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  1. I forgot to comment, but the series was awesome. Just wish the seasons were longer, instead of the new trend of a season being only 8-10 episodes (looking at you Westworld). There was some unfortunate deus ex machina in the final episode, but it was a minor quibble for a great season of what I hope will be many more. Also, Seven deserves her own spin-off.
  2. Best hype video currently: I'm playing this almost every day.
  3. Boildown

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Can you land in it?
  4. The real price tag isn't the ship, its "how badly do I want to see Star Citizen the game's development funded".
  5. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    I've been watching it defy the market more often than not lately. I haven't sold nor bought. Thought the low would get lower... I can't imagine people are buying cars, and the areas where they make cars are both hotspots for the Virus... or at least warm spots waiting to go hot. I still think the broad market has a lot more downside, although clearly we're past a local minimum. The things that will happen are a relaxing of quarantine steps followed by a new spike of virus cases followed by a new longer quarantine. And right around then companies will start releasing the most dismal quarterly performances that we've ever seen. But all that doesn't mean that Tesla will follow suit, as we've seen lately.
  6. All it takes is for a joystick manufacturer to implement it and provide an API that a game can use on the PC side. Microsoft need not be involved. That's what's great about PC.
  7. This is video from what is now our 4th Bastion pull, and as every other time I flew ESF defense of the Bastion. This time was completely ridiculous:
  8. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Yeah but I think we have at least a couple more weeks of bad coronavirus news, and that's assuming the country starts getting its head out of its ass and starts to contain it. The longer we don't have widely available tests the longer I'm a bear on the market.
  9. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    After hours gave back another 7%. I think we've got more downside, looking to sell some options Monday next week assuming the pattern holds. Risk is that a government bill might mess up the timing, as every time congress and the president does anything, it moves the price back up. Obviously I want to buy at the lowest price so my interests in doubling up on Tesla conflict with the interest of defeating the virus and saving lives. What a world.
  10. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    I'm having a tough time determining how low this can go. Would like to double up, but don't want to have to wait 4 years to see upside on it if it takes a long time for the price to recover past what I can get it for today.
  11. Time to re-bump this. Latest patch in this free-to-play game added "Bastion Fleet Carriers" i.e. the BFC. This is video from my own outfit last night (my own recording is now a highlight on my Twitch page): This was our first ever Bastion carrier spawn. If Star Citizen ever gets this good in gameplay, it will have been worth the price and wait, IMO. Sure we know that the graphics will be better, but its by no means clear to me now that Star Citizen will ever achieve the solid shooting mechanics, or sheer number of players in the same place at the same time as what you see here in this seven year old game. If you want to see for yourself but want a guide through that process, I play as Boildown on Emerald server, NC faction, in the [TG] outfit.
  12. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Welp. What price did you get out?
  13. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Sell an option to buy shares at the price you want with expiry in a month or so. If it expires worthless you keep the money you got from the option sale, if its executed you get the stock at a price you don't think you can now get. The risk is that the stock might be even cheaper than that, but as of this moment you'd be willing to pay that price, so that'd be a hindsight 20/20 thing. I'd do this myself but options come in 100 share bundles and that's just too damn much money for me to be dabbling in. Of course, I have shares so the option I'd sell would be to sell my shares at a price higher than what they'd go for today, that I would (today) be willing to sell at. That said, I should go see how much one option contract for a strike of say $1200 or so goes for. Edit: This strategy also means you stop day trading it, because you need to have the money to buy 100 shares per option contract. Day trading is stupid anyways, unless its your profession. And the volatility just dried up this week so its not even lucrative any more. Just make some longer term plays and spend your mental energy elsewhere.
  14. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Tesla announced a secondary stock sale, diluting everyone's shares by 1.6%. The stock price went up almost 5% today because of improved financials instead of down 1.6%. I find that funny, but not unexpected, it happened last time they sold stock too.
  15. Good point. I think CIG might need an opening to license out "Star Engine" to other game companies, which is absolutely something I think they should do once Star Citizen is ready enough. Assuming they can't already do that with Lumberyard. And Crytek surely has some assets still, with the added bonus of no possibility of future litigation on that front. If CIG says, "you don't have to pay our lawyer fees in exchange for us owning you" I'd accept that. They probably have some cash on hand too, or else they wouldn't be able to afford their own lawyers to bring the lawsuit in the first place. Of course, if they don't have money and are in debt by the amount they owe their lawyers plus the $500k bond, CIG shouldn't buy them until they're in bankruptcy court where they can get their assets for pennies on the dollar.
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