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  1. Anvil Hawk

    It occurs to me that the Anvil Hurricane was originally intended to be a Starter combat ship in a Concept Ship poll two or three years ago. It wasn't chosen. CIG decided to produce it anyway and it became the Anvil Hurricane "heavy fighter", which is $175 glass cannon. Perhaps the Anvil Hawk is the Starter combat ship that CIG originally intended. (Although, as names go, shouldn't a Hawk be larger and more deadly than a Hornet? At least the Hurricane makes sense as the deadliest Anvil fighter.) I'll buy the Hawk using store credit, only because I buy every concept ship. But I doubt I'll keep it because I have plenty of other light fighters and a Starter doesn't have much appeal to me. The Hawk would have to be something special for me to keep it. We'll find out soon.
  2. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    I either own or have buybacks for every ship that I want and has been released thus far, so I'm hoping for something new and exciting during the Anniversary Special. I hope CIG has more than just the Anvil mystery ship up their sleeve. Or the Lynx rover, as some have speculated. I want something cool. I wouldn't mind some "Special Edition" ships, like last year, except with worthwhile loadouts and not so overpriced. (WTF was with the $175 Hornet Wildfire!?! That's $65 more than the F7C!) 3 more days... Hopefully we'll get a sneak peek Thursday night.
  3. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    Since Anvil Aerospace is kicking off the Anniversary Special, that basically confirms the mystery ship is an Anvil ship. Not that was a point of contention, because it's obviously an Anvil ship. Another great video by theNoobifier. It makes sense if the mystery ship is a light fighter, because Anvil doesn't have a light fighter in its line-up. However, it's not what I really want, especially if he's right that, being an Anvil fighter, it'll be heavier, tougher, slower, and less agile than the existing light fighters. That doesn't make much sense for the light fighter role. Wouldn't that mean it would be weaker versus other light fighters, because it's slower and less maneuverable. But it would be stronger versus medium fighters and larger ships because it's more agile than them and is more durable than other light fighters. If my speculation is accurate, those characteristics are not compelling reasons to melt or CCU my Gladius, Sabre, or Xi'An Scout. And I definitely don't intend to buy another light fighter. That's why I'm hoping that I'm right about the mystery ship being larger than a starfighter, and fulfills a different role than combat. theNoobifier also mentioned a theory that I had earlier, regarding the mystery ship's large wings, could mean that it's intended for atmospheric flight and combat. That would make it a little different, but also incredibly restrictive if it can't fly in space at all. I doubt CIG will go to that extreme, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't give it a jump drive, only a quantum drive, and a very small Q-fuel tank. But again, I don't need an "atmo-fighter". Even if it was $50 or less, I wouldn't buy it -- and most backers would buy it primarily for a LTI token. If the mystery ship is an inexpensive starfighter, there's no way that it's the only new concept ship being released for the Anniversary Special. CIG has to have something else up their sleeve. And I hope it's not just another batch of overpriced "special edition" ships, like last year. I hope there's something new and exciting, even if it's modules or component packs for existing ships. Like all the modules for the Caterpillar. Another possibility is a collection of planetary surface items that are suited for Alpha 3.0. Perhaps a deployable mining rig that can be carried aboard a transport, like a Freelancer, as an alternative to a Prospector. Or a Mule wheeled drone that is controllable by the Mobi-glas, which carries an assortment of tools for salvaging, and can also haul the salvaged items back to a ship. Or a deployable Sentry gun turret for guarding your ship when you land on planets. I can see CIG selling stuff like that. But I'm hoping for something special.
