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  1. SciBorg

    A little advice for 4K gaming

    I currently have a 4gb gtx 770 in my system. But with the recent decline in price for 4k monitors im super tempted to purchase one. However im well aware that my gpu just isnt going to cut it. I dont want to be spending fortunes so was wondering if you think a 2nd 770 in sli would work fine?
  2. SciBorg

    Voice Commands in AC

    Just want to thank everyone who has posted links and helpfull tips etc... VA has suddenly made flying for me a whole lot easier and more exciting, no longer looking at a pause screen with the key bindings on working out where everything is, so thanks everyone
  3. SciBorg

    Star Citizen is 9k away from 40million!!!

    ahhhh somebody just throw $800 at RSI please
  4. SciBorg

    Watch Your Six!

  5. SciBorg

    Hi from the UK

  6. SciBorg

    zpz_mayhem standing by

  7. SciBorg

    Talaris, standing by...

  8. SciBorg

    Waiting for Liftoff

  9. SciBorg

    Hi all just another newbie

    Hey fellow members can't wait to meet everyone out there in the verse. Really looking forward to kicking some ass. Currently only own an Aurora LN but will be certainly adding to that roster before launch. SciBorg