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  1. I would definitely rock the inner circle as pin!
  2. 1/2" maybe 5/8" tops. Bigger than that and I couldn't use it with a uniform.
  3. Awesome job, Grizz! I'd buy a pin from you. Honestly if we could make them smaller I'd love one as a tie tack for work! (Those would need to be printed designs not engraved I would imagine)
  4. I put my thoughts down via discord but I really hope this is not for player-demanded outposts, but rather pieces of a planned development. I really don't want to see a moon become a trailer park. I want to see a player driven city formed by population density.
  5. Fair enough. I don't see them. What is the price?
  6. I was responding to Fintz, who stated a price tag had been announced.
  7. Price? What's the source?
  8. I think this is an outpost placing ship. You've found a home, now you can create a job to bring your home.
  9. From the email: @Devil Khan I suggest renaming your thread to simply (Consolidated Outland) Pioneer as you have the first thread on the ship which is where it's discussion should live. As opposed to one on the sneak peak and another later on the reveal, etc.
  10. Yep! Two sensors, Touch controllers, Rift. $399
  11. The Oculus price should be permanent now.
  12. @Fizzlefuse, try asking Terralian here:
  13. The counter point between a human that's become less than human and a machine that's become more than human is perfect. Seriously, watch this movie. Truly amazing stuff.
  14. Nice catch Grizz!
  15. Just saw this the other day. Hands down the best movie I've ever seen.