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  1. Hi john, how is CoE now?


    I still have a count pledge on layaway and wondering if I can still buy it (its still in the store) and get all the associated stuff like the county and the villa and so on, and if its worth it?

    cheers :)

    1. Jon1812


      Hey Gustav, sorry for the late response! Unfortunately, the layaways expired a while back. However, they will be offering discounted counties, settlements and such very  soon. Shoot me a message here, or on Discord, if you'd still like to end up with county or settlement. I can help you figure it out before the deadline.  

      I'm Jon Warren#0001 on Discord. Here's my server link as well: https://discord.gg/SwfqBbG

      Whether a certain level is worth it or not very much depends on what type of experience you want from the game. To put it simply, Mayors are the lowest tier of management that will still be interacting with the average player on a daily basis, whereas Counts are beginning to step into the level of realtime strategy gaming.

      If you want to coordinate guilds and lead a small group, then Mayor is a good fit. If you want to manage those managers and coordinate their interactions within the Duchy at large, with more of a political element, then Count steps into that area. 

      It can be fun, it's just dependent on what you're looking for. Some people just plan to run massive guilds, outside of the governmental structure altogether. 

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Happy Holidays!!

  2. I've moved over to Chronicles of Elyria now, and have been running a community over there with some other IMP people for about a year and a half now. Will probably pop back in here and on the IMP discord to see how things are going, every now and then. 

    I am Jon Warren#0001 on Discord, if you'd like to get in touch. Let me know when things liven up around here and I'll swing by. For anybody who wants to hang out and game in the meantime, our server link is below. We're pretty active. 

    See you in the 'verse :D 

  3. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it. It was very close though. I will be up in Lincoln, near Manchester, from the 11th to the 21st and I fly out of London on the 22nd. If anybody happens to be in the area a few days early, I'd love to meet up!
  4. Hey Star Citizens, you can now buy cryptocurrency on your phone, without fees or a complicated approval process. Robinhood, the investment app, now allows users to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a couple other coins right through the mobile app. There is a waiting list of over 840,000 people, so I would sign up as soon as possible. If you sign up using this link, you will receive a free stock, like Apple, Sprint, or Ford, on the app. Let me know if you get a really good one.
  5. Hey Star Citizens, I am trying to liquidate some of my spare ships. Aside from USD, I'll also accept New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc..) as payment. I'll offer a discount for the alternate payment methods and for bulk orders. I'm planning to invest in cryptocurrency, so I'm downsizing my hangar a bit. Here are the ships I'm currently selling. I'll also add my available buybacks, once I get a chance. Let me know if anything piques your interest. - x7 Mustang Omega Packages ($150 each) - x1 Banu Merchantman anniversary with 24mo insurance ($265) - x2 Origin 85x ($60 each) SOLD - x1 Banu Merchantman with 48 month insurance
  6. Hey guys, if any of you are looking for LTI tokens, please let me know. I am liquidating some of my ships to fund my Chronicles of Elyria King campaign. 

    1. Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      ouch, which ones are you unloading?


    2. Jon1812


      Just the spare LTI tokens I've been hanging onto. Archimedes, Hull A, etc... I'll see if I can put up a list.

  7. Thanks! I look forward to having you on board. I just updated the forum post and added a Facebook page, Kingdom crest, and a few more details in the platform. I will be holding some community events over the next two weeks and possibly another promotion of some sort
  8. Hey fellow Star Citizens, as many of you might already know, I am running a campaign for King in Chronicles of Elyria's "Free Kingdom" contest. I am now offering a promotion to essentially give people 100 EP ($10 value of game currency) for each "Kingdom Token"(vote) sent my way, until midnight, November 24th! If you are interested in backing CoE, this is a great opportunity to get more value and it would be great to have some Star Citizens on my team! Bonus EP Promotion: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/22666/double-your-ep-for-kingdom-tokens The Kingdom of Vitalis is my vision for a kingdom focused on economic development, innovation, and incentivized economic growth in the community. I have a campaign plan and am building a circle of core supporters to help build my duchy from the ground up, as an example for our kingdom! I would love to have you guys on board! Campaign Thread: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/22340/a-campaign-for-economic-prosperity Chronicles of Elyria is breaking entirely new ground in the genre of Multiplayer Evolving Online Worlds. It is an early-access game. The developers actively interact with the community and will respond to community input that helps them achieve their vision for the development. They've raised over 3.1 million dollars so far and have a consistent growth rate. This contest is for the last kingdom in the game(Specifically the NA-East server) and will have over 151 prizes. Beyond supporting me, I highly suggest that you run for a county($1000 value) if you are interested in investing in the game. Characters in CoE age over time and eventually die. Your characters' souls can be carried on to new characters allowing your new characters to learn faster based on the past lives. They have a maximum life of 1 calendar year. Travel times are realistic and the game is open world PvP. There is an extensive contract system that allows for laws and agreements with NPCs and other players. Gameplay is skill-based and there is an AI-based engine that weaves storylines into players' paths, based on the significance of their actions in the world. If you are just interested in backing, let me know and I can help you maximize your benefit with the pledges. Also, you can support me when creating an account, by using this friend code: 7AE7D9 Thanks, - Jon1812 (Jon Warren in CoE)
  9. The competition ends on December 31st. However, I am trying to make a recruiting push to get my numbers up before the end of November. I will have to overtake a couple candidates with a bit more support, so I am preparing for some big moves in my campaign
  10. Thanks!! If you do decide to create an account, if you use my friend code it will give me store credit to use toward my campaign: 7AE7D9
  11. We are predicting that count packages will be no more than 10 tokens in the Free Kingdom campaign. So If you wanted to enter and buy votes to win a count package for ($100) you probably could. I think I will need a total of 250+ myself, to even get to a duke's slot. However, I am throwing all my spare funds into it.
  12. Well, if I do get the king package, I will save you a place. Ombwah called Revival the "Upside Down" to Elyria lol
  13. Hey guys, I'm in the process of launching a campaign to run for Duke in Chronicles of Elyria. If I get one of the 6 slots, I will receive a $5000 package. I'm going to drive traffic to my discord channel, but I'd like to generate a bit of traffic first, so if you could stop by and say hey, I'd be appreciative: https://discord.gg/SwfqBbG Thanks!
    My campaign link as well: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/22340/a-campaign-for-economic-prosperity

