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  1. Gremlich

    Hi I'm a Newcommer

  2. Pre-Black Friday sales at Newegg first one (expire 18 Nov) second one (four days only) (expire 18 Nov) third one <-- expire 15 Nov fourth one, expires 19 Nov
  3. Clothes? seriously...
  4. Gremlich

    mia Coming back into the swing of things!

    welcome back, mate
  5. Newegg early Black Friday sales. All kinds of stuff, like 32GB 3200 DDR4 RAM for $227
  6. Gremlich

    Hi I'm steeldelete

  7. Gremlich

    Howdy, newbie on board :)

  8. Gremlich

    I'm still alive! Hey folks!

    The "Hawks" are always chatting/posting
  9. Gremlich

    Anvil Arrow next ship for sale?

    wasn't that the Pisces?
  10. A good sale at Newegg. Like a WD 250GB SSD for $50 Really great deals in this sale, like $23 HP 120gb SSDs if you buy two. Great for the SC download. i
  11. Gremlich

    Want to Trade Free DDR3 RAM Corsair Vengence

    Done for now
  12. Gremlich

    Ongoing Discussion GTX1060 to get 6GB GDDR5x

    RX590 va GTX1060 Competes for 4K