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  1. Some lady rear ended my BMW... Just what I needed this weekend.... :|

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Switch


      I think we all need some lady to rear end us this weekend, yeah? No? That's not how it works?



    3. Basard


      If you're into that sort of thing Switch. ;)

    4. BryGen


      damn that sucks, bigger pain in the ass is messing with repairs and insurance.


  2. Spiderman Homecoming better than i expected. I'm going to book another ticket for this weekend! :)

  3. Spiderman Homecoming tonight! HYPE!! :D

  4. X299 has more problems i've heard with the mosfets above the chip set. Temps exceeding 100 degrees C and as far in some case's reaching 150 degrees C. der8auer Being one of the best and most recognized overclockers out there shows how bad the new platform really is. I think it's going ot be AMD's year for the enthusiast boards. The problems just keep stacking up on Intel.
  5. Donations are still open, the more money we can give to this chap the better system we can build him!
  6. With Ram price's being over the top currently, I have Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 PC4-19200C14 2400MHz Quad Channel Kit - Red in my spare PC parts box as I upgraded to 3200MHz G.skill Trident Z. If you need some ram for the build. Thats $155 worth.
  7. Yummy Do you lot across the pond have Sunday roast dinners?
  8. Holy crap look how expensive RX-580 & 570's are! Crypocurrency is a big deal!

    1. Donut


      Eventually I believe future gpu sales will be limited per person. Some items on Newegg are already.

      Look at this shit. What the fuck


      wtf 580.png

    2. Painmiester


      4gb for that price     naaaaaa

  9. Ahh ok, ill say ATI instead, Deal.
  10. Does that mean I can get a free cruise?
  11. At last, an up coming video game other than SC I can get hyped about. METRO: Exodus!

    1. Devil Khan

      Devil Khan

      No Man Sky's 2? :D

  12. The first video is very informative on what i've stated. Ryzen is winning on the newer games, while not utilising 100% of all cores. where as the I5 has every core at 100% load with no head room for future games. Recommending a 4 core CPU today is exactly like recommending a 2 core CPU back when 4 cores went main stream. And we can see what happend.
  13. Thats not true for Multi threaded games on DX12 / Vulkan. A good example is watch dogs 2 with it's multi threaded support. You'll be seeing the 1700-1700x & 1800x over taking the 7700k in more new titles. And as far as Star Citizen is concerned, it will be 8 cores and 16 thread CPU's taking the lead. As Chris has said he will be supporting high core CPU's in the Vulkan API.
  14. I5 Processors are obsolete when compaired to Ryzens R5 processors. If you're looking at new builds currently you get far more performance for the same price with a 6 core 12 thread CPU than you do for a 4 core 4 thread CPU. Not to mention SC is going to be a AMD title (more support for their CPU's and GPU's) so you can expect better optimisation over the other vendors. Aswell as Chris Roberts himself saying the game will have support for 16 thread CPU's, which is likely what will be the standard in a few years time (or very close to maybe 12 threads) when the game is finally launched. So you can bet your bottem dollar a 1600 & 1600x will obliterate any and all Intel current I5's on the market, for Vulcan and Dx12 games that are multi threaded supported. TLDR; Avoid I5 builds. Most if not all tech reviewers have stated this.
  15. Alot of features are locked / removed. He believes Intel have knee jerk reacted to Ryzen up to 16 core 32 thread threadripper CPU's in a half desperate attempt to appease enthusiasts and gamers. And then bashing Intel for setting 4 cores for the last 10 years while charging $700 to go from 8 to 10 cores. He also goes on to show how confusing new platform is with CPU / memory compatabiliy. Theres loads of other things Intel has done to the platform which locks more features away behind a paywall, which is super anti consumer. (a big list which the vid goes into). Also no pricing, No CPU clock speeds ect. But the vid also goes into other areas concerning how the x299 CPU's are not looking good.