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  1. Happy Halloween Imperium!

  2. Anime?

    Space Dandy was good. I enjoyed it. Favorite was the story with the little girl
  3. Anime?

    @LeroyJenkins I seen it :3 I really like it. It was cute but sad ;-;
  4. Anime?

    @LeroyJenkins Yeah... Grisaia no Kajitsu was alright. I seen some of the VN and it looks intresting. steins;Gate and Overlord I really enjoyed. I enjoyed Miyazaki films. I believe my first anime movie I ever watched was when I was a very small little boy and it was "Kiki's Delivery Service." I only watched it once and I still remember the movie pretty well. Occasionally, every summer a local theather over here throws a Miyazaki film festival showing one of his films every week.
  5. Anime?

    @Dragon-Knight I thought there already was a season two KonoSuba? https://myanimelist.net/anime/32937/Kono_Subarashii_Sekai_ni_Shukufuku_wo_2 @Gremlich Already watched it. It was certainly weird but I enjoyed it.
  6. Anime?

    OwO Never knew we had a anime thread. I'm a huge weeb for anime. Gate is a really good anime I enjoyed... and ya, it does have a good sound track. I hope they make a season 3, I miss Rory Mercury. Not to long ago, I was able to finish Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler and I loved it! Give it a try peeps, it more entertaining than it sounds. Also for some reason, I absolutely LOVE anime girls with a "Hime Cut" hairstyle that use Black/Red clothing >.<
  7. Want to Buy Radeon R9 290x

  8. Trading Cards

    Has anyone been able to get there hands on the Star Citizen trading card thats being given out at Gamescom. If so, I would like if you can take pictures of it. Just curious on how they look. They're giving out 2 trading cards a day. Each trading card is a different ship that has a code on it to be able to buy that ship at its original introduction price for a limited time until 3.0 comes out.
  9. A new EVGA giveaway: https://wn.nr/zhMsGM

    Bundle Prizes

    Bundle 1 : 1 x EVGA DG-87 Case, 1 x EVGA X99 Classified Motherboard, 1 x EVGA CLC 280 CPU Cooler

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    Individual Prizes

    1 x EVGA X99 Micro 2 Motherboard

    1 x EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC2 Video Card

    1 x EVGA Supernova 850 G2L

    1 x EVGA Supernova 750 G2L

    2 x EVGA CLC 120 CPU Cooler

    5 x EVGA TORQ X5 Gaming Mouse

    5 x EVGA TORQ X3L Gaming Mouse

  10. I really don't like communism style flags.
  11. That good sir is a real beast indeed. Soo... Is it possible to sell you my soul for it Wish you a happy marriage and life with your partner ^.^
  12. Aegis Eclispe

    I like any ship that has an automated point defense turret. Pretty cool to see a gun come out of a compartment and shoot missiles thats chasing ya
  13. Aegis Eclispe

    I hope the Eclipse doesn't have any turrets. I don't like the idea of turrets on a stealth ship.
  14. Good Flight Stick Setup Guide?

    Heyo! Flying T.16000m FCS HOTAS is tough friend. I read through the SC forums and they seem bit overly complicated. I use the same joystick/throttle as you so I know it pretty well, but I fly left hand joystick... Right hand mouse. Try this out, sorry if it seems sloppy... I made it pretty quickly. Its pretty much all the controls you need. Take from a good pilot ^.^ If it seems too confusing, we can have a chat over discord and I can guide you through everything so you can have the right feel for it. My PC is broken so there little at what I can do. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/21379-flight-training-lesson-to-prepare-yourself-for-30/ Made some edits to my terrible grammar*
  15. Giveaway for a: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SuperClocked 2 HYBRID with ICX

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    1. Donut


      Used your referral link :) 

      Here's mine: https://wn.nr/RsrERd