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  1. Avoid this show like the plague then. It's ment to have an old easten europe setting for the lore perspective. I foresee "Fantastic 4" 2.0 replay events from this.
  2. "A fool and his money are easily parted". The 1070 was the smart buy for Nvidia users last gen. (SLI = more power than the titan on alot of titles). So wait out the turkey shoot. RTX sounds like a gimmick. Ray Tracing would have to be supported by the games to get the benefits out of it. And the speed at which it happens is still far too slow for action paced games. Looks like Nvidia is pulling an AMD by launching new tech that nobody has developed for...... Adored TV to the rescue!
  3. Basard

    Account locked because of suspicious gifting?

    This is certainly interesting. Keep us updated with how things develop.
  4. Basard

    Complete Selling an Idris-M (Giftable) - $3000 USD

    Don't derail the market place into discussion guys. Keep on point and civil. Ask the seller questions, but don't ramble.
  5. Basard

    Looking for Gaming Rig

    I'd honestly say 8 gigs VRAM would be minimum if you want somthing to last for your GPU, as the is now the new standard going forward.
  6. I still like the idea of owning a physical copy indeed.
  7. Well sadly you won't get to see Stonehenge on that route. and Dorset and Devon are beautiful counties on the south west coastline. Bristol and Cardiff are also nice plesent cities to visit also. (Shakespeare's) stratford upon avon is a must. Snowdonia or the Brecon Beacons are also a fantasic place to go and see.
  8. I like the Vanguard personally on looks.
  9. akkkkk  offshore   few more weeks..... 

  10. Avengers infinity war was brutal!

  11. Traveling to the States tomoz to Baltimore Maryland, business sadly not pleasure....

    1. GeraldEvans


      That's too bad.  We have people there.

    2. danredda


      Stay safe Basard. Baltimore can be a rough place in the wrong areas.

  12. Kinda but Kaby lake is only a minor refinement over Skylake. And seeing how Skylake and Kabe have better single core performance over coffee maybe thats why? They should of tested with kaby from IPC perspective though but would have been a really small increase.
  13. Basard

    new Hi all

  14. Basard

    How to make $ for star citizen?

    DUR would be a great starter ship if I was on a budget.
  15. Basard

    How to make $ for star citizen?

    Alot of people waste money on beer on the weekend (Pub / Bar drinks) just put aside what you would normally spend on a lads night, and you'll have a big fleet in no time.