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  1. New Newegg sales which expire on 16 July 2018 Shortcut gaming PC for $1450: Acer Desktop Computer Predator G6-720-I7KDCE1080 Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700K (4.20 GHz) 16 GB DDR4 2 TB HDD 256 GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Windows 10 Home 64-Bit for $60 with code EMCPWEP25 : COWIN E7 Wireless Over-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Microphone - Black for $100: Sennheiser URBANITE XL Wireless Headphones with Integrated Microphone -Black
  2. Voice Attack and HCS voice packs

    Make sure that when you install voice attack (NOT the beta) and any of the HCS voicepacks install files -- "Run as Administrator" (there are tutorials, but rarely they are written for a player, skilled user, yes, but not a player, IMHO) after you've unzipped and installed your voicepack(s), Launch Voice Attack (make sure you "Run as administrator") To get your profile started, you can create your own, or, to start using Event Horizon, import one instance of SC:event horizon.vap. (On the voiceattack gui, you'll see the word "Profile" with a space to its right, then you'll see a box with a pencil and then an icon with the "x" "+" and reply arrow. Click that last icon and select "import profile". Navigate to program files (x86)/VoiceAttack/Sounds and go to the desired voicepack. Look for the "profile" folder, you should see "SC: Event Horizon.vap", if not, drill down another level. double click it when you find it. BTW, if you select the box with the pencil icon, a window will present that has commands, sounds, etc for that profile that you can actually edit.) Once you've imported it, I recommend exiting the program then re-launching it. You should see something like this IF you've installed everything correctly and imported SC: Event Horizon.vap state "crew command roster", you'll hear a bosun's whistle. Next state "Crewman [voicepack name here]", you'll get a response, then you state "Number One". Then if you want, each position can be filled in the same fashion. Agains, there are six positions: Number One, Operations, Helm, Tactical, Science, Engineering MARS is a cheap really basic almost Dalek sounding voicepack at 6GBP, great for tactical or to try a voicepack out without spending 10-14 GBP yet. current SC voicepacks: https://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/collections/star-citizen Sometimes HCS has a BOGO event or 5GBP off sale.
  3. 2-day sale Sat and Sun at Newegg $48 with code EMCXPWPW2 --> HP S700 2.5" 250GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive and other stuff.
  4. Hello!

    Wilkommen! be advised that Imperium does run game nights, so make sure to check.
  5. BUY MOAR crap from Newegg!!! RAM prices are looking pretty decent for $70: Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite ML240L RGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, Sleeved FEP Tubing, Dual 120mm RGB Air Balance MF, RGB Software compatible, Dual Dissipation Technology
  6. In a Newegg Flash email, I found this for $260: Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel for Xbox One and PC (941-000121) comes with... Works with Xbox One and PC Dual-Motor Force Feedback Designed for distance Helical Gearing with Anti-Backlash Easy-Access Game Controls Responsive Pedal Unit Mounts Securely 900 degrees Steering Steering Wheel Stripe Works with Driving Force Shifter Attachment Game Compatibility
  7. EVGA bundle sales, some interesting prices 4th of July Sale!! options: GPU and PSU, GPU + PSU+powerlink, GPU+Case, GPU+PSU+Case, GPU+PSU+ free CPU cooler+powerlink+sli bridge ($630!!!)
  8. MOAR sales at Newegg and just in time for 3.2!! these deals good for TODAY only - 3 July USE the CODES found on the link above!!! SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2 2280 500GB PCIe Gen3. X4, NVMe 1.3 64L V-NAND 3-bit MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-V7E500BW AOC C3583FQ Black/Silver 35" Curved 2560x1080 160Hz LED Backlight Widescreen VA Gaming Monitor, 21:9 Aspect Ratio, 300cd/m2, VGA, DVI, DP, HDMI, Built-in Speaker, Tilt
  9. almost 20 years ago, the graphics load wasn't what it is today. and what, 16 bit? and only 511 MB. Point taken, though. from the wiki: hope SC doesn't scare people away like this game did.
  10. Space is so huge in SC, I hope SC NEVER turns into the new EVE. I'm okay with CIG's plans. What other game gives you the ability to have 50 players in ships (albiet with currently low FPS) to fight. which is part of the plans for programming.
  11. Some decent deals at Newegg this week, which expire on 28 June at Midnight PST 256GB Intel SSD Intel 545s 2.5" 256GB SATA III 64-Layer 3D NAND TLC for $66 <-- limit 20 per customer (not kidding) This is grerat for your SC and SQ42 builds for $500 --> ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1070 Ti STRIX-GTX1070TI-A8G-GAMING 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready Video Card RAM on sale GPUs CPUs
  12. Some decent SSD sales in this one 2-day sale on some of these, expire tomorrow, Thursday like a 480GB for $80 Silicon Power Slim S55 2.5" 480GB SATA III 3D TLC Internal Solid State Drive GIGABYTE Radeon RX 580 DirectX 12 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 ATX Video Card, GV-RX580GAMING-8GD $279.99 With Promo Code: EMCPVRP27 RAM, SATA cables with the angle you need.
  13. Hello, I am Blout

    Go to youtube and search out TheN00Bifier1337 and Bored gamer. Really great content from those two.
  14. Blind Culling delayed - again

    I am of the mind that unless CIG publishes SQ42 by year's end, there will literally be Hell to pay. Bind Culling is bad with LY because it is still CryEngine, I don't care what anybody says. That being said, CIG was able to take CE3 from 32-bit fpu to 64-bit fpu, that accomplishment was amazing codework. They'll be able to do the same with bind culling, they'll have an "A-HA" moment by the end of July, imho.
  15. Some interesting sales in today's Newegg Flash sale flyer, cases 15% off etc select Corsair cases