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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Oculus Rift

    I gotta be honest....I feel like an Intel fan at an AMD convention in this convo talking about price so much. I don't know if this is "first time" tech per say. With two dev builds out and a water downed consumer product in it's third iteration (Samsung's VR). I mean....some invested craptons of money into Star Citizen (first of it's kind) yet hate on this? Did anybody else jump on the hype train with me?
  3. Oculus Rift

    I would agree with you if it wasn't for the two development kits that have been out for almost 3 years (with games). I think the price is high, but once they sell units that aren't bundled with "crap", it should come down closer to $400ish for next Christmas. At least that's the hope. Also, I think Star Citizen does currently support Oculus, but not like...."full" support. If that makes any sense. :/
  4. Oculus Rift

    Now available for pre-order!!!!! $599.00USD. https://www.oculus.com/en-us/ I got mine today but I was a bit late for the party so I don't get mine until May
  5. 2D Star Citizen

    I found this this morning. Looks to be pretty interesting. If anybody gets a chance before I do, let me know if it's any good. http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/star-citizen-2d-shooter/
  6. To me they have always beaten Intel (at least AFFORDABLE price to performance). The alleged "overheating" and "power sucking" are issues I have never run into in the 5 years I've been using them. I replace it about every 2 years along with my graphics card. The money I save by not paying Intel to hire Jim Parsons to peddle their overpriced equipment......is money I use to get a decent graphics card. I'm not saying Intel doesn't make good stuff. I'm just saying that I'm not paying their marketing team. If they truly had the "best" product they wouldn't need stars to peddle their wares for them.
  7. Around The Verse: Episode 42

    Hopefully because the Connie redesigns look similar and the phoenix somehow made even sexier to accomadate a better looking Archimedes.
  8. Who wants to be a smuggler, and where do we fit in?

    I AM a Smuggler. I got the Phoenix and all to prove it! There are people along the same path (and logic) as you in Imperium. You just gotta know where to look.
  9. I just melted my Drake Herald and picked up a Hull B. It seems as though it would be excellent for all of my smuggling needs seeing as how the HULL series description mentions: "Owing to the ubiquity of the cargo pallet system, many manufacturers have created third party addons capable of taking advantage of the Hull superstructure. These range from additional ship upgrades (shield generators, sensor suites and the like) to ‘stealth’ cargo pods to gimbaled turrets and other weapons which can take the place of some cargo pallets on larger ships (with a corresponding reduction in cargo capacity.) " Emphasis on the "stealth" which I take as a smugglers option!
  10. New used car opinions

    If your's is an actual German made one you shouldn't have any issues. Here in the states German cars are actually Chinese and Mexican made. In fact the Germans just broke new ground to build another BMW plant in Mexico. Quality for sure................... lol
  11. New used car opinions

    All good. But when I worked as a mechanic.....German cars were a nightmare. They haven't been reliable since around the 80's. They drive nice....while they are newer. Whereas even a cheap Honda Civic will outlast a top of the line german car. I'm not saying German cars are necessarily bad....I'm just saying that they aren't much good after ~100k miles.
  12. New used car opinions

    I would recommend anything Japanese and avoid anything German. @Ricko13 is correct about the 2008 Subaru's....avoid those. It was Subaru's attempt to make the WRX and STI more "casual". Naturally aspired engines tend to last longer than turbo ones but the turbo ones are definitely more fun. With WRX's in general you would want to aim for one close to stock otherwise you run the risk of someone else's "performance" mods running the car into the ground. With dealerships....don't be afraid to walk away if it's not a good deal, you can always find another car elsewhere and it's good to make sure the salesman knows you are aware of other deals. If you can't land a WRX the Legacy's aren't a bad deal with the 6cyl option. AVOID the Outback Sport!!! Their SOHC is garbage.
  13. 10 For the Chairman: Episode 53 with Notes

    I don't think Alt character wages will be an issue. They'll probably have the AI on the character spend their credits on various things or have a "no refund" type of policy on the wages to prevent pooling resources on one character.
  14. Constellation - Variants

    So I just checked out the RSI website and saw This is what is available now and I feel a bit shafted since I got it earlier and am not grandfathered into a Greycat PTV, Fish, Work Bench, etc. Yet I paid the same price and bought the Phoenix upgrade when it was available. Do any of you have more info on this issue? Edit: Spelling
  15. Into the Stars

    I would love to believe that....but then I would bring Battlefield as an example. Which to this day is still broken