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  1. I believe this is covered in Item 2.0, Room & Object Container Systems. We already know that Alpha 3.0 will allow Dragonflies to be carried safely aboard ships, and presumably Ursa Rovers too. I expect that CIG will include a way to spawn a Dragonfly or rover inside a suitable ship's cargo bay, I imagine similar to how we can interact with a ship's hardpoints and components in Hangar and on landing pads in the PU. There could be an item node on the floor of a cargo bay, which will allow plays to spawn in vehicles.
  2. The Eclipse model in that pic appears to be in the "expanded" flight mode for atmospheric flight, not landed mode. The lines of the wings and moving wingtips are just visible, so you can see where they'd fold up. In landed mode, the Eclipse would probably technically fit, but it wouldn't be practical or safe. Since the Eclipse is shorter nose-to-tail than it is wide, and the Polaris' hangar is longer than it is wide, the Eclipse could probably land 90-degrees and fit properly. I don't think there's any reason why a ship has to land inside the Polaris with its nose pointed forward. Regardless, these are both concept ship models, not production models, so their designs can still change. All of the large ships have gotten larger during the production phase, including the Constellation, Retaliator, Caterpillar, and Starfarer. CIG will realize they missed something during grayboxing and have to increase the Polaris Corvette's size at least 10%. CIG will adjust the dimensions of the Polaris' hangar to accommodate as many military ships as possible, including the Eclipse. Based on this month's JP, the Eclipse was designed from inception to fit inside an Idris Frigate, presumably for Squadron 42. The Eclipse is intended to be carried, so I think CIG will figure out a way to make it fit inside a Polaris too.
  3. For the reason I explained: They don't want mil-spec Hornets to end up in Vanduul hands. Instead, the UEE permitted Anvil Aerospace to sell the F7C to civilians. The Jump Point regarding Anvil Aerospace explained how strict the military secret regulations were regarding the manufacturing of the Military Hornet and Civilian Hornet. The reason why the UEE military allows ship manufacturers to sell civilian variants of military ships is also explained: However, the UEE military definitely doesn't want mil-spec ships to be sold to civilians, which is why the F7A isn't sold to civilians. Based on that, the logical explanation for why the UEE military is allowing the Aegis Eclipse to be sold to UEE citizens for the first time is most likely that the military has something better hidden behind closed doors. It's possible that Aegis has just begun secret production of a new and improved stealth bomber, such as an Eclipse Mk. II, and rather than shutting down or converting their existing Eclipse manufacturing lines, they're selling them to the civilian market instead. From a manufacturing perspective, Eclipse production was probably optimized after 17+ years. Aegis wouldn't want to discard all that time and effort they put into maximizing the efficiency of Eclipse production, which is why it would be the perfect time to mass produce Eclipses for the civilian market. As I highlighted in bold above, the RSI Eclipse page has that disclaimer and states that only UEE citizens with an established track record for loyalty are allowed to purchase the Eclipse. Of course, that's just sales BS, but from a lore perspective, it presumably means that UEE regulations require Aegis ship dealers to vet the customers who want to buy the Eclipse, checking if they have a criminal record and screening out disreputable types. That means it's technically not a "civilian" ship, rather a "citizen" ship. We know that one of the ways that people acquire citizenship in the UEE is completing military service. Therefore, the UEE has some peace of mind that Eclipses will be used by loyal citizens for the greater good of the UEE. (That might be a little naive, but it's understandable.)