  4. Aegis Idris Frigate

    I'm aware that the U.S.S. Stanton is an Idris Frigate, which is the base ship at the centre of Squadron 42. The reason why the Idris was up-sized into a frigate/carrier was because it was the most developed capital ship, and they needed it for SQ42. Therefore, the Idris is essential for SQ42. When Capture the Idris mode is released, that will be one of the best indicators that SQ42 will be released soon. I believe CIG will release "CTI" mode first as a way to alpha test the Idris and ensure everything works properly, before they release SQ42. CIG knows they have to get SQ42 right. It has to be highly polished and blow people's minds. That's why I believe CIG will use AC and the PU to public test the Idris, as well as capital ship combat and board-&-capture gameplay, because they'll be part of SQ42's campaign. I don't think that CIG is worried about "spoiling" some of the gameplay in SQ42 for players, because that's whole part of the playable Alpha. CIG has done a fairly good job of not spoiling what will happen in SQ42, so there will still be plenty of surprises. SQ42 will be a collection of all the game elements that CIG has been developing for the past 5 years fused together into a singleplayer campaign with an intriguing story, compelling characters, and absolutely amazing mo-cap cutscenes and dialogue, which will exceed any other video game. That's why I don't think Capture the Idris mode will render the gameplay in SQ42 "redundant". On the contrary, the Alpha will ensure SQ42's capital ship battles and board-&-capture missions are superbly polished and incredibly fun! RL naval battles involving contemporary warships (and warplanes) wouldn't last very long, because a single torpedo or anti-ship missile can sink or cripple a ship, if it gets through the ship's point defenses and countermeasures. However, Chris Roberts has said that Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are more inspired by WWII combat, not modern combat. WWII naval battles were much longer than modern day engagements (which rarely ever happen anymore). The Battle of Midway, Coral Sea, Wake Island, and "Hunt for the Bismark" lasted for days. Most naval battles lasted for hours. It was rare for a battleship or carrier to take a direct hit to their ammo magazines (or fuel tanks) because those were the most protected parts of the ships. But if they did get hit, yes, the whole ship would be destroyed in an instant. Obviously the cap ships battles in AC, SQ42, and SC PU aren't going to last hours or days. They'll probably last 20-60 minutes, which is fairly standard for MP modes. It's possible PU cap ship battles will last longer because they won't be pitched battles like an AC game mode or a scripted mission in SQ42. In the PU, an Idris crew might come under attack by a group of Pirate-players, which could escalate into a larger battle, which would play out over several hours.
  5. Aegis Idris Frigate

    The "Capture the Idris" game mode has been confirmed by CIG, but they haven't announced when it will be introduced in the Alpha. It could be 3.0 -- more and more features, ships, and planets are being added to 3.0 as CIG continues fixing the bugs preventing its release. CIG included the Idris vs. Idris battle in the GamesCon demo for a reason. It didn't work perfectly, but they obviously have the Idris flyable and functional in the Alpha. My prediction is that if it isn't in Alpha 3.0, Capture the Idris mode will be added by 3.1.
  6. Aegis Idris Frigate

    I expect CIG will release more info about the Idris when the Idris vs. Idris Arena Commander battle mode is released -- hopefully with Alpha 3.0.
  7. Star Citizen Publicity

    Yes, I saw that video commentary from Pretty Good Gaming last week. I was pleased to see a positive report about Star Citizen from a game review site that recognize. It used to piss me off every time Gamespot reported on Star Citizen, because they wouldn't post any links to RSI or post any of CIG's pics or videos that show off the game -- like they would for ANY other video game. Instead, every single GameSpot article mentioned Star Citizen's funding milestones and there was an overtly cynical tone: "Can you believe how much money Scam Citizen has conned out of gamers?" Gamespot was shamelessly pandering to their audience, triggering all the haters and trolls, who reinforced Gamespot's critical slant against Star Citizen. However, ever since Star Citizen released Star Marine and all the videos for Alpha 3.0, GameSpot hasn't been reporting on Star Citizen nearly as much as they used to. Obviously all the progress and evidence that Star Citizen is a playable game runs contrary to GameSpot's blatant bias, which is why they're conspicuously silent. Same with IGN, they've barely mentioned Star Citizen in the last 5 years -- which is ironic, because IGN introduced me to Star Citizen with an article featuring the early 3D model pics of the Constellation, during the Kickstarter campaign. After I saw the pitch video, I was immediately on-board and pledged for the Connie. I can't remember the last time IGN mentioned Star Citizen. It's not surprising that IGN and GameSpot, the two online game review sites most corrupted by the big evil game publishers, are the sites that aren't covering Star Citizen, because it's not being funded or published by those big evil game publishers. They don't want it to succeed. Probably because they're so used to getting bribes in the form of big swag boxes that they shamelessly plug in their unboxing videos. Whereas Pretty Good Gaming is the polar opposite. They criticize the big evil game publishers all the time, especially over loot boxes and micro-transactions. Their videos represent GAMERS, not the greedy gaming industry. I believe that's why they're so positive about Star Citizen, because it's different than other "AAA games", which are all about micro-transactions now. I also like that PGG's positivity is tempered by reasonable expectations. They're obviously not fanboys that think everything is perfect. They acknowledge that Star Citizen's development has suffered delays and feature creep. I respect their objectivity. I really hope that PGG makes another video when Alpha 3.0 is finally released.
