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  1. A quick FYI (while I remember)

    No worries, bud. Though i do share a few of the traits listed myself.
  2. Is Star Citizen 3.0 Server Capped

    That was quite interesting and to the point. I like it and finally someone says what i was thinking(, since i am too lazy to say it myself). lol
  3. Looking to join Imperium - New

    Welcome to the community! psst beware of the @Ostia. It's been said to hibernate in strange places.
  4. Server Migration

    Great work as always!
  5. My new Star Citizen gaming PC is here!

    Great looking build!
  6. SBSC is recruiting

    Welcome to the community! Out of curiosity, what does your org do or stand for? I mean in the sense like, mainly dogfighting, marine combat or combination of various things.
  7. hi i am new

  8. Where is the fund button!?
  9. Helllooooo

    Welcome SwampDonkey. Seaa you soon Teamspeak.
  10. Star Citizen Play Group

    Yea sure.
  11. Star Citizen Play Group

    There are quite a few people i know on Teamspeak that play PUBG on a daily basis.
  12. Star Citizen Play Group

    Happy new year! I am mostly into RPG, strategy, FPS that sorta thing, especially when it's story driven. I tried the survival genre, but most games just don't 'grab' me if you catch my drift.
  13. Star Citizen Play Group

    I hear you. I used to play alot of wolvenstein online back in the day myself. Havent really found a lot of games i still play with others that are still around. Luckily i found some games like Northgard that kept me busy. Playing alone gets tiresome at some point though. Star Citizen 3.0, pu (universe module) is unplayable for me right now, but i play star marine every now and then with some of the people i find online on the Teamspeak. Though some of the games played alot on Teamspeak just dont grab my attention enough to make me say “hey, i’ll buy it too.” Which can get frustrating at times.
  14. Star Citizen Play Group

    I play around between those times myself, i am playing Northgard a lot lately though. I am always in for a game (if i have it) or just social gatherings and chat while others play a game together. What kind of games do you play a lot as of late? off-topic: since you are a member of imperium. Have you taken a look among the Imperium Units, for whom are playing a lot within those timezones? Just as a start.
  15. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Star Citizen's still in the alpha phase, above all else! Crashing, memory leaks etc.. Are a given, considering the game's current status of development. Money is earned back so quickly you won't believe it. The ship, however... Have you tried claiming -insurance- it back through the tiny computer interface thingie for spawning ships (can't remember the name) ? Or track it back to where you last left it with a friend, when you got CTD? Else, i am sure there are more people on the SCB Teamspeak that are in-game and would love to help you out, if they can.