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  1. Sorry I've been off for a bit.  Computer problems plus work plus sick.

    1. Scotterius


      Glad your feeling better man.

    2. Hector


      I see the assassins missed you


  2. I like the thought behind the constellation stick. Add a thumb rest four-way plus push and or a pinky switch and I'd be all over that. Optional twist on the left hand for strafe up and down... This works for me.
  3. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Were we supposed to have an update by today?
  4. Aegis Reclaimer

    Thirteen minutes to fourteen and a half minutes.
  5. Protecting our industry.

    This isn't Imperium only discussion, so really it is asked (and should be answered) only from a general gameplay point of view. Even pirates will have to deal with interdiction from pirates. While I have my own ideas on how to avoid this, I'll save them for official channels.
  6. I may be in the minority, but the face is the most important part in my opinion.
  7. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    It was a joke. Your copy pasta included the message: There is no PDF document. I can't live like this.
  8. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    But what about the PDF document?!
  9. Weekly Sneak peak & Subscribers

  10. Build help New Build Advice

    The Strix OC got the best price per performance. My buddy got his on NewEgg for msrp.
  11. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

  12. Weekly Sneak peak & Subscribers

    So the Avenger can no longer fit through small jump points? Because that's huge.
  13. F8 Lightning

    The RtV with the Chairman.
  14. Aegis Reclaimer

    So, in March we get to have claw battles? Game on!
  15. Weekly Sneak peak & Subscribers

    Nah, it also has chefs.