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  1. Sales at newegg that begin today - 12 August 2017 and why pay this for Win 10 pro <-- I go to ebay and buy an OEM license key for between $5-$20 and download the OS from M$ and burn it to a DL-DVD I've done this a few times when building rigs for my friends. You purchase the key and they email the serial number to you. Give it about a day or 2.
  2. Build help

    http://wccftech.com/corsair-neutron-nx500-fastest-ssd-ever-made/?utm_source=traqli&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=115 Still not going to persuade an economy builder to switch, especially when nothing is coded to take advantage of these new CPU. Newer tech cheaper still gets the job done I say. I'm still using an FX-8350 and games run just fine for me. This is an OCD problem, Plus, some guys just need to saber rattle ya know.
  3. Build help

    Corsair Neutron NX500 Is the Fastest SSD Ever Made by the Company – Peaks Out at 3,000MB/s
  4. At game's release, that hasn't happened yet so reserve judgement PG was talked about and made functional within 2 weeks of bringing on Crytek engineers from Crytek instead of the years they were originally estimating - this is a goiod thing because 100+ systems without PG at launch would be extremely boring otherwise, particularly when the instances still aren't that big, and people would still bitch about content. Wish in one hand and shit in the other - which one fills the fastest? See point 2 See point about limited instance numbers atm see point 1 see point 1 see point 2 (Plus, we aren't building the worlds, CIG are) I don't care how long it takes, software development for any product is hard, particularly with respect to a game of such scope CIG needs to work on their customer engagement.
  5. I found this going for $40 on ebay - 1/4000 scale I'll be posting pics of my own work later, but feel free to show your work too, Lego or otherwise, eh!
  6. Something slightly different
  7. The majority of us on the DS sub reddit are banned by Derek himself, so none of us engage him there, only the Goons can and do just to wind him up. We just archive his/their crap.
  8. And feed him or not (the latter has been tried) he tweets to himself for days about the same crap hate boner he has for CR/CIG/SC/SW42
  9. Newegg deals that expire midnight PST on 6 August 2017 the usual stuff, give it a look.
  10. And I'll borrow it? Because I'm that cheap.
  11. Sorry to resurrect this, but Derek got really owned by an actual German driver posing as a source named Steve. (translation by Google) Derek is getting really spun up because of GamesCom and CitizenCom, like previous years. in case you don't want to click the link (it's to the derek sub reddit): A quick Google translation: Hello SC community. My name is Leo and this post is for all SC Hater and Derek Smart Kiddies. For all the people who really believe that Smart Insider Information is. But from the beginning: For some time now, Smart has been boasting in various Twitter postings and his own blog that he has some trustworthy sources that give him a deep insight into the development of Star Citizen. He the great gaming god and warlord of the Internet affirms in almost every statement that the project Star Citizen is a single fake. I want him finally to reveal what he really is. A small troll, also a not very intelligent example of this genre. So I contacted him for more than two weeks. I wrote him that I had a friend who works at Foundry42 in Frankfurt and is about to cancel. Just because he can not see himself in the mirror because the whole project is a single lie. Shortly thereafter came the request from Smart that my friend should contact him nevertheless. So I shortly afterwards created an account on lockbin and wrote to him. I gave myself up as Steve. Someone who works in the backend area. I told him I had information about the work and the upcoming Gamescom presentation. A team of 10 men work on a demo for SQ42. For this, they would quickly rebuild the Stanton Map, instead of porting an Idris instead of Port Olisar, and most would not be calculated in the engine, but because there would be a lot of problems, the team would quickly preface a lot of the engine in Maya. By the way, I told him some other things, which I rhymed with one (or more) good bottles of beer. First of all, I have no experience as a game developer, nor is my English really good. So actually would be a half-way good game designer very quickly recognize that here someone