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  1. This has been one of CR's ideas for a while now. I wonder if CIG is helping.
  2. Great, Gamer's Mediums should be available. (pssst, that would be XL)
  3. maybe the BIOS is locked on overclock settings? irrespective, I recommend restoring back two weeks and see if that fixes the issue, it shouldn't affect your SC load. also, did you look in the task manager to see what's using up your cycles?
  4. you can also do the following to choose one voice pack for all stations: "Crew command roster" [ship whistle sounds] "Crewman XXXXX" where XXXXX is the name of the desired voicepack (crewman responds) "take all stations" (crewman responds) "That is all" [this closes the first command] you can find this information in the HCS "Event Horizon reference guide" pdf
  5. some updates: HCS's Singularity makes Voice Attack much easier to use wrt however many voices you have. I used to think I had to create a new profile in order to have a single voice for a given ship. Huzzah! I didn't need to. (my attempting this actually screwed up my voice attack, I had to reload the whole shebang - both VA and the voicepacks. Your experience may be different when importing/creating.) Soooo, to fiddle with some of the VA features, with Voice Attack active, say the command "protocol override customize my settings" with no pauses! This command brings up an
  6. Wilkommen! Lots of prior and active duty military in Imperium, just hask around. I'm a retired CWO2 Army. Look through the clubs to see where you might fit in - Exploration has a broad remit, consider one of those groups. cheers
  7. please do. btw, I know a few KB+M players who have switched to dual joysticks. Consider that option. Cheapest option for that is the Thrustmaster T-16000M. You can switch out handle parts to make one a lefty. Office max shows them for $70 each. check out Noob's videos for equipment and gear switching to dual joysticks dual joysticks videos
  8. Welcome. Lots of former and active military in Imperium. Seek us out. I'm a retired Army CWO2 spook.
  9. Dude, 60+ is middle aged, 70+ is getting elderly. I'm 62 so bite me. 😉
  10. welcome back. BTW, the Avenger is a great ship, does most everything you want to do.
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