  8. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    That was unintelligible. None of those broken English sentences form a coherent point. You're apparently quibbling that American examples of Civil Defense aren't universal across the world. That doesn't change the fact that my examples are RL examples of Civil Defense, which most people are at least familiar with. This is the first time that CIG has ever mentioned the "UEE Civil Defense Corps". Presumably that means the mystery ship is something new and different -- otherwise why wouldn't it just be the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo again this year? It's NOT just another light, agility fighter. SC already has plenty of those. CIG knows that they won't generate new funding if they release another agility fighter similar to the Gladius, M50, Khartu-al, 325A, or Mustang Delta. Backers will just melt those ships to buy the new concept ship. CIG won't gain anything from that. If CIG wants to generate new funding, the mystery ship has to be something other than an agility fighter. I don't know what pic you're looking at, but I don't see any of the weapons or engines you claim to see on the mystery ship. The Aegis "centre circle" on the Hornet and Gladiator aren't engines or vertical fan blades. The circle is where the Hornet's ball turret is located. On the Gladiator, the circle is the power plant cooler, but it's not a spinning fan, because that would be useless as a cooling device in space because there's no air to function as a medium for heat transfer. The top of the main fuselage runs over the Aegis circle and is connected to the tail. (Why would a "cooling fan" be obstructed like that?) On top of that, in the middle of circle, there's a white object with what appears to be a single gun barrel on the left side. I believe that is a turret -- not necessarily a gun turret though (it's unusual to have a single gun in a turret). If it is a turret, the ship would be much larger than a Hornet or Gladiator, or even a Vanguard. As I said before, the wings make no sense for an agility fighter. They're too long and too broad. And they're useless in space. Furthermore, the wings don't appear to be able to fold or sweep back. Virtually all carrier-based UEE fighters and bombers have retractable wings so they're as compact as possible. CIG said that all Wave 6 ships are dedicated civilian ships. They're not supposed to be combat ships. All the ships released after the Aegis Eclipse have been non-combat ships. There are many non-combat roles and professions in Star Citizen that don't have affordable, dedicated ships yet. It doesn't make sense that CIG would release another redundant combat ship. It would have no special appeal for the Anniversary Sale. Last year's Anniversary Sale featured the Polaris Corvette. That was a big, impressive capital ship that was very appealing to backers. If the mystery ship is just another light, agility fighter, it's going to be a flop. It can't possibly be the highlight of the Anniversary Special. That's why I believe it's a larger ship, about the size of a Constellation or Retaliator, and it serves an appealing new role. It's not a "game changer" like the Pioneer. But it'll be exciting. I'm certain of that.
