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  1. Brightmist

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Every ship has weapons, doesn't mean they're gonna be effective in combat.
  2. Brightmist

    Origin 890 JUMP

    That's Johnny Depp's yacht man, not buzby x's.
  3. Brightmist

    Anvil Hawk

    4x S2, 2x S1, loadout isn't actually too bad but power requirements to keep firing all these weapons will be off the charts.
  4. Brightmist

    Freelancer MAX

    MAX now has Omniskys with the latest patch in PTU. MIS has Mantis gatling guns and DUR has Attrition laser repeaters.
  5. Brightmist

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Air Force One is a military ship, 890J is a luxury touring ship, will likely be part of travel/service industry. How many first class passengers you need to fly around the world/verse to buy a new plane or a cruise ship again ? I'd expect a Freelancer to be more profitable than a 890J. 890J owners will likely just be doing marginally profitable quests and no one will touch them unless they're really bored since it likely won't be a profitable ship eventhough it's a capital sized ship. If it ends up a relatively profitable ship, it'll likely have a huge target on its back and people will just keep attacking these with all their might because it'll be a soft target..
  6. Vehicles look like the worst buys pretty much, smth like Titan looks just better. Fighter tax is also real.
  7. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion AMD Ryzen Master Utility

    I haven't checked it out in a while but Ryzen Master was pretty finnicky and unreliable when I used it last year. I'd suggest using BIOS to tweak things instead. Combination of PBO(Precision Boost Overdrive) and XFR(Extended Frequency Range) should generally be enough for 99% of the people who's interested in overclocking their CPU. First gen. Ryzen are best used with manual overclocking tho. Boost clocks and alghoritm are really bad in these CPUs. On the other hand, Wattman works pretty well with Vega cards now.
  8. Brightmist

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I wouldn't expect good income from missions, they're generally pretty hard to balance in MMOs and frequently cause inflation. I'd expect freight/trading to be at the top of "money making" hierarchy because of risk factors involved, followed by professions like mining, salvage and refuel/fuel scoop. All the other activities revolving around missions that is combat, bounty hunting, passenger transport, data running and racing are likely gonna end up at the lower end of things because they likely won't involve emergent gameplay.
  9. Brightmist

    Flying Fortress The Aegis Retaliator

    @ 13:42 No plans to rework Tali pretty much. Doesn't mean they won't ever do a rework on it. Also talks about recent tweaks on Tali. I expect they might have some work done on the interior in the future like Vanguard but I doubt they'll rework it(remake it from scratch).
  10. Brightmist

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Carrack exterior: https://imgur.com/a/zIg4ZL7
  11. Brightmist

    Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    They denied scrapping modularity today and said they might add modules for Cat maybe sometime in the future (soon™) . I don't think they talked about a rework for Tali but I think they'll tweak it. Vanguards are actually modular now except Hoplite since they're gonna standardize Sentinel and Harbinger around Warden. Exteriors for all 4 will be the same tho. As I understand it, Hoplite won't get beds but it might end up with the ability to equip everything else, that is Ewar suite, torpedoes, turret rocket pods, whole shebang.
  12. Brightmist

    Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    They said tweaks, not reworks actually. All Vanguard models' exterior will be standardized, they're all gonna have Hoplite ramp. Interiors will be redone and standardized except Hoplite. BUKs gonna transform into upgrade kits(like Idris-K upgrade kit). They're gonna include paint job and related components in these kits and you're gonna be able to transform your Warden into a Sentinel or Harbinger by changing components and paint on it pretty much. BUKs gonna include stuff like torpedoes, Ewar suite, rocket pods for turret etc. Vanguard modularity pretty much confirmed with RTV. They'll also make it so you'll be able to access ship components from the inside and tweak their sub-components physically. They've also added a huge cabinet for cloth/armor/weapon storage and made the toilet smaller. Engineering station is more or less the same but they're gonna work on turret and maybe external animations later on to make it look more like the original concept.
  13. Brightmist

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    They actually said Phoenix's cargo bay is gonna be shielded so it's gonna take longer than normal to show up on scans. They're gonna replace the bottom turret on Taurus(not Phoenix) with a hidden & shielded cargo compartment which NPCs won't be able to search/look inside for smuggling.
  14. Brightmist

    Origin 890 JUMP