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  1. You're right! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Hello, I've got a steam account that created in 2005. This account is so old it has a 6 character password. Never banned on anything. Has many many many games, including; PUBG, COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 - CSGO, TEAM FORTRESS 2, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, Call of Duty, Battlefield 2 - BC/ Vietnam, The Witcher... Total value of account is unknown, but I've spent over 800$ just on games on this account. I'm walking away from gaming and I wouldn't want to account to go to waste. I'll sell it for 300$, but PM me with your offers.
  3. I've been following star citizen since October 17, 2012, it was a dream of mine to play this game but recent events have lead me away from gaming altogether. Recently my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she needs help. I've also been wanting to quit gaming for a while now so I'm taking this as a wake up call. My star citizen account has a trove of digital treasures that you will enjoy, so I'm offering up my whole for sale. If after a while the account can't be sold I will be selling everything separately. I've donated a total of $2560.00 to this project. This is wh
  4. From sunny skies to snow covered streets. Vacation is over! -_-
  5. Crazy to see how far we’ve come. There are so many ships to choose from!
  6. Saw it last night. It's going to be a badass movie!!
  7. Should be okay with an updated system. But don’t expect smooth gameplay, everything is still a work in progress
  8. Running the 770 here. I have no problem waiting.
  9. I totally forgot about the green one. What’s so special about it other than the color?
  10. Just fix the cockpit. Terrible design. Maybe if it was a planetary bomber. I can get used to the cramp tunnels - feels like a military submarine.
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