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  1. gameday Game Day, April 28th

    Oh Stellaris against you guys? This I can't resist.
  2. How to make $ for star citizen?

    I'm not advocating any member of imperium take up any form of prostitution for money to spend on virtual ships But Anniversary sales are tempting. .
  3. Role of Hammerhead?

    Anti-fighter and up to medium ship combat. The Hammerhead would make an excellent escort in battle for the Polaris or Idris
  4. German Star Citizen Base?

    I'm pretty sure I complained about this a while ago, they know about it but I don't think anyone is doing anything about it because they know the creators. Sucks that it looks better that our SCB though.
  5. Complete Sabre Raven Code - $200

    Sold to Trophias for $190 since I'm feeling generous.
  6. Complete Sabre Raven Code - $200

    I've ended up with one more Sabre Raven code than I need and decided to sell it off for around $200. I'll be sending a photo of the code in the box and can also PM the code for those of you who might have sight problems.
  7. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. 40k tau Wrathpole's 40k Tau Army

    I approve, It's a shame you play as the flashlight headed space communist fish (This coming from an Eldar player). It's a shame you missed the Markerlight firing squad Meta of Warhammer 40k
  9. Pokemon MMO

    Thanks for giving me credit for finding this @Donut, You'll always be my rival
  10. I mean, That's exactly what we've been asking for on the ship page forever, what makes you think they'll get around to doing this for guns any time soon. I love the idea though
  11. o yea

    I bet that place has a great buffet Sent from my mobile using tapatalk
  12. New guy.

    Welcome to Imperium (too late to run now) The next step is to join the Teamspeak, Hop in my channel, and become part of the cult!
  13. Star Citizen Reddit Org Flair Rundown

    They do this videos kinda often, Plus they did say we were cool guys
  14. Star Citizen Reddit Org Flair Rundown

    I love how not even Montoya knows who runs Imperium