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  1. Fintz

    Drake Vulture

  2. Fintz

    CIG at E3 - 2018

    We are all hoping something regarding SQ42.... but I kind doubt that. https://www.pcgamer.com/what-to-expect-from-the-pc-gaming-show-2018/
  3. Fintz

    memory More RAM for Star Citizen

    Depends on multiple factors, how many slots the mobo has , CPU+Chipset and the OS if it is 32/64-bit. Win10 Home support up to 128GB while EDU/PRO/Enterprise 2TB for x64, while x86 (32-bit) supports up to only 4GB on all. Windows 7 is the same on x86 but on x64 Basic is 8GB , Home Premium 16Gb and PRO 192GB. Windows 8 128GB , PRO/Enterprise 512GB for X64
  4. Fintz

    memory More RAM for Star Citizen

    Personally I am running 32, but that is work related. If you would feel better to have more ram sure go for it. But I wouldn't expect to see much difference on SC or any other game. Now it depends if you are running DDR3 or 4, if it is 3 and you intend to keep the mobo/cpu for longer sure buy the extra ram now that is cheaper as the 4 is bloody expensive.
  5. Fintz

    memory More RAM for Star Citizen

    It would be the same for the 32. Sounds like a memory leak.
  6. Fintz

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Imperium!

    Hello @SurenBaryan welcome to SCB and the Org.
  7. Fintz

    gameday Game Day, April 28th

    I believe the goal is to have a game with a good amount of people to play at the same time and be open ended. Warframe it is great but not the best for in this case and would lock people in certain regions for the ones that don't already own it or played much.
  8. A friend of mine lost his account and was resolved in a few days. Most probably rather than reaching to the members of the community you just have to open a ticket on this link https://robertsspaceindustries.com/contact-us BTW you don't need an account to use thw above link and open a support ticket.
  9. Still we will not be able to get it back, CIG will though (but I am not sure if their HD is 24/7, highly doubt it) FYI the 2fA FAQ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/faq/two-step-authentication
  10. You don't need the app for the 2FA just the google authenticator in your phone. You should probably contact the CIG help you out.
  11. Fintz

    Installer require premission

    Or just malwarebytes ...
  12. Fintz

    Performance enhance?

    I know , Mr.Obvious here . Though the extra ram will help you in general not only in SC. Olisar can be a bit freaky with the FPS , @Pixel Fuzz reached 0 when he spawned. I am usually around 25-30.
  13. Fintz

    Performance enhance?

    Still do not expect to see any big difference. Also as Donut said, you have to crack/hack your game to play offline which is not helping CIG with their tasks and data gathering. Hangar and SP experience are always online.