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  1. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    So I went with Delta grip + WarBRD base + Cosmosim soft center cams on left and WarBRD grip + WarBRD base + Cosmosim no center cams on right. Keyboard is IKBC Poker Mini with MX Black switches and mouse is Logitech G305. I enjoy this setup where I can switch between kb+m & dual sticks. My only complaints are ergonomics issues related to grips: Delta is a bit too tall so top hat and main trigger aren't the most comfortable to use but I can somehow get around it since I pull the stick back to apply forward thrust and WarBRD grip's pinky button is placed really badly and hard to actuate so I have to hit it with my ring finger. That button is mainly a toggle mode modifier used when landing so not that big of a big deal. I'd still might get some other grip in the future but at this point, this is perfectly satisfying for me.
  2. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/315-introducing-the-vpc-mongoost-50-cm-2-grip/ New T-50CM V2 grip: It's not really new but a revision of the old one with more hats/buttons.
  3. Brightmist

    Aegis Reclaimer

    I wouldn't expect anything but basic salvage until 2021 tbh. They're not gonna be in SQ42 so they're not likely to be a priority. By basic salvage, I mean salvage mechanics without Vulture/Reclaimer properly working. Similarly, things like docking and advanced repair also aren't likely to hit PU before SQ42 launch. By advanced repair, I mean repair mechanics that doesn't include things like Crucible, Vulcan or repair/refuel drones etc. For SQ42, we're likely gonna have basic repair and basic salvage, meaning a player with a multitool cutting or repairing things. These profession ships aren't likely to be functional until 2021, so don't get your hopes up. Everything's about a smooth SQ42 launch and getting basic functionality for PU now and roadmap clearly shows this. Things like OCS/bind culling also are relevant for SQ42. Rest of the roadmap shows basic functionality for everything else, that is ship and infantry combat, basic salvage/repair and entry level medical gameplay, HUD improvements and also other new tech to support these for SQ42 pretty much.
  4. Brightmist

    Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    It's not Aurora vs. Javelin, it's Fighter vs. Fighter. What we're talking about here is the only medium sized long-range fighter vs. small sized light/medium/heavy fighters which are the most common ships in the game. You shouldn't be needing "more" of the smaller ships to take out a Vanguard pretty much, 1 Hornet or Sabre should be able to take it out just fine in space. I'm okay with light fighters like Arrow taking way too long to take out a Vanguard. Price isn't a good way to balance things. Vanguard might not be common when the game launches but if the economy stays as is, everyone gets one in a couple of months as it's a cheap, mid-sized ship and it ends up the only fighter you see moving around which brings about boring gameplay and it's the perfect indicator of bad game design. Medium fighters can't currently outmaneuver Vanguards. Vanguard pilot can just thrust backwards at full speed and you're just not moving out of its sights. Vanguard basically has no deficits as is. It has beds, a ton of armaments, dual medium shields/power plants/coolers, medium qdrive and its turret will likely get an upgrade to S3s so it actually matters. It's more versatile than it's supposed to be. All these small sized light/medium/heavy fighters lack hydrogen scoops and they have small qdrives/power plants/weapons/coolers. These are designed to be carrier-based, dedicated fighters with no fuel scoop so they should have the clear upper hand on more versatile ships like Connie/Cutlass/Freelancer/Vanguard if those ships doesn't have actual players on their turrets or snubs etc.
  5. Brightmist

    Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    I disagree with all his arguments. IRL X cause IRL Y is not a valid argument since it's not logical. You need to balance ships for the game to be fun or you get everyone flying the same ship even they don't want to. This is also known as bad game balance in any given online game. Vanguard is already best fighter in its class since it's the only fighter in its class, that is long-range fighter. There are no other dedicated long-range fighters in the game. All the other fighters in the game are small fighters with small qdrives and they don't even have hydrogen fuel scoop so they require refueling pretty frequently. For starters, we need more long-range fighters. These long-range fighters also need to have limited agility since they're gonna end up medium sized ships with larger shields and more armor so they don't always have the upper hand against smaller fighters in any scenario. It's OK if these fighters can leverage their armor and shields in atmo or during crowded fleet vs. fleet fights or their increased firepower against bigger ships but it's just not okay if smaller fighters can't leverage their agility in space to take these out. Otherwise everyone will just fly a Vanguard and we can just delete all the small fighters from the game pretty much since they'll be irrelevant.
  6. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    WarBRD and Constellation Delta: \ WarBRD and MT-50CM:
  7. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    MT-50CM, Constellation Delta and WarBRD grips on WarBRD bases.
  8. Brightmist

