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  1. Some news via email: Thanks for your interest in our 6DOF joystick! We're sending out this first email update to let you know that we've decided to do two separate Kickstarter campaigns. And the first one will be launching very soon, on October 29th! (It’s later notice than we’d like) This first campaign will be for a low-quantity run of largely hand-assembled beta unit joysticks, capped at 65 joysticks. Because of the low quantities and hand-built nature, the price of these beta units will be 1050 USD, with some early bird units available for 950 USD. This is much higher than we expect for our later, higher-quantity campaign. However, these beta units will be delivered in March of 2020, at least nine months sooner than the joysticks built for our higher-quantity Kickstarter campaign, which will launch about a month after beta unit delivery. The purpose of this beta unit campaign is to help fund our development, while giving us time to prepare for larger scale manufacturing, and providing us with feedback from our beta unit backers. We’re still getting our prototype photos ready, but here’s a CAD rendering of the current design in the meantime. Base Dimensions: 135 mm wide x 160 mm deep (5.3 inches wide x 6.3 inches deep) Total Height: 255 mm (10 inches) Extra details about the units: Force sensitive, with settings customization software 32 digital controls (1 eight-way hat, 2 five-way hats, 2&1 action trigger, 1&1 action brake lever, bump trigger, 3 two-way index levers, 1 thumb rest button) 2 analog rotary dials All controls fully ambidextrous with both left and right handed thumb rest sets 8-10 mm of XYZ strafing motion from spring suspension 10-15 degrees of yaw/pitch/roll motion, with the center of rotation located in the center of the grip for intuitive control Included arm rest and slightly-below-desk-height mount for ergonomic use We’d also appreciate it if you could take a minute to answer a Google Form to tell us if you’re likely to be interested in backing the campaign, as well as any other feedback you’d like to offer, at: https://forms.gle/bb7dNELani7ZrRAH6 (It’s just two questions) If you have any questions for us, you can email us back at this address, or contact us on social media. We’ll send out another update when the beta unit campaign goes live. Thanks for following! Ben and Dan Stack Cofounders of Sublight Dynamics, Inc
  2. Yeah I stumbled on that yesterday. Looks awesome! I hope they don't go X-Files cornball "we're old now" with it too much though.
  3. Boildown

    RSI Mantis

    In Star Wars: Rebellion, when you get this or the Rebellion equivalent, you just about won the game. Preventing the opponent from leaving a fight they can't win is how you make them lose. My problem with interdiction in Star Citizen is both the trolling potential and the "who gets the boring job" potential, the one person forced to fly the Mantis, sit out of weapons range, whose sole job is to stay alive, not risk taking any damage ever, and prevent the opponent from leaving the fight. I'm curious if CIG has considered counters other than blowing up the Mantis available to the interdicted. Does the Mantis even need to launch from the Polaris to interdict? Or can it sit safely behind those capital class shields? I think standard practice will likely be to never quantum straight to your destination, always free-quantum slightly off so that you miss any interdiction fields set up, then quantum back to the destination when you're close. Space is just too big to pull people out of quantum when this tactic is available. My objections are limited to preventing quantum travel by ships already out of quantum.
  4. Boildown

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    I still think the Idris will give us the "most ship" for the pledge dollar spent, but the Polaris is right behind it, and will give far more than the already-popular Hammerhead. Turrets almost as good as the HH, plus speed, shields, the hangar, not even to mention the torps, at close to the same price. The big questionmark to me is the cost of torpedoes. Energy weapons are basically free, ballistic weapons will have costs, and presumably torpedoes will have large costs. Whether "large" is meaningfully large or merely large in comparison to other weapons but still basically pocket change, will determine the real power of the Polaris. I don't put much importance on the ship charts though. They'll change all that stuff if they feel the ship is OP.
  5. Reacting to the video (instead of just personal inventory): Other companies might never have realized that helicopter hover mode was bad until the game hit open beta. Star Citizen finds out in weeks and has it fixed in a few months, years before the game is in beta. What's the deal with those personal inventory icons? They mean absolutely nothing to me. I hate icons that mean nothing by just looking at them, something I see more frequently with every passing year. If you can't make an intuitive icon, use a word.
  6. I keep having this premonition that my video card is going to die and I'm going to have to buy a GTX2000 or 1600 series just a few months before the GTX2100 comes out (whenever that is).

  7. I've never liked the idea of mine-laying in space. Area (or volume/space) denial of this type is just going to be griefing style gameplay, similar to gameplay people who want invisibility/cloaking-devices/super-stealth will employ. I also think that "mining space" simply won't work. Space is huge, the odds of someone running close enough to your mine at non-quantum speeds (you have to assume that a ship in quantum will come and go before a mine can activate, and that they don't have quantum drives of their own) is incredibly small. So mining will be done around points of interest, places where people drop out of quantum to do anything. I think the most legitimate non-griefing use of mining could be to establish an early warning perimeter around non-combat focused commerce sites. For example, you find a particularly good asteroid that will take hours/days to mine (the other (other) definition of "mine"). You don't want people to come in and gank you while you're vulnerable mining, so you call in the minelayer to put a defensive perimeter of mines around you and your asteroid. If one of your mines detonates/activates, you have time to stop what you're doing and ready yourself before the potential shooting starts. And if no one interrupts you, then you call in your minelayer again to pick up their mines after you're done. The problem with this is that 24 mines isn't really enough to create a large enough perimeter. You have to assume that you want your mines to not have gaps in coverage while leaving the middle out of any explosive radius / be far enough away to be effective early warning. 60 mines would be a better number. Only 24 mines would let you do something like this, but as you can see, the distance between any two mines is not much shorter than the distance of any mine to the center, which means you're in danger of being in the blast radius. You really need 2 or 2.5 times as many mines to deploy an effective sphere-ish minefield large enough, assuming the blast / detect radius of any given mine is large enough to overlap with blast/detect radius of the neighboring mines without impacting the neighbors directly.
  8. I don't know why they'd call the second Matrix movie "The Matrix 4".
  9. The Ballista seems pretty awesome but I think I've come to the point where I should just buy one in the 'verse if I need it. I was very tempted for a good week but I managed self control this time.
  10. Looks good from this perspective too: https://imgur.com/a/gj3YhkO
  11. I really hope CIG goes for the outright win, avoids any settlement that disallows them to publicly state that they outright won or at least the result of the settlement, considering anything paid would be with backer money.
  12. Ahhh that's who that is, its the Fleabottom guy from Game of Thrones.
  13. One interesting thing is the Warbond bundle with the Ballista has 5 I think vehicles and they get LTI. And the combined price is less than it was to buy all those via Warbond originally. Not explicitly worth it unless you wanted all those vehicles anyways, but it does make for really good LTI tokens.
  14. Well, good news bad news: Good news: there's a season 4 and we know the date The Expanse is coming back. Bad news: Its December 13th Gotta wait 5 more months. I haven't waited that long for anyth... oh wait.
  15. Couple of good Ballista videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmOC2gVfh7U https://www.twitch.tv/theastropub/clip/SnappyHardBottlePhilosoraptor (Not embedded because these forums choked on the Twitch video when it was embedded).
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