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  1. ooooooo
  2. Elite also doesn't allow players to do other things within a given ship, either. Using any other game as a metric for how CIG should manage travel times is specious at best. In SC, hopefully, CIG will allow the pilot to be replaced during flight. This will allow players to manage cargo, play basket ball, perform sensor activities, run a Hospital, etc. What other game has this as anything other than a cut scene?
  3. Hardware is a better place for this. I understand why it went here, though.
  4. Fidelity drinking game at Bar Citizens.
  5. Good deals at newegg - 24 hours sale!! other promotions too Ryzen 1700X for $350
  6. Get this for your Hull ships and other things for sale at Newegg
  7. AND we still don't have a lot of benchmark details
  8. Read about the new AMD tech here
  9. Gonna update this any time soon? technically not a necro considering that CIG have once again patched to allow us to use TrackIR. And can this be moved to Hardware?
  10. not to mention man-buns
  11. Never think yourself a cheapskate having only pledged for a Starter package - you are a Backer and don't have to pledge anymore than you already have - $45 is enough.
  12. Kind of a shitty question, I want to land in my Carrack.
  13. doesn't matter.
  14. Newegg deals for this weekend only!!! 20-21 May Deals at newegg for monitors- these expire midnight PST 22 May like this 34" curved monitor 3440x1440 21:9 AMD Freesync for $830 these deals expire midnight PST 25 May ASUS Prime X370-Pro AM4 AMD X370 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 HDMI ATX Motherboards - AMD -$150 but it's $140 with promo code