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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. If a 2080 is $700 while 1080ti's are selling for ~$700 then I have no hope for the 2080ti's. If they're around the $500 mark then that isn't bad, but any higher, Nvidia are shooting themselves in the foot.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Donut

    4K 120hz

    OLEDS aren't sticking around, the ghosting and image retention is too much and now that a lot of people aren't using cable and mainly streaming services it can't keep up. The 1180's and 1180ti's should have no problem on 4K, they're boasting almost 40% increase in performance
  6. Donut

    4K 120hz

    You have to send it back to Korea to do any warranty. For $1,400 I'd still do that
  7. Donut

    What to do in the hanger?

    If you want access to the Persistent Universe you need to buy Star Citizen. Squadron 42 only gets you access to the Hangar, Arena Commander modules and Free Flight. Watch those two videos
  8. Donut

    4K 120hz

    Wasabi Mango is back, remember them? They've done it again, 43" of goodness with 4K, and 120hz
  9. Donut

    Looking for Gaming Rig

    I don't believe you'll have a good time. The game heavily relies on the CPU and VRAM. Anything below 4GB VRAM is just not really able to play the game. I'd say that 4GB VRAM is the minimum requirement. I would look elsewhere. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Pzzc4q This is what I came up with, and I would consider this entry level for Star Citizen. Buy a $60 game package that includes both SC and Squadron 42, and then spend the money on the build or similar spec PC and you'll probably be fine at low/medium settings at launch.
  10. Donut

    Aegis Reclaimer

  11. UIV, VKB owner and chief engineer, has dropped a little sneak peek on another forum, and since it's out in the open now, here's a couple of teaser images of the VKB Kosmosima SCG (Space Combat Grip). Of course, it's also very much usable in DCS. Please be aware that this is not an announcement, but a little something to see for those that have been waiting for the Kosmosima design to be revealed: A few key points of info I was given so far: - Comes in both left- and right-handed versions (SCG-L and SCG-R) - Both have a contactless twist adapter built-in by default (can be hard-locked via screw) - Compatible with Gunfighter and Gladiator Pro bases - Both have two LED indicators; one single-color, the second RGB (operation of the LED indicators can be customized via software) - Both have dual-stage triggers - All hat switches on both grips have push functionality, and one can toggle between analog/digital mode via long push - Both come with a detachable palm rest - Planned retail price is less than $99 (per grip) Please be aware that I don't have any further info and details at this time (and no ETA). Once I get more updates down the line, I will try and keep everyone informed. Source: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3539012#post3539012
  12. Donut

    Fleet View Tool

    Just get a black screen after it loads. It's been around a long time though, this was my fleet when it was working ~2yrs ago