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  1. I have an ASrock B450 mobo (amd socket AM4). They have a pretty straightforward BIOS in my eyes, but dont expect it to be at the level ASUS in regards to user-friendliness. If you are used to ASUS Bios, my advice would be to forget everything you know. Once you figure out which setting is where, it will be a walk in park. Like with ASUS (and other brands) you can update the bios through USB in the bios itself and the rest is pretty much similar if you disregard the slight difference in naming sense and it being less user-friendly. I'd rather deal with a less user-friendly bios mobo, than having shitty mobo. I have a great experience with ASrock mobo's so far for the past 4+ years. Edit: My Overclocking days are long behind me, so i cant really help you there.
  2. I've always liked their products, but i don't see this surviving long in the headphone(s) market as saturated and overcrowded as it already is. Wish them all the best of course, but i'd rather they focus their budget/resources on research and production for their existing main market instead.
  3. AAAAAHHHH!!!! There is 'WHITE' stuff on my screen!! 🙈

  4. @Sleezy It can be that the hyperlink itself was disguised. Meaning even if the email and supposed hyperlink match, the phishing is already done/embedded in what you might call the true link. There are a few easy ways to track that. One of them is to hover over the link (don't click the link!!) and you will see the TRUE link. Another one method is to view the real page/mail source. In example in MS Outlook web interface right-click the email and click view page source/info. Scroll around and maybe use the search function to find the email or hyperlinks and whatnot. I used to receive like a 100 Blizzard WoW related phishing attempts a few years back, even though i never activated WoW on my Blizzard account. Tracked down the true link and emails, reported it and never received them again. The fact that you were auto-logged in after just clicking the link is already suspicious. Anno nu, or in English, nowadays it's already a sign that somethings wrong. Any company (CIG incl.) that do make use of this has either very low standards or never really cared. It's easy to setup a proper login page with permissions... I highly recommend to visit this support page https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013171387-My-account-was-hacked- , give it a good read so you know what kind of questions you might expect and what kind of info you can give them straightaway. Afterwards press "Submit a request button" at the top of the page if you cannot sign-in to your RSI account and contact support. Oh and ... : Password - Change your password immediately! 2FA - activate 2FA on your account if you haven't already. Even if people manage to get your account, they would still need the codes. Of course if someone really wants you they will find a way, but 90% of this kind of attempts is just "Oh 2FA? lets move on to the next..." and not worth the extra effort. If you already did? Then reset your 2FA recovery codes, better safe than sorry as your account might've already been compromised.
  5. I would first make sure if the email you received is legitimate. Make sure the corresponding email is from Cloud Imperium Games ie. <no-reply@cloudimperiumgames.com>. Login on RSI and see if your account is actually locked. In the event that it isn't report it to CIG.
  6. I don't use any apps like Tapatalk when i browse forums on my phone, since it looks good the way it is. The forum software from Invision is in my opinion very responsive, since --don't quote me on this-- version 4.2.x if i remember it right. Though if you must, there are some alternatives out there, but the catch is none of them are quite there yet to be called a 'proper' competitor or an replacement.
  7. I don't use Tapatalk myself, but like @Codryn, mentioned it's only worth the headache, time and effort if you know for a fact that there is a large a number of people using it... ie. 100 out of 14,471 users --taking activity out of the equation for arguments' sake-- would not be worth it. In addition i always say "if it's free, than you're the product!", with exceptions of course among some FOSS/FLOSS programs. I don't know if it's relevant, but a program like tapatalk is bound to send and receive information through its server and/or DNS for analysis which was probably the reason took over those "freemium" forums.
  8. I cant airbrush for shit, so ... it looks great to me! I thought oni masks had the mouth covered with black and teeth though.
  9. No worries, bud. Though i do share a few of the traits listed myself.
  10. That was quite interesting and to the point. I like it and finally someone says what i was thinking(, since i am too lazy to say it myself). lol
  11. Welcome to the community! psst beware of the @Ostia. It's been said to hibernate in strange places.
  12. Welcome to the community! Out of curiosity, what does your org do or stand for? I mean in the sense like, mainly dogfighting, marine combat or combination of various things.
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