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Found 5 results

  1. A friend tipped me off to VirPil.com, producer/sellers of some joysticks and throttle accessories -- the sticks are both for left and right handed use catalogue: https://virpil.com/en/shop https://virpil.com/en/blog/106-vpc-mongoost-50-throttle-off-to-production https://virpil.com/en/shop/grips/vpc-constellation-delta-vpc The sticks require a separate base to work, which VirPil also sells. They also have desk mounts, stick extensions, mounting plates and dust cover. Here's the thing - they are NOT cheap
  2. Fizzlefuse

    Warthog Help

    Hi. I'm not exactly sure where to post this because its about hardware but the problem is more likely with software. If it's wrong, mods feel free to move it;) I just bought a Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas (yeah, I know.. I couldn't resist. so.. shiny..) and I'm having some problems getting it to function the way I want it to. My issue right now is that it doesn't pick up the throttle at all. I can move that thing up and down and nothing happens. The lights are on and all the buttons are functioning but the throttle does nothing. I've tried following several setup guides (like Clifford aka Miku's on youtube (though its a few years old)), tried loading different profiles (like Solarfly's) and still nothing. Ive messed around with the settings in Star Citizen for a few hours but it still. wont. work. any ideas?
  3. Th3 Warm0ng3r

    My Thurstmaster Warthog Setup

    Hey all, just getting this out there after few suggestions and a lack of options for the warthog setup. So I made my own. Let me know if you guys like it. http://th3warm0ng3r.wixsite.com/gaming is my site I am in the process of making for it. Open to all tips and ideas!
  4. Junjie

    Throttle Acceleration

    Anybody else have an issue with the throttle when flying with a keyboard + mouse? I fly the Aurora LN and its incredibly easy for me to go from 0-50 in Precision mode and from 50-195 in SCM. Using the default keybindings, whenever I press throttle up (W) I feel like - for lack of a better term - there is some sort of throttle acceleration that doesn't sit quite right with me. It feels like the feedback from the throttle is lacking. All I want is when I press W that the throttle increase, and when I release W that the throttle stop increasing. But as soon as I press W for more than a split second, it just automatically runs itself all the way to top speed. Is this supposed to happen?
  5. Wow.. take a look at this. This guy needs to start a kickstarter or something. Even contact CIG and show them... http://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/2ovwlk/delta_throttle_for_star_citizen_and/