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  1. You do know the expensive price tag Vanduul have. The Glaive are UEE made for training aginst fighters btw. even if the Void was on sale. It would cost1000's. it is no where as big as a MM. Going on manufacture the size is less than 100m long
  2. Eah, we aren't arguing about cargo cap. I was using them as possible specs. nobody said anything arguing against me. one of the variants is a cargo transport as they had hinted it over a week ago. The ship I'd say going with that's guys piece is connie-tali. It wouldn't have the firepower of the connie. However everything inside and outside will be luxurious. We have already seen a glimpse of less than half an engine whose form fits in with the Origin family. Don't forget that it would fit nicely with the small medium large sizing. Selling the 890J LTI, That is probably the only thing I'd have bought it. Making 300-500 profit atm. Btw it's called price rarity not "alien tax"
  3. I bet that it will really be a escape shuttle with luxury interior and 0 SCU but it does have a double bed and places Barry white songs 24/7
  4. One thing, it will have much less fire power than a connie, that's certain.
  5. Just to clarify, I wasn't saying it "should" be X meters. I'df say it's slightly longer and also taller (maybe 2 level?) that the connie. At least that's what I had gathered from way back 1-2 years. One of the things was basically a small private jet, very luxuries and stylish. Better looking that the connie phoenix, internally that is. As with the rest of the Origin fleet. I was thinking there was no buggy/snub jet. However maybe there could be a snub bay now. It is just the price is so high. 400 warbond and 435 warbond
  6. Over pricing... they have been doing it alot lately (1-2 years). take the Cyclone basic model $45 only 1 SCU
  7. I wonder what the two variants could be.The price tag kinda says it is bigger than the Banu MM's storage, but lesser than the Hull D really. Of course it's solely on the ships description of being a cargo transporter. Still kinda see it as higher class that the genesis, but low than the 890J
  8. Also, just to add: whether it's 3.0,3.1,3.2 it won't be salvaging in space for quite a while. Similar goes to the prospector can't mine in space for quite a while either. Only can mine eventually (still can't mine on 3.0 officially) on the surface. It is not a beautiful ship, it is impressive. It was originally made for UEE afaik.
  9. Not cynic, more like ignorant unfortunately. Evocati are there to stress test with a much larger group x20-x30 times larger at least. Also PTU will have several bugs that they won't find. Such as Several (thousand) variant of system specs EG GFX and CPU.
  10. 24 player max is what there aiming for 3.0 and we have known about this from AtV and such comm-links Sorry, 24 min player they are hoping for.
  11. I'd hope that people don't over hyped with 3.0. I mean it's good that we finally have a few things like 3 moons and 1 planet, but still the player size on a server is tiny compared to what we hoping and dreaming for. It's a big start though, but it is just the start towards bigger things. 3.2 I have a feeling it will be 2018. If 3.0 was still the same as the CitizenCon, it would be much longer if they were still the same. Still ships are the as ships aren't a mechanic of the game, granted certain ships like reclaimer, prospector, Hearld, Orion have mechanics. The scaled it down due to the Event and having told us at the previous event which really wasn't wise on CIG fault. The Hype is going to make the myths bigger and bigger. The Delta patcher has to have been so frigging long a wait, that it wasn't wise to do little updates viable. I mean there are certain thinking you don't tell people and wait time months. Most game dev companies announce the product only months or possible year. The longer that wait, the bigger the hype and the bigger the fall. Again I'm not too worried personally and the hype isn't anything I have looked for. Granted "No man's sky" made me buy a pre-order of it. ETA just means a guess-ta-mation, only country is Japan were they have it down to a second of completion. The actual date is the 3.0 after GamesCom, but Avocado and PTU are supposed to be before it, though Avocado is really the only high chance.
  12. One thing though, Alien can mean several different things really. I mean it already does mean "bugs" ... errr I mean insects. It just mean the broadest thing unidentified creature or for the bird-like unidentified flying Creatures, UFC for short. See with derelicts, the most common will be "beasts" or low IQ, no structural identity. Also 99.9% have to have gravity to live. The idea of the 0.1% could be living in space . Sort of like the space whale, however we are talking about creatures to maneuver would at least have a "rocket" sticking out its ass. I like the idea though In reality nope and in space derelicts would be just bugs. I supposed they could write up the lore about ship takes off and in space "aliens" burst out of them. Killing the crew and the ship is left dead in space. However, that ship isn't considered derelict (not working at all) as it is just abandoned.
  13. How about this Alien horror. Be thankful for not adding human illegal aliens.
  14. "Hanger READY" the ship is ready for the hanger "BIGGER hanger" the Hanger is ready for the ship. Anyway, since it's not a huge animation 1-2 weeks to increase the "room" size. Since they did it last time as well. albeit they changed the Central flkoor
  15. Seriously... excuse me did I even mention hanger ready at all? Hanger ready meant you could see it in the hanger while they finish/polish "things" like interacting or zero-G. Cr already said it and "yer one" from LA office as well. That was the whole thing about burndown. There are no changed, everything was bug fixing and completion of multi-sets EG customization. Tbh honest I don't thing it will be 3.0 at all. I keep my expectation low and my surprise high. afaik every event has been the same thing, roadmaps really. It's not a bad thing though it's just near distance. I am in it for the long haul. 3.0 is good, just not great, It's 4.0 the game will starting to become more like the real game. Anyway, There won't be any salvaging in space when it comes online 3.1/2 atm. Even when mining comes online it is only planetsize and nothing in asteriods yet. I'm surprised that the "grinder" was towards the front, would have thought that it would be towards the rear and the cargo would be there.