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  1. Please check this link: https://wiki.starcitizenbase.com/doku.php?id=imperium:organization:join Terribly sorry my clipboard acted up.
  2. And there i thought we wouldn't see again the space suits from the Constelantion ad spot.


  3. Nintendo Switch presentantion stream


    1. Fintz


      I am trying to stop myself from preordering one :)

    1. Switch


      Appeared around three days ago in the middle of the night, no one has said anything, possibly going to be in the Year End Review? 


    2. Fintz


      You know nothing Officer Switch :P

  4. As far as am aware, that is something the community asked CIG to implement in the future... ofc am not aware if CIG will do it.
  5. What he said
  6. My assumption is that they are going to fix that in the future.
  7. I have to say that the Mass Effect trailer from the Nvidia panel was disappointing.


    1. GeraldEvans


      Yeah, pretty but rather underwhelming.

  8. @Ghost5talker do not forget to have a good read on the Impeirum wiki. https://wiki.starcitizenbase.com/doku.php?id=imperium:organization:about
  9. Welcome to SCB and Imperium, as of a unit don't forget to have a look at the Unit cloab and portal page. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/gc/ https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/unit/overview
  10. I tried it once or twice but haven't spent any serious time configuring it ...
  11. The goal of both companies is to have a mmo engine working on scaled cloud servers. So my assumption is that they were moving to a similar direction with their Cryengine modifications. That is why Robert's said that took 2 days and 2 engineers for the integration. So in a way they saved time for their devops and infrastructure team regarding server deployment.
  12. You are getting it a bit wrong. Lumberyard is a modified Cryengine and whatever they worked on what we call starengine was integrated to the lumberyard plus all the work Amazon did on their side. So we have the 2.6 running on lumberyard.