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  1. No one has officially confirmed that it is the 600 as far as I know. That's just speculation based on monthly reports and Bensday.
  2. Nope. Disco confirmed the gamescom ship is not the game changer. It's on Reddit.
  3. I'm hoping this looks like BMW made a Corellian corvette.
  4. We really need to start a betting pool based on your predictions. The only thing that's certain is that stats change.
  5. Looking at the cost difference between a 300 series and an Aurora I don't expect this to be much larger than a Connie for the price. It's just the Imperial version compared to the Lakon Delta version.
  6. For my part I think we might see it in 3.1, even though it isn't scheduled (until 3.2 IIRC). There has been quite a lot of time spent on it, and with planned releases slipping as far as date, based on underlying mechanics, I can see how things that are completed being rolled into to an earlier update. That said, try to be civil guys. Devil, when you mean you want it to fit in a hangar so you can walk around in it just say that. 'Hangar ready' means something else. I know you clarified back in June or July what you meant by that, but your usage isn't common.
  7. Shots fired!
  8. Yep. Posted on the 4th by Fizzlefuse.
  9. Not destroyed enough!
  10. Which is fine. He can tweet until his fingers fall off, but he's still not worth attending.
  11. He likes to make development seem like alchemy, which is appropriate since none of his games go gold. [emoji1]
  12. You know bodies are going to be all sticky and will gum up the works. Oh well, that's the intern's job to clean.
  13. Think there might be a reason to do it that way? Perhaps it takes additional time to pull it out of the saddlebags, but you can mine much faster than topic can refine? So do you mine more slowly and let refining set the pace or do you mine as quick as you can with the understanding you're filling up with scrap which you can refine in peace somewhere else?
  14. That's full of cargo, so instead of being a largely empty shell like most ships, the saddle bags are solids and they're large. @Trak, they've somewhat suggested that in the future variants released won't have the refinery as standard. Less mass perhaps or whatever the reason, hopefully less cost for those looking to break in to mining. As for staff in a high sec area, probably four or five. Don't need to man turrets necessarily, but pilot, laser operator, processor, drone and sled operator would need to be running I think.