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  1. Pretty basic stuff there and doesn't really provide any evidence for Star Citizen's critics or its defenders.
  2. My guess is this is an actual attack craft that isn't meant to dogfight things smaller than it. It can probably "dogfight" large lumbering craft though... i.e. it can get them its in gunsights while tanking their small turrets because it can't evade them (but possible can outrange them). But anything with an ounce of maneuverability, like a Vanguard / Gladiator on downwards, probably including ships like the Cutlass and Constellation, will be able to maneuver such that they can hit it while it can't hit them (other than with its few missiles). I also expect this to completely counter ground vehicles. A tonk that files. As Chris Roberts likes his WW2 analogs, I'd say this one will be the B-25G: That said, I think it'll be more maneuverable than the typical combat-sim B-25 simply because its a space game without aerodynamic considerations. Also, lack of maneuverability can be covered up by good wingman tactics... i.e. they drop on your six how are they going to prevent your wingman from one-shotting them while they chip your rear armor? Is it worth getting? If you hate the idea of expending expensive torpedoes, I'd say yes. But this lane is mostly already covered by torpedoes. Someone will make a game balance decision years from now that will determine which is better than the other in the final verse. All this is just my guess after reading the pdf and store page.
  3. Boildown

    Aegis Redeemer

    The Redeemer is no longer a dropship, is entirely a gunship. And is still in the concept phase.
  4. I still have a Playstation 3... i.e. the glorified Blu Ray player because PC is for games.
  5. Kickstarter closed, they made $44,415 of their $40,000 goal. They were willing to make 65 sticks but only sold 32, less than half. And they had 121 people pledge, so there's roughly 4 times as much interest as there were people willing to pay $1000 for a 6DoF stick of unknown quality. I'm glad the Kickstarter succeeded but I'd rather they made it by a large margin. Hopefully the goal they set was conservatively high to cover the unexpected. Will see when the reviews for these 32 sticks come out.
  6. Jeez for $20 you can just buy the Blu Ray and then you don't have to worry about what to do if your internet goes out. And you can rip it to whatever format you want.
  7. Yeah, it seems they are ED players primarily, from the Kickstarter comments.
  8. Less than 23 hours to go. They posted a video of someone using it in Pirate Swarm (just 9 minutes of it):
  9. Are jump points one-way streets? Do you have to fight the stream coming back, or is there always/sometimes a separate jump point that also returns to the sector where another one left? If your character leaves the jump current and falls into interstellar space in the middle of nowhere... what then? Not expecting anyone here to know the answers, but I think these things need answered.
  10. They just passed their goal of $40,000, so it looks like this is going to get funded. It was closer than I'd have liked: $40,825 pledged of $40,000 goal 110 backers 8 days to go Only 2 pre-payment pledges still available as of this posting.
  11. When is the last time CIG sold a game package with LTI? Assuming you disbelieve the "LTI means nothing" anti-hype, you probably want to be melting the one non-LTI ship in your lineup and getting this, then CCUing to the ship you really want.
  12. Keynote < click (These forums refuse to properly embed the video link) There may be a YouTube link by now, not sure, I'm about 4 hours behind the action because I was watching football.
  13. Boildown

    Tesla CyberTruck

    P.s. Just saw this posted by Reed Timmer: https://www.facebook.com/sean.schofer/videos/10162537752450510
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