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  1. {POLL} WoW Classic Make You Resub?

    UBRS 10man was fun
  2. {POLL} WoW Classic Make You Resub?

    I believe I saw in an interview that LFG won't be added.
  3. {POLL} WoW Classic Make You Resub?

    Bias pole! xD But i'd defo re-sub. I have played Nostraruis and Warmane waiting for this day to arise!
  4. Build help Help me with my build

    Intel enthusiast Z390 chipset out the start of next year (8 core 16 thread CPUs). I highly expect that Z370 will be a dead end platform in terms for upgrades (CPU) later down the line. Also PCIe 4 is out next year on AMD's next platform around March time which is also something to consider. If this build is for star citizen I'd highly suggest a 8 core physical core build for Vulcan patch.
  5. Knee jerk reaction to Zen, obsoleting their already exsisting ecosystem and custormer base to increase profit shares at the expensive of their consumer base. Lets see how this effect the market share aswell as Intels mind share in the next few months.
  6. Intel have basicly locked coffee lake so that Z170 and Z270 boards wont work on it. A bios update would indeed make it compatable on Skylake and Kaby lake. But sadly intel is forcing us to buy a new motherboard... Z170 and Z270 would have been compatible on Coffee lake! http://www.bit-tech.net/features/tech/motherboards/asus-interview-andrew-wu-rog-motherboard-pm/1/ bit-tech: Can you go into more technical detail about why the new CPUs are not backwards-compatible with Z270 motherboards? Andrew: Actually, it depends on Intel’s decision. bit-tech: So it’s not a physical limitation? Intel said it was to do with power delivery. Andrew: Not really. It [the power delivery] makes a little bit of difference, but not much. bit-tech: So what are they referring to – the 20 or so unused pins from before? Andrew: Yes. bit-tech: So if you wanted and Intel let you, you could make Z270 compatible? Andrew: Yes, but you also require an upgrade from the ME [Management Engine] and a BIOS update. Intel somehow has locked the compatibility. bit-tech: The 20 previously unused pins that you mentioned, what are they now used for? Andrew: Many of them are used for power control. It's possible that these are in preparation for the high-core count processors.
  7. 8700K & 8600K reviews leaked

    That's troubling to hear, lack of Ecosystem is bad for gamers and Intel know this. Intel make fantasic CPU's, my 6700k was a great investment at the time. But it's ecosystem was only 2 years which is still far too short. If AMD forced their hands to bring out 6 & 8 cores then shame on Intel, because they already had the tech and chips at the time to bring out 8 cores on Skylake.
  8. 8700K & 8600K reviews leaked

    I like the fact (jokingly) Intel has made the 7700K (after 6 months of it going live), an I3 processor. People have got to be feeling salty right about now.... :S But Intels also launching a Hex core on another board set called Z390. Waiting to see IPC, core speed TCP and temps on that one over Zen. Then again we could be having the same chat with "Zen 2" when that launch's early next year. Intel needs to deliver, but this lack of motherboard ecosystem is going to heavily impact people on buying coffee lake.
  9. Build help 4k monitor suggestions.

    Wait till 4K Ultrawide or 4k @120mhz+
  10. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    From what i've seen and read via main tech articals @Taldren is right on the money. Building high core CPU's for Intel is such a wasteful process, only 2-5% of their CPU's (best silicone) make it through the fabrication process. After they are binned to see if the cores are working at the right frequencies. Bad Chips are then placed into the lower end CPU market by locking bad cores and selling as a new product. It's a bad a wasteful process and one which Intel can't have high yields for hence partly the reason why they are so friging expensive. AMD have Intel over the barrel, because AMD have a far better build process thats scales nearly 100% all thanks to infinity fabric. All in all AMD can sell a better product at a far cheaper rate than Intel. Which like I said 6 months ago when Intel laid off alot of people was a result of finding out this info early. You even have Nvidia congratulating AMD on ThreadRipper trying to get back into their good books lol.
  11. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    AMD EPYC is designed to target the Xeon line, although I can see some companies doing this.
  12. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    http://www.techradar.com/news/the-amd-ryzen-threadripper-is-the-most-powerful-processor-weve-ever-tested "TechRadar received an early review unit of the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition, and we can confidently say it is the most powerful system we’ve ever tested. Not only does it feature a 16-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X processor, there’s also an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics card included as well. " It's truly good to have competition again.
  13. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    ThreadRipper's IPC is unknown to alot of people here who don't follow the tech press as closely as I do, but check this article out. ThreadRipper's 1950X is the best CPU currently out in the enthusiast market.
  14. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    I would agree with this statement with the last gen AM3 Platform. But this is not factual with AM4 and how superior it is over Kabylake X & Skylake X.