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  1. Yea so we had more info that have been rolling in from credible sources and I don't think 3900X is a good buy since one of the 2 chiplets(CCD - Core Complex Die) are badly binned. You are currently guaranteed 1 good and 1 bad chiplet on it pretty much. One might hit max boost at some loads, the other likely won't. 3600X and 3800X still don't seem to be really worth it for a 100 MHz frequency increase either. We also had more overclocking info come in and it seems Ryzen 3000 performs the best with a IF(Infinity Fabric overclock). It caps at around 1900 MHz so that means 3800C16 or 3800C14 timings for RAM depending on the kit you have. 2 CCD CPUs(3900X-3950X) seem to be more amenable to 2 DPC(DIMM-per-channel) overclocking(4 DIMMs). Lower SKUs will likely prefer less DIMMs. 16 GB Micron E-die kits, SR(Single Rank), 1 DPC, are pretty cheap and they'll hit 3600C16 just fine. For 3800C14/3800C16, you might require a 1 DPC SR B-die kit. I'd also like to put this screenshot here: So this is a 3900X working on a X370 Taichi(~2.5yr old mobo from first gen) with the latest BIOS updates. It's running 2 DPC DR(Dual Rank) Micron-E die kit(4x 16GB) at 3600C16 with coupled IF(IF's running at 1800MHz). 64GB RAM is the max. amount AM4 platform supports pretty much and IF caps at around 1800 for Dual Rank kits most of the time. This kit seems to be priced around ~300$ which is relatively cheap for 64 GB of RAM. So if you need a ton of RAM for your workload, this would be a good option. So everything mostly seems to be working fine with 3000 series, except some SKUs falling short of their advertised boostclocks around 25 MHz or so. We also have older mobos working fine ~2 weeks after launch when applied some BIOS updates eventhough you're likely to hear otherwise. EDIT: Some RAM benches with a 3600X and a RTX2080 at 1440p:
  2. Anandtech didn't review it because they likely received 3700X and 3900X from AMD just like all the other reviewers. 3600, 3700X and 3900X look like the best price/performance picks in the lineup. With limited manual overclock options and improved IMC, 3600X and 3800X doesn't seem to have a measurable difference compared to 3600 and 3700X so far but new BIOS/microcode from AMD might change this in the future. But even if the differences end up being as advertised, it doesn't seem to be worth 50 or 70$ going from one to another. 3600, 3700X and 3900X look like great picks tho, especially combined with a 5700XT, which seems to be placed really well(400$) against Nvidia's latest offerings. Do expect more Navi GPU releases this year or the next. AMD might not go against the highest end trying to match Nvidia at 2080Ti/Titan level but they always fight for mid range and high end stuff. 3600/3700X + 5700XT seems to be a great combination. Asus X470 Crosshair VII Hero is also a good motherboard you can go for which has daisy chain topology for superior memory overclocking performance, good onboard audio, solid NIC and great VRMs instead of expensive X570 options.
  3. This device is interesting yet there's no feedback yet from beta testers. Dual sticks seems to be the preferred choice of controls in the community for space sims.
  4. New Ryzen lineup is great. First 12 and 16 core CPUs in mainstream pretty much and with good pricing. Releasing next month except 3950X will release in September. New Navi GPUs, priced at 379$ and 449$, providing slightly higher performance than 2060 and 2070 pretty much. Note that Nvidia will also be releasing their Super RTX Series and cutting prices on old RTX cards to compete.
  5. https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/670-vpc-rudder-pedals-vfx-grip-pre-order/ Virpil F-14(VFX) and pedals preorder info in the link. VFX also has lockable twist as an added feature. It only has 1 hat but it has an analog paddle with physical push button at 100%, auto-centering DLC wheel and signature F-14 weapon selector with push functionality to make up for it.. Thrustmaster also released their F/A-18 Hornet grip which is compatible with all Virpil bases. It doesn't have a twist mechanism. Realsimulator also has a new, high end F-16 grip which has integrated sensors that'll work on Virpil bases. It doesn't have a twist mechanism.
