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  1. @BryGen I'm hoping for a Vanduul Driller, Though the inside most likely won't be complete. Maybe a pegasus though? I can't wait to find some space Derelicts, the planetary derelicts have most likely been looted and won't have any life aboard
  2. And there isn't going to be any ship based PvP? I highly doubt the Galaxy is going to be sunshine rainbows and trading paradise. We already have people meta-gaming which ships are best for PvP etc I meant to say Competitive PvP, not FPS so that was my bad
  3. How is star citizen not a competitive fps game? I understand that there will be many more AI than players but considering how popular combat is going to be in this game I'd very much expect pvp to be rife
  4. It's pay to get ahead, with the restriction that you can only buy a finite amount each week and there is also a cap on how much you can have pooled (Though this cap may just be pre-launch). While I understand some of these things can seem worrisome, It's not exactly giving you anything that is either impossible or incredibly difficult to earn in game.
  5. I imagine that is exactly the reason they are doing it Astrojak
  6. What a surprise, Juntau came in and rather than adding to the conversation called everyone an entitled kid, It's almost like listening to him on air Anyway, I'm fine if they do whatever they want to limit the large grey market sellers, but when CIG throw a fit over players selling their ships to other players at cost or just limit normal players' ability to change ships in response to CIG not even knowing what some ships roles will be when they are initially conceived I get salty
  7. Good point, Considering the aurora is one of the most left behind ships ever
  8. Or, they could limit the amount of CCUs an account could have in general. Most of these things have been suggested on spectrum and dismissed though so I guess the best option we have is something that eliminates the usefulness of CCUs for many people
  9. Not as much as making CCU'd ships Bound to your account, that would mean the only way to trade said ships for profit would be on the Black market, which is bannable and not a large market like the Grey market
  10. So you're telling me that people who got $0 CCUs to the Banu merchantman which would be worth $100 dollars will stop because they now have to put down $5? Considering the kind of people who have hoarded these CCUs (I imagine the megastore operators on Starcitizen_Trades) I don't see $5 being what breaks the camel's back It could in a way limit the amount player's would buy, but considering the profit players could possibly make off some of these CCUs I doubt it will have that effect
  11. I still don't get how adding $5 would stop the Grey market >.>
  12. Hello @Imperium Member It's that time again, where we all gather together with those we love and compete for bragging rights! Now that February is coming to a close it's time to prepare yourselves for our monthly Game Day on the 25th (Saturday 1600 UTC - Sunday 04:00 UTC). This month we've decided to keep things simple but still slightly competitive with a series of smaller game modes and objectives for you all to participate in. This event won't be a hyper-competitive tournament like last month but expect some friendly competition due to the pickup game style. Depending on the levels of competition we have additional prizes may be awarded! We hope to see you all on Game Day and expect to have a great time!
  13. Placeholder
  14. Yes for Squadron 42 As for Star Citizen, I think a quiet ambient background music would be great if it was optional, my biggest worry is having to deal with loud pirates of the Carribeanesque shanty songs playing mid battle