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  1. I have an A10 Warthog in good condition. It works with no problems. Seeking $310 plus shipping (around $20).
  2. THIS SET WAS SOLD AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Hey there guys As I recently purchased a pair of Virpil Constellation Alphas I realized I still have a unused set of CH gear that I won't be needing anymore. So if any of you are still looking for a set of CH gear at a nice discount let me know! CH may not look all fancy like other HOTAS out there but their sticks are industrial grade, built to last almost indefinitely, and practically indestructible. I bought them back in 2014 because of that while building my basic simpit with my dad but I've never actually used them yet (except for sitting in the chair at times and making pew-pew sounds). https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50264/thread/a-boyhood-dream-becoming-reality-after-24-years-i- The original boxes are also still be available and my dad made longer (27cm) aluminium extender panels for the footrests back then to sit on top of the original shorter ones with adhesive tape because the original length of those pedals was rather short. Regarding shipping, I'm from the Netherlands so this may be something to keep in mind regarding shipping costs+fees. As far I remember the set cost me around €475 at the time and they appear to be getting rather hard to find these days so I would like to get at least €300 +shipping for the set. Send me a PM if you're interested and I'm sure we can work something out!! Figured I'd let my org-mates be able to get them first instead of putting them up for sale on Ebay.
  3. I have a Thrustmaster T.16000M and I've followed this page / guide to get set up: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50174/thread/thrustmaster-t-16000-fcs-hotas-fillable-pdf-form-c In that tutorial there's an XML file that has the keybinds. I've made a few changes to suit my muscle memory (long-time Elite: Dangerous player). Everything is great, except... There are 2 changes I'd like to make but I don't know how to go about doing it. 1st Change: I want to make it to where when I "twist" the stick left...the ship rotates in-place to the left. Twist to the right...ship rotates in-place to the right. (I believe this is the "RZ Axis".) 2nd Change: I want to make it to where when I move the Flight Stick to the left...the ship rolls to the left. Move the stick to the right...the ship rolls right. (I believe this is the "X Axis".) Without this change I spend 10 minutes trying to land a ship and end up going back to the Mouse and Keyboard control scheme. Is there anyone knowledgeable that can help? *EDIT* I'm going to be changing my in-game name and my name on here. Until I do I'm rocking my "Recruit" signature banner. Once I've decided on a new name I'll request a regular signature banner. FWIW, in case anyone cares or was wondering. I misunderstood which "name" would be my visible name when I made my Star Citizen account.
  4. T-rex

    Control command

    It took some time to get my x52 pro working and relearning how to program it. As I was looking into star citizen there are a few command that I do not understand what it does or how/when to use it . STAR CITIZEN Tech Support - players helping players MadWolfie@MadWolfie Discussion Control command and what does it do? 1) IFCS safeties. 2) Gforce safeties 3) command level stability 4) ESP 5) Reticle Focus 6) Reticle mode 7) i heard people talking about decup. How does that work? What do those command do for your ship and best way/time to use them? Pm me if you can answer some of these command, bit do not want to reply here. Thanks
  5. I have gone through several changes on my HOTAS over the past day. Finally, I just printed a dozen blanks to make it easier to keep track of things until I stop moving things around and am happy with the setup. I had previously made PRINTABLE defaults from the manual, but they are already obsolete, so no hope there. I imagine that as the modules are released we will be expanding on what we can do with these controls. This may assist you in keeping track of any changes you or CIG make in the future. So here are some Printable Blanks that you can fill in and use for reference as you set up your XML control files. - DRUM out EDIT Sept 9,2016: Cheat Sheets added at: https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/9923-printable-blanks-for-hotas-and-other-controllers/?do=findComment&comment=338668 Here are the Default FPS Keys in a printer friendly format. (May 11,2015) - Dec 12,2015 near end of PAGE 2 Blank Keypad Controller Blank Joystick Blank Warthog Hotas NEW Detailed WARTHOG (thanks @typicalmale) 4-18-2015 Blank X52 Hotas Blank X55 Hotas Blank X55 Thruster ONLY ADDED G940 7/3/2014: Blank G940 NEW SCU 2.0 Flight Keyboard (Dec 12,2015) ROLL YOUR OWN KEYBOARD - Total Blank for those heavy modified key binds...
  6. Hey all So the story begins with I, myself wanted to buy the mounts for my desk, but unfortunately they were too expensive for me. So I ended up building table mounts for myself. As It worked out pretty well, I just wanted to provide good quality table mounts to people who can not afford more expensive ones. So, here is the offer for you Hotas Joystick and throttle mounts. Our joystick and throttle table mount products are compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog models. We can manufacture in other models as well. Please, contact us for this. As our product development work continues and we are open for any feedbacks. The mounts are made of aluminum and metal. So during shipping, small scratches might happen. Each component is adjustable. So each of them could move back and forward, up and down. Easy to set up. Each product includes two pieces. All you have to do mount them together. Please pm us to order. Each product is 60 € + shipping cost. Shipping costs for two pieces would be 15 € for Europe and 35 € for United States. Email: agnlabs2017@gmail.com
  7. Hey guys I just picked up a Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS. Does anyone have any good guides or tutorials on how to set this up for SC? This is my first ever flight stick/throttle. If you also have any tips or pointers how I "SHOULD" be using this, please let me know! Excited to use it! <3 thanks guys!
  8. SpectreSC

    Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    Hey all, So I've got a T.Flight Hotas X and I was curious if anyone else uses this setup that could give me an idea of their profile/keymapping? What other tools do you use for functionality in SC with your setup, if any? I feel like the stick itself is too stiff or too loose no matter what I do, and I feel like I have deadzones as well. Trying to figure out what I can do to fix that besides getting a new stick+throttle combo.
  9. https://virpil.com/en/shop/grips/vpc-constellation-delta-vpc Just saw this bad boy show up, its ambidextrous so would make for a great HOSAS item, too. I don't have any peripherals beyond a keyboard/mouse yet, so with the scroll wheel and analog stick on the stick it could work as a 1 unit solution. Has anyone tried a joystick and mouse for gimball aiming in SC?
  10. A friend tipped me off to VirPil.com, producer/sellers of some joysticks and throttle accessories -- the sticks are both for left and right handed use catalogue: https://virpil.com/en/shop https://virpil.com/en/blog/106-vpc-mongoost-50-throttle-off-to-production https://virpil.com/en/shop/grips/vpc-constellation-delta-vpc The sticks require a separate base to work, which VirPil also sells. They also have desk mounts, stick extensions, mounting plates and dust cover. Here's the thing - they are NOT cheap
  11. Hey all, I have been around since the wing commander days of old on my dx66! Been playing the alpha game on my old saitek on my old sandy bridge ME4. Since upgraded today to a new APEX motherboard and 7700k and decided to splurge and picked myself up some goodies. Enter HOTAS and MFG pedals....... I cannot get them to work! Anyone know a good work around as I have tried a few custom uploads to my TARGET but for the life of me I am so old school and used to plug and play.
  12. So I've been rocking an okay joystick for a while, a Logitech Extreme 3D. It works well enough in Freespace 2, but in SC it's not precise enough and I can't aim well at all. I've moved to a mouse and keyboard setup since, and have drastically improved my combat aim. My question is if a better joystick might yield better results? I see people mentioning HOTAS controllers and dual stick controllers as options and was looking for feedback from the community.
  13. Hi guys, I'm having some problems with my Warthog. i can't for the life of me figure out how to get the buttons and switches on the throttle's base to do anything. The buttons on the joystick and throttle itself work fine but none of the base switches work. Trying to find a good tutorial on how to set this up for star citizen is like fininding a needle in a haystack, some videos are years old or just tell you to download someone's keybindings and then everything magically works. but I tried that and it doesn't. I've been trying to figure out the TARGET software but.. well, it's poop. if anyone can give me some advice I'd really appreciate it!
  14. Hey guys, thought I would share my low-budget dual-joystick and pedal mount I made over this past weekend. Enjoy!
  15. Hello fellow pilots, I make scripts for the tm hotas cougar, (as I 'm a cougar user) with the foxy and this is my last version for the SC 2.6. If any pilot needs the script the link follows: TM Hotas Cougar script for SC 2.6 (Foxy) . Τhe script works fine, and all the spaceship functions are on stick and throttle. I hope to enjoy it. Fly safely. Agrios.
  16. Hi. I'm not exactly sure where to post this because its about hardware but the problem is more likely with software. If it's wrong, mods feel free to move it;) I just bought a Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas (yeah, I know.. I couldn't resist. so.. shiny..) and I'm having some problems getting it to function the way I want it to. My issue right now is that it doesn't pick up the throttle at all. I can move that thing up and down and nothing happens. The lights are on and all the buttons are functioning but the throttle does nothing. I've tried following several setup guides (like Clifford aka Miku's on youtube (though its a few years old)), tried loading different profiles (like Solarfly's) and still nothing. Ive messed around with the settings in Star Citizen for a few hours but it still. wont. work. any ideas?
  17. Jezal Sekil

