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  1. Find a flat spot? Make one with your
  2. You'll need to come up with a better argument.
  3. Good stuff. Only a few large builds planned for this year though? So maybe 3.4?
  4. I think I'll have a loaner for my Orion, though I do continue considering getting one.
  5. Per Disco on today's Happy Hour: The Hurricane goes on sale Friday, 24 March.
  6. You can get the blanket now @Fizzlefuse. Just not through CIG. I posted instructions here on SCB and @Shootter cleaned up the image for it.
  7. Yeah, as soon as we get Stanton in full I imagine we'll lose it provided there's another moon with an accretion disk like this for us to play in. Something like this will be needed for mining though. We have the small clusters, but having a large area helps test the exploration and scanning mechanics better than X rock in this cluster of four is the one to mine from.
  8. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/329260-On-the-Horizon-2-3-The-Commanders-Beta-Livestreams Coming up with Commanders: New cameras! Options shown on the image. Good rundown on the gameplay elements coming at the end of the month. http://maxursa.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/i-want-you-for-my-multicrew-digest-of.html?m=1
  9. This again? When you see the Reclaimer sitting on its landing gear, or at least modeled with landing gear, you have a compelling argument for it landing. Until then all we have is their word, and the implication that it can land. If seeing the top of the ship's silhouette in the background of a video is proof that it landed, I humbly submit proof that the Star Wars universe is about Lilliputians. 80% proof at that. [emoji14]
  10. Invitations for the first wave of PTU have been sent.
  11. How about if we do all three, in a B,A,C order?
  12. I looked at getting it printed. One of the parts is too large for the linked service. Still came to $300
  13. Thanks for posting that Fintz! Can't wait for multi-crew.
  14. Build help

    If you have the same amount of travel (1-2" of deflection in any direction) on a joystick , or on a stick with a long arm where the deflection amount is gated, the result is that the gated stick has a much lower stick angle, while retaining the same granularity of movement. You just adjust the zeros and the response curve to adjust for the reduced angle. The upside to this is that at the high pitch, right bank situation, there is much less pressure on your wrist, than on the standard stick where that same deflection has the stick angle cranked over and back at 30° or so. Sorry it's sideways.
  15. Build help

    Great ideas. Neutral arm / wrist position at rest makes for the longest possible play time without discomfort.