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  1. Mostly capital ship or large multi crew ships
  2. Welcome to Scb capt. Decker My Interests are in capital ship and multi crew ships I Soo' looking forward to coordinate and Join Obs etc.
  3. Nevermore

    New recruit

    Welcome aboard Dread!
  4. Nevermore


    Hey! You should be set as a recruit and have a pm waiting for you. Hope to see you ingame at somepoint ^^
  5. I don't know how easy it would be to hit smaller fighters if the guns are fixed but then again maybe they're suppose to be weak against interceptors?
  6. You can "somewhat" look it up here. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/telemetry
  7. Welcome! I've been playing now and then mostly in star marine, I'm really looking forward to multicrew / combined operations.
  8. Nevermore

    New Arrival

    Welcome Aboard Tylan! Glad to see some more EU players Good luck with your ship hunt ^^
  9. Welcome aboard Garrett42! I'm really looking forward to multi crew on larger / capital ships
  10. Welcome to Imperium Dillon7! I've send you a pm with the info needed to become a full member
  11. Welcome SeliG. My apologizes for the delay.
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