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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. With Vega out and the unfortunate price increase, it now makes more sense to either get a 1080ti or wait with what I have now and get Volta next year. So it now comes down to size, and Gsync is now thrown into the equation. For the longest time I wanted this monitor: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/8WTrxr/acer-xr382cqk-bmijqphuzx-375-3840x1600-75hz-monitor-xr382cqk-bmijqphuzx But now that it's almost going to be exclusively Nvidia for the build, I have to consider Gsync and with that a smaller size monitor, but a gain in refresh rate with this one: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/WDcMnQ/acer-monitor-umcx1aa002 As I have absolutely no experience with ultrawide monitors, will there be any regret downsizing 4" in height for the Gsync and higher refresh rate if going with an Nvidia card? (Both are the same price now, bare that in mind)
  5. This is a game of thrones thread. If you want every single person to type in spoiler, good luck on that. This entire thread would be a giant spoiler for anyone not wanting something spoiled.
  6. If you're subbed to this thread expect spoilers
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Suck it

    AdmiralSloth | CIGsaid
    The megathreads for Around the Verse have been discontinued after receiving feedback about them, and they weren't doing a great job at obtaining their objective. 
    We have kept the megathread for the Production Schedule updates in order to collect all of the feedback in a single place. This prevents having General flooded with numerous topics about the same thing, and we can better respond to players questions or concerns. This way the entire topic is contained and players can easily see our responses with context. 
    We don't have the ability to merge threads (yet) like we could with the Katamari's from the old forums, but we continue to improve the functionality of Spectrum and make it a better place to hang out with backers. I appreciate what you guys have said about them in this thread so far.

    1. FoxChard


      While I disagree with you here donut, I do appreciate that you love me. :) 

  9. It's the best selling game on steam right now, and there are quite a few players still, and even more coming back. You can see players now. They show up like a wisp in front of you. So while it is multiplayer now, there aren't any character bodies in the game yet.
  10. Is anyone still playing this? They released 1.3 a few days ago and it's on 1.32. The new update really feels like a new game and was curious if anyone would be down to playing this weekend and discovering the new content together. (Couldn't find the topic in search ((search function sucks ass)) although I know it exists somewhere here in forums. Revival of this topic as it feels like a new game entirely, it deserves a second chance 1.3 Patch: Atlas Rises Patch Notes:
  11. Spectrum needs an overhaul. We need to start somewhere, may as well begin here. Go upvote this:


  12. Public texting allows CIG to see how the servers handle everyone, what mechanics work and don't work. One of the reasons trade and industry was bumped to the front is because many people saw how empty it is in the PU and didn't want exploration to be just as mind numbing. The feedback is important, much more so than a handful of people at CIG and Evocati. Perhapos if you took a look at the issue council you would understand. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council