  4. You can choose to believe CIG's lore explanation for why the UEE revealed the Eclipse, but we all know the RL reason is CIG knew a Stealth Bomber would be popular with backers and they'd sell a lot of them. The Aegis Eclipse is a stealth bomber designed and developed by Foundry 42 for the Squadron 42 singleplayer campaign, presumably because they needed a stealth bomber for a particular mission. Of course, CIG isn't going to let an amazing ship like the Eclipse sit on the shelf until SQ42 is (finally) released; they decided to monetize it! The Origin 600i was scheduled to be the next Concept Ship Sale, but CIG bumped it for the Eclipse, because the 600 is a luxury yacht that will only appeal to a small niche of backers. Whereas the Eclipse has wider appeal and is a guaranteed moneymaker. The reason CIG bumped up the Eclipse's concept sale is because the Banu Defender's concept sale was a debacle because of the visibility issues, so it didn't sell as well as the forecasted. CIG didn't meet their monthly funding goal for April, so they hastily decided to run the Eclipse concept sale less than a month after the Banu Defender's sale. That's the RL reason. You can make up an explanation or parrot CIG's lore explanation, but that's the truth. The lore explanation that the UEE is trying to be more transparent with the Xi'An is BS IMO. Every nation keeps some secrets from each other for the sake of national security, so the idea that the UEE would choose to reveal one of their top secret and best weapons in the war against the Vanduul doesn't make sense. It also doesn't really make sense the UEE would release the Eclipse to the civilian market, because anyone could buy one, sell it to the Banu, the Banu could trade it to Vanduul, and then the Vanduul would have a pristine human-made stealth bomber, which they could study and reverse engineer. If that's the lore explanation, then the only logical explanation is that the UEE has something even better, either in the works or already in service. According to the lore, the Aegis Eclipse has been in secret military service for 17 years. It's probably not bleeding edge military tech anymore. There's probably something newer and better, possibly an Eclipse Mk. II, which the UEEN is keeping secret. (My money is on a stealth heavy bomber, the successor to the Retaliator, which is why the old heavy bombers are being phased out and sold as surplus to civilians.) There is established lore for the UEE military using scouts to patrol the Vanduul border and probe enemy territory. It was in one of the earliest Jump Points, which featured the Origin 300i, and mentioned that the military modified 350r's with stealth tech to serve as covert scouts. Regarding the use of the Eclipse for "border defense", I suspect that's a military euphemism for preemptive strikes. The scenario I imagine is that UEEN scouts spot a group of Vanduul warships in a border system, they assume that it's the prelude to an incursion into UEE space, so the UEEN dispatches a squadron of Eclipses to attack the Vanduul to preempt their supposed raid. A legit border defense scenario would be the UEEN detects the Vanduul warships intruding into the border system that they're defending, and they're heading directly for a UEE colony or outpost, presumably to raid it. The UEEN would scramble everything it had to intercept the Vanduul warships before they reached their target. The Eclipse probably wouldn't be the ideal "defense" ship in that scenario, because it is designed for stealth, not speed. If the UEEN had Hornets, Sabres, Gladius', and Gladiators on-station, in addition to Eclipses, if all the ships were scrambled, those other ships would probably reach the Vanduul first. In that scenario, the interceptors would engage the Vanduul warships so they couldn't QT to the target, and distract and occupy them, until the Eclipses arrived and blindsided them with their torpedoes. That could be considered using the Eclipses for border defense, but they had help -- and any other bomber could've done the same job. The primary role of any bomber, especially a stealth bomber, is always offensive in nature.
  5. I definitely would've gone for a Captured Vanduul Scythe, if I'd been on top of this. I guess that's what I get for going to see Alien: Covenant. I agree that CIG probably won't reverse the sales. Too much hassle to refund and they'd be giving up a lot of money. After the Banu Defender debacle, I think CIG wants the Eclipse Concept Sale to make as much $$$ as possible. (Wouldn't surprise me if they did it deliberately.) EDIT: According to the May Jump Point featuring the Eclipse: Also, JP explains that the Eclipse was designed to fit inside an Idris' hangar bay: JP doesn't state it explicitly, but if the Eclipse can fit inside an Idris, it should also fit inside a Polaris and Javelin's hangar bays. This means that the Eclipse is intended to be carried for long-range strike missions, rather than executing them independently, like a Retaliator or Harbinger. My theory for how the UEEN uses the Eclipse is a carrier cap ship travels to a system via a large jump point, deploys the Eclipse, and it jumps to a neighbouring star system via a small jump point (which the carrier can't fit through). The Eclipse will have the range to quantum travel across a star system, execute its attack, quantum travel back to the jump point, jump back to the neighbouring star system, return to the carrier, and the carrier withdraws. I'm glad I own an Idris.
  6. Based on the two pics, I eyeball guestimate that the Eclipse's torpedoes are the same size as the Retaliator's torpedoes -- whatever Size # they end up being. The Eclipse is 21 metres long and its torpedo bay appears to be roughly half the ship's length. The Tali's torpedoes are ~10 metres long. So it's plausible that the Eclipse could carry the same size torpedoes as the Tali. And, yes, the Eclipse would probably be significantly heavier when carrying 3 of these torpedoes. 17,000 kg is the Eclipse's null-cargo mass, which from my understanding means without any cargo or ordinance. It's possible each torpedo could weigh 1000-2000 kg, which would definitely affect the Eclipse's flight performance.
