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  1. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    This patch I was using Omniskis
  2. Org Wars? The verse against TEST

  3. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    Imperium is also top ten 3.0
  4. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    3.0 top ten
  5. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    Max points achieved
  6. Game Day June 24th

    Awesome stuff!
  7. Star Citizen Competitive Combat Tournament

    This is tragic I feel bad Deon, really sorry about that. I know that feel.
  8. Star Citizen Competitive Combat Tournament

    Fuck that, we will have the best pilots. Imperium pilots will get to the point where we can engage larger numbers and win.
  9. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    Broke 2k for first time
  10. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    final place for 2.6.1
  11. Game Day, March 25th

    Nuuuuuu, I have class from 09:00-17:00 that day! If there is still AC competitions going on around 18:00 I'll defiantly join in on that. I assume next game day will be on 22nd or 29th of April? I don't have classes those days, I hope there will be AC competitions then as well.
  12. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    Corun would third party XLB, a valid tactic for those seeking the win, yet not necessary one looking to get better skill wise in 1v1s. When XLB turned to engage, instead of say taking evasives/running, or even man modeing, Corun would immediately eject before taking any measurable damage; denying XLB points and wasting his time. Objectively, everything I listed above is valid if one just wants the win in Arena Commander, albeit frowned upon. (the ejecting spam) What XLB and I find comical, is that Corun would blame ship imbalance instead of looking in upon himself to improve. Why he flies a Hornet instead of a Sabre when he finds it so "Imbalanced" I don't know, I can only conclude (without concrete evidence admittedly) that he is attempting to hide his lack of skill with virtue signalling. Slap ballistics on a M Hornet and it arguably has the advantage if the pilot has good aim... likely a tall order for Corun. Like Chimaera said, spreadsheets don't tell the whole story, totally agree; but they paint an outline, and we can fill in the blanks with both his tactics and his smack talk. He is bad and should feel bad.
  13. Imperium: Arena Commander Tips

    XLB and I are usually on around 21:00 EST just about every day.
  14. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    I cannot, study day Sunday is citcon Oh very nice, thanks a bunch @Chimaera!