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  1. Welcome! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. Dark and Light is an MMO which was adapted to be a survival game and is being developed by Snail Games, a company that has a license to use Ark's assets and game code. It is very similar to ARK. So if you played ARK and enjoyed it, you will probably enjoy Dark and Light. While it has the same basic survival elements, a LOT has been altered and/or improved. It is based in a magical fantasy world (which, I might add, is much better looking than Ark's Islands). Skills are leveled by use and taming is a much less rigorous (and I would argue, more fun) process than ARK. It was released into "Early Access" on July 20th, but it is much like ARK was early on. The devs seem to be on top of things about updates and bug smashing though. There are about 6-7 of us that are playing on different private servers, that I know of. If anyone else ends up getting the game, you should join us. It is quite fun, more so if you are at all familiar with ARK. Our current server is: New Hope 2xAll 8-1-17 We have built a small cabin and have a goblin, griffin, and wolf. Feel free to join! Our House name is Imperium @Arcanus @Leviwest
  3. You know what I mean... I'm particularly interested in the ones mentioning passive income and refineries. It looks like they will require active participation. That is interesting and very important to know.
  4. Where are these quotes from?
  5. Hey fellow citizens, I have a buddy who is working on a project unrelated to Star Citizen. He is looking to pay a designer to create 10 text-based t-shirt designs and a logo. He already has text for the shirts, he just needs it styled with cool fonts and colors. He wants images on 2 or 3 of them. He is hoping to find a designer that he could work with more in the future. If you are interested, please let me know and I will get you in touch. Thanks!
  6. Awesome.
  7. Congratulations and felicitations!
  8. I am hoping for a solid 20-30 minutes between systems. Long distance travel can't be near instantaneous, or it will mess with all sorts of things. However, the travel time needs to be punctuated with activities that will be engaging for players. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  9. I've dealt with Jon twice now and each transaction has been flawless.  May his fortunes be many!

  10. Want to Buy

    I am definitely willing to sell them. I will shoot you a message. EDIT: I now only have non-LTI Omegas left.
  11. Want to Buy

    I have LTI Omega packages. Only a few left though.
  12. I agree. I see this as being the first point of order in any squadron or fleet action. I picture a squadron jumping into a system and quickly orienting based on visible landmark or orientation of another ship or ships. In other words, "The blinking light at the top of the comms relay is UP" or "The top of the connie cockpit is UP." Once UP is established, one only need provide direction (for which a 360 degree compass would be nice) and altitude (which can be referenced as "high" or "low" based upon relative position to the person you are speaking to). E.g. "Red One. 290, low" or "Hostile. 180, high" I think that a physical indicator should be added in cockpits to indicate a selected vertical orientation. There needs to be some way to select an orientation for your ship so you and your wingmen can remain in sync, through engagements. We should come up with something and suggest it to CIG.
  13. Confirmed. Star Citizen will allow you to log out. #NotSwordArtOnline
  14. You can name one of your own account's characters as beneficiary, not a different account. Also, if you make a character into an NPC, you won't have control over its bank account and stuff. You will just be able to hire the NPC and see your former character alive in the verse. You will be able to have many different characters on one account, so if you do it right, you can still chain link the beneficiaries and strategize a bit with the way you play characters. For example, I am going to have one main character that I take into the verse, mainly for trading and exploration purposes, a few secondary characters to act as crew members on people's ships, and at least one behind the scenes character that runs my businesses, nodes, and passive income, without venturing into the verse.