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  1. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Display Driver issues?

    DDUing in safe mode is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural
  2. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    My pair of Alphas arrived and they're more or less perfect imo. They're also really hard to get if you missed the preorder window and expensive. On another note, VKB Gunfighter Mk.III with space cams and Kosmosima grips are in stock everywhere, those are highly recommended too, especially if you have average or smaller than average hands or if you plan on putting your sticks on your desk since they're shorter than Alphas.
  3. Brightmist

    Ongoing Discussion Force Feedback in a new generation

    https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/product/cls-e-joystick/ This one's the best force feedback base in the market but costs like ~1250€(excluding mounting and grip) and compatible only with a limited number of grips like Virpil T-50. It's great base with a good number of software configurations tho. I doubt it'll be good for space sims tho, except maybe when flying larger ships. It should be pretty fun for flight sims tho from what I hear.
  4. They just did Banu design guide with Defender but they haven't even started working on BMM yet. It's likely to arrive in 2020 tho they're likely to start on it after Carrack's done in February.
  5. @Buckaroo Weapons are not just random S7 weapons, they're prototype weapons that are fused into the ships. If you look at this picture, weapon is highlighted in red so you can see that it's not just a standard S7 mount. It's the barrel&firing mechanism + 2 boxes for ammo and other necessary systems to fire the weapon. So to replace the weapon, you'd need to change the whole ship. You can also see the difference between Ares and Ion if you compare their red parts one-to-one. Ion's port side box is smaller than Inferno's. If CIG somehow decides that we can change these weapons in the future, they'd need to design new weapon models just for this ship just like Vanguard nose guns since barrel + firing mechanism looks drastically smaller than a standard S7 weapon to me.
  6. You can't switch weapons. Ships are designed around weapons, not the other way around. These ships are gonna be bad dogfighters and likely require some amount of fighter escorts. Vanguard with turret and gimballed large weapon, Sentinel's EMP/EWAR or extra armor from Warden are just gonna be superior in dogfighting scenarios. Ares will pair well with other light/medium/heavy fighters tho and can likely replace smallish bombers like Gladiator.
  7. Battery bit is interesting. It might be an ammo mechanic for laser weapons. It might also be another power related resource mechanic, managing things like boost duration/availability. Main difference between variants is you need to be pinpoint accurate with laser cannon whereas you have some room for error with ballistic gatling so it's highly likely to be better against smaller targets as it will have higher area saturation. Gatling is also highly likely to cost more to operate. Rest would depend on how shields and armor work in the supposed physical based damage system, mainly shield and armor penetration and also regeneration. Currently, there's no armor but just component health with an absurd amount of shield regeneration but shields are likely to get a nerf in both regeneration and impermeability when armor's implemented(we also know they like to show damage on the hull) and these S7 weapons are the weapons most likely to penetrate large/capital shields and armor in the single seater fighter ecosystem. All things concerned, I think Inferno is the better pick since all fighters would be able to damage/reduce shields of a large/capital ship with an energy damage heavy loadout, maybe even more so than an Ares Ion if they're setup accordingly but I don't think all fighters would be able to penetrate large/capital shields and put damage on the hull with smaller sized weapons when the said shields are lower than full(Note that shields do currently lose a bit impermeability as they go lower but I expect that to increase when physical based damage system is implemented).
  8. It's highly likely that there won't be any armstice zones or no-flight zones in the end product. Like MicroTech/New Babbage doesn't have any no-flight zones.
  9. There's no removal of refueling from it but `dedicated hangar` bit in Pisces Q&A might point to a restriction in some of the services to dedicated hangars like repair. I can see them keeping refuel/restock for ships that land on flight deck but repair might not be possible. There's also this bit in Kraken Q&A but it's a year old now:
  10. John Crewe confirmed that Mole will have 3x S2 mining heads compared to Prospector's S1 mining head. Mining heads are also in the game, sold at vendors according to Evo leaks. From newsletter:
  11. Yea that's one of the ships that's likely to have one
  12. On the subject of mining, standardized mining chutes and tractor beams, Cutlass and Caterpillar will likely be the ships to grab those chutes with their tractor beams and haul them around on top of the future dedicated refining ship or ships or ships with a refinery like Orion. Other known ships with tractor beams are 315p, Argo SRV, Orion and Reclaimer.
  13. I don't think it's gonna be able to refuel/repair/rearm ships that land on the flight deck unless they implement some form of manual service vehicle that can move around on the flight deck. Both Krakens have a closed hangar bay on the side suited for small or maybe even medium ships and that hangar can likely perform repair/rearm/refuel actions: Screenshots are from Kraken commercial. But as always, if you have a Vulcan or Crucible around or on the Kraken, those should service other ships just fine. Flight deck also lets you put any ship or vehicle on it so you can have like 50-100 Ballistas on it and just one-shot other capships.
  14. This one shows mining cabs in operation more clearly
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