  9. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    The Vanguard and Polaris are both military ships that have been made available to civilians to increase the UEE's readiness for Vanduul aggression. Civil Defense isn't about combat, it's about protection. Traditional roles of Civil Defense have been air raid shelters, search & rescue, auxiliary firefighters, civil air patrol, and coast guard auxiliary. A new, light interceptor would be poorly suited for those roles. Whereas the Avenger and Cutlass Red and Blue are ideally suited ships for those roles. The new mystery ship doesn't look small or agile. Its wings and tails are too large. Fast and nimble ships, like the Merlin, 85x, M50, and Razor, don't have large wings and don't need them for space flight. It doesn't make sense to design a new starfighter for Civil Defense when there are a wide assortment of existing starfighters. That said, I wouldn't put it past CIG to create a new starfighter just to sell it during the Anniversary Special and generate more funding. Perhaps @Booster Terrik is correct that the cloud emanating from the skinny tail of the ship is a clue to its purpose. I assume crop dusting was a joke. I wonder if it's a firefighting ship used to drop fire suppressant. Of course, that can't possibly be its only purpose. I suspect there's a robust fuselage hiding beneath the wing "shoulders" that can carry passengers or cargo. It could be for S&R and med-evac. I'm hoping it could also be used as a Heavy Lifter utility craft to recover escape pods or small craft and vehicles.
  10. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    That's certainly possible... but it's misleading that CIG said all Wave 6 Ships are "dedicated civilian ships". Revealing a new combat ship, even a "civilian" version (like the F7C Hornet), during the Anniversary Special, is a surprise. A welcome one, as long as it's actually useful. The Buccaneer was described as a "Pirate Interceptor". Does CIG think the game needs a "Police Interceptor" to fend off Pirate Buccs? Maybe.
  11. MISC Reliant - Mini Hauler & Variants

    Yes, CIG definitely needs to fix the Reliant's flight characteristics, because it is un-flyable in combat. It's completely inconsistent with how agile the Reliant was supposed to be thanks to its Xi'An thrusters and other tech. It seems like the Reliant was rushed through the ship production pipeline and made flight-ready so CIG could sell the variant models and make some fast money. Then after it was released, they forgot about it and moved on to the next cash cow. I still own a Reliant and test fly it after every update to see if it's been fixed. No luck. The only reason I'm keeping it is I kinda want to RP as an entry level player, start out with small jobs, and see what progression in the PU is really like. It will make me appreciate my Connie and larger ships more. But if the Reliant flies like it does now, I'm not going to bother with it. The other reason I haven't melted it is that $50 in store credit doesn't buy much, and it's not worth using a quarterly buy back token on the Reliant.
  12. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    I agree it looks like a new Anvil ship. It looks like a cross between a Hornet and a Vanguard. My initial reaction was that it's a new starfighter, probably a brawler, because of the way the wings and overall mass of the ship is concentrated forward, implying that it's a tank-style heavy fighter -- as opposed to the glass-cannon-style Hurricane "heavy" fighter. Looking closer, it might be a large ship, comparable in size to a Constellation or Retaliator. It's unclear if the nose section of the ship is a cockpit canopy or the ship's bridge. And the small lightly-shaded shape in the ship's distinctively Anvil Aerospace centre circle could be a turret. However, CIG has said that all of the concept ships that they're currently working on are civilian ships, not combat ships. I know that Anvil doesn't exclusively make combat ships. The Carrack, Crucible, and Terrapin aren't combat ships. I wonder... could this be a dedicated Dropship or the Heavy Lifter VTOL utility ship that I predicted for the Pioneer? The large wings would make sense for atmospheric flight. The ship seems to be very robust and sturdy. The half-circle shapes at the junctions of the wings and the tails could be VTOL thrusters. Most intriguing. I'm eager to find out what this ship is, and if it's what I think it is, I'm definitely buying one.
