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  1. Is that 200 euros? Or "each"? Considering that the Prospector is $140 (or was, originally), the Mole must be over $200 USD -- which is roughly 230 euros. I predict it will be $250 to $300 because the Orion was originally $325 and then it doubled in size and is now $575. The Mole will fit into that large multi-crew ship gap, alongside the Constellation, Retaliator, and Hull-C.
  2. The Mole is clearly intended for cooperative gameplay, particularly Orgs. While the Prospector does have collapsible storage pods that can be detached and hauled separately, the Prospector is intended for solo players who will fly the ship back to port to unload and sell the extracted ore. Whereas the Mole is intended to remain at the mining location and rely on hauler ships to transport the ore pods and sell them. If players setup an organized logistics operation, the Mole's relatively smaller storage capacity should be a non-issue, ideally. The simplest, smallest, and most efficient min
  3. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Ignore him. No one takes him seriously or has any respect for him here. Attention is like food for trolls, so let him starve.
  4. It's strange that CIG would reveal the Argo Mole during IAE but not put it up for sale until 3.8's release. I guess they're committed to their new sales strategy of making new ships immediately available to fly. That's certainly better than having a concept sale and the ship taking years to develop, but it still seems strange for CIG to withhold a new ship when we long-term backers prepare ourselves (and our wallets) to buy new ships during the anniversary sale. The Mole is an interesting design -- the Argo style guide is very distinct -- but I don't like that it so closely resembles the
  5. Thanks for posting this info. The fact that the base C8 has the 4 weapon slots but only 2 guns are equipped is very useful information. Adding two S1 guns to the Pisces is nothing — hardly worth $20 extra. I wonder if some of the components are different between the C8 and C8X? If the C8X has a better power plant, engines, shields, and sensors, then maybe the extra $20 would be justified. But it seems like CIG is trying to trick Carrack owners into shelling out another $20 cash — because the $20 upgrade is Warbond-only — to upgrade a FREE snubcraft with a couple of pea shooters and a new
  6. Every ship has grown over the course of its design and development, especially large ships and capital ships. The Carrack is no different. I prefer the new, bulked up design. It makes the Carrack appear more rugged and capable. The old sleek design was cool but I always had my doubts that it could pack in all of the rooms, vehicles, and components that the Concept Page stated the ship possessed. The new design looks like it can actually accommodate everything, which is why it looks right to me. I’m looking forward to seeing a detailed layout of the interior — ideally an X-ray view. Screen
  7. Yes, the prospect of finally being able to travel to other star systems is very exciting. I hope that CIG implements it in an innovative way. TBH when new star systems are added to the PU, I don’t want CIG to formally announce it and for the jump point to pop up in the Stanton System for everyone to see. I hope CIG keeps it a secret — or only hints at it — and leaves it for players to find on our own. It could be an un-announced competition: The player who finds the jump point and successfully navigates it to the new star system will be rewarded, perhaps by having the jump point name
  8. Hmmmm, I'm betting that the Argo Mole has something to do with surface or underground mining, like a ground-based Prospector. It would make sense because CIG seems to be shifting focus to planet-based gameplay, and it makes sense that there'd be mining vehicles in the Star Citizen universe. However, a mining vehicle doesn't interest me. We know now that the Pisces and Argo Mole are two new ships/vehicles that will be revealed at CitizenCon, but I'm still hoping that CIG will unveil a big surprise for us!
  9. More baseless speculation without a shred of factual information. Between accusing someone of faking owning an Idris-M (which only you cared about) to claiming that more players owning the Javelin somehow diminishes it, you sound like a petty elitist p**** who just doesn't want more players to own cap ships so that your cap ship is more rare and "exclusive".🙄
  10. I'm pleasantly surprised, because the Pisces is a lot of ship for a "snubfighter". The fact that it has 2 jump seats and 4 SCU of cargo suggests that it has an internal cabin, which I never expected for a snub. I wouldn't be surprised if it also has one bed, to permit safe logouts. I expect it'll come with a quantum drive, and can be upgraded with a jump drive. Because the stated purpose is that Pisces can go where the Carrack cannot, presumably because it's too big -- like small jump points. Players might prefer to chart a new jump point using the Pisces instead of risking the Carrack. In ord
  11. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Yeah, he's obviously been laughed off of Spectrum; now he's off-topic ranting on our public threads. No one cares.🙄 Hopefully CitizenCon will have some new cap ship gameplay video and we'll get this thread back on track.
  12. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    You know nothing.
  13. I agree, the Anniversary Sale will most likely kickoff when CitizenCon starts. I'm just wondering what new ship(s) CIG will surprise us with this year.
  14. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Allow me to laugh at your baseless and wrong assumptions. LOL! PU earning rates aren't set in stone... because it's the ALPHA. Nothing is set in stone. A ship or weapon could be dominant for one release and nerfed in the next update. The earning rates could increase or decrease dramatically according to CIG's whims. The UEC ship prices could also change radically. There's no way to know with any certainty. The best we can ever do is use logic and the information currently available to make educated guesses. I've seen evidence that SC players can grind out millions of aUECs in the spa
  15. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    It won't require a 100-member Org to purchase a cap ship in-game; it's just easier if players pool their creds together to purchase one. I've seen screenshots from SC players who trade-grinded and got their wallets over 30 million aUECs -- and that's in the span of 3 months before the quarterly release reset. I've seen estimates that a Reclaimer will cost 50 million UECs, so I expect a Polaris Corvette will cost ~100 million UECs. That is attainable by a single, dedicated player. However, cap ships will require more than one person to operate properly; therefore, Orgs are better suit
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