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  1. All Dan now needs is a ultra wide screen.
  2. @danredda Now all you need is to paint a Marine on it with luminescent- or neon paint.
  3. @Basard source: Fractal R5 factory page
  4. @Doopsums https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dWfXM8 This is what i would do with what you initially asked in the OP (see link). I must point out a few things about that case, though, that you might have missed. This case is generally used for builds with lots of HDD's or parts that fit in that spot. It was build with the intent to be fully independept of optical drives, but left with no space for other things in exchange that might fit in the bays (such as fan controllers for instance). It has no entry/slot for a internal optical drive (which you selected), it's best to buy a cheaper external (optical) drive in that matter. you wont notice a difference in speed for any optical drive under $50, given that external optical drives need a few seconds to connect. In the event that you do want an internal optical drive (DVD/burner), than i'd recommend looking into a case such the Silverstone RL04W. Fits the theme, same color, though cases always come to a personal taste. I'd personally go for a NZXT S340 Elite(same issue as the H440 you selected in regards to the optical drive), if you'd want to keep the same design. The elite come with the same side panel(covering the entire side not just a part of it), same price, but with the only let down being that it only comes in black on PCPartPicker. it is available in white, just not on the PCpartpicker website (newegg has it for example.). Kept the kraken CPU cooler! Cheaper ram and lowerd from 16GB to 8GB. Slightly cheaper SSD. Changed from Hybrid to 7.200 RPM HDD, halved the price. Different PSU. Cheaper external optical drive. Saved you 59 cents! I ACHIEVED THE <$1000 mark! Only by a hair though...
  5. Happy new year, everyone!

    1. stefmarster



  6. Depends on what you want to achieve. If you are just capturing gameplay for fun and you have Nvidia geforce installed, then Shadow Play will do just fine, despite it's short comings being that you're limited to just a few presets. However, if you're going to do a more extensive recording, regular uploading to youtube, streaming through services like twitch.tv, beam.pro or gaming.youtube, than i'd recommend OBS Studio Project. OBS has a reasonable learning curve, but it let's you have total control over quality, bitrate and a lot more. Downside is though, that is it considerably more CPU intensive than Shadow Play and you need to do some research, plus trial and error for your personal desired quality and perhaps performance ratio (depending on the settings and PC build). My advice is: IF you have a Nvidia graphics card, than give Shadow Play a try. If you want more options, control, etc.. or you find yourself doing some more serious video capturing, streaming or regularly uploading videos of gameplay on youtube for example, than dig into OBS Studio Project.
  7. Rest in peace victims of the christmas fair, berlin. :(

  8. You can also make a random signature on white paper. Make sure, though that the white paper is clean and the signature is in 1 pure color and as smooth as possible. Afterwards scan to your computer or use a camera to make a photo and send it somewhere, where you can edit it. Remove the white (paper) background with with a program such as gimp(free and open source) or photoshop or whatever program you're used to and save it as an image. If you have access to a drawing pad you can use the build-in functions of pdf editors and readers (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) and make&save a signature through that route. Most such programs support the use of 'add signature' (name of function might differ per program).
  9. You can try to ask @Tech Team
  10. I did take a little look and it doesn't save any data as far as i noticed by the code and scripts.
  11. A FPS Starter Package, would be cool. And as the name says, emphasize on this part 'Starter Package'. A well-balanced 'noob-friendly' package to start your FPS adventure with, regardless of the stance on whether or not you're a seasoned FPS veteran or not. A collection small collection would do: [2] low to mid tier pistol or rifle, i am not that well versed in the fps weapons so take this with a grain-of-salt, with a [1] medium-armor (heavy or light armor would defeat the purpose of being starter package imo) and a melee knife of some sorts. These things would be a good basis for a "FPS Starter Package", but it would not make the package complete without a little bit more *oomph* and i would say a small belt of grenades (like 1 of each type or 5 frags; as long as it's well-balanced). Maybe a skin or multiple skins for your armor and a small bonus like a scope to make it special and for your starting weapon customization needs. It all comes down to how the mechanics are balanced in the end.
  12. This guy seems to have a few tutorials on that part of audacity, though i don't know how accurate is it with the current version of audacity, since i don't use it.
  13. It seems good to me. Just the microphone output is a bit unclear to me. Maybe you can adjust the clarity of it?
  14. Maybe it's the cardboard box i've been hoping for!
  15. It might be related to the new drivers. There have been a large amount of issues with the last 3 drivers prior to and including the current most updated one for the Geforce 10 series. It mostly consists of perfomance issues, but this one has been reported as well occasionally on the Geforce forums. The only solution i can give you is to uninstall the drivers using DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller) and reinstall afterwards. If that doesn't help you, than roll-back to the last known "working" driver. The rest is up to Nvidia i am afraid.