    CIG Estimated yearly salary costs

    CIG doesn't have to do any changes to their model at all because it's not necessary. They're valued at 0.5B $ now and they can use other avenues for fundraising. Pledge amount/backer ≈ 96$ so far, they won't be targeting an extra 25$ per backer from sales. Looking at past crowdfunding data: 01 Jan 2013, 7.23M $ pledged 01 Jan 2014, 35.6M $ pledged (+33M $) 01 Jan 2015, 68.6M $ pledged (+23M $) 01 Jan 2016, 104.6M $ pledged (+36.3M $) 01 Jan 2017, 140.9M $ pledged ( +36.3M $) 01 Jan 2018, 175,6M $ pledged (+34.7M $) 01 Jan 2019, 213.4M $ pledged (+37.8M $) Amount of money pledged didn't really change in the past few years but game wasn't really playable at all without OCS. It should actually pick up without any changes to their model next year because SC actually looks like a game now.
  9. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    I'm currently using a Constellation Delta grip on a WarBRD base with cosmosim soft center cams as a left hand a stick and I can say that the Delta grip is really good but it still leaves something to be desired. Like I'm using wheel both as a throttle and zoom using recessed trigger button as a modifier. Similarly, I can use both 4-way hats with recessed trigger as a modifier too. The issue with Constellation Delta comes mainly from the placement of top 8-way hat and the length of dual-stage trigger. They just aren't that comfortable to use and that's mainly why I didn't go for a second WarBRD base and second Constellation Delta grip. There's also that cosmosim no-center cams didn't exist up until a couple of weeks ago. Dual stage trigger is placed really high and it's just too short to reach comfortably most of the time if you're using the stick on a desk, which is how it's designed to be used. 8-way hat is just a bit better, pulling back the stick to strafe forward kinda helps reaching it. I'm using thumbpad for freelook but it rarely comes up. Head tracking with a camera or TrackIR is likely to be better. Even with its shortcomings, I'm actually satisfied with Constellation Delta grip currently since it does what it's supposed to do as a left hand stick, that is being a button bank of some sort while providing good control over 3 strafe axes. Note that all the hats have push buttons and wheel also has a button and you can comfortably combine those with recessed trigger as a modifier. I just wish the top hat and dual stage trigger was placed a bit better. Because of this, I'm never gonna use that grip for my right hand, my VKB Gladiator has a way more comfortable trigger, yet it comes up short not having a dual stage trigger and second hat so I plan to buy a WarBRD grip. Let's also note that VPC said they'll be releasing at least another grip on top of WarBRD grip on Q1 '19. I expect them to tease it in a couple of days.
  10. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    More like you can feel a small bump when moving through axes, like when you're only inputting X and then you decide to input some Y. It helps you not have Y inputs when you only want to input X and vice-versa. Soft/hard center is currently necessary on left stick since you don't want to input lateral strafe while trying to get to max cruise speed which will lock you to max ABSCM speed(around 450 m/s on most ships). SC Devs said they'll likely fix that in the future tho so there might be a change to that with the new flight model. This is also one of the reasons I find TM T16000M to be a crap left stick since most ball gimbal bases like T16000M don't really have a center. For no-center cams, there's no bump when moving through axes so stick is more free-floating. I find this helps more when aiming with right stick, more so especially if you have yaw on Y axis on your right stick.
  11. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    Virpil recently posted their 2 years in review where they also announced they'll be releasing their new WarBRD grip on 23rd January 2019. This is their current lineup of products where you see: WarBRD Base with a Constellation Delta Grip Desk Mount MT-50 Throttle MT-50 base(now discontinued) with a MT-50CM Grip Pictures of the new WarBRD grip: Its specs are: Dual Stage Trigger 1 x 8-way POV Hat (+ Push) 2 x Momentary Push Buttons 4-Way (+ Push) Thumb Hat All Metal Twist Axis with VPC Contactless Sensor Configurable Mode LED So it basically has 2 hats with push, 2 buttons, dual stage trigger and a twist axis with contactless sensor. It looks like a good space sim grip for me even it lacks in the button/hat department a bit. I plan to pick it up when I can in combination with a WarBRD base and recently released cosmosim no center cams for WarBRD base. VPC products tend to be out of stock yet they restock every 2-3 weeks and sell out in hours. If you're interested in picking one, you might need to set an alarm to their restocking schedule. Their next restock will be on 7th January 2019, 6 AM - 9 AM GMT.
  12. Brightmist

