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  1. And here is the first image of it!
  2. Hey @theMonta and wolceme to SCB and Imperium. The freelancer does llok great, especially the revamped edition of it. Don't forget to drop in our Discord for some text chatting and as for Voip, TS is always open to people. I hope you will have a great time here.
  3. You never left
  4. I really can't remember if we have post here the videos below, but repetition is the mother of learning And something new
  5. I agree with CC on that. The coop is fun.
  6. Here is the Frontier update regarding 2.3 https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/326211-2-3-Dev-Update Nice Python , my vulture in progress.
  7. I suppose so, but we have to wait until released.
  8. I suppose their referring to the combat element of the game.
  9. The Primecast is on Soundcloud and  listed on the RSI podcasts thanks to @Pixel Fuzz


  10. What looks interesting to me is that a fully crewed ship will be on par with a 4 ppl wing....
  11. Hey all, our first Greek Star Citizen podcast is live, if it will not be all Greek to you, don't forget to check i out!


    1. Ostia



    2. Fintz


      I can't take all the Credit , most of the work was done by @Pixel Fuzz!!!

  12. Congratulations to our @Tech Team and @Human Resources for creating and testing the Imperium Discord server :)

    Do not forget to register though the portal https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/discord

  13. Welcome to the base @Joe_Cooper!!!
  14. But can't you just drop it on the ground??? I mean you don't need a cargo rack for that. Also if am not mistaken the terrapin does future a good scanner suite but is more the forward observer than a pure exploration vehicle.