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  1. It looks like Gigabyte or Asus are the companies to go with for Ryzen motherboards 

  2. I wish CIG utilized multiple planes for the stations artificial gravity. There's no reason why we could have had landing pads "underneath" the main pads and more on the Y axis off the ends or something. Or use the ring design etc. Some stations could be as large as to require a tramway from one end to the other, almost like a small city. I hope there are many different versions of stations.
  3. http://black-desert.com/news/black-desert-online-teases-dark-knight-class-coming-in-march/
  4. Transript: https://relay.sc/transcript/around-the-verse TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) Misc Information Chris is back from the European studios Monthly Report came out last week. First ever Valentines Sale is on right now including a free fly event. 2.6.1 will feature the launch of Spectrum. Studio Update 200 staff at Foundry 42 UK Shield generator, storage console, and mining module images Damage states for the Dragonfly Map of the Stanton system Asteroid, nebula, satellite, and space station images Ship Shape: Hornet to Super Hornet The original Hornet paid homage to the Hornet from Wing Commander which was a light fighter you started out in. At first the Hornet was to be a light fighter, but then after designs came back with it being heavily armed and beafy, Chris Roberts like it so much that it became the standard medium fighter for the UEE. The first Hornet came out in 2806 and replaced the Aegis Avenger. The goal has always for a player to feel as if the ship and everything about is it real, down to the buttons on cockpit and Chris feels this is was a big draw for a lot of people to the project. With the help of CGbot studios, Jim Martin, Ryan Churches, and Dave Haddock they created the demo shown at GDC and Kickstarter. The first pass of the Hornet was in 2013 for the Hanger Module by Chris Smith. The next was in 2014 with updating it to PBR 2016 involved a complete upgrade to the Hornet and variants to bring them to the current standards The new Super Hornet will be in patch 2.6.1. The old damage system was hand crafted and had states of 25, 50, 75, and 100. The new shader system dynamically applies the artists designs across any part of the ship as its destroyed, making it much easier to create damage models that look and feel realistic and varied. Behind the Scenes: Multi-Region Servers Game and platform run on public cloud, as has almost always been the case Evaluated different public clouds to determine best option short term and long term Huge overhead with running your own servers, cloud allows for lower cost and much greater flexibility Cloud also allows you to have servers close to your players rather than centrally located Three main types of virtual machines (hub, core, and game) Current model allows for many hubs, many game servers, but singleton core services. Core services currently being revamped and redesigned to become stateless and easy to scale to allow them to cope with any load they get. Original build machine was a single computer which produced 1 build per day, now CIG uses an internal cloud as a build system that can scale based on need. Ahmed and his team worked on multi-region servers through part of December, January, and early February Happy that they have a feature done that can be seen and enjoyed by the player base directly One database for all servers in the world, means you carry your game over when switching regions Current servers in North Virginia (US), Frankfurt (Europe), and Sydney (Australia) Players will be sent to closest load balancer, then closest hub server, then will be marked with a region ID and assigned to a game server. This can then be changed if the player wants. They did the work in 2 months but the previous 18 months of work was crucial to getting it done so quickly. Planning for failures and getting the network back up quickly All networks are laid out and they are ready to expand to all 14 or 15 regions from the current 3. Looking towards the long term and possibly having as many as 10,000 VMs reporting at the same time. Planning for that scale. Automation systems are done and they can scale with high reliability.
  5. The main problem I see is 75% of these "early access" games are made from countries outside of the U.S. Also consider micro transactions within games, especially Star Citizen for example. A huge audience of people are from outside of America and a lot of Non-American banks aren't accepted which forces people to use Paypal. I see this hurting Paypal, and a new option might be rising up. I've been using my debit card as a credit card online without any issues, and I hope that others can see the light too. There's other options such as Google Wallet too.
  6. Goodbye Paypal I guess. Just have to trust your bank and keep an eye on activity when making online purchases, if you guys decide not to use it anymore.
  7. Come to the conclusion that Gigabyte isn't that bad of a company

  8. Always lurking
  9. lol Ben Lesnick is the worst source of info, considering the amount of times he's been wrong or misinformed the audience. I would never take what he says as absolute truth. This is the same guy who would ban people on the Wing Commander forums for saying anything about the movies that didn't include "great" or "amazing". As for the Reclaimer, we know it can land, we saw it landed in the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15616-Intergalactic-Aerospace-Expo-Day-Eight-Aegis-Dynamics
  10. For those who don't want to spend a lot on VR but still want to experience it, this might be the product for you
  11. Been so focused on Black Desert lately. Between that and SC I'll have no life

  12. Considering the Reclaimer was the original exploration ship and still holds true to even the new description, I imagine those drones will be valuable in exploring wrecks or asteroid clusters, old mining stations etc. Before CR said that you couldn't take control of the drones, that you would select an area to send them and they would do their own thing, however that was nearly 3yrs ago and we all know how much that holds today. I believe we'll all be surprised at what the Reclaimer can do and comes equipped with when they announce the hangar ready sale
  13. Personally I'd take the sissy brace off and put a kak brace but that's just me
  14. The new changes are awesome and its the first mmorpg I really felt a connection with since leaving the WoW scene years ago. I know there's still a couple of us left who play and I hope that someday all of us will come back and enjoy it again