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  1. It would be unfortunate to be unable to play during 3.0
  2. I agree with Rocket it was mediocre. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. @Boildown Greek subtitles on Black sails why? @Chimaera i never invested time in the AC series, maybe except a bit in the first title and black flag. It did gave me the feeling that Origins did a side step as black flag.
  4. One of the best moments of this years E3 (i do consider the general announcements mediocre at least)
  5. Hello all as we have E3 under progress will post the game that caught my attention and some feedback in general for the years event. Please share your opinion ,enthusiasms or disappointment with the rest of us. EA One of the most lackluster events till now ( post-bethesda) , personally i don't care for NFL.NBA and Fifa. We were aware already for the Battlefront 1 expansion and as for Need for speed was more like a Fast and the Furious the game. A way out was an nice coop game but didn't caught my attention. They did make Battlefront 2 their main selling point, but until they really release the full info for the game is not something i intend to buy. Anthem teaser was kind of off putting but made me want to watch the Microsoft presentation more Microsoft I will not comment on Xbox One X as i don't care much for consoles. I will skip most games and go directly for the ones i did care about, Sea of thieves (also a windows insider on that) it is shaping up nice but i do want to see more on that. Metro Exodus looked good but want to see more also, the trailer had some nice elements and reminded a bit of a new fallout game. State of Decay 2 is what i was really waiting from Microsoft, thought it did look like a remake of the first one a lot, regarding the locations and assets they have shown us. And last but not least Anthem, i won't lie , i am curious to see what Bioware (or what is left of it) can accomplish. I didn't have the glaring problems ME: Andromeda had when it was first shown and i am afraid that MEA was the test platform for Frostbite and Anthem. Also i want to see another Destiny like game except Destiny 2 and The Division. Bethesda I will be blunt, nothing to see here except Wolfstein The new colossus PC Gaming Show Xcom 2 expansion at last, Battletech, Mount and Blade 2, Griftlands and the TW:Warhammer 2 release date i can't ask for anything more... maybe some more Mount and blade 2 Didn't care much of the AoE remaster, but i love the work of Klei and Griftlands looks good. Ubisoft I have to say that i liked the 2 switch titles and at last some BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL nuff said!!!!! Mario + raving rabbits , i mean look at that princes Peach rabbit breathtaking and as i am looking forward for more titles on the switch this one looks good. Sony I can't say that there was any game that surprised me or caught my attention. Nintendo Great a pokemon rpg game for the Switch ,maybe next year will end up buying it to accompany my 3ds. If you haven't watched the Devolver digital presentation you totally should it was mental (NSFW).
  6. @Switch No cross rewards as far as i am aware (knight tier backer here), they did/do have a cooperation regarding the layered clothing tech Warhorse studio used as it was in Cryengine. I should have asked warhorse studios for a visit as they are in Prague.
  7. Totally different roles thought For sure the Terrapin is not the best fit for a starter ship. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  8. I do see Terrapin as a first jump last to leave ship. A ship to jump in get the info for the system while try to keep a low profile, assess the threat level and then singal the squishy exploration fleet to get into the system. Also it could act as a lookout while everyone else is busy getting detailed information. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  9. Some Battletech screenshots from the backer beta! 05lUPEY.jpgyI1pis9.jpgYf3kX2Z.jpg

    1. Agrios


      Πω πω ρε φίλε τι μου θύμησες τώρα !!! την σειρά των MechWarrior της Activision και ειδικά το πρώτο του '89, ατελείωτες ευχάριστες ώρες πέρασα με αυτό game. Να φανταστείς ότι έχω όλη την σειρά μαζί με κάποια άλλα κλασικά games στην βιβλιοθήκη του γραφείου ( για προστασία από τους μικρούς :) ). 

  10. Hey , welcome to SCB and Imperium. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  11. Καλωσόρισες στο SCB και την Imperium @Agrios
  12. @Donut this is the base principal for AI, you just train the machine to recognise patterns, scenarios and so on. Think about getting in a Fast food joint, you learn how to order. But the same rules dondon't apply for a restaurant or in a case of a bar it has some common principles. So they have to spent time teaching the AI to do that... @Switch I believe this a matrix that are using for quick access and use of the animations they have, i ma not sure how much are leaving to the system or there are hard variables that triggers those animations.
  13. Hello @Nemo welcome to SCB and Imperium
  14. Welcome to SCB Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk