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  1. This is good because the 2700x is just a refresh of the same architecture. That makes Zen 2 on 7nm a potentially game changing chip. But I hpe we all know better than to overhype things especially from AMD. I'll believe it when we have data like we have now for Zen+
  2. Aegis Reclaimer

    I don't think PTU will be a thing anymore. I'm probably 99% wrong however, I base this off of the fact that the last PTU lasted less than a week and we're able to get patches out a whole lot quicker than the old system. PTU is now an outdated form of testing and not needed. What makes you believe it's gone? It may have been replaced by the Vulture, but then again who knows?
  3. I have a question... Why go through all this trouble of saying everything is classified, if you will list even high priority ships such as Hammerheads, Idri' and Merchantman?
  4. If anyone wants to win a computer here's the link:



  5. Ongoing Discussion Voice Attack issues

    Download an older version and wait for a fix
  6. Aegis Reclaimer

  7. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    Here are the recommended specs for SC: You need 8gb more RAM Recommended is a GPU with 4GB VRAM. The GTX 970 only has 3.5GB. If you don't have SC on an SSD, that is also strongly recommended.
  8. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    The original agreement lists both though, even as separate. At the very beginning Crytek knew they were two different games. The wording is there, it can't be changed.
  9. Wingman and your ships

    We can still hire escorts to fly our ships, or use our own NPC's but still have to pay them as employee's under contract. I don't think that will ever change. Keep in mind this: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/npc-crew-2 Also Chris specifically said he wants players to be able to hire escorts. (2014) http://scqa.info/?show=10FTC&episode=10&qid=4 From Tony (2016) http://scqa.info/?show=10FTC&episode=87&qid=9
  10. Ongoing Discussion Saitek x55 and x56

    Saitek products have a lot of quality control issues, one of the reasons they went under in the first place. Now that they're back and being owned by Logitech, I would assume they're all getting rid of the old products so they can do a complete re-branding of their name and push out new, better products. I would hold off unless you really need a HOTAS. Personally I'm waiting for VKB to come out with their Space Sim product line, and we also have the Star Citizen product line coming from Mad Catz which just came back and are also re-branding themselves. Lot's of things coming but you'll have to be patient. VKB You can still find the x55 and x56 on Amazon if you really wanted them though. But imo would not be a wise decision. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00HHAIY72/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all https://www.amazon.com/Saitek-Flight-Controller-SCB432210002-01/dp/B01CZTSS3O
  11. Facebook VPN is Spyware

    Do not use. You have been warned. You should already know anyways, it's Facebook... https://www.extremetech.com/mobile/263867-facebooks-new-onavo-protect-vpn-spyware-application
  12. RSI Weapons Chart

    Every weapon mount is sized 1 higher than the actual weapon. We can equip one size higher, and two lower per mount. It has the correct theory but the info is wrong. It's also missing gimbled mounts which do not size the same way as fixed mounts.