  7. The Eclipse is smaller than I was expecting, but I understand that it is a flying wing design (or "arrowing" according to description), which means its wingspan is greater than its nose-to-tail length. According to the (notoriously unreliable) Ship Specs page, the Eclipse's wingspan is 25 metres and its length is 21 metres. That can't be correct. Not unless it's the width when the wings are folded vertical or the compact "stealth mode". In expanded mode, for atmospheric flight, the wings have to be at least 35 metres wide. Regardless of the Eclipse's size, it carries 3 x Size 9 torpedoes, which are the same size torpedo as the Retaliator, which carries 6. That's not bad for fighter that is less than a 3rd of the size. It's the Eclipse's PRICE that is the real issue (surprise, surprise!). I think the Eclipse is over-priced for its specs and is probably tied with the Vanguard as the most over-priced ship in Star Citizen. The Eclipse carries larger torpedoes than the Gladiator, but the Gladiator has more guns and missile hardpoints, allowing it to function as a fighter-bomber as well as torpedo bomber. The Eclipse is smaller than the Harbinger, carries the same number of torpedoes, but the Harbinger's torpedoes are smaller. The Harbinger has bigger guns as well as a missile turret. If you omit stealth from the equation, the Eclipse would probably be $150-175. The Eclipse's stealth capabilities add $100 to its price. That's excessive IMO, considering that the F7C-S Hornet Ghost is only $15 more than the F7C Hornet. However, I think I understand why CIG put such a premium on the Eclipse: because it's a stealth bomber than can launch anti-capital ship torpedoes. The Eclipse was designed to blindside a cap ship and escape before the enemy knows what hit them. CIG needs to balance that destructive power with a high price point. As I backer, I wish the Eclipse was only $200; but as a player, I don't want every Pirate-player in the PU to have an Eclipse and be able to torpedo cap ships and Starfarers and Hull C/D/Es without any warning. Another consideration is that the Eclipse is just a concept ship ATM. Virtually every ship has increased in size in the development phase, so I think the Eclipse will end up slightly larger. Also, the Eclipse's components don't make any sense. I don't see how it's possible that the Eclipse could only have a Size 1 power plant. I understand that it's supposed to be stealthy, so a smaller power plant is better to reduce its energy signature, but a Size 1 is too small. An Aurora and Gladius have Size 2 power plants, and a Mustang has a Size 3. But those probably aren't accurate anymore because the Ship Specs are so unreliable. I also know that CIG has said they've drastically changed power plant sizes, so that Size 1 is standard for single-seater ships, whereas supposedly a Size 4 is a capital ship size power plant. I don't understand why they've done that, because it just seems confusing. (Why wouldn't a cap ship power plant be Size 10?) Something I was very disappointed by was the lack of detailed information about the Eclipse, such as its range and flight characteristics, i.e. can it dogfight in a pinch? I anticipate that CIG is going to have to do a 2 or 3 part Q&A for the Eclipse to answer everyone's questions.
  8. The Ghost's stealth does work currently, but not the Sabre's supposed stealth abilities. As I explained above, the Ghost is stealthy enough that it's difficult to maintain sensor lock, and guided missiles are pointless, but it's not "invisible" to sensors. CIG has explained that's how stealth works in Star Citizen. Ships don't have cloaking devices that render them invisible. It's about visual and sensor detection. The Ghost is more difficult for sensors to detect than other ships. The Sabre is supposed to be too, but CIG has nerfed its stealth capabilities, presumably to balance it for AC. It's possible CIG will enhance the Sabre's stealth characteristics in the future. Although my money is on the Sabre Raven being the dedicated stealth fighter variant of the Sabre, which will be super stealthy, but won't match the Sabre's dogfighting performance as an agility fighter.
  9. It's difficult to tell from the picture, but I believe the Eclipse has a two-seater cockpit. Whether it's side-by-side or front-&-back, I don't know. I think the Eclipse is partially inspired by the B2 Spirit stealth bomber, which has side-by-side seats for two pilots. So my money is on two side-by-side seats. I think the Eclipse is larger than you think. I don't think this is a ship that you'll climb up on a deployable ladder and crawl inside, like the Gladius. I think the Eclipse is at least as large as a Vanguard and will have an elevator that lowers from underneath the fuselage for entering/exiting the ship. I also think the Eclipse will have a crew cabin with basic amenities and a couple of sleeping berths, which will probably double as escape pods (but probably not as elaborate as the Vanguard Warden's escape module). I'm certain that the Eclipse will have guns -- it would be crazy if it didn't. As I've speculated earlier, they're probably retracted and hidden, to maximize stealth.
