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  1. http://www.polygon.com/2016/2/8/10939752/mad-catz-executive-board-changes-rock-band-4-earnings It would seem that Mad catz is in deep waters financially. Their CEO quit before earnings report and with short googling it's plain obvious that they've been stuck in the mud for a while now. There still no news if this has any effect to the star citizen HOTAS, but for continued production, quality control and guarantees it would be bad if they go belly up. I've been drooling over the star citizen hotas but now I'm bit in doubt. Company this much in trouble is grasping for straws and taking nasty shortcuts often burning the bridges to what's left of their supporters. Then again what are the other options? they are still one of the biggest manufacturers for HOTAS market, there are others, but they tend to be really specific products like Warthog, its great quality, but not optimised for space flight (or gaming as it is a direct copy) and quite much more expensive than even 250$ HOTAS setup we come to expect off the star citizen HOTAS.
  2. Elohe

    With this last blizzard, we fear the.......

    I googled couple pictures, it was kinda "really?" couple inches of snow and entire states in total lockdown
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    Thanks for the warm welcome and Cincinnatus I try to be around ts when i play.
  4. So any idea how much UEC is worth? Taking a look inside the voyager districts pricing you can some results. Aurora ES costs 25 $ and it comes with hangar and insurance, for sake of clarity and I'll count them off as "preorder bonuses". For 25 $ you get two weapons, shields, power plant, main engine, thrusters, mini Stor-All and hull. weapons costs 4,000 UEC a pop so that's 8,000 UEC size 1 shields are 6,000 UEC that sums up 14,000 UEC for weapons and shields only. We have no idea about what power plant, engines etc will cost, but we can see that 20,000 UEC credits costs 25$ same as the aurora ES. If we think that they would be roughly equal in pricing, that would leave us only 6,000 UEC for the main engine, thrusters and power plant,and the mini Stor-All. Using a scientific Stetson-Harrison method we would think that power plant eats majority as it feeds rest of the systems it would eat up around 3,000 UEC size 3 main engine: I'd say around 2,000 UEC, that would leave meager 1000 UEC for the thrusters and mini Stor-All and the hull it self would be free, but that seems bit absurd. So the ships must cost more, maybe 25,000 UEC that would give the hull price of 4,000 - 5000 UEC (or about 6$). If this is correct it would be profitable to buy Aurora ES standalone ships and sell them when the game starts than direct credits in UEC credit chips. There are possible benefits here UEC credit maximum is capped to 170,000 UEC where as there is no limits how many Aurora ES you can own and then simply sell when the game starts. There is risk as well: as the game will have a dynamic market, selling gazillion Auroras and their peripherals would certainly drop their price. From this we can count up that ships will start from 20,000-30,000 UEC. That would make weapons and missiles seem expensive, Omnisky VI Laser is 18,000 UEC for just one or 10,000 UEC for the cheapest 10 missiles (how many do you shoot in a single arena commander or 20 minutes in MPU?) Handheld weaponry seems crazy expensive tho there is only one but that has Whitley's guide rating zero implying its not the most efficient weapon and it costs 10,000 UEC! Would you rather have Aurora ES with guns or two (low-end) pistols. All in all this is all guess work and arbitrary for the actual worth depends on how much you can earn. (arena commander and REC could give us hints for that but that's an other story) Any ideas comments on this subject?
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    With this last blizzard, we fear the.......

    That's a blizzard? quite huge did it snow much?
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    Greetings you curious reader! I must assume that you are here trying to find out who the weird guy is. Well here is the key stuff: - 20+ years exp in gaming -Likes board games with treacherous player interaction -Avid reader -Games worth to mention: Eve online, Arch age, Elite dangerous, Kerbal space program, Comanche 3 (my first in aviation), Wolfenstein 3D (my first fps) -Likes cats -Pledged civilian with Aurora LN -'perma'death is the coolest feature. All that cleared I can tell you more freely. My handle is Elohe, as the cleverest of you might have guessed; I'm native to cold temps tho not arctic (still don't like it though). I've been around the internet from 90's and grown to lag (insert dial-up modem nostalgia). Currently I'm doing nothing with my life, but I'm planning to return to studies in university. I'm engaged, so sorry girls (and guys) and look after two furry thingeys that think I'm a can opener. I'd like to think my English is good but my accent might be bit funny. I usually get along with people; but I can be a real dickhead if i want to (no-one is perfect). What comes to gaming I usually enjoy more strategic and tactical approaches rather than the best reflexes, I tend to play kinda aggressive type of play keeping the initiative to my self, but I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. I understand the importance of team play, and its key: communication. I think that's about it if you have questions feel free to ask them. Keep your shields UP Elohe