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  1. Yah that was a selling feature. I hate how they just remove huge things like that.
  2. I dont see anything.... Why has the phoenix not been touched for so long. I feel like it should be in game finished by now ffs.
  3. Wait, what!? They REMOVED the turret(s)? ANYONE can do VIP missions? Power plant nerf? Whats the point of the Phoenix now other then to look neat while it is getting its ass blown up by an Aurora due to the loss of the turret(s)?
  4. Okay, well seeing as everyone is telling me to wait, I will. What monitors/tech should I be looking out for? Im not really in the loop with monitor stuff, so knowing what to keep my eyes and ears open for so I know when to buy a product would be great.
  5. Hey all, So I recently picked up a 1080ti card and boy does my game run so much better now. With that card power comes the opportunity to play in 4k. What I have gathered is I need a 4k monitor that has support for HDR and 1-4 ms of response time. I am looking for a screen that's 24-32 inches in size. Would anyone have any suggestions on monitors that fit those two criteria? Keep in mind I'd like nice colours and such....why pay hundreds/thousands to have washed out colours? Thanks!
  6. Not sure why people would be using wireless for a desktop anyway. Your cables don't reach? Do something about it.
  7. Oh look, a cheap HOTAS being made by a shit company that is now literally "in the shit". Seems like a great idea to buy that. In general using a HOTAS right now puts oyu at a majour disadvantage. I get the immersion factor...but that would be okay if it was a SINGLE PLAYER ONLY game. This is multiplayer as well. Do you think the massive side of people using KBM will care that you cry that you are using the inferior control product because you want immersion? Just wait it out and see how bad the gap between controllers is before spending a pocketful of cash on something that wi
  8. Daishi

    i did it boys!

    To bad my 40 dollar mouse will beat it. Goddamn it CIG. Why'd I buy a warthog for this horseshit.
  9. Daishi

    Oculus Rift

    Anyone who buys a 600 dollar piece of untested hardware for games that arent even out yet, or even for Star Citizen (which doesnt support it...yet) is just sending a message to other VR companies to price gouge as much as they can. $350 ballpark my ass. Costs me $915 dollars Canadian to order one....and all bundled with crap I don't want or need.
  10. "so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin' thru fo'sho." Made me die.
  11. 3 ladies message asking to "hang out" tonight. Lol, am I going to be a Christmas boyfriend to someone. Decisions decisions. Asian, white, or gamer with a nice ass but messiest person ever. Why dont they have three sided coins >.>

  12. Just bought a brand new 2016 Dodge Challenger R/T. Cant wait for it to be built and delivered. My xmas present to me!

    1. Gallitin


      That's awesome, congrats!

    2. danredda
  13. These are nice, ive been using white noise to fall asleep since I started working graveyard shifts. Ill give these a go when im rotated back onto them.
  14. This is why I laugh at anyone that doesnt have a single small seater starter ship. You will not on day one be able to fly your Carrak or Andromeda. Even with your UEC to your accounts from game packages..... a set of missiles costs 10,000 UEC for size 1. You need to get fuel, insurance, weapons, gear for your character and possibly pay down payments on cargo and insurance for that cargo to just start earning money. It will be a few months before you start seeing multi crew ships flying around the verse commonly. I dont even think Ill be able to arm my super hornet day one. Ill probab
  15. We have quite a long time to go before then.
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