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  1. Boildown

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Just took my Vanguard Warden, applied the Warden to Merchantman zero dollar upgrade I still have from 2 years ago (or was it 3), and got a Merchantman to Valkyrie upgrade for $25. So now I need another Warden to turn into a Merchantman. When did they make the Warden a limited ship? Oh well, I assume it'll be back at the Anniversary sale.
  2. Why though? Chris Roberts wanted to re-invent PC gaming, along with space games. Selling out to consoles undermines that.
  3. Boildown

    Drake Kraken

    I kind of ignored this ship until the recent email. Looks completely badass, is the pocket carrier we've been asking for, and is very very Drake. I wonder if torpedo bombers can launch their torps without even leaving the deck. This could be the most versatile warship yet. Also, it says it has a ton of cargo space. The best pirate baseship, for sure. If the price is right I'd pony for one, but if not I have a couple large ships already.
  4. Lol I tweeted about this Netflix thing, I wonder if they saw that.
  5. Well one thing is the prices are supposed to change organically. If no one is willing to move goods at the price offered, they start to stack up and the seller will lower the price, and the place where the goods are needed will increase the price. I wonder when the living economy will be in the game. Another thing, the situation of razor thin margins is awesome for pirates. If space trucks can't afford escorts, pirates will be able to steal shipments easily making a tasty profit. Huge margins means well funded escorts. So even if we don't support piracy, the existence of pirates will force the system into equilibrium pretty quickly. We should not fight pirates that aren't attacking guild assets that we don't have a bounty to defeat. The people pirates steal from may decide to hire us for protection next time.
  6. The organisms who will colonize the galaxy are only those who can throw their spore into deep space. All other life will merely be short-lived isolated accidents of amino acids. #StarshipTroopers #Bugs

  7. Yeah I've voiced my concern on this front for years now. If you look at the Units in this very org, you see way more capital ships in people's hangars than there are people in the unit to crew them. In reality, every single person with an Idris or Polaris or bigger should have their own Unit worth of people to crew them. And even if this was somehow accomplished, there's no telling if any of these "Captains" are worth their salt when it comes to leadership, organizational abilities, playtime, let alone the fun part where they have to make tactical decisions in combat (the Captain Herbert Sobel effect, for those of you who've seen Band of Brothers). I view the Units as very pre-mature, as just from forums posts, there's a couple people I respect, a couple people I think are idiots, and the vast majority I have no idea about. So I haven't joined a Unit yet. I'd rather see it mature organically in-game, "hey, so-and-so runs a real good Idris in the persistent universe, he should create and lead his own Unit of people who want to crew it". So at some point when the game gets closer to being real, this Org needs to hard-core recruit Aurora owners, people who plopped down their $40 to $60 but not much more, and ask them if they want to crew a big ship. We have way more whales than we can feed, or so it appears.
  8. Boildown

    After the 12 pillars

    Chris talked about this in one of the Around the Verse or something similar recently. He knows that its a problem, and as a result most of their work is still on the tools, not the assets themselves. The only realistic way to speed up the creation of entire star systems (as an aside, technically it should be "planetary systems") is to improve the tools they use to create them in the first place. They're not going to really work on making new planetary systems until the tools are good enough that they can do it in a reasonable timeframe.
  9. Boildown

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Looks like the Defiant from Star Trek. But the real question is, do I want this instead of the Redeemer?
  10. Yeah, in the MMO space, only a failure sunsets in 5 years. Everquest 1 is about to hit its 20th year anniversary and that game has been "dead" for a long time now. All they have to do is bring in more money than the servers cost to turn on. If SC doesn't go abject bankrupt it'll be around for a half century.
  11. Boildown

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    I have a Phoenix upgrade I'm really 50/50 about applying. I never applied it in the first place specifically because I figured something like this would happen. I wanted a fighting ship, not a VIP transport. The upgraded components don't really seem worth it, its not clear to me that the unmanned turret will serve the same function as the automatic defense turret was described to do, and then you have the loss of cargo space and components that wear out quicker. Oh yeah, and the command and control feature is no longer exclusive to the Phoenix and a few other ships. So I'm really not sure at all that I should apply the Phoenix upgrade to my Andromeda.
  12. So it looks to me like they took their GTX 2080 and put a GTX 2080Ti label on it, and marked it up 50%. Same for the GTX 2080, which should be a GTX 2070 by the performance stats. So Nvidia is double-screwing us, higher prices for lower tier than what we've come to expect from a new generation (from Nvidia at least). Why is the Ti version even coming out now instead of 6-9 months from now? Is there going to be a Ti-squared 9 months from now? Anyways, I'm sitting this one out until something changes.
  13. Boildown


    Ok, I missed a ship that you have, I'm gunna think about it and count pennies for a few days, thanks.
  14. Boildown


    You're in Vancouver, may I assume USD though? Not sure how it works on Paypal.