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  1. Judah Warrior

    new Hi all

    welcome brotha welcome
  2. Judah Warrior

    Map and shiny pic of Idris

  3. Judah Warrior

    3.0 Download

    downloading now!
  4. Judah Warrior

    Game Day, April 22nd

    I'll be there!
  5. Judah Warrior

    126 mil :) gogo sales

    wow dat funding doe!
  6. this is good stuff guyz thnx!
  7. Judah Warrior

    I want to join Imperium community

    Yo what up BlackDeath welcome!!!
  8. Judah Warrior

    Ship and component damage coming to 3.0

    oh my yea i hope we get escape pods in 3.0 makes for alot of good gameplay!!!
  9. Judah Warrior

    NPC's and How They Work

    this is great info Donut!
  10. Judah Warrior

    New Recruit

    It's the Muff1n man, hey finally glad you joined up bro can't wait to play with you in the verse again you're a very kewl dude to roll with!
  11. Judah Warrior

    New Miner

    hey gumbi!
  12. Judah Warrior

    RSI Ursa Rover

    just simply Amazing!!!