
  14. Still Idris-M was $1000(275+725) though, and melt value of the Idris-P is $1500
  15. Yeah... you expect CIG to have the free manpower to do everything that Turbulent to suddenly take over the jobs that then are. It is a lot cheaper to hire Turbulent to do the job. Why was Idris-M even on the CCU listings it's never come up before?