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  1. Brightmist

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Yea so I've tested it with Cutlass. Ramp is a solid object but dragging it on the ground doesn't really do any damage to it but you can also bounce off the ground too. So basically just set throttle while going in a straight line, uncouple, pitch up and strafe down so your ramp should make contact with ground and your friend following you driving a vehicle should theoretically boost to get in at the same time. I don't think it's practical and I don't think you'd do it in a combat situation tho, you'd rather just land somewhere safe I think.
  2. Brightmist

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Ramp should be a physical object but I wouldn't expect clipping it to cause substantial damage. I can't comment on them since I have't tried this in the past, yet, I might just try it with my cutlass and see what's up. Equalizing speed of the vehicle and the ship should be easy enough.
  3. Brightmist

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    You probably can if the terrain is straight enough. Just open the back ramp while flying super low in a straight line at constant speed, uncouple and pitch up just a little so Cyclone can drive in.
  4. Brightmist

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I wouldn't expect any kind of ship to be destroyed from long range easily unless it's parked with no shields up. Fire&forget weapons like missiles and torpedoes severely limit play&counterplay removing the fun aspect of the game so I'd expect them to be underpowered against any kind of ship pretty much.
  5. Brightmist

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    More like Cutlass crashed into the aft of the HH backing into it. Upgrade from 4x S4 to 4x S5 for turrets is huge. 24x S5 laser repeaters translate into roughly 18500 dps in stock configuration(note that laser repeaters have the lowest dps). HH now has unparalleled firepower against any kind of ship pretty much. I wouldn't expect any kind of capital ship to live through a close encounter with HH pretty much, more so especially if it's fully equipped with S5 highest dps weapons it can support be it ballistic or energy.
  6. Brightmist

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    They said Redeemer gonna be more of a gunship to support ground forces and less of a dropship. I really like Valkyrie, they're really getting good at designing ships imo.
  7. Brightmist

    Drake Kraken

    So loadout on this according to site is: 1x S8 Manned Turret (2x S8 guns), this is probably one of the two in front, likely the one near bigger landing pads 4x S6 Manned Turret (2x S6 guns), these are all over the ship 4x S5 Remote Turrets (2x S5 guns), I don't know where these are So it needs 9 turret gunners and a pilot to fully crew + engineering/repair + fighter pilots. It has all the things we love and expect from Drake ships pretty much. A ton of firepower and utility, likely cheap to repair and run with bad armor and bad shields. Landing pads being out in the open is huge for fighters to scramble fast in a combat situation, they'll likely be protected by Kraken's shields until they take off. They also look big enough to store some thougher combat ships like Vanguards, Hornets, Sabres, especially the ones with foldable wings. So I think Kraken ends up being a weaker ship to go head-to-head against things like Polaris and Idris but I'd expect with the extra 6 small to mid sized fighters, it can just eradicate those ships. I think this is a really good ship for daily org. play that can support a plethora of different missions.
  8. Wait for benchmarks or for die shrink from both companies next year.
  9. Brightmist

    Aegis Eclispe

    Does Aegis even have a ship with a bad cockpit view, I doubt this will be any different.
  10. Brightmist

    Anvil - Hurricane

    I like it how they called this an anti-capital ship fighter in the last AtV. In the hands of a capable 2-man team, this thing will go to town on mid and big sized ships if left unchecked. They pretty much defined it as an alternate to Eclipse and Gladiator to attack big ships when equipped with lasers since it doesn't have ammo limitations that way. 4x S3 sustained laser fire from the turret is nothing to scoff at and it also has 2x S4 hardpoints in the nose. Ballistics might be a better fit when engaging small or mid sized ships because they have better TTK. I expect this to see play for 2-man teams because it's a pretty versatile combat ship, being able to easily engage almost everything except maybe multiple small, dogfighting oriented ships working in tandem.
  11. Brightmist

    Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Woah, it has nukes.
  12. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Zen Graphics and X470 mobos

    So 7nm Vega with HBM or another, new 7 nm architecture with maybe GDDR6 in 2019 as expected, nothing new. AMD's picking up the slack nicely these days after Zen's success.
  13. Computerbase shows 2700x edging out 8700k (both at stock freq.) here and there with a nice RAM overclock and thightened secondary timings @1080p using a 1080Ti. https://i.imgur.com/EjFllPb.png https://i.imgur.com/MogzVU7.png Ryzen+ is OK, 3rd gen should be better. If they release a 2800x, it'd be 8c/16t, best binned Ryzen+ chips pretty much. Don't expect much, maybe 4.4-4.45 1-2 core turbo at stock.
  14. This is the result of an early RAM overclock with an immature BIOS, showing 3600+ frequency on RAM with tight Cas 14 timings on a R5 2600X. Shows up to 15% RAM latency reduction compared to 1st gen Ryzen with improved RAM overclock capability. AMD seems to have taken user feedback to heart and improved upon their IMC compared to last gen Zen. Frequency improvements of the new process doesn't seem that good at this point but RAM latency reduction should impact gaming performance nicely.
  15. These are like leaks soo bait for wenchmarks