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  1. So, confirmed: No cargo, 2x S1
  2. It should. They've said up until now everything handles as if at max weight. I can't wait for mass adjustments.
  3. No I meant Replicant. Skin jobs is what the racist cop calls them.
  4. The full sale document today should offer some insight as well.
  5. Noxen. Several of them harnessed together can pull a Hull. What I'm curious to see is its ability to operate in space. It could be the very first ground-only bike.
  6. I have both, but I was sold on the gold Ducati-like frame elements. And that it doesn't look like a lawn mower.
  7. Best bet, get a two pack and ccu one into a Dragonfly when 3.0 drops. Or get a five pack so you don't have to choose between melting the black or silver Noxen.
  8. They aren't 'skin jobs,' Devil. They're Replicants. Faster at the expense of cargo capacity (I'm guessing the Nox carries none), and lighter armament (no passenger firing the rail gun). On the other hand, they take up half the space so you can fit a pair behind the Ursa in a Connie.
  9. I got the two pack. The five pack is actually really reasonable.
  10. Way to go, Stef! [emoji2]
  11. Greycat you mean. Makers of the PTV and the Argo.
  12. You mean you can't have a pair of Nox and a pair of Origin bikes? [emoji6]
  13. One upside to the speeders is that they will float above the surface. However they implement the physics, I would think you're not likely to hit the ground with them. So while it's likely to go much slower than a snub, it won't be as hazardous. Also, the Dragonfly at least can carry some cargo, the snubs can't.
  14. Interesting that Ben referred to the Lynx as an Ursa variant. I would have expected a four seat 4x4 version that took less room in a bay.
  15. Per today's Happy Hour, the Nox will be in 3.0. They're trying to get it in in time anyway.