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  1. Completely missed this thread. I'm going to Citcon, got myself a premium ticket. Can't wait to meet some Imperium IRL!
  2. I'll try to address all your points @HardStyleFist Which patch where you most active in? If it's only recently I'd suggest taking a little break as IFCS and ESP have been broken for the past couple of months, rumor has it they will be fixed in 3.2 but unconfirmed. This could be the reason why you think dog-fighting isn't very fun right now. I 100% agree with @Chimaera and @J. Coren post so I'm not going to add onto that, instead I'm going to answer some of your counter points I can't see Disi hud, but'd I'd throw down alot of money that he hasn't turned off Gsafe/comstab and he's not using boost to his advantage. This is probably why alot of people look like they are practically standing still. Disi likely looks like he's standing still because @XLB is strafing down with Disis' roll to maintain an orbit around his cockpit for the quick kill. My examples didn't factor in the other ship changing trajectory because I wanted to show the effect the flight model has on distances between ships in dogfights. Of course both ships can circle around each other and shoot at the same time but that doesn't sound very appealing to me. Circle strafe is the most basic maneuver, and it's also the most powerful maneuver right now. Back in 2.6.3, circle strafing while boosting and Gsafe off would result in "goat feint" (your head falls to the side, similarly to a black/red out but without the color prompts). 3.0 saw the removal of that feature and we desperately need it back. Circle strafing is incredibly powerful right now but once flight is fixed, it's easily exploitable. Sure, but any game developer should allways question his design choices and be able to adjust if necessary. Besides, that's not the point of this post. All I wanted to dicuss is what is more fun, not what will actually be made. If all you want to do is discuss the fun factor of atmospheric flight over space flight well... it's ok for you to be wrong XP. That is exactly what I don't like about it. Being able to fire at the target the entire time is what makes you feel like a turret. Also, if you are at top speed, the only way to change direction wthout losing speed is to turn you ship perpendicular to your flight path and accalerate. Your turn radius is then predetermined by the acceleration of your engine. The planning ahead is also hardly doable if your opponent isn't going in a straight line. So @GeraldEvans, ty for call out, but just to make a correction, you do NOT have to go decoupled to orbit a hostile, just keep your nose on target, set throttle to 0, and angle your stick or use W/A to keep a tight orbit. and @HardStyleFist, you don't have to be at top speed to engage someone, only to close vast distances. While the man obviously won his match, I wouldn't showcase his style as the way to win fights, the circle strafing and jousting can be easily exploited and defeated with a 45 degree roll and some boosted vertical strafing. As of 3.0 I can agree flight is boring, here's to 3.2 getting the fixes in and flight being similar to 2.6.3.
  3. This is tragic I feel bad Deon, really sorry about that. I know that feel.
  4. Fuck that, we will have the best pilots. Imperium pilots will get to the point where we can engage larger numbers and win.
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