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  1. When asked if the Pioneer is bigger than an Idris Ben had some things to say:
  2. The customization is already there, and so is the ballistics built in the engine itself. It's up to the devs to provide that info in a clean, pretty UI that easy for all players to understand
  3. When the customization about weapons and experimenting with load data was discussed some time ago for Star Citizen, I was extremely happy they (the devs) were going above and beyond to provide those interested in the subject the technical side of things to do these experiments. First example shown here from a Jump Point several years ago: (There was also talk of being able to experiment with custom load data for weapons but I can't find the source for that) This year, a new cartridge was announced to compete against the 5.56 and 6.5 Grendel, called the .224 Valkyrie, and it looks awesome and performs extremely well Left is 224 Valkyrie and right is the common 5.56 62gr ball And last but not least, and why I'm making this post, is to ask that perhaps we get technical graphs and data sheets of ammunition tested for different weapons How many out there would like to see technical data like this come official from CIG in an immersive in game experience, instead of relying on the user base to create hard to navigate google docs with lines of data for weapons and ammo?
  4. We're already seeing the effects of "gold farming" or in SC case, "credit farming". If CIG doesn't catch it early the entire cash for credit system will be even more chaotic and black market than the grey market and account sales. I'm worried that because Turbulent handles sales for CIG, they won't care or catch what's going on. We can already see it even here on SCB. I'd like to suggest not allowing sales of credits on SCB because it feels like it's borderline illicit goods and services buying the credits at a discount. And that sucks about the revamp of Nostalrius, but I'm sure a good portion of the community knew it was going on, just not the source of it. Hopefully it can get sorted out, but I highly doubt it as issues like this on private servers will always be prevalent.
  5. In case anyone forgot how big they are
  6. I do agree with that and it would be neat to see this concept get thrown at the Evocati for testing. However I don't believe the economy will be effected by ship insurance, since we're paying a terminal or an insurance tab in our Mobiglas and not an actual NPC or physical entity in the game. I can however expand upon this and look at how the example of, depending on the economy of the system effects how quickly you may recieve your insured ship and additional items covered under additional blanket insurance services, however I believe those two mutually effect each other either very little, or none at all.
  7. I completely agree that people who physically pay for items in Star Citizen deserve LTI on those items. As small as the mechanic is, nobody likes the thought of losing items paid with real life cash.
  8. Build help

    Everything looks fine except the $100 for Windows. Get in touch with an Imperium member on here or on TS and they can hook you up with a key for like $10-$15. The savings will allow you to maybe get an AIO cooler, recommend this: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/2RdFf7/nzxt-kraken-x62-rev-2-982-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-rl-krx62-02 You can invest in something else with the savings but an AIO will go a long way especially for a chip like the 8700K
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!