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  1. The helmet and boots look pretty good. I don't know anything about the gloves but check palm construction. As for the jacket look for good spine protection (or at least a pocket you can put overlapping spine protection in) as well as forearm. For the pants and jacket look for abrasion resistance. It's always better to sweat than bleed.
  2. I won't give them a hard time but I'll see how I can reclaim the $15/per difference.
  3. The most recent is Chris himself saying they haven't figured out how to handle people with multiple packages. Do you get extra characters and starting hangars or just the one? Um...just go back and reference your own 10 For from two years ago?
  4. It doesn't help that a dev will say something with authority well before work has begun on a mechanic or bit of kit and then years later the community is under the impression this is still true even though in the meantime they've revised it and we're simply not privy to the update.
  5. 29' is 29 feet.
  6. At almost 29' tall it's pretty big. But again they mention in the new jump point that they want it to fit in the Idris.
  7. According to the jump point it's 8.75m tall when landed.
  8. I wouldn't bet on it. Just look at the supercollider. What kind of landing gear would the ship need to accommodate that? To me it needs a landing cradle specific to the ship. Hence the front pod. We can only make educated guesses starting from the information they've given us. Extrapolating too far beyond that and injecting what we desire them to do is just a recipe for disappointment.
  9. Sourced from Reddit: The Eclipse is intended to be at most 25 meters wide to allow it to fit inside an Idris. (So now we can estimate which ships will or won't fit in an Idris) Not very agile, relies on stealth. Twin engines produce less heat together than one larger engine. Medium fuel tank (all other components are small) Weapons stored on interior of the wings; do not gimbal. Internal torpedo bay with room to store three Retaliator-sized torpedoes. Torpedo size individually 9.0m x 0.9m x 0.9m
  10. You need a landing zone equipped to park the rest of it. "Since the ship cannot dock in our hangars, does it persist in the universe when we log out? No, we do not intend for ships to be always ‘at risk’ just because they don’t fit in your Hangar. Standard landing areas will keep the workshop and drive sections safe while you land the Explorer in your hangar. (Of course, if you leave it in orbit of some unexplored planet the story is quite different!)"
  11. You don't. QA for the Endeavour covers it. You can use the explorer cab or take another ship if you have the hangar. Both leave the Endeavour in orbit waiting for you. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14989-MISC-Endeavor-Q-A-Part-2
  12. Its the whole 'docking the Merlin while the Connie is flying' part that we're waiting on.
  13. Yes. If you don't have the hangar module you need some way to get to the surface.
  14. The explanation was literally from the developers responsible for testing the ship. I'm pretty sure they're better at their jobs than we are at picking their jobs apart.