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  1. Reminds me a lot of the Liberator from the Star Wars universe: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Liberator-class_cruiser Vague similar shape, both are light fighter carriers and light troop carriers, and of course, the same name. Yeah this is the pocket carrier everyone is asking for, except a bit more vulnerable than what people wanted I'm going to guess. But I think it'll probably be a critical ship in staging military ops. Don't think I'll be buying one with real money as I have a Polaris, Idris and Banu Merchantman already, all of which are carriers of some sort in their own right.
  2. Guardian mode Veritech vibes. https://www.kent.net/robotech/mecha/rdf/veritech.shtml
  3. Seems like a lot of firepower for even a heavy fighter. Also, that's totally what the X-Wing would look like if it got a re-imagined reboot into modern cinema tech.
  4. They actually had a big beat on deliveries/production, even with no S & X. So I'm expecting a strong upwards move.
  5. Apparently there's going to be some upgrades for us Concierge peeps: Nothing terribly exciting. Not even sure they need more staff to handle requests, when I couldn't name my Hammerhead just recently they got it sorted in a day, which I consider very timely. But anyways, something to pay attention to I guess.
  6. I got assigned puts on the way down, now I'm doing covered calls. Would definitely like to see the price rise enough to get a contract or two assigned on me, I enjoyed the bullish play (selling puts) a lot more than the bearish play. Will be interesting to see what the delivery/production numbers are in Q1 and if it can move the stock up again.
  7. Biden's infrastructure speech today is at 4:20 PM. Bullish indicator for memelord Elon Musk.
  8. The only ship I even have in the initial list is the Hammerhead. And since I got it grey market via an upgrade chain, I won't be able to name it until Wave 2 (I think).
  9. So I just held. Price of S&P inclusion was $695, and I think it probably won't drop below $600 going forwards, except for maybe quick dips on bad news. The arbitrage between these two wasn't big enough for me to pay all kinds of short term gains taxes. Also, back in Oct I said... I would have made a crazy amount of money off this play, but unfortunately I was waiting for the call I picked out to get down to under $40/share, and it was about $3 above that when the S&P inclusion news hit. Would have made 5 to 6 times the money I would have put in. I probably should have just done a more affordable strike. Still figuring that stuff out, but this event was such a one-off I wonder if an opportunity like it will ever present again.
  10. Be sure to watch the credits all the way through. Another really good season!
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