  6. Virpil teased their F-14 grip. Thrustmaster and VKB also previously teased F-14 grips yet they haven't mentioned a release date. I'd expect Virpil to be the first to market since they like to move fast.
  7. Probably Constellation Delta + WarBRD base but Delta V2 grip is also expected to release in the next few months so you might want to wait on it too. Delta wheel is nice now with the new flight model when used for speed limiter adjustment and it's expected that they'll keep the wheel on Delta V2 too, that's what Virpil rep. Cypher hinted at on HOTAS discord pretty much. Alternatively, Kosmosima LH with a Gunfighter Mk.II base is also nice. VKB is also supposed to release a plastic gimbal Gladiator base with a Kosmosima grip for around 170$ which might also be an alternative in the future.
  8. Foxx mounts are really good and reasonably priced if you live in and around USA. Foxx also helps out with custom stuff if you reach him on HOTAS discord. Virpil also recently increased prices on everything and with their expensive shipping, I think a VKB setup is now actually is cheaper compared to VPC if you live in and around USA but well, buying VKB takes at least 1 to 3 months. Virpil is a more reasonable buy in and around EU since it's almost impossible to get VKB in EU. Monstertech mounts is also a german company, albeit it takes a bit for them to produce everything.
  9. New Virpil stuff: https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/377-unveiling-the-long-awaited-vpc-mongoost-50-flightstick-base-successor/ T-50CM Base with new gimbal: 2 different new desk mounts: They also have a new limited preorder system where you can preorder anything on some restock days and they'll deliver it in 90 days. You can only preorder by bank transfer tho.
  10. They said they changed how the ships handle when they lose a wing etc. so that'll be an improvement for Bucc but I also expect g-loc in a straight line to be a problem for Bucc pilots. Stock loadout is also currently abysmal, they might've changed it since it looks like it has S1 ballistic cannons instead of miniguns on the latest commercial. But I think it also had those in the past so footage might be old. In any scenario, projectile velocity difference between its weapons is a nightmare with a S4 minigun, S3 laser repeaters and S1 ballistic cannons or miniguns.
  11. GPU utilization doesn't mean much except when it's not pegged at 100%, it might point to a bottleneck on a different side of things. So 100% utilization is good, but not all 100% utilization are equal etiher. Same GPU pegged at 100% will spit out different number of frames each second dependant on CPU etc.
  12. So I went with Delta grip + WarBRD base + Cosmosim soft center cams on left and WarBRD grip + WarBRD base + Cosmosim no center cams on right. Keyboard is IKBC Poker Mini with MX Black switches and mouse is Logitech G305. I enjoy this setup where I can switch between kb+m & dual sticks. My only complaints are ergonomics issues related to grips: Delta is a bit too tall so top hat and main trigger aren't the most comfortable to use but I can somehow get around it since I pull the stick back to apply forward thrust and WarBRD grip's pinky button is placed really badly and hard to actuate so I have to hit it with my ring finger. That button is mainly a toggle mode modifier used when landing so not that big of a big deal. I'd still might get some other grip in the future but at this point, this is perfectly satisfying for me.
  13. https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/315-introducing-the-vpc-mongoost-50-cm-2-grip/ New T-50CM V2 grip: It's not really new but a revision of the old one with more hats/buttons.
  14. I wouldn't expect anything but basic salvage until 2021 tbh. They're not gonna be in SQ42 so they're not likely to be a priority. By basic salvage, I mean salvage mechanics without Vulture/Reclaimer properly working. Similarly, things like docking and advanced repair also aren't likely to hit PU before SQ42 launch. By advanced repair, I mean repair mechanics that doesn't include things like Crucible, Vulcan or repair/refuel drones etc. For SQ42, we're likely gonna have basic repair and basic salvage, meaning a player with a multitool cutting or repairing things. These profession ships aren't likely to be functional until 2021, so don't get your hopes up. Everything's about a smooth SQ42 launch and getting basic functionality for PU now and roadmap clearly shows this. Things like OCS/bind culling also are relevant for SQ42. Rest of the roadmap shows basic functionality for everything else, that is ship and infantry combat, basic salvage/repair and entry level medical gameplay, HUD improvements and also other new tech to support these for SQ42 pretty much.
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