  13. Aegis Idris Frigate

    At the time of the Idris' reveal in June 2013, CIG hadn't established the difference between missiles and torpedoes. Yes, now the distinction seems to be based on size, but at the time, the Idris was armed with missiles. After the Idris was up-sized into a frigate, the aft missile launcher turret was removed -- but not because it couldn't fire missiles forward. It was never intended to fire missiles forward. It was intended to fire missiles rearward (or sideways) to compensate for the Idris' minimal weapon coverage on the aft quarter. This is a pic of the Idris from 2016, which shows that it still had the bow missile launcher turret. It appears I was mistaken about the bow missile launcher turret being absent from the Gamescon 2017 demo footage. It's still there. However, it don't think any missiles/torpedoes were fired from it during the demo. The "P" in Idris-P stands for "Peacekeeper". CIG certainly isn't great at keeping the Ship Stats straight, but Turbulent isn't innocent either. There are times that a new concept ship's stats on the concept page will say one thing, the brochure will say another, and the Ship Matrix might say something else. Turbulent should double-check that they're all consistent, even if CIG did screw up. They shouldn't just post whatever CIG gives them and never bother to check it. Then there were the times that Turbulent made ships available to buy that shouldn't have been, like that time they unlocked a CCU for the Idris-M and it caused a shitstorm and CIG Support removed the Idris CCUs and refunded backers' money. So Turbulent is far from perfect.
  14. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Yes, when the Idris-P was announced, there were 2 difference between the M and the P: the Idris-M came equipped with the spinal rail gun and a STS turret on the bow. The Idris-P did have the spinal hardpoint and could equip a rail gun, but it didn't come equipped with the rail gun because it was the civilian model. Same with the bow turret, it was replaced with a standard ASA turret. However, the Idris-P was supposed to retain the heavy missile/torpedo launcher. The new Ship Matrix does include the spinal mount for the Idris-P, listing it as "S10 Available". However, the Missile section is blank, implying that it doesn't have any missiles/torpedoes. If the Idris-P has the missile hardpoint, but it was empty, it should indicate "S?? Available". Unfortunately, it doesn't. More evidence was seen in the Gamescon Idris vs Idris battle, wherein the Idris' missile/torpedo turret was missing -- although it did have the rail gun. I wonder if CIG has abandoned the Idris' over-complicated missile turret and redesigned the ship to use torpedo tubes, like all of the other ships. I can live with the Idris-P not coming equipped with all the weapons that the Idris-M has. I understand that it's the civilian version versus the military version. However, the Idris-P should have all the same hardpoints as the Idris-M. That's what CIG promised us way back in the June 28, 2013 Livestream, wherein the Idris was revealed, and CIG sold hundreds of Idris-Ps -- costing $1250 instead of $1000 -- in a matter of minutes. CIG has kept raising the price of the Idris-P. If they've decided to nerf the Idris-P while repeatedly raising the price, that's unforgivable. But it's no the time to panic or flame CIG about this, because it's apparent that the new Ship Matrix isn't 100% accurate and is continuing to be updated.
  15. The Pioneer could certainly be designed better. I like how the entire middle of the ship opens up, but when you think about it, it's not a practical or efficient design. The Outpost Assembly Area is completely pointless! Why does the Pioneer need to devote half of its internal space to simply setting modules on the ground? The only reason that I can think of is that CIG will allows the Pioneer to carry prefabricated outpost modules in the Assembly Area. When the Pioneer lands on a planet/moon, those modules can be placed immediately, instead of having to wait to manufacture modules. However, there are better places to store completed outpost modules. The top of the Pioneer is flat (when its closed up), so modules could be stored there and secured to the hull during flight. Those modules could be picked up and placed by the Pioneer's crane (more on that later), then the manufacture/assembly bay would open up to fabricate more modules. It would make more sense if the Module Manufacture Area was a moving assembly line that spanned the current Manufacture Area and Assembly Area. That would enable multiple modules to be fabricated simultaneously, instead of one at a time, and then taking up space in the Assembly Area. When a completed module reached the end of the assembly line, a crane arm would lift it and place it on the side of the ship. The Pioneer already has that swing-out arm on the port side -- which serves no apparent purpose. That could be a crane! It would allow the Pioneer to place outpost modules at the the bow and port sides of the ship, instead only in a straight line, and requiring the whole ship to move after placing a few modules in a row. Most importantly, the Pioneer should have a Heavy Lifter utility craft that can carry and place modules anywhere. This would be far better than a crane. And the Pioneer already has a built-in Landing Pad. It would make perfect sense if the Pioneer had a utility craft that helped it place modules.