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  1. I bought the Anvil Arrow and Aopoa San'Tok fighters, as well as CCU's for my LTI token ships. As well as CCU's for several other ships, like a Warlock-to-Sentinel CCU and a Terrapin-to-Mercury CCU. I acquired a Sabre Raven during the summer, which rendered my Warlock package unnecessary. The 2018 Anniversary Sale was the first time since then that the Sentinel was available to purchase, so I finally got the CCU. The San'Tok isn't flyable yet, but I think I'll prefer it over the Khartu-al. Agility is important in dogfighting, but the Khartu-al just doesn't have the firepower to effectively compete versus medium fighters or larger ships. I think the San'Tok will have the firepower I want, so I can't wait to fly it!
  2. We all want CIG to release Squadron 42 and Star Citizen ASAP, but I don't think the thing holding back SC/SQ42 is that ships are unfinished or being reworked. I believe the complex game mechanics (like object container streaming) are the blockers because what CIG is attempting things that have never been done before -- which was why many so-called industry experts (and haters) have alleged that Star Citizen is "impossible". It takes time for CIG to figure out these technical hurdles, and in the meantime, they have countless artists producing ships, characters, weapons, environmental objects, and everything else that is necessary to bring the Persistent Universe to life, as well as complete the Squadron 42 campaign. The technical aspects of Star Citizen (and SQ42) aren't finished yet, which is why CIG is reworking existing ships while also developing new ones. In a way, it's busy work -- but also necessary. The ships being reworked are the originals, which are also multi-role ships. Multi-role ships are essential for Star Citizen. It's no coincidence that newer ships are more specialized and lack numerous variant models. New players are more likely to choose the original multi-role ships until they figure out what they want to do in the game, then they'll upgrade to a specialty role ship. But if the original ships look like crap compared to the newer ships, new players will be turned off and won't buy SC/SQ42. That's why it's essential for CIG to rework the older ships to bring them up-to-date. It may seem ridiculous to spend time and resources reworking starter ships like the Aurora or Mustang because many backers have pledged for higher-tier ships and will skip the starters. But new (mainstream) players who buy SQ42 and/or SC at retail will have to start with an Aurora or Mustang, and if those ships don't impress, those players will lose interest long before they can afford a Hornet or Constellation or Idris. The Retaliator is one of the original 12 ships and it was Hangar Ready back in March 2015. That's nearly 4 years ago! The Aegis Dynamics design guide hadn't even been established at the time, which is why the Tali looks so different compared to newer Aegis ships. That's why CIG did a cosmetic pass on the Retaliator's exterior, so it doesn't look so outdated. It's certainly an improvement, but it doesn't solve the fundamental flaws with the Tali's design, which are why players stopped flying it. The last time I checked, the Tali can't even carry cargo because the cargo modules haven't been implemented on the Tali. Only the heavy bomber model of the Tali is flyable, which has very limited usefulness in the PU. At the very least, CIG needs to work on the Tali to implement the Cargo, Living, and Dropship modules that were sold 3+ years ago. I believe that the reason CIG hasn't implemented those modules yet is that they plan a major rework for the Tali, so it's pointless to build modules for a ship that is about to change. CIG needs to rework the ship, then create the modules that fit into the updated ship. We can disagree whether CIG should be reworking the older ships or not, but I'm certain it's just a matter of time before the Tali is reworked.
  3. CIG will rework all of the ships, eventually. You have to remember that CIG wants mainstream gamers to buy Squadron 42 and Star Citizen, not just the existing backers. To appeal to new customers -- and counteract the dubious reputation that SC has because of its crowdfunding model and long development time -- CIG has to demonstrate that SC/SQ42 are AAA games, and the best way to do that is with amazing graphics. Like it or not, the graphics are what sell games to uninformed gamers, a.k.a. mainstream gamers. If a new game looks like garbage, gamers won't give it a chance. They'd rather buy buggy, unfinished games, like Battlefield V and Fallout 76, from big evil publishers that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on game trailers and ads that make the game look spectacular and fun to play. CIG doesn't have that kind of money to waste on ads. And CIG can't control people's perception and biases against Star Citizen. But they can make the game's graphics look incredible. To accomplish that, CIG needs to update all of the ships to their current standards, which is why the oldest ships, like the Origin 300 series, Freelancer, and Constellation are all being updated, including their variant models. The Retaliator was one of the original 12 ships from the Kickstarter campaign, but it's been virtually forgotten about because of complications with multi-crew ships, the ineffectiveness of manned turrets, and lack of need for a heavy bomber. CIG has been working on all of those game mechanics, but sadly none of them have been implemented yet. It's only a matter of time. Once those game mechanics are functioning properly, the Tali will be relevant again and I'm certain that CIG will rework the whole ship. Considering how far off Star Citizen's release seems, it's entirely possible they'll rework the ships that have already been reworked, at least one more time.
