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  1. Build help

    Wait till 4K Ultrawide or 4k @120mhz+
  2. Build help

    From what i've seen and read via main tech articals @Taldren is right on the money. Building high core CPU's for Intel is such a wasteful process, only 2-5% of their CPU's (best silicone) make it through the fabrication process. After they are binned to see if the cores are working at the right frequencies. Bad Chips are then placed into the lower end CPU market by locking bad cores and selling as a new product. It's a bad a wasteful process and one which Intel can't have high yields for hence partly the reason why they are so friging expensive. AMD have Intel over the barrel, because AMD have a far better build process thats scales nearly 100% all thanks to infinity fabric. All in all AMD can sell a better product at a far cheaper rate than Intel. Which like I said 6 months ago when Intel laid off alot of people was a result of finding out this info early. You even have Nvidia congratulating AMD on ThreadRipper trying to get back into their good books lol.
  3. Build help

    AMD EPYC is designed to target the Xeon line, although I can see some companies doing this.
  4. Build help

    http://www.techradar.com/news/the-amd-ryzen-threadripper-is-the-most-powerful-processor-weve-ever-tested "TechRadar received an early review unit of the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition, and we can confidently say it is the most powerful system we’ve ever tested. Not only does it feature a 16-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X processor, there’s also an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics card included as well. " It's truly good to have competition again.
  5. Build help

    ThreadRipper's IPC is unknown to alot of people here who don't follow the tech press as closely as I do, but check this article out. ThreadRipper's 1950X is the best CPU currently out in the enthusiast market.
  6. Build help

    I would agree with this statement with the last gen AM3 Platform. But this is not factual with AM4 and how superior it is over Kabylake X & Skylake X.
  7. Build help

    ThreadRipper, 64 PCIE lanes for every CPU, fantasic performance and price! Most powerful enthusiast CPU on the market.
  8. Considering these Vega GPU's have really good FP 16 performance, with in time (more games devs are going FP 16 than FP 32), we'll see vega hit 1080TI levels. Not to mention Vega is a really power work station card and is a beastly Mining card (4 times the mining performance of a RX580). 70-100 Mh/s and the RX 580 is 24-28 Mh/s https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/gibbo-vega-preorders.18788127/page-6#post-31026435 https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/817358-the-new-mining-kingamd-vega-70-100-mhs/ Also Nvidia just released a driver for the Titan Xp that increase's it's work flow performance by 300%. LOL! You know Nvidia is as toxic as they get, when they purposely bottle neck their products to screw it's "user base"....
  9. My car for the next few weeks.b290eb80b514fe2d983a672ac031360c--hot-ca

    1. Donut


      Damn. You should keep it lol

  10. Some lady rear ended my BMW... Just what I needed this weekend.... :|

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    2. Switch


      I think we all need some lady to rear end us this weekend, yeah? No? That's not how it works?



    3. Basard


      If you're into that sort of thing Switch. ;)

    4. BryGen


      damn that sucks, bigger pain in the ass is messing with repairs and insurance.


  11. Spiderman Homecoming better than i expected. I'm going to book another ticket for this weekend! :)

  12. Spiderman Homecoming tonight! HYPE!! :D

  13. X299 has more problems i've heard with the mosfets above the chip set. Temps exceeding 100 degrees C and as far in some case's reaching 150 degrees C. der8auer Being one of the best and most recognized overclockers out there shows how bad the new platform really is. I think it's going ot be AMD's year for the enthusiast boards. The problems just keep stacking up on Intel.
  14. Donations are still open, the more money we can give to this chap the better system we can build him!
  15. With Ram price's being over the top currently, I have Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 PC4-19200C14 2400MHz Quad Channel Kit - Red in my spare PC parts box as I upgraded to 3200MHz G.skill Trident Z. If you need some ram for the build. Thats $155 worth.