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  1. There's a YouTube video of someone using it for SC now. Devil, source for the Hoplite in an Idris? As for the view...look, I think the outside looking in view of the defender is lovely. But then the same goes for most of the ships. Unfortunately it seems all too often that the view from the inside looking out isn't a consideration, and instead we get this ass-tactic rationalization of balanced gameplay through functionally handicapped views. No car, truck, etc does this but somehow you still know you're in a car or a truck. That's conveyed through other means such as speed, acceleration, turning rate, grip, noise, etc. I drive an econobox but I don't think it's Ferrari just because I can see unimpeded. And even if you allow for balancing the gameplay via a restricted view, we have a great in game example of that in the helmets. The tank sees less to the sides and in the corners. No one, not even the outlaw with the individual eye holes in the helmet, has anything impeding the central field of view. It's asinine, and we should stop trying to bend our minds around accepting it. With enough pushback we could get this fixed, just like we got the Freelancer much improved. /rant
  2. I'm thinking between Hull D and Hull E capacity, and a flight ready price of $5 less than the E to prevent CCUs.
  3. Nope. Disco apparently confirmed in chat that it got pretty damn big.
  4. So...it's pretty big then. 230 long, 297 wide.
  5. Well with TrackIR, Tobii 4c, or VR you can still use gimballed weapons effectively as a joystick user. So those are alternative solutions as well.
  6. Hmm. Perhaps you could word the load out analysis as a question (read suggestion) for the Q/A.
  7. I'd say that they're large to hold the tachyon cannons (and any other size three weapons) entirely internally, plus have room for internal missile bays. I like the Defender though and what they're doing with it. Now if only they'd go back to the Khartu and fix it.
  8. 21:9 wallpaper courtesy of u/~~Sal~~ over at r/WidescreenWallpaper And the rest of the images at full quality from the brochure.
  9. According to Ray, the BMM is now 21:9 courtesy of u/~~Sal~~ over at r/WidescreenWallpapers Rest of the images at full quality from the brochure: https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/21397-banu-defender/?do=findComment&comment=351325
  10. Anyone up for the challenge of convincing CIG to keep it Idris sized?
  11. If that was announced it would certainly drive sales.
  12. Manhandled I tell you. Foundry manhandled the crap out of it. It didn't grow a little. It's huge. Bigger
  13. From the back of the Defender brochure.
  14. Can somebody grab the Merchantman images from the Defender sales pages and brochure? New images for us! It looks huge!
  15. Yep. I'm really enjoying my Khartu -> BMM CCU.