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  1. Hello Lancaster Jones I've send you a PM and accepted you in RSI
  2. Welcome aboard H4MK1NG We do have a good amount of Aussie's here or just players whose sleep/work schedule allows for international play.
  3. Welcome SoulreaverDread! Hope to see you in the verse.
  4. Welcome back FapaPelsen
  5. Welcome Arckon, I'm waiting for some larger fleet operations and orgs 2.0 patrol, escort, supply missions but for now my account is still down after the power outage they had (hope 3.10 fixes it)
  6. Welcome Dohn_Dha Hope to see you in the verse.
  7. As far as i know....When the game launches there will be different options for Insurance (we get the "standard Insurance" with a package) so there are likely some more expensive Insurance that cover upgrade and maybe even cargo
  8. you can also "mark" your interested on the portal under your profile > settings
  9. Hello AstroAstanis! You should now be set as a recruit
  10. Welcome to SCB The avenger is an amazing all around ship If you are interested in joining us you can do so here : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/IMPERIUM Remember to link your SCB profile in your application
  11. Looks Great! Can't wait for capital' multicrew with imperium.
  12. I hope they give the Retaliator a small rework I really love that ship, Hope to see you in Theaters of war. "when I can run the game at more than 20fps"
  13. Welcome aboard! I love the design of the Eclipse, and have a love/hate relationship with the Caterpillar
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