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  1. Still running a GTX 980 (no Ti) from when it was first released. I'm probably ready to take part in this upgrade cycle. Don't really care to pay a premium for ray tracing stuff nothing I run will ever use, but it looks like the *TX *80 part will have it no matter what. I wonder if I can find one with 2 DisplayPorts and 2 DVI ports, 'cause I kind of need that to support my monitors and streaming PC's video capture card today and in the future. Rumor says NDA expires August 21st, so I guess I'll find out early next week.
  2. Boildown

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    What are they going to do with fake-Data though? Data was a great character... if fake Data is Picard's little robot pet making childish observations on everything, this show is going to suck. That said, I'm going to watch every episode.
  3. Boildown

    Chris Roberts on UEC

    It was a rhetorical question....
  4. Boildown

    Chris Roberts on UEC

    We've known the rules for a long time, they're ending up exactly as we expected. But that doesn't mean I completely agree that they're the ideal rules. What about the people who have both time and money? Won't they jump to an insurmountable lead? If you can't buy the UEC cap (per account, presumably) every day, are you falling behind? The key to preventing this from being a reality IMO is, they have to make sure that there is so much "content" that it can't possibly be all consumed even if you have the best stuff. For example, even the best scanners in the game won't make a dent in how much stuff there is to be scanned, or that scanning data gets stale too quickly and requires a re-scan often enough, that a new player scanning will always find much more unscanned "content" than scanned content, even when everyone else is scanning with the best ship scanners around. In every previous MMO, this hasn't been possible. Players always consume content faster than expected, usually much faster. When an MMO is so awesome that there's stuff to do for everyone, players tell their friends, and more people have fun and those new people tell their friends, and the population in the game explodes virally until all content is consumed and the game begins to "suck" to the point where new players join at the same rate as players leaving the game. The player population stabilizes but the game now "sucks" compared to what it was before (server lag due to overcrowding, all content is already "camped", oldest established players have insurmountable advantage, etc). Procedural generation of "content" (asteroids needing to be scanned for example) makes it theoretically possible CIG can stay ahead of the players. Given the funding model, this has to be true for Star Citizen to be "fair". This is why I've always hoped they make things realistically huge. The solar systems I'd prefer to be actual sized, with the speed of ships increased to compensate. This would give CIG the ability to add as much content as they need in the empty spaces between worlds in solar systems to stay ahead of a crush of players consuming all the content. I've noted before that given how many Idrises they've sold, there will be hundreds of Idrises in every single star system in the game, even after they've built out all 110 of them (or however many systems they said), and this assumes only 10% are online at any given time and they're equally spread out instead of clustered around the best content (which is what will actually happen). Every star system will be thick with Idrises given how rare and powerful they're supposed to be. Not even thinking about all the other ships. Star systems need to be huge in order to have enough content such that ships aren't constantly bumping into each other. The surface area of a sphere equals the radius squared times 4 π . This means that if CIG makes planetary bodies 1/4th scale, as I believe was the last thing they indicated they would do (as always subject to change), the surface area of each planetary body is (1/4) ^ 2 = 1/16th the realistic size. So Mars may be 1/4th scale but it'll feel 16 times as cramped as the actual Mars would feel. Replace Mars with whatever other planetary body you wish to consider. I'm not sure yet if this is still plenty huge, but it seems foolish to restrict yourself to a smaller size when a larger (realistic) size is so easy. And maybe they've already simulated it, and its fine. But consider that if they truly make a good game, the player count will rise virally until all content is consumed. Why not make that 16 times harder to occur?
  5. Boildown

    Chris Roberts on UEC

    This merely confirms what reasonable people inferred for the past 6 years.
  6. Clearly this conversation can go nowhere when you consider my every simple statement and question a personal attack on what you say is your profession.
  7. Do you not have the legal concept of legal precedent over there? Where one person winning a case to get their $300 back will allow everyone else to get their pledge back without a protracted and expensive legal fight? And skip the personal attack memes.
  8. Boildown

    Antimatter Propulsion

    https://cosmosmagazine.com/technology/antimatter-ion-drives-nasas-plans-deep-space-propulsion I found a newer video than the one VoA posted with better technical details. Its not a scam, but they still have a ton of challenges that might never be solved to create enough usable antimatter to achieve a decent thrust. Its basically can be classified along with creating a net positive energy fusion reactor: always 20 years away.
  9. There's two possibilities. Either it is possible to phrase a EULA / Crowdfunding agreement / whatever you call it in such a way that the end result is suitable to the crowdfunded project, where missing deadlines won't kill the project by requiring the money which was spent trying to deliver the project to be returned (which would be impossible, because it was spent), or it is not possible to phrase the conditions that way, in which case crowdfunding projects simply won't sell to citizens who's nations have those laws (i.e., if your previous assertion is accurate, the EU). The only crowdfunding projects that would risk it otherwise, would be those that are such a slam-dunk to be successful that they shouldn't even need to be crowdfunded in the first place. We (business people) don't adore laws that are unsuitable for the business we are thinking of entering. We typically choose to only sell our products where it can be done legally and profitably. When missing a deadline risks bankruptcy, we simply choose to do business elsewhere, especially given the unknowns inherent in software development.
  10. With those EU rules, EU citizens simply won't be allowed to participate in crowdfunded projects, simple as that. And I thought the whining over US gaming company contests not being allowed overseas was bad....
  11. Boildown

    Game Day, July 28th

    I vote for Other and write in Battletech.
  12. Boildown

    Antimatter Propulsion

    Do they even have a working prototype engine? How much thrust does it produce? How much fuel (presumably electricity and an isotope of something which has a half-life) does it consume? This video is far less technical than it needs to be to attract the kind of venture capital that matters. Although they did get this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breakout_Labs I can't quickly find any detailed information. Looks like a scam to me.
  13. Boildown

    The Orville Season 2 Trailer

    I think I already posted my criticisms of The Orville in another thread, but I still think its better than most non-cable TV I can watch. I'll watch this season too (two).
  14. That is why I still buy physical CDs and Blu Rays.
  15. Boildown

    RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)

    I imagine the Polaris / Idris / Javelin will have good medical bays themselves, so the question I have is, which of their hangars, if any, can this ship fit inside?