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  1. Yeah I'll have to purchase new Ram mate If I go AMD. I still have 2x 2-Terabyte FireCuda SSHD Drives (lol) and 3 Older SSD's currently. So I'm guessing 2 NVME slots would be the sweet spot for me if i get hold of 2 new Drives. 😁 Roll on the 27th mate
  2. Looking at upgrading my now aging system to something that will handle new and up coming titles. The new DDR5 platforms are now as must for going forward from a future upgrade perspective. My question is should I go with a Ryzen build or stick with Intel for this generation? All I will want to be doing is replacing the CPU, Mobo, Ram, CPU Cooler, and PSU (My PSU is getting on and a faulty / aged one could kill the system due to a surge) This time around Z Line (Intel) and X Line (AMD) Motherboards don't offer many more features other than a second GPU slot (redundant) than the B Line (Both Intel & AMD) maybe better boost clocks on some models maybe and power distribution im guessing? Also I generally prefer ASUS (motherboards) due to their reliability if thats any help. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Whats the spec of your system? Are you able to enter the hangar module?
  4. You want something along the lines like this. Contains Squadron 42 Digital Download Contains Star Citizen Digital Download The Mustang / Aurora Starter packs are the cheapest. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Mustang-Alpha-Star-Citizen-Squadron-42-Combo https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Aurora-MR-Star-Citizen-Squadron-42-Combo
  5. Basard

    new guy

    Welcome! Enjor your time and stay here in Imperium.
  6. Welcome to Imperium! Any questions feel free to ask in our forum sections that you may have. 😃
  7. Got my ticket and travel arangements sorted, hopefully a lot of you lot are too.
  8. Sad to hear this news indeed. Rest well mate.
  9. I think they realised more people were playing on Freesync monitors than G-Sync. That premium just wasn't worth it when you could save that sort of money or buy a better GPU. As this technology is for below 60FPS basicly.
  10. Basard

    Ongoing Discussion Time to buy Nvidia stock!!

    Agree, the stock prices will return back to those levels at some point. AMD is another good investment as Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000 series) is going to debut at CES on the 12th of Jan. With the recent leaks AMD is going to sell alot of CPU's in 2018 guaranteed!
  11. Well who would of expected this. Which one will you be buying? My eye is on the 3700X This is really good news for Star Citizen if we can give the devs more reasons to produce more code for more cores!
  12. Avoid this show like the plague then. It's ment to have an old easten europe setting for the lore perspective. I foresee "Fantastic 4" 2.0 replay events from this.
  13. Basard

    Ongoing Discussion Is it me, or are these prices outrageous?

    "A fool and his money are easily parted". The 1070 was the smart buy for Nvidia users last gen. (SLI = more power than the titan on alot of titles). So wait out the turkey shoot. RTX sounds like a gimmick. Ray Tracing would have to be supported by the games to get the benefits out of it. And the speed at which it happens is still far too slow for action paced games. Looks like Nvidia is pulling an AMD by launching new tech that nobody has developed for...... Adored TV to the rescue!
  14. This is certainly interesting. Keep us updated with how things develop.
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