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  1. Nevermore

    New recruit!

    Welcome about. That's a nice Fleet you have there suitable for a little of everything. I hope to see you in the verse
  2. Nevermore

    Helllppppp lol

    Hello Leon, We run "game days" the next one is on the 15 of December Read more Here. We also have our own Academy I'll add a video from BoredGamer with a tutorial for 3.3.x. to get you started
  3. Nevermore


    Welcome aboard!
  4. Nevermore

    Drake Kraken

    it seems like it will be an amazing support craft for almost everything ( large scale'ish) both defenses and offensive (support)
  5. Nevermore

    Hi I'm Apollo!

    Welcome aboard Apollo! I've sent you a DM with further information. Hope to see you on ts or discord
  6. hello, i was wonder why my membership on star citizens main website was never updated to "Fleet member?"

    1. Nevermore


      Sorry for the delay It should now be fixed

  7. Nevermore

    Star Citizen Lurker - Finally looking for corp

    Welcome Valcyn It's always nice with more logistic and support players. I really can't wait for us to be able to test it all out and work as a team
  8. Nevermore


    Welcome, Dwenos. I've procced your application and PM'ed you with further instructions best, Nevermore
  9. Nevermore

    join new Hello all

    Welcome to SCB @akluin I hope you get to keep all your ships. You Could try to contact cig's support
  10. Nevermore

    Moote's New Application

    Welcome Aboard Moote!
  11. Nevermore

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome Aboard Raven1210!
  12. Nevermore

    Hello, I am Blout

    Hello Blout Here are the links on how to setup your Teamspeak and Discord, you can find them at our Portal under tools I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to play with or just to show you the ropes
  13. I have a soft spot for the Retaliator.. but my favorite ships are still capital class
  14. Nevermore

    o/ Hi to all

    Greetings Spirit, I've sent you a pm with your recruitment information
  15. Nevermore

    imperium Hello.

    Greetings Poe Sanchez I Have accepted your application check your pm's for further information