  4. I figured that the Tali would receive an update eventually and its turrets would be buffed. However, I don't think CIG is done with the Tali. This is just an update pass to try to make the Tali relevant again. I'm certain that CIG plans a major rework for the Tali to fix its poorly designed interior, and hopefully double its torpedo capacity so that it's more distinctive from the other bombers. The Tali's size and crew requirements just don't justify it carrying 6 S9 torpedoes compared to the Eclipse stealth bomber's 3 S9 torpedo capacity. It'll be much easier to find 2 Eclipse owners than 1 Tali owner with 6 friends to crew it. However, if the Tali's torpedo capacity was doubled to 12, then it's 4 Eclipse owners compared to 7 players. And when you consider that the Tali can launch up to 4 torpedoes per volley whereas the Eclipse can launch only 1 torpedo at a time, it's virtually a 1:1 comparison to the Eclipse. Then it becomes a debate whether stealth is comparable to the protection of 5 manned turrets. I think the problem with the Eclipse is that after its first strike with a single torpedo, it's given away its presence. If the target ship has fighter escorts, they'll be hunting for it, and the Eclipse will have difficulty launching the second and third torpedoes. Whereas the Tali doesn't rely on stealth; it relies on its gunners for protection and its hull and shields are a lot tougher than the Eclipse's, so it can take hits and continue launching torpedoes. Anyway, I'm pleased that CIG has given the Tali some love after they seemingly forgot about it for 2+ years. But I sincerely hope they have bigger plans for the Tali than just a cosmetic pass. I think a major factor is whether the Tali will be in Squadron 42 or not? If it is in SQ42, CIG will have to update it before the SP game is released. But an update to the Tali isn't even on the Roadmap, so I don't think it'll be flyable in the SQ42 campaign -- at least not the first episode. Regardless, I'm looking forward to the Tali being reworked properly and taking its place among the best medium-size ships.
  5. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I don't know the answer to that, but my gut tells me NO: the Idris-K Aftermarket upgrade kit is not a good value for $$$ to UEC. It could very well be the lowest bang-for-your-buck item in SC, considering that you could buy a medium to large ship for $300. A $300 ship can help you earn UECs in-game. If any, the Idris-K kit will cost you UECs because of the anti-ship missiles. But on the flip-side, the S10 Beam Cannon costs a lot less to use than the Idris-M's Rail Gun because its slugs cost UECs, whereas the Beam Cannon only needs power to operate. Regardless, buying the Idris-K kit isn't about a UEC investment. It's about upgrading our Idris-P frigates to make them more effective in combat.
  6. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Ok, good to know. Although, the Aftermarket Kit having 72-month insurance instead of LTI is needlessly confusing considering that ALL Idris frigates have LTI (because they've always been priced $1000+). This Aftermarket upgrade kit seems similar to the BUKs for the Vanguard, which originally had LTI for their concept sale and later had limited insurance. I don't understand why the Idris-K kit wouldn't have LTI (at least for the warbond version) now, but limited insurance if they're sold again later. Whatever. All that matters is that I succeeded in getting one of the Idris-K Aftermarket Kits this time, so I'm happy!
  7. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I added to cart at 86. In cart down to 77. By the time I applied my credit and clicked Checkout, they were out of stock. There's one batch left. Maybe I'll get one of them. If not, I suspect that CIG will release at least one more batch sometime during this year's sale. And probably sometime in the future. What I don't understand is why CIG didn't make the warbond version have LTI? That's what CIG did this year ever since the Origin 100 series concept sale, but for the Idris-K Aftermarket Kit, even if you pay new $$$ for the warbond, you don't get LTI. That's idiotic! That means there's no incentive to pay new $$$ and is probably the reason the limited stock store-credit kits are going so fast. CIG's logic is baffling.
  8. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Gone in less than 30 seconds!
  9. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    The first one wasn't exactly on the hour, so this one probably won't be either. Perhaps CIG is in league with the keyboard makers and they're hoping backers break their F5 keys.
  10. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I believe what it means is that the Idris-P Aftermarket Upgrade Kit will be sold in limited quantities for Store Credit, but forever for Warbond. So, if you're like me and done spending money on Star Citizen, you'd want to use your available store credit to buy one of the limited Aftermarket Upgrade Kits when they're available. If you can't get one while they're available, you'll be out of luck and have to spend new $$$ to buy it. And, of course, you can always save up UECs and buy the AUK in-game.
  11. Reavern