    Base of Operations for People

    Did you overclock your coolers before jumping around on a Prospector? That generally solves the overheating issues. I don't expect heat to be a big issue but fuel and quantum speed really. Small quantum drives are just too slow compared to medium sized ones and they run out of fuel pretty fast. Short range fighters(everything but a Vanguard basically) also has hydrogen fuel issues on top of QD speed because they don't have fuel scoops which makes them pretty much unusable even for daily play unless you're operating locally. And even if you're operating locally, refueling is a drag. They just aren't money makers and they're likely have to be operated from a base or a carrier. This mainly goes for people who plan to pledge for fighters. It's just that you can buy a Hornet pretty fast in the game if you own a Freelancer MAX pretty much. Similiar thing goes for all small ships with small quantum drives. Even they have hydrogen fuel scoops, they don't have the quantum speed to move about in the system so they're likely not gonna be the biggest money makers. Even smth like Prospector that is designed around making money will just be inferior to any mining ship with a medium sized quantum drive. Short range fighters will likely be useful for populating carriers like Idris, Kraken, Polaris etc. and in Arena Commander but other than that, I don't expect them to see much play in the verse. These fighters also lack in component health(possibly armor in the future) and shields currently so they're not really that effective in atmo either compared to smth like Vanguard because they can't really leverage their agility in atmo but that might change with the new flight model. Their in-game UEC prices are also dirt cheap so I don't really find these as good pledges anymore even for someone like me that enjoys combat immensely, especially considering fighter tax on these. Avenger Titan's good tho, that thing has hardpoints to rumble and can move small amounts of cargo and help you make deliveries fast. Reworked 300 series might also end up being good, more so especially if they have fuel scoop. We're also now starting to see interdiction mechanics come into play on PU these days with heat and power changes and increase in quantum calibration/spool times. It's that if you're in a small ship that's taking fire and therefore have shields regenerating, your quantum drive can't even engage so small fighters are likely to have that role where they intercept someone trying to escape and put guns on it so they can't just engage their quantum drive and run away. I haven't tested this with medium sized ships but I'd expect there to be a similiar mechanic for those too. I expect this mechanic to stay in the game in the future since CIG likes players killing/interacting with other players. I also think this is a really good way to make these small fighters be useful in catching up and locking down targets by putting gunfire on their shields. I urge everyone to not expect to just disengage and jump away into quantum in the future leveraging their quantum drive size since that'll make fast, short-range fighters pretty much obsolete in the verse.
  13. Brightmist

    Flying Fortress The Aegis Retaliator

    Hammerheads are though but they still die if you can put a relevant amount of gunfire on it with a coordinated group. Torpedoes/Missiles from bombers help you push through shields/shield regen faster to kill HH pretty much. Bombers/Missile boats like Gladiator, Andromeda, MIS, Retaliator are the ships you want in these scenarios flying next to you, not Eclipse. I don't think AI gunners will have trouble hitting big targets like a Hammerhead.
  14. Brightmist

    Titan Suit

    You don't have to store the Titan Suit in Idris. You can just store a bunch in the hangar of Valkyrie or maybe even Prowler if they fit. Prowler was already giving me Edge of Tomorrow vibes in concept: It also doesn't have to fit everywhere, it'll likely gonna have its own life support system.
  15. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion AMD Ryzen Master Utility

    He likely needs "Game Mode" to have decent performance in games so that's normal. There's no "Game Mode" setting in BIOS, only in Ryzen Master.