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  1. Freelancer seems like the ideal choice, big enough to act as a base to put things in and out. Hopefully we can put the golf cart in it in 3.0 and use that to explore with planet side LOL!
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!






  4. "Intel Advises Not to Overclock 7700K As Users Complain Over Temps" (LOL!)

  5. Happy Birthday m8

  6. I knew it was going to get alot fatter for a travering caravan seller. Glad I picked up a 2nd b4 hand. ^.^ (I wonder what it's cargo units are going to be like now).
  7. Besides i'm getting a RX Vega GPU! ^.^
  8. I saw this and saw no real need to do this. It's basicly tricking your GPU with a OC bios basicly which you can do that manually anyway.
  9. Ongoing Discussion

    [CPU] Type Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.20GHz [GPU] Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ OC 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express RGB, Boost Clock: 1342MHz [Motherboard] Z170 Asus Republic of Gamers Formula VIII (8) [Monitor] Acer Predator Freesync 3440x1440 34 inch IPS panel 75 hz [CPU Cooler] Corsair H100I GTX [RAM] G.SKILL TridentZ Series F4-3200C14D-32GTZ 32 GB (16 GB x 2) DDR4 3200 MHz CL14 1.35V Memory Kit - Multi Colour [Clocked at 3200 Mhz] [PSU] Corsair 850 Watts [OS Drive] SSD Samsung 850 Evo 250GB [Game Drive] SSD Samsung 840 Evo 500GB + Samsung 850 Evo 500GB + (2x) FireCuda SSHD 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB [OS] Windows 10 Pro [Case] Anidees AI-Crystal Midi Tower Tempered Glass - Black [Keyboard] Asus ROG Claymore 100% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Red My camara is broken btw :S http://imgur.com/a/Hw6PY
  10. Ongoing Discussion

    Same case as me m8. I got mine in black. It's better than the other brand which has no dactal fins at the front for air flow judging by what jayz2cents says. Best tempered glass case on the market for sure. I'll post mine again soon as I bought a cable kit from corsair (Graphite & silver) so it looks a hell of alot better now.
  11. Lol the jokes on them then haha!
  12. It could be a april fools being that it was posted on the 31st of March. But the "Rules" of Aprils fools is you have to do it on the 1st or the joke is on you. Meaning Wccftech could be the fools of their own joke which would be "ironic" LOL!
  13. This artical from wccftech.com Do you believe? https://wccftech.com/vega-teaser-slides-leak-nda/ Sell Your Titan X & 1080 TI That’s right folks. If our sources are correct, you’re holding onto some underwhelming mid-range graphics cards that will be completely decimated by AMD’s newest architecture (at least according to the leaked slides). I am personally blown away by this new info. It’s simply unbelievable that AMD managed to spank NVIDIA so hard, with a much smaller R&D budget. Mind you, we should wait for third party reviews, but the spread this slide suggests is just massive! Check out this glorious slide featuring Vega completely decimating the competition. April fools or not thats up to you to believe.
  14. Best watch this Astro. Think of it as a (Thermal Interface Material) thermal paste between the chip and metal lid itself. But a cheap and nasty one.
  15. Yeah sadly this is the case for Intel CPU's.... I don't understand why they can't sell a version with a better TIM (Liquid metal), in the first place and sell it for a few extra notes. Intel by that logic are selling a gimped product.