    1. Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      How do you acquire one of the six slots?

    2. Jon1812


      By being 2nd through 7th place in the voting. 8th through 151st place receive a county and 1st place receives the crown. 

  14. Hey guys, it's Jon1812! I've been following the development of the MMO Sandbox "Chronicles of Elyria: for the past year or so passively and I am now running a campaign to become a Duke. The developers will be giving away six $5000 packages (among other prizes) to the runners-up in this contest. I am about to launch my campaign and wanted to invite you to participate. I'll give you a quick rundown of the game, before I get into the contest though. In Elyria, every action you make changes the world around you in some way, whether large or small. To make a mark on the world and truly be recognized as a hero, your character must actually do heroic things. You can be a daring explorer, a brazen adventurer, or a master craftsman - the choice is up to you. Your skill as a player will be needed in order to complete skillful tasks, not just basic leveling. A story engine controlled by an AI will drive story threads around the game and you can alter those threads or be thrust into them, based upon your actions. The more your actions affect those around you, the more the story engine will weave new stories for you to pursue. Complete with a fully-destructible game world, finite resources, a truly large game world, and a closed economy, Elyria will be an opportunity to show the world your true colors and seize the day! Be a true hero...or a true villain, or anything in between!! Chronicles of Elyria is similar to what Revival was supposed to be, except with a solid team and funding. The game's monetization is based on an innovative subscription model, in which players purchase "Sparks of Life" which allow them to create a character or carry on with the soul of an old character, retaining a slight imprint of the total skills and experience the character had before. In this way, players who play on with the same souls, can have characters with enhanced skill levels and experience. It is a way for players to progressively improve their characters. Characters age and die in CoE, with a maximum lifespan of 52 weeks in the real world. The lifespan can be lowered by various incidents in the game and legal punishments for criminal behaviour. Death in the game can lower your character's lifespan or ultimately kill them. Though it provides an opportunity for players to prevent permadeath if they are skillful enough. Players can join as part of almost any NPCs family. Your character's genetics are based upon the parents and family lineage. You also get to adjust the character within the parameters of the parents genetics. Your character then lives a maximum of 52 weeks and learns as you use skills. Your decisions from then on decide your character's destiny...along with some surprise story mechanics created by the game's Soulborne Engine. Pledging for a package now, provides you with all sorts of benefits. However, the prices of the packages are supposed to rise on November 8th, so if you want to back the game, you can save money by doing so now. This game is not yet in pre-Alpha, though it should be within the next few months. Packages come with access into the various levels of Alpha and Beta. A voxel based version of the game will be released soon as part of the Alpha I reward. If you wish to support me or any other candidate running in the "Free Kingdom of Elyria" competition, "Kingdom Tokens" can be bought by backers for $10 and be sent to candidates they support, as votes. If you are currently a CoE backer or decide to back the game within the next couple months, votes can be cast till December 31st of this year. Due to the amount of voters, this campaign could be decided by only a few votes. I am currently devising a way to reward people greatly for their contributions! If you'd like to help me out, but can't donate, that is absolutely fine. You can throw some moral support my way at my discord: https://discord.gg/SwfqBbG Thanks! Also, if you decide to create an account and use my friend code, I will receive store credit that I can put towards the campaign: 7AE7D9 My campaign post: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/22340/a-campaign-for-economic-prosperity The official CoE discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/chroniclesofelyria A voxel based alpha test of the game will be released sometime before the end of the year and within the first 4 months of 2018, the first phase of alpha testing will begin. If you enjoyed this summary and don't have an account yet, please use my friend code to show your support: 7AE7D9 Thanks!
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