    Drake Kraken

    Ok, so the only difference between WB and non-WB is $250. I suppose I made the right choice by using my 20% Imperator discount code to buy the Hercules A2, instead of saving it for the Kraken. The discount maxes out at $100 anyway, so I didn't the full 20% for the A2. It would've been even less effective if I'd used it for the Kraken. And the A2 Warbond also came with a Tonk, worth $100, so it made more sense to buy with $$$. I glad that I didn't have to spend $1400 in new money to buy the Kraken. I didn't need that expense right now because I just spent that amount on a board game table on Kickstarter. I sure have a knack for picking expensive hobbies.
  12. Reavern

    Drake Kraken

    I agree that the value of the Kraken isn't comparable to the Idris, but bear in mind that the Idris-M started at $1000, the civilian Idris-P (without the spinal Rail Gun) started at $1250 and is up around $1500 now. The Kraken is $1400 Warbond, which is $400 more than the Idris-M. And back in 2013, we were all paying cash for pledges. To be fair though, in 2013, the Idris-M was a corvette and half the size of the frigate version, so it more than doubled in value. The is slightly larger than the Idris and the Warbond price is around the same price as the Idris-P is sold at in 2018. So the price isn't unreasonable, relatively speaking (considering we're talking about dropping over a grand on a digital space ship for a game that is probably several years from being released). The reasons I chose to go ahead and buy the Kraken were: I had enough store credit to buy it (after I melted my Hammerhead and several other ships I've cooled on since buying them). The store credit Kraken does have LTI. I really, really, REALLY want a carrier for my squadron. I'm certain that Kraken will grow even larger by end of the ship development process so the Kraken's value will only increase. I'd argue that #4 is the most compelling reason to buy the Kraken. I've stated this fact countless times already, but it warrants repeating: Every ship in Star Citizen sized Large or larger have increased in size between Concept and Flight Ready. The Kraken will continue this trend. Definitely. It's currently 270 metres. I predict that the Kraken will end up at over 350 metres in length by the time it's flyable. The concept art depicts voluminous interior spaces, including multiple Hangars, the Dragonfly bay, Engineering, and two large Cargo Holds. Those rooms and spaces appear much greater in size and scale compared to the Idris walkthrough we saw last year. And those are just the rooms featured in the concept art. There are countless utilitarian things the Kraken will need, such as crew quarters, mess hall, washrooms, various amenities, and probably a med bay and armoury. It doesn't appear CIG has accounted for those fundamentals, and even if they have, CIG always under-estimates their size requirements in the concept phase. That's why I'm certain the Kraken will grow larger and why it makes sense to get one now, if you can.
  13. Reavern

    Drake Kraken

    No batches. It appears that everyone in Waves 1-6 has one Kraken hull reserved for them. If the approved backers don't buy their reserved Kraken, those ships will be available for Wave 7 backers to buy.
  14. Reavern

    Drake Kraken

    Got mine. $1650 store credit and the non-Warbond Kraken does come with LTI, so I bought it. I didn't even bother the check the Warbond Kraken, and the buy options disappear after you buy one. Can anyone tell me if the Kraken Warbond comes with any bonuses or perks?
  15. Reavern

    Drake Kraken

    Based on the Valkyrie sale, there is the Ground Invasion for $2300 that does have LTI, but that non-WB pack is over $2000. I vaguely recall some ship packs from earlier this year in the $1000-1500 range that didn't have LTI, which is why I'm uncertain if a non-WB Kraken will have LTI. It definitely should, but who knows what CIG will do for this cap ship sale? Also, a key difference is a package versus an individual ship. Packages are more likely to have LTI. The Hercules A2 was $700 and it didn't have LTI. And the Hammerhead is $725 and it doesn't have LTI either. But the Escort Pack does have LTI for $1325. I think if the non-WB Kraken is less than $1000, it definitely won't have LTI. But if the Warbond Kraken is $1000 and the non-WB Kraken is $1100+, they both might have LTI. I think the Kraken will definitely be over $1000, and there's a 50/50 chance CIG will give the non-WB Kraken LTI. Although I think the price difference between the WB and standard edition Kraken will be in excess of $200, to strongly entice the space whales to spend new money.
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