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  1. Devil Khan

    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    Not all will be avaible in one place. The best things are its weapons and its powerplant. With less half heat generation of a standard F7C-M and nearly 20% better output from the powerplant. It only carries 4 weapons, but 1x S4 and 3x S3. Sustained dps is nearly double of default F7C-M It's not avaible until 3.5.
  2. Devil Khan

    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    Actually, doesn't appear to be a skin job. Surprisingly good in a few stats, and just some small increase(or decrease). However they (the Devs) love to change anything and everything t Lucky enough I bought the 2 CCUs (still un-used of course) .
  3. Devil Khan

    ships How many ships are in the UEE fleet

    *smacks @Boildown that's more troll than even me, at least I'd get it right. One: there is no game exact as this. X games don't really do MP games and ED don't do a major fleet. Two: At ship for ship you can compare ED with SC. Three: However, using "how many ships are in the UEE" as a question is literally a bad choice for you to ask. The game amounts(of ships) is every chancing and there really is no constant. either players, NPC or missions. Excluding the perma-class which are really really big ships EG Bengal, Pegasus or any other huge non-player owned ship.
  4. Devil Khan

    Argo SRV

    Yeah, I was right zero weapons. ok this was actual good point. You don't have to be a dead ship to call a tug. trolly parked ship ...
  5. Devil Khan

    Argo SRV

    I still stand by my stance. 2x Argos for a connie. How many are needed for a Reclaimer? I see in my head the same for the tugs at sea and space, that's if a tug does tug. Different movement for the two, but the same result for mass. I really like the design, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut the placement of the main engines. However, it's nice that it can tug a single large container. Still price is too much for this Hull-A/B for just doing tug work (which you really won't do it that often) unless you have a glorified flying fork lift around the starport. Anyway back to the tug, Still think it is over priced, warbond is a "special discount" for real money as it will go up once. I like the look of the ship. would have the engines moved the out further or expandable, so as not to burn the front of the towed ship. There must be sizeable room inside as there is a glass window looking out for tractor control. Still feel it's too pricey for a "weak" ship. Like I said, most people would only get their valuable ship towed.
  6. Devil Khan

    Argo SRV

    Nice looking ship... bit on the pricey side.
  7. Devil Khan

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Mustang was only reworked once, tali I think wasn't reworked at all. I had forgotten about the freelancer, probably trying to block it out horrible Freelancer MIS rework namely the missile system.
  8. Devil Khan

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    That was only the connie
  9. Devil Khan

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    2019 Q4 End of Year at the earliest.
  10. Devil Khan

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Really sad the missiles(torps?) aren't there in the Idris-P. They were there originally (front top and back bottom) shame they are gone (several years ago). That is not my question really. You see the Idris-M and Idris-P "were" meant to be the same ship, Just the Navy had a surplus and where/are selling them with just the bare bones and scaled down weapons. The Idris-K, has switched the front turret with (anti-fighter) missile launcher (only 2x 8 missiles). We know that the Idris has the main missile system (behind the front turret). What I want to know is it possible to mount Idris-P(K) the same missile system? Normally I would have assumed that it was possible. However, it means not just the misile rack, but it's entire re-arming and storage system as well. The more and more time goes one the very different the Idris-P/K and Idris-M differ.
  11. Devil Khan

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Their (Devs) aren't even finished doing the white box on the first pass.
  12. Devil Khan


    Goblin Slayer is another good one. Albeit, there is not really any deep characters, but barely enough. Granted I never read the manga, but boy I should have! I thought it was another D&D style where everybody is happy and win every battle, boy was a wrong... just take the first cave ... again was I ever wrong! It's not a dark story, well not every ones. Here spoiler of the first battle. It's not a gore-fest tbh. Oh yeah, watched that beautiful(but sad) ending of 7. really well made fore shadowing. it wasn't the animation but the context that was well done.
  13. Devil Khan

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    So would I, but they have less time than the hammerhead has, yes less devs but a lot more rooms
  14. Devil Khan

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    @MericSever Just like the Reclaimer and salvaging are eah... I'd said aiming for end of year, but realistically 1-2 Qtr of next year. Just to point out it took the Hammerhead 10 months on a rush job with only 3 Devs, It's not very big if you remove the corridors. However, they can speed up on certain areas as there is already a lot of aegis ship interiors already created. Tbh I'd say 2020 QTR 1 is earliest QTR 2 realistic if done at normal speed. Of course there is 5 people on it. One thing it's something over looked by the dev team. the Landing pad and exterior airlock aren't easily to get to from one of them. They have put a fence around 3/4 of the pad. a simple "ramp" or "stairs" near the airlock who suit. If the pisces, looks anything like the p-52/72 I'll type out my scream. I still hoping for a multi crew(more than 1 person can fit like the X85) snub short range ship like in BSG.