  10. I think that's "greycat". I don't think a Greycat would be practical on such a rocky, unstable surface, as seen in the video. An Ursa Rover could work. Although, including a Greycat in the video could've been a reference to the cat, Jonesy, from Alien. EDIT: Oh, I see what you meant now. nm
  11. I understand your point. The whole Serial Stamp thing is obviously a gimmick to entice backers to impulse buy the Eclipse Warbond rather than wait to buy the Eclipse tomorrow using store credits. But... it totally worked on me! I admit it, I couldn't resist! My justification is that, realistically, I was going to spend more money on Star Citizen anyway. So impulse buying the Eclipse Warbond is just doing it sooner rather than later. Tomorrow, when more details about the Eclipse are revealed, if it turns out the Eclipse is a lemon and/or ridiculously over-priced, I can always melt the Eclipse for store credits and use them to buy a different ship later. It's always useful to have a few hundred dollars in store credits to buy-melt-buy-repeat concept ships.
  12. The Reclaimer video was incredible! I presume it was an homage to the Nostromo landing on LV-426 from Alien, since the new movie Alien: Covenant is opening in theatres tomorrow.
  13. Firstly, the Ghost doesn't have the ball turret, only the Super Hornet does, and I don't think the Ghost can equip the ball turret. Also, the Ghost doesn't come equipped with the "chin turret" so you'll either have to buy/rent that or a S3 gimbal to equip weapons on the S3 nose hardpoint. Second, regarding the Ghost's "missile immunity", I've been playing AC since it was released and I have to tell you that missiles are NOT very effective in PvP dogfighting. I estimate that missile accuracy is 25% at best, because of countermeasures -- and every player knows to use countermeasures. Also, even if a missile scores a direct hit, Size 1 missiles will only kill the lightest ships, like the Mustang or M50. Even an Aurora can survive a Size 1 missile hit, although it will be heavily damaged. A Hornet can definitely survive a Size 1 missile hit. So if you like the Ghost because it's virtually immune to missiles, that's not a decisive advantage. I've been in dogfights with the Ghost and it slips in and out of sensor lock, depending on its range, if it uses afterburner/boost, or its firing energy weapons. However, it's ability to elude sensors didn't matter because I was able to track it visually. I've fought Ghosts in my SH, Sabre, and Bucc, and defeated them. The problem with the Ghost is that it can't inflict enough damage to kill most starfighters in one attack run. An experienced PvP pilot will realize they're under attack and take evasive action before the Ghost can kill them, or even take down their shields. Once the pilot figures out a Ghost is on their tail, they should be able to deal with it. The Ghost is a hit-&-run fighter and a kill-stealer. If the Ghost can blindside a damaged enemy ship, it can kill it. And some opponents might be fooled and frustrated by the Ghost's stealth abilities. But an experienced hunter will be able to deal with the Ghost, hunt it down, and kill it. I'm not saying don't buy the Hornet Ghost. I'm just informing you that the Ghost isn't going to grant you an unbeatable edge in PvP. And BTW, NPC enemies, like the Vanduul in Vanduul Swarm, can detect the Ghost and attack it. CIG has programmed NPC ships to cheat in AC, which is why they can detect the Ghost. My suggestion is buy a less expensive game package, develop your skills in AC MP matches, save up RECs, and then rent the Ghost. Try it out and learn its capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, and decide if it's the right starfighter for you. Then you have the option of purchasing a CCU to upgrade your game package's ship to the Ghost.
  14. @Snakebyte It depends what you plan on doing with your Gladiator and Retaliator. If you plan on CCU-ing them, then you're not going to have any bombers, which would make the Eclipse stealth bomber unique. I own a Gladiator, Retaliator, Harbinger, and now an Eclipse. I had planned to melt my Harbinger and use the store credit to buy the Eclipse, but then the Eclipse Warbond dropped and I couldn't help myself. I'm still going to melt my Harbinger for store credit and buy an extra Eclipse when it's released tomorrow. The Harbinger is scheduled to be flyable in Alpha 3.1. I'm a Subscriber so I should be able to test fly the Harbinger. Or I can just use RECs to rent it. If it turns out to be awesome, I can always buy back my Harbinger. My point is that you can always melt ships for store credit, buy new ships, like the Eclipse, and choose which ship you want later. Although, you said that some of your ships were from the Carrier Air Wing bundle, so you can't melt individual ships from that. Instead, you could buy an Eclipse CCU tomorrow and decide what to do later.