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  1. Nope ,just peeing on Liam's bed .
  2. Also the pyjak is in deluxe and above.
  3. The hoodie ia from the deluxe edition.
  4. Man and machine power extreme
  5. I would suggest to go for the original ME trilogy.
  6. Beware spoilers ahead !
  7. We will see, in my experience this options work the same either they will name it Paragon/renegade or put 50 shades of grey in there.
  8. Really hate this kind of marketing tactics. Also it is my imagination or there is too much comic relief in the dalogues that they have shown till now?
  9. But there is the gimmick... they were saying "oh look how nice it looks on PS4 pro on 4k". That doesn't apply on the refresh rate.... not even a single word about refresh rates http://www.game-debate.com/news/22451/mass-effect-andromeda-graphics-options-revealed-alongside-estimated-pc-performance
  10. But will it have a 60hz refresh rate?
  11. What reaaly worries me is that the max specs came out for 1080p at 30FPS... haven't seen any comment regardign 60fps. https://help.ea.com/en/help/mass-effect/mass-effect-andromeda/are-you-ready-for-mass-effect-andromeda/?sf53085265=1#pc
  12. It is not included in the origin store.