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  1. You can check when someone is online in the Streamer window https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/
  2. Also it would be a good idea to advertise it in the Discord. Good luck with the event
  3. Fintz


    It could be on the context of Quantum fuel and not propellant fuel. We will see what will be the importance of the propellant fuel.
  4. It has been some time since we took the Greek SC fan site down. Now it is online again! https://primecitizen.net/

  5. So the latest update https://www.scribd.com/document/397633888/CIG-Lawsuit-1-16
  6. For anyone that is interested to have fun in the PU. 


  7. Almost all the non native English speakers considered ethnic minorities (figures in the identity steamrolling melting pot that is US )
  8. That is true, welcome to SCB
  9. I do have a counterpoint on that, as long as it is not organic it fails but as an example it happened to watch Carmen (the opera) not being played out by a white woman and it was amazig. The whole issue is when they are forcing it too much.
  10. The lag doesn't help for sure...
  11. @CitizenW0n has one! 5b3f02382bbd9_Mining-MISCProspector-5Jul18.pdf5b3f02382bbd9_Mining-MISCProspector-5Jul18.pdf
  12. https://starcitizen.danielaburke.com/
  13. You have to go to the ground level ,there are terminals to call terrestrial vehicles in Daymar.
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