writes mails the absolutely no idea of the matter has. Not so smart. He was really horny at my mails. And lo and behold. Only a few hours after my "Leaks" he was already twittering on it and spreading my absolutely untenable battles. SQ42 is a premier Maya demo, etc. So in short. Smart gets a mail from an unknown source. A short time later these statements are found as "proven facts" on his social media pages. I hope I could prove with this experiment now also the most stupid Smart-Huldiger that his "God" is really nothing but a small, failed personality. Here is the german for those of us non-germans who can read/understand the language (<-- third post down) same for the original german (and he has sources to back up some things): there is a point that google kinda hoses but is still rather funny: there is the key german phrase (IN BOLD below from the forum post - which is much better reading it in German) -- "aufgeilen sich regelrecht" (literally: "absolutely turned on") which was almost correctly translated by Google trans: "**Er geilte sich regelrecht" an meinen Mails auf". here in context - "he was absolutely lustful" (OR "he was absolutely hot) to get my emails" - horny is a bit much, but, considering that it's Derek we're talking about...) Hallo SC Gemeinde. Mein Name ist Leo und dieser Post ist für alle SC Hater und Derek Smart Kiddies. Für all die Leute die wirklich glauben dass Smart Insiderinformationen besitzt. Aber von Anfang an: Seit einiger Zeit prahlt Smart ständig in diversen Twitter Postings und seinem eigenen Blog damit, dass er über vertrauenswürdige Quellen verfügt, die ihm einen tiefen Einblick in die Entwicklung von Star Citizen geben. Er der große Spielegott und Warlord des Internets bekräftigt in fast jeder Aussage dass das Projekt Star Citizen ein einziger Fake ist. Ich will ihn nun endgültig als das enttarnen was er in Wirklichkeit ist. Ein kleiner Troll, noch dazu ein nicht sehr intelligentes Beispiel dieser Gattung. Also nahm ich vor etwas mehr als zwei Wochen Kontakt mit ihm auf. Ich schrieb ihn dass ich einen Freund hätte, der bei Foundry42 in Frankfurt arbeitet und kurz davor ist zu kündigen. Einfach weil er sich selbst nicht mehr im Spiegel sehen kann weil das ganze Projekt eine einzige Lüge ist. Kurz danach kam die Bitte von Smart dass mein Freund ihn doch kontaktieren solle. Also erstellte ich kurz danach einen Account auf lockbin und schrieb ihn an. Ich gab mich als Steve aus. Jemand der im Backend-Bereich arbeitet. Ich erzählte ihm, ich hätte informationen über die Arbeit und die bevorstehende Gamescom Präsentation. Ein Team von 10 Mann arbeite an einer Demo für SQ42. Hierfür würden sie die Stanton Map kurzerhand umbauen, statt Port Olisar eine Idris setzen, und das meiste würde ja gar nicht in der Engine berechnet, sondern weil es sehr viele Probleme gäbe, würde das Team kurzerhand einen Großteil der Engine in Maya vorrendern. Nebenbei erzählte ich ihm noch einige andere Dinge, die ich mir bei einem (oder mehreren) guten Flaschen Bier zusammenreimte. Vorweg, ich habe keinerlei Erfahrung als Spieleentwickler, noch ist mein Englisch wirklich gut. Also eigentlich würde ein halbwegs guter Spieledesigner sehr schnell erkennen, dass hier jemand Mails schreibt der absolut keine Ahnung von der Materie hat. Nicht so Smart. Er geilte sich regelrecht an meinen Mails auf. Und siehe da. Nur wenige Stunden nach meinen "Leaks" twitterte er schon munter darauf los und verbreitete meine absolut unhaltbaren Bahauptungen. SQ42 sei eine vorgerenderte Maya Demo, etc. Also kurz gesagt. Smart bekommt eine Mail von einer unbekannten Quelle. Kurze Zeit später findet man diese Aussagen als "bewiesene Tatsachen" auf seinen Social Media Seiten wieder. Ich hoffe ich konnte mit diesem Experiment nun auch dem dümmsten Smart-Huldiger beweisen dass sein "Gott" eigentlich nichts anderes ist als eine kleine, gescheiterte Persönlichkeit. https://en.langenscheidt.com/german-english/geilen Now Derek is trying to claim he had guessed all along that it was a troll. So, zero credibility for Derek and caution anybody you know to do some research before they consider his words. Outside of the fact that when you read anything Derek says, you become stoopid (roll "save versus befuddlement").
  12. AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 56 Graphics Card Is Allegedly Faster Than A GTX 1070
  13. Me? I'm waiting until late 2018 before I start thinking about upgrading any further.
  14. Buy some stuff for you new computer at Microcenter! lots of stuff, as usual.