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  1. What name change, anyway still think that pioneer isn't the name? I wonder will there be modular pieces, like the Endeavor, external pieces. Sorta like the crucible, but more than one at a time. I wonder could the ship be self extending like the Hulls or did they realize how awkward it is to have the extending. The Hulls are very like the the "pioneer", except the pioneer is very specific type of "goods" and it possible has the "manpower" for building as well. However, I do find it quite interesting that ben mentioned a bit about could longer or shorter than an Idris which in some case could be modular framework for transporting it in safely. Anyway, quite interesting theorycrafting, but it's theorycrafting. Just think back at the eclipse which turned out as a single seater "stealth" bomber. Anyway I might get one(pioneer) if I feel the need and the price isn't too high. However, I'd like to see their stats and uses.
  2. Well, he (One Eyed Ben) did say industrial and basically an org ship like the Orion or Hull D-E. If it does carry external "build cargo" it would make a lot of sense when comparing it with Idris size
  3. I don't know, I personally think that the Polaris was priced well. Don't forget, the polaris doesn't have cap sheilds or armour and aside from the torpedoes all weapons are only size 4 and 5. Anyway, the 'pioneer' looks very interesting. have to wait and see will the ship really be like.
  4. You already stated. It was in an email to all members of concierge. Price still isn't listed, however it's a large ship so 400+
  5. Yeah, I knew it was a large ship, but didn't know It was consolidated outlaw. Anyway, here's the sneakpeek "silhouette" I am assuming that pioneer is the class of ship rather than it's name.
  6. Just noticed it when I looked at them pics again. The last and second last ones have a different left/right turrets (PDS/unmanned). I know the second is a concept pic several years old. only pic really are 1 and 3. Hopefully it is just haven't finished the turrets. It would be really bad if they changed left/right turrets to gimbal. Still I know it is bigger than the Starfarer, but not THAT big in the sneak peak. Like just take the reclaimers primary Engine it's bigger than what I thought, seriouslu it's like in diameter bigger that a cutlass/freelancer lmao. I wonder are the stats exact, anyway the ship looks awesome still. Just a matter of all the external "accessories" IE turrets, pods and other various thingys.
  7. we already discussed the drone with pics. and the drones fit the exact bay launcher pics.
  8. Look, Projectors are ok for some screens ... basically totally dark. Also they are lacking the "perfect scale". The topic is "the best GAMING monitor". The V series is the cheapest Asus have, minus cheap business monitors. Descent, but I prefer PB or swifte. The ROG ones are expensive for the tag, but most are well worth it. PB and PA are basically the same just with PA means they have a stricter colour scheme that is professionally set the colour range/calibrations. One thing do you think that screen lag doesn't exist more so on projectors (the cheaper the worse) or Low FPS.
  9. wow... just wow.
  10. Did I say anything in reference to that timeline?
  11. it is the opening comment on AtV
  12. well I'm going to wait and see if they will fix the CCU thing and I might see if I'll get 2 X1 Force, but if not meh. I'm not liking the look, but the double shield and speed might be something, even thought single S1.
  13. One thing, I would consider buying the X1 Force. It has the only difference that kinda matched both the DF and the Nox. Of course it's stats that have to be clarified. X1-Force only one weapon, but double the shield EG front and back. Still haven't bought it thought. Since I would have loved to have bought it on CCU. Still can't it seems cost me $5-10 (Nox), but it says unable to do it.
  14. I don't like the look at all really. It's like 1970s bike. The piece I really don't like is the piece left out in their latest pic
  15. They have spoke about it for ages; years even. they are going to be a delayed jump. The bigger the ship, the longer is will be after ( there is no players ) jump into limbo. The beds, I'm not to sure but they only count as a save game. Which isn't really going to be used in PU, but leaves SP and private servers. Basically, they haven't got it down 100%. Although, it seems better in ED with free flight and only having flight assist in system. Well that's how it will seem after 3.0.