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  1. Congrats on the level up bro.

  2. Happy Birthday Mate

  3. Happy birthday Noobsums! 

    1. Schatten


      Happy birthday! : )

  4. Star Citizen Happy Hour stream features Sean Tracy starting right now!

  5. Doopsums

    My new monster

    Couple of names for you: "The Liquidator", "The Green Machine", "Hades", "Hulk", "Purple Nurple"
  6. Doopsums

    My new monster

    That thing is fucking insane. Definitely a rig you can be proud of. Nicely done with the water cooling!
  7. You can fit two optical drives in r5. http://support.fractal-design.com/support/solutions/articles/4000055488-define-r5-install-an-optical-drive
  8. Alrighty, I think I finally settled. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PVQpD8 = $776.18 : the rest is my cost of labor Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Edit: got it even cheaper
  9. Welcome to the fleet. My word of advice would be to take your time and try to meet people. It's the best way to find the right unit for you.
  10. Well considering it has to be less than $1000 bucks @Basard, that recommendation won't work. I'm going to switch to air cooling to save the money to bring it down. I just wanted to match the white and black theme. He said he would like for it to be able to play games but i'm 99% sure he probably wont. I think a stronger processor and faster storage will ultimately serve him best. As for waiting for CES, it really doesn't matter in this case as I need to build it over the next couple days, so waiting is not really option. No peripherals needed. Sweet find!
  11. Well the Gpa came over for the holidays, saw my sweet ass rig (courtesy of @Juntau and the SCB community), and said "Here is a $1000 bucks. I want a pc that is fast and cool like yours." I said "Alright Grandpa, but only if we team up later to play some Overwatch and pwn some n00bs!" So my Grandpa is 86 years old, obviously he is not going to be a power user playing VR games everyday. Just needs something that is fast, efficient, and affordable. Obviously the budget is $1000. Doesn't need to be a power house gaming rig either. Light internet surfing, email, excel sheets, and copying data/pictures now and then. He would also like for it to have the ability to "play games" (I'm not even sure he knows how to install them LUL). This is where i'm at right now: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/M2tfVY = $1138 Couple things I want to keep in this build: Black and White Themed I love the NZXT Case and Water Cooler that I picked currently - not changing these two items Would like to keep these so I can overclock the proc and get more performance out of the i5. MUST have an optical drive Would be nice to fit a brand new copy of windows 10 into the budget if possible. Would be nice if I could include one led light strip to accent the Whites/blacks Lets get this puppy under $1000! Feedback needed!
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