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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. People complain about how SC might be P2W because we cna buy UEC on the website. How many people are going to spend $70 for two torpedos rather than spend a few hours in game earning them?


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    2. Basard


      I really doubt that you can get a $35 torp in just a few hours.

      This game is going to be a long investment (avoid using the term "grind"), for what items you want in game.

    3. Donut


      Idk, maybe a day's worth of doing missions or a couple very large involved missions

    4. Basard


      If you were hauling alot of expensive shit with a Hull D in low sec space then maybe lol.

  5. @AstroJak There was never supposed to be FPS in Star Citizen. And even after it was announced they were still building the game with instanced interiors and planetside zones. It was easy for them to make ships smaller on the outside and larger on the inside because you didn't have to load every detail on interiors, much in the same way Mass Effect: Andromeda does it with their ship. Now, all of those ships have to be or have been redone with updated sizes and interiors based off of concept and price, which is why every time we see original stats for a concept ship increase after a studio starts working on it. After all of the concept ships that were promised either in stretch goals or in the lore are done, we won't see ship sizes increase between concept phase and hangar release. Most of the manufacturers have been fleshed out, and most of the items used for other ships will get recycled back into another, which is what we're seeing with the Reclaimer recycling Idris assets.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. I believe all the concepts will get bigger because they originally intended for the insides of ships to be "instanced" in a way that you couldn't shoot from the outside and kill somebody on the inside. Now that it has changed we'll see new concept ships in a more realistic manor. We just have to get through the next 10 ships or so that were promised either in stretch goals or just general concept to stop the growth of ships from concept to hangar ready.
  8. Introducing the F150 RSI Ursa Super Duty Pick Up RSI Ursa M5 Sedan RSI Ursa Suburban SUV
  9. I disagree because what if your storefront business needs goods transferred from one side of town to where you are, or if it's just something as small as a couple boxes of goods? We still need vehicles like pick up trucks and semi's for local transport. I see a mix happening because society as a whole is declining. It's the same as Tesla inventing wireless technology but being snobbed out and here we are 100yrs later finally getting around to what could have been a long time ago as the norm. It's not logical to always either be in an Ursa for everyday driving or having to piggyback goods on the back of a Dragonfly if you need to drive 5mins to a different location and drop something off. This isn't the right topic for a discussion like this, but maybe Ursa should be a ground vehicle manufacturer and develop these types of variants, kind of like the Ford of the 20th century.