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  1. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Sell an option to buy shares at the price you want with expiry in a month or so. If it expires worthless you keep the money you got from the option sale, if its executed you get the stock at a price you don't think you can now get. The risk is that the stock might be even cheaper than that, but as of this moment you'd be willing to pay that price, so that'd be a hindsight 20/20 thing. I'd do this myself but options come in 100 share bundles and that's just too damn much money for me to be dabbling in. Of course, I have shares so the option I'd sell would be to sell my shares at a price higher than what they'd go for today, that I would (today) be willing to sell at. That said, I should go see how much one option contract for a strike of say $1200 or so goes for. Edit: This strategy also means you stop day trading it, because you need to have the money to buy 100 shares per option contract. Day trading is stupid anyways, unless its your profession. And the volatility just dried up this week so its not even lucrative any more. Just make some longer term plays and spend your mental energy elsewhere.
  2. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Tesla announced a secondary stock sale, diluting everyone's shares by 1.6%. The stock price went up almost 5% today because of improved financials instead of down 1.6%. I find that funny, but not unexpected, it happened last time they sold stock too.
  3. Good point. I think CIG might need an opening to license out "Star Engine" to other game companies, which is absolutely something I think they should do once Star Citizen is ready enough. Assuming they can't already do that with Lumberyard. And Crytek surely has some assets still, with the added bonus of no possibility of future litigation on that front. If CIG says, "you don't have to pay our lawyer fees in exchange for us owning you" I'd accept that. They probably have some cash on hand too, or else they wouldn't be able to afford their own lawyers to bring the lawsuit in the first place. Of course, if they don't have money and are in debt by the amount they owe their lawyers plus the $500k bond, CIG shouldn't buy them until they're in bankruptcy court where they can get their assets for pennies on the dollar.
  4. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    I've been tracking TSLA since before the 3 was announced and this past week had the wildest percentage changes I can ever remember. Except for yesterday.
  5. Bah let her rule. Unless CIG is going to buy out Crytek in lieu of them paying CIG's lawyer fees or something.
  6. You mean per ocean on every planet? Or per planet? Or per star system? Or the entire space navy? Because that seems thin for 50 star systems or whatever they control, especially when there's a war on in many of them.
  7. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Squeezing hard again today. Touched $900 and is now just below it. I think there will be a "wtf are we doing?" moment at $1000 and it'll have trouble breaking through that.
  8. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Yeah purely technical analysis there. But if there was any disappointment, they could have easily given back the recent gains in stock price, we've seen this story many times already. But that said, it looks like either I was wrong or they beat even inflated expectations... after hours the stock surged another 6% (as of this moment). I haven't even looked to see if the numbers or good or not. Edit: The numbers look good and they're even executing well in solar and batteries, for the first time ever. Y is ahead of schedule, China factory is ahead of schedule and they're going to scale it faster. 3 production numbers have totally destroyed any remaining "demand" short thesis. And the stock price is up another 6-7% after hours. I think this is looking like a hard short squeeze. I'm kinda kicking myself for not doing the straddle/strangle that I "knew" would work in my post 15 hours ago... I just never did one before but I don't know if I'll ever prescient another chance like this one again.
  9. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    I think a beat is already built into the price. They'll have to beat by a surprisingly large margin to make the stock price go up. I definitely wouldn't be putting myself in a position to rely on the price to increase in the short term. I think, if I were to play the market, I'd do one of those things that profits from the stock moving in either direction. The one thing I think it won't do when earnings are released is stay where it is now.
  10. Any idea when the judge gets to actually rule on this nonsense?
  11. I see on reddit the redacted thingy has been posted. Someone observed that 7 days after Amazon confirmed they licensed Cryengine to CIG, Skadden withdrew from being Crytek's lawyers. This looks to me like the biggest pwnage of this entire lawsuit. Granted, its obviously one sided as this is from CIG's lawyers. But if the judge agrees Crytek is fucked. CIG apparently will be able to countersue Crytek to get the rest of their lawyer costs paid beyond the $500k bond.
  12. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    There will be plenty more negative concern trolls than this before the production vehicle hits the roads. Cybertruck will be just fine in Europe, of course that isn't the final design, and I'm not in the slightest bit concerned.
  13. Pretty basic stuff there and doesn't really provide any evidence for Star Citizen's critics or its defenders.
  14. My guess is this is an actual attack craft that isn't meant to dogfight things smaller than it. It can probably "dogfight" large lumbering craft though... i.e. it can get them its in gunsights while tanking their small turrets because it can't evade them (but possible can outrange them). But anything with an ounce of maneuverability, like a Vanguard / Gladiator on downwards, probably including ships like the Cutlass and Constellation, will be able to maneuver such that they can hit it while it can't hit them (other than with its few missiles). I also expect this to completely counter ground vehicles. A tonk that files. As Chris Roberts likes his WW2 analogs, I'd say this one will be the B-25G: That said, I think it'll be more maneuverable than the typical combat-sim B-25 simply because its a space game without aerodynamic considerations. Also, lack of maneuverability can be covered up by good wingman tactics... i.e. they drop on your six how are they going to prevent your wingman from one-shotting them while they chip your rear armor? Is it worth getting? If you hate the idea of expending expensive torpedoes, I'd say yes. But this lane is mostly already covered by torpedoes. Someone will make a game balance decision years from now that will determine which is better than the other in the final verse. All this is just my guess after reading the pdf and store page.
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