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  1. Some groups are kinda busy socially, but most are, as you surmise, biding their time. Look around the different groups and pick for purpose and personality.
  2. There are all sorts of groups. Pick for purpose and group personality. Explorers tend to be more diverse in mission capabilities. The Black is a great wessel as is the prospector.
  3. Gremlich

    Hi all

  4. Wilkommen!! look around and see where you might fit in.
  5. Gremlich

    New Recruit

    Hola! There will be others checking in. Welcome, there are lots of different groups within SCB/Imperium. Do your research and connect. Cheers!
  6. hopefully one of the admins will catch this.
  7. Gremlich

    Hi all

    Wilkommen! There are plenty of sub-elements within Imperium. look around. You might want to select an exploration wing as they will likely have broad skill needs.
  8. Wilkommen! As you might guess, members of Imperium have been distracted. Hopefully, others will help make you feel welcome, too.
  9. Recently, I had an issue getting the most recent Geforce display drivers to install. I kept getting "the data is invalid" as an error. I tried all kinds of solutions, none worked and I thought I'd have to reinstall Win10. Contacted EVGA, tried their solutions - no joy. then, I remember seeing where evga had recommended using "Display Driver Uninstall" and asked them if I should try it. They said, sure, go ahead. So, I got DDU from Guru3D, ran it in Safe Mode, ran the driver installer, and Voila! The new driver installed.
  10. Well, they might be going out of business, that or just a wicked sale.
  11. If anyone needs WC stuff. Ad said they were shutting down, but it may be a clearance, either way good prices on WC stuff. How’s it going? https://sidewindercomputers.com/
  12. Hopefully things will pick back up this year. There's a great group of people in Imperium.
  13. Wilkommen! I was stationed in Germany decades ago (Frankfurt and Wuerzburg areas). Mainz was nice, saw some motorcycle races at Mainz-Finten.
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