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  1. Welcome aboard K1LLsw1tch We do have a lot of capital ships and I can't wait for us to be able to do training scenarios with them "soon" Most Units and Imperium's flights trainers Will start more structured training when 3.0 hits (depending on stability) as it gives us more options to do so also A lot of us will lend out ships for training seasons to further improve skills and scenarios options/variation
  2. You would need to have a Hull e on your account. This is just the CCU upgrading the Hull E to a Polaris .. and not a ship in it self
  3. I've won a few I fell it's already a lot better then "king oft he king" (H1Z1) not very optimized but I find it fun when playing with a team and it seams like they patch it a lot more then H1Z1
  4. you can take it a few times(if you fail) so don't worry about failing and it's not that time sensitive
  5. Welcome StarCitz
  6. most of the people buying it would know it was not intended as a sale I'm interested in the price of torpedoes at the moment it seams they cost more then the ships you are hunting I would like if organisations could build some of the payload them self saving some on the cost but requiring a lot of teamwork across the organisation and would love different types of warhead
  7. Bit more power metal'ish
  8. a bit more industrial but still good^
  9. I have processed your exam (PM) So ...Welcome To Imperium QSG ! also feel free to Pm a Hr member if you have any other questions (you can find us and other under Staff)
  10. Welcome QSG ! Imperium isn't lacking ships so having more players to crew and do boring missions with is a must you can sign up with different divisions on our portal here's a link to media and again welcome aboard mate
  11. Welcome BioHack ! happy to have you We have our Game day here on the 27th if you are interested... our members also play other games like PUBG or final fantasy etc.. hope to see you ingame
  12. Welcome back into activity You may just make it back in time for 3.0
  13. Welcome MadManMoon Check your inbox for information regarding your recruitment we have upcoming Game day on the 27th
  14. Hi

    Welcome Ashangel ! you should have received your recruitment information in a pm