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  1. A week later its still happening. Its the S&P inclusion squeeze. Glad I got back in even if only 4/5ths what I had before. Been selling puts aggressively. I do think its coming back down to the $500 range after all the S&P tracking funds make their buys in the second half of December. If its gets ridic high I'm gunna sell then and then rebuy in January. Only problem with that plan is Tesla's 4Q earnings will probably be really good, so I need back in if I sold before that announcement. Might be too hard to time and if I judge it so I'll just hold.
  2. Its happening... This is pretty fun to watch.
  3. And... it happened! https://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Tesla+(TSLA)+to+Join+S%26P+500/17609817.html
  4. A device that prevents old threads from being bumped as someone's first post.
  5. I wonder how many times it was stolen before I stole it. 😇
  6. Not to get political but... I get it, you hated him 4 years ago and you still hate him now. I've seen a lot of hate thrown his way, but this guy is a consistent winner and an overachiever. That's what the people who support him love about him. Yes there have been some scandals, yes there have been some lies, and maybe a few times he's twisted the truth to make himself look better. He's out there everyday proving those haters wrong time after time. Call it jealously, call it envy, some people just can't handle how successful he is and how much money he has. You're even jealo
  7. A good week for my TSLA trading. I'm 4/5th of my position back in, ready for upward movement before the S&P announcement, if it ever comes. https://postimg.cc/N9FmYWB4 Have not bought the Jan call because they just didn't get cheap enough because the election never sent the stock down much at all. Still a chance for it if Trump forces the secret service to remove him from the white house by force or if he calls for all the white supremacist militia groups to rise up and overthrow the government.
  8. I'm finally getting assigned on some of the puts I sold. Been doing this for months figuring I'd get some stock this way at some point, but it only happened today. Oct 22nd play from when the stock was at 426, "Filled Sell to open 3 TSLA Oct 30 2020 397.5 Put (Weekly) Limit 4.04". Today it finished at 388. So I'm buying back in. I also bought some outright at 405 afterhours on Wednesday. I still see more downside probable for next week and sold puts today at 350 strike, may do 1 or 2 more next week probably around 350 again. I can easily see more downward movement due to the ele
  9. Here we go: I'm definitely getting one when they do the next kickstarter.
  10. He has a regular thing on YouTube with a surprisingly-science-savvy comedian friend, and he still Tweets a lot. I follow NdGT. This game, however, has seemingly gone nearly nowhere. Glad I let you guys talk me out of it.
  11. This guy has been posting videos of him using his early release model: https://www.youtube.com/c/DeanHerbertMooCow/videos Still no word on the 2nd kickstarter other than they still plan to do it "this year"... which there isn't a lot of time left in.
  12. Well it sucks but at least you have plenty of time to figure out a solution before the real game is ready. I do have a PC that now can't run it, but I haven't used that PC for actual gaming since World of Warcraft was fresh. And actually I have to congratulate you in that you've avoided buying a lot of Intel CPU "upgrades" with very little actual improvement (other than the big improvement leap to Sandy Bridge). A modern CPU now should last you another 10+ years.
  13. Still haven't bought back but I probably should have just eaten a smaller loss and done it, as the price has gone up quite a bit since the Battery Day and no S&P selloffs. Still been selling my puts and haven't been assigned... I was counting on getting assigned to get back into the stock but it just doesn't happen. I figure there will be another selloff (sell the news) after earnings (next week) unless they really kicked ass, which doesn't look probable based on the very expected delivery numbers. I'm likely going to try to buy back in on that dip, unless the numbers were actually
  14. https://www.anandtech.com/show/16148/amd-ryzen-5000-and-zen-3-on-nov-5th-19-ipc-claims-best-gaming-cpu This is when I finally switch teams to AMD for the CPU (lol I don't think AMD's GPU will be any good though). Amazed that the clock speed keeps going up at 16 cores over 12 cores. Need to look at it closer to see if there's any gotchas. Will be waiting for reviews before buying as always. But AMD is about to wipe Intel's last advantage away. I'm still on my i7-4770K, so this will be a huge upgrade.
  15. Did not get low enough, but I did sell a bunch of puts that will likely expire worthless (which is good) for this week and some for next week (less certain of them expiring worthless, but probably).
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