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  1. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Is Here But Can Your PC Run It?
  2. Okay, thanks Drum for the Upfront reason why not a good idea outside of personal use. Back to models. Anybody into Gundam? The Ships? Like the Chivvay-class Heavy Cruiser <-- $78 plus shipping and there are several more. Zentradi/Macross/Robotech stuff too.
  3. Companies seek roles in NASA’s return to the moon Blue Origin's proposed Blue Moon system could land payloads weighing up to several tons on the surface of the moon. Credit: Blue Origin NASA preparing call for proposals for commercial lunar landers An illustration of Moon Express' MX-1E spacecraft on the surface of the moon. Credit: Moon Express
  4. I quit reading Rollingstone decades ago, but found these. yesterday's article: Squadron 42 Will Not be at This Year's CitizenCon Event, The Annual 'Star Citizen' Convention Squadron 42, the single player component of Star Citizen, will not be at the upcoming Citizen Con event in Frankfurt, Germany. companion article from Late August 2017 'Star Citizen': A Peek at Planetside Gameplay - The Alpha 3.0 update is scheduled to launch next month.
  5. How Activision Uses Matchmaking Tricks to Sell In-Game Items In-game purchases are a multi-billion dollar business for Activision. Destiny 2's Eververse Trading Co. sells items for silver which has to be purchased with cash
  6. I still got a good deal on them, regardless. with all the extra kit?
  7. Remember the third stage of the cartoon "Robotech" - that's the part taken from Genesis Climber: Mospaeda. Remember the Cyclone Battle armor? Ray and Stig. https://hlj.com/product/set88028 https://hlj.com/product/set88026 $176, cough 16cm tall and they TRANSFORM!
  8. Ongoing Discussion

  9. Build help

    Look here for other stuff for your rig: And Ryzen is a less expensive option. Nyah. I run an FX-8350 OC'd to 4.3GHz with the Arctic Cooler Freezer 240 and don't go over 39 deg C. $90 at Newegg Tom's hardware review
  10. I like this sort of game entry options. None of it pay to win.
  11. Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System for $400 at Newegg!! sale ends in 5 days (so midnight 16 Oct?)
  12. Think again https://www.atari.com/ https://www.ataribox.com/ https://twitter.com/atari
  13. Holy crap!
  14. LOLZ, he's been showing vids from the 2.6 builds that someone like 4chan or the goons from SA are either giving him or posting where he can get them.
  15. BEWARE: Latest Gigabyte X370 Motherboard BIOS Can Permanently Damage AMD Ryzen CPUs, Sets Voltage Up To 1.7V extract for TLDR: The issue isn’t technically with AMD CPUs or any other motherboards. It purely related to Gigabyte X370 motherboards.