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  1. Inexpensive Irulu tablets for use as Roccat powergrid interfaces several on sale up to 50% - most under $100 for 10", 7" for under $50 different RAM AND storage capacities often free shipping Newegg sale expires 4 May -- the usual suspects
  2. deal at EVGA.com http://www.evga.com/newsletter/ENL_2017-04-20/ newegg deals that end 26 April FX-8350 for $108!, EVGA GTX1080 SC for $490! Newegg promos, use the coupon code
  3. No kidding.  read this article from WCCFTech
  4. RX 500-series details benchmarks
  5. I don't mind some tight moderation, because asshat is asshat. And Nazis killed dissenters (among others) so I'd say you don't really understand Nazism, we didn't have that on the RSI forums. You mean to say narrow-minded? Tunnel-visioned? Just because we have the Freedom of Speech does NOT grant one the right to be listened to.
  6. especially when you are considering an established video game production company with personnel, funding, assets and a deadline. Nobody can hold CIG to the same standard based on those points.
  7. I think you'll find that most Imperium members avoided the official forums, so your statement is flawed, we ALWAYS have a good time here I think people should just quit whining, everybody will get used to the new thing, they ALWAYS do eventually.
  8. Buy some shit! Newegg sales that expire on 17 April
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/64emj9/trackir_tip_disable_x_y_z_axis_for_a_better/
  10. Ongoing Discussion

    Not mine, but Nyah Nyah on Apple for the Mac Pro POS $5,660 Mac Pro Crushed in Photoshop Test by $1,530 PC with AMD Ryzen Snap
  11. https://medium.com/starts-with-a-bang/saturns-moon-enceladus-is-our-closest-great-hope-for-life-beyond-earth-4f0da7e33c11
  12. Newegg sales until 12 April $10-$30 off here and there for decent components The Titan Xp is $1200 according WccfTech
  13. Mass Effect: Andromeda was released after 5-ish years. By a full up production/development studio with a library of assets with which to create their game. It's not been that well received for published reasons. I think we should all manage our expectations based on the scope of SQ42 AND Star Citizen based on that, NOT on the fact that we want this game NOW.
  14. Lots of great buys from Newegg until 10 April 2017 closed loop coolers , RAM get some
  15. I've got a mess o ships (14). But, I didn't think about ships when I started, I thought about supporting the game's development and Space, which I'll likely not be able to go into in my lifetime. That being said, I've got the Endeavour and the Carrack at the top o da heap - non-combat for me.