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  1. 40k tau Wrathpole's 40k Tau Army

    I approve, It's a shame you play as the flashlight headed space communist fish (This coming from an Eldar player). It's a shame you missed the Markerlight firing squad Meta of Warhammer 40k
  2. Pokemon MMO

    Thanks for giving me credit for finding this @Donut, You'll always be my rival
  3. I mean, That's exactly what we've been asking for on the ship page forever, what makes you think they'll get around to doing this for guns any time soon. I love the idea though
  4. o yea

    I bet that place has a great buffet Sent from my mobile using tapatalk
  5. New guy.

    Welcome to Imperium (too late to run now) The next step is to join the Teamspeak, Hop in my channel, and become part of the cult!
  6. Star Citizen Reddit Org Flair Rundown

    They do this videos kinda often, Plus they did say we were cool guys
  7. Star Citizen Reddit Org Flair Rundown

    I love how not even Montoya knows who runs Imperium
  8. Funding Discussion

    Sorry I didn't realise this was facebook
  9. Funding Discussion

    I mean, even if he just had an aurora starter package, his opinion would still count wouldn't it? (I understand the guy is a trader but still)
  10. Funding Discussion

    I'm not really sure what his personal donation amount has to do with this Gerald
  11. Gamescom Info So Far

    I think most people who complain about SQ42 understand it's going to take some time, but it takes an astounding leap of logic to reason away how a SQ42 Vertical slice / trailer was ready to be shown within days and yet one year later they've barely addressed this.
  12. Gamescom Info So Far

    I mean, D2 and D3 is a totally different kettle of fish, I'm fine with CIG taking their time on things (Even though they've blown past every estimate ever conceived) but what I'm not okay with is the fake open development we're getting when it comes to things like SQ42.
  13. Gamescom Info So Far

    I ask myself this all the time, Best case scenario is they're holding SQ42 to be the big thing for Citizencon which even then I think is a bad move. Worst case scenario? They flat out lied about how close SQ42 was to completion last year
  14. 100 systems no longer planned on release

    I'm just commenting so Chimaera knows I "commented and read"
  15. Find the derelict in the PU 3.0

    @BryGen I'm hoping for a Vanduul Driller, Though the inside most likely won't be complete. Maybe a pegasus though? I can't wait to find some space Derelicts, the planetary derelicts have most likely been looted and won't have any life aboard