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  1. Traveling to the States tomoz to Baltimore Maryland, business sadly not pleasure....

    1. GeraldEvans


      That's too bad.  We have people there.

    2. danredda


      Stay safe Basard. Baltimore can be a rough place in the wrong areas.

  2. Kinda but Kaby lake is only a minor refinement over Skylake. And seeing how Skylake and Kabe have better single core performance over coffee maybe thats why? They should of tested with kaby from IPC perspective though but would have been a really small increase.
  3. new Hi all

  4. How to make $ for star citizen?

    DUR would be a great starter ship if I was on a budget.
  5. How to make $ for star citizen?

    Alot of people waste money on beer on the weekend (Pub / Bar drinks) just put aside what you would normally spend on a lads night, and you'll have a big fleet in no time.
  6. Build help New Build Advice

    I would personally wait for Z390 @Gallitin I would go for 2x 16gigs sticks at 3200Mhz for the Ram (2 sticks are generally faster than 4 but were talking very small). Buy a good quality PSU, Superflower / EVGA at highest quality in your price range. 750-800 watt PSU if you desided later to Dual GPU and Overclock. And go fully modular. Ryzen+ is also out in a few months time and if you are playing at 3440 or 4K then you'll be GPU bound and not CPU bound so the extra cores might be somthing to consider than just IPC. If this is a system for the next 4 years then i'd honestly suggest waiting for 8 core enthusiast (Z390) / Ryzen+ or go X299 / X399 if you want the extra PCI lanes right now. Especially if this for Star Citizen. https://segmentnext.com/2018/01/03/pc-hardware-products-2018/ Also that case is very overpriced for what it is and I highly recomend the Anidees - AI Crystal for $50 less and looks less tacky tbh.
  7. Time to shop for my SC build?

    You'll want a GPU with 8 gigs if you want somthing to play SC well as 4gig GPUs wont future proof with newer builds with more assets and features. Also 16gigs is becoming a limiting factor aswell you'll want 32gigs ideally. (memory prices are falling and shares from the manufacturers have droped between 5-10%) https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/gFjmd6 This is somthing on a reasonable budget but I assume you already have an SSD for your current build inwhich you can use for your new build, but likely you'll want a goodish power supply thats fully modular. That build together would look very good and offer great performance for a very low price. Ryzen+ is launching in march so if you can wait till then you'll get a even more powerful CPU for the same price. I'm always on TS if you need builld advice Wodders, not seen you on in a while.

    I've heard that the film is having alot of production issues (already on their 3rd director?). And the fact that they have had to bring on an acting coach for the guy playing Han Solo. I would sadly not get your hopes up guys. Obiwan standalone film is "our only hope" of a good Star Wars movie.
  9. Ongoing Discussion AMD abandons GPU efforts in 2018?

    AMD did make a very big profit last year mainly from their CPU division. "AMD posted its first profit in three years during yesterday's third quarter 2017 financial results. Highlights of AMD's banner quarter include a $71 million GAAP profit, which comes largely due to a 74% increase in its Computing and Graphics segment to $819 million. AMD doesn't break out processor and graphics earnings separately, but the company said the increases mostly came from Ryzen and Radeon sales. AMD CEO Lisa Su noted that client computing revenue has increased by a "strong double-digit percentage" and that the company has reached 40% to 50% desktop processor share with some e-tailers. AMD's sales weighed in at $1.64 billion, beating estimates by $130 million. Revenue is up 26% year-over-year and 34% quarter-over-quarter, and the company expects to beat its previous yearly profit projections of "mid-to-high teens" percentage to 20%. According to AMD’s most recently published graphics roadmap, 2018 is going to see a continuation of existing Vega 64 and Vega 56 graphics cards, with no new addition to the high-end desktop. Vega, which hasn’t been able to compete with NVIDIA’s GP102 based products like the GTX 1080 Ti, continues to be in short supply to date. What makes overall matters worse is that it will have to compete with a brand new roster of Volta products later this year. And while the announcement of 7nm Vega has surprised some, we’ve known and reported about it in as early as January of last year. Sadly, 7nm Vega isn’t only meaningless for gamers because it’s strictly for the AI market, it will only be sampling this year and isn’t expected to see actual availability until 2019. So even if the company eventually decided to launch a gaming oriented version of this silicon, it won’t see the light of day until 2019." http://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-financial-report-ryzen-radeon,35768.html
  10. Star Tours 30 Year Anniversary

    That the one in Orlando? If so i've been on it twice on 2 different occasions.
  11. Z390 (2nd half 2018) and 10nm Ice Lake end of 2018 / mid 19 for the enthusiast line. Nvidia will "cut down" the GPU so it does not really matter how big the gains are (over last gen) on the full size die of the chip. All Nvidia would do is remove Cuda cores and make it so it's 15% better than the last Gen. Thats how I see it happending.
  12. New Arrival

    Apply to us on the RSI website. Make sure you link your account from this forum in your RSI application, so we know you have a SCB account. Any problems let me or any of the HR team know.
  13. Back from Star Wars, not sure how to feel.

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    2. Apollo


      Going to just put my thoughts here. Spoilers:






      And a very well-written article

      Long story short, I didn't like it. And I gave it a second try. At least we still have this!


    3. Basard


      I quite like angry joes break down on how it went down tbh :)





    4. FoxChard


      He actually made another video following his second and third sittings which takes back some of his points made there.

  14. Basicly AMD went for a card of "jack of all trades" rather than focusing on gaming on the architecture, they just don't have the R&D budget like they use to. Basicly Vega processor is a cut down professional work station card that excels at FP-16 applications where games mainly use FP-32 at this moment in time. I agree that 16gig is soon becoming a limiting factor. Especially if you like having a few Firefox/Chrome tabs open while gaming on another monitor.