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  1. Liked the trailer, but wooden Rey is still wooden. Why doesn't she ever visit a cantina and get a drink? Highlight of trailer? Seeing Billy Dee Williams again! Piloting the Millennium Falcon (nearly the last place we saw him)! The biggest mistake of the last trilogy was them not bringing him back before now. But who is the Skywalker that rises? Kylo gave up the Skywalker name, and is an evil child-man. If he rises the galaxy is doomed. Maybe Finn is Lando and Leia's secret love child, and the reason Leia and Han had a falling out? But I think, assuming the obvious Kylo answer isn't it, is that they'll say Rey was virgin-birthed like Anakin, and thus she's a Skywalker. They both have instinctive knowledge of the force instead of trained, they both come from unknown parentage. It makes sense, its just kinda lame because her character is lame (as was Anakin's virgin-birthed story). Palpatine laugh at the end... maybe they are going back to the printed fiction now that the fans hated the first two movie scripts? Except I always though the Emperor coming back because lol clones was stupid, even before I saw any movies after Episode VI. I hope that isn't it, unless the alternative was worse.
  2. lol newb, the AMD 512-core Ryzen Z28 is way faster than your budget Intel CPU. And its made in China so you know it has higher quality.
  3. Depends... does Squadron 42 count as a different game? But seriously, I've got Pantheon, Mechwarrior 5, maybe still Planetside. One game is going to dominate my time, but one of them would have to be really outstanding to take all of my gaming time.
  4. Time to resurrect my favorite black hole thread. So this will prepare you for conversations on Social Media when people see this: https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/04/event-horizon-telescope-gives-us-first-images-of-what-its-named-for
  5. Good video, but how much does that slow you down? Is it better to overheat, wait for heat to dissipate, then go back to quantum? Or is it better to stay in some slow / low-heat quantum mode the entire time? Does the game implement faster heat dissipation the greater the delta T between the heat source and the heat sink, like thermodynamics says should happen (granted its been over 20 years since I took thermogoddammits)? Because if so then you should aim for the highest possible heat equilibrium without shutting down, and that might be the case anyways from the looks of it. The analogies to computer CPU heat and cooling are obvious and probably deliberate. Which makes me wonder, why isn't there automatic (and quite literal) throttling built into the system to prevent the quantum drives from shutting down?
  6. Anything good with a twist axis for my left hand stick? I already have a 16000M, but its insufficient. The twist works well but the buttons are too few and too bad. I have a VKB Sim Gladiator but its a right handed stick that I'm trying to use lefty, the twist axis doesn't twist enough for fine control, and the buttons are also too few.
  7. Really good explanation. I think it would be good if (some at least) snubs could get "orbital-only" quantum to allow them to work as shuttle craft. But incapable of practically moving beyond that.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/JimmyFallon/videos/554053025105627
  9. I thought there were some pretty big spoilers in that video. I think I'm gunna just not watch any more preview / teaser / analysis content and just be surprised at what I see when the episodes air.
  10. See, the problem with CIG doing this, or restricting what we can buy at all, is that the game is still being made and via the Time Value of Money, those of us who backed early were the most valuable backers to CIG, yet (after this is done) they'll be treating us the worst. What CIG should do is allow us to freely distribute our money to whatever ship we want at any time, only freezing our decisions when the game comes out. If you contributed $45, you should be able to pick $45 of ships and switch between any ships whose value totals $45 or less, at any time. If you contributed $450, you should be able to pick $450 of ships and switch between any ships whose value totals $450 or less, at any time. If you contributed $4500, you should be able to pick $4500 of ships and switch between any ships whose value totals $4500 or less, at any time. I.e. there should be no restrictions on what Store Credit can buy. Additionally, and to clarify, if you pledged new money towards a ship that later goes up in price, you should be able to get that ship at the original price any time you want to get it back with store credit. If they do this, they can basically eliminate the grey market. Don't allow people to trade ships, only trade store credit. The artificial scarcity of the ships creates the grey market, they should do away with the scarcity outside of the Idris/Javelin exceptions. If they did this, people would pledge more, not less. I don't get a lot of ships I'm not sure about because I don't want to commit money towards something that I know will be difficult and semi-permanent to change later. After this change, it'll be a lot more permanent than before. The permanency of decisions you get "in exchange" for backing early rather than late discourages backing more money at all. Before, I could console myself with the $0 CCUs I stockpiled, knowing that I could still get out of jail free. Now? Now I"m going to keep a lot more of my money in my pocket. P.s. Thanks for the heads up on this. Might have a few decisions to make, not sure, have to check my hangar. Glad I took the actions this past anniversary sale when I did.
  11. I made a thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlYJV0pSaQA&list=PLUBsnCtOyIliosJ63lSijyHB6izQrQuPB Its an entire playlist of every song in the base game of Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock.

  12. I made a thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlYJV0pSaQA&list=PLUBsnCtOyIliosJ63lSijyHB6izQrQuPB The Playlist has the rest of them.
  13. It was part of the project, so they're obligated to do it eventually. But it'll be one of the last features they implement and won't come out until well after the game is live. Don't hold your breath, private Star Citizen servers won't be a thing for many years from now.
  14. The WarBRD doesn't have enough buttons/hats. The classic CH Fighterstick should be the baseline, it had great buttons and hats ergonomically placed, if there were a left hand version it would be the ideal left hand stick because of the hard axis bump. Why modern joystick companies come out with sticks that don't meet or exceed the CH Fighterstick design is beyond me.
  15. Welp I started my every episode rewatch on December 25th 2018 and completed it yesterday. How long until the new season? I think I watched them too fast....
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