    Build help Build HOTAS setup

    Hello Pilots, I'm on my way to build/Modify my Arrozi Verona to include my Saitek X55 HOTAS. While I spend many hours to look around on the web what was already build for various gaming chair, I started to wonder what would be the best to place the joystick, on the right side or in the middle between legs? I think I would feel more confortable to place the joystick on the right, but if any of you already made the test I would be interrested to know which place you choose and why? Fly Safe!
  18. Will stick it out for the SC products (No pun intended), but these look great for being on a budget
  19. Squirrel

    Build help Portable Flight Controls

    So, I am looking at a possible job that would have me on the road several days a week on some weeks. As such, I am looking at portable flight solutions. I have 3 or so power gaming laptops I am looking at so that part is handled. But, I need some sort of flight control system that is somewhat portable other than a gamepad. I have never liked gamepads myself and would rather do mouse/keypad. But, my preference is something stick based. Anyone have ideas? The x-56 allows you to detach the stick from it's base. But, overall, the thing is very bulky and I would prefer something more portable. Just looking for ideas from other folks. Preference is for something portable and stick based. Some ideas on some solutions I have looked at: X-56: I like that the stick can detach from it's base, but even with that, it is still pretty bulky. T16000m/FCWS: I like the low profile of the throttle and inexpensiveness of the stick if I have to replace it but would probably need to construct some sort of padded 'brace'/carrier to protect the stick. G13/Orbweaver/Tarterus Keypad: I like this as an option combined with a good multi-button mouse or inexpensive stick Logitech 3D Extreme: This used to be my main stay until I started doing HOTAS. The nice thing is that it is easy and cheap to replace if broken in transit Multi-button/MMO mouse: I prefer stick based flying for the more 'natural' feel but could probably train myself to use a mouse if needed Gamepad: Non-starter for me. This is one of the main reasons I have never been able to play on a console. I don't know what it is about a gamepad, but I just can't do it. I will probably intermix Voice Attack as wel. This will mean I'll need 2 buttons for voice. One for VA and one for voice Comms. Can folks think of other ideas or have experiences with anything like the ones I mentioned in a mobile kind of flight solution?
  20. Snakebyte

    Ongoing Discussion Dual Joysticks incoming

    Just won a CH Fighterstick on EBay for £45, where nobody else bid, and bought the T.16000M FCS HOTAS for £83 from CCL Computers. That leaves me £52 to buy pedals from the £180 I sold my warranty replacement X56 for. I've refused to start playing in the PTU until I know and have the controls I want and it looks like they'll be here just in time for 2.6.
  21. Snakebyte

    Ongoing Discussion Saitek X55 to X56 replacement

    I recently heard of someone getting their X55 replaced by Saitek with a X56, even though it was out of warranty. This made me wonder whether this was an unannounced company policy designed to mitigate the X55 quality issues and raise the profile of their support quality, so I did a test. The pin connecting the two throttles is only in the second throttle by 1 mm and under rare, extreme conditions it can pop out, causing the throttles to separate. I emailed Saitek, stating that the HOTAS was out of warranty, but could they recommend any options to limit the throttle wobble that caused the 2 throttle halves to separate. They asked me to unscrew the base and tighten up any screws holding the throttles in place and to let them know the details of the purchase. I sent them a copy of the original invoice and informed them that the throttles couldn't be tightened up, but I had used a cable tie to hold the 2 halves together, so the problem was effectively fixed, as I only needed one throttle. I got a prompt reply stating that as the throttle was faulty, it would be replaced, but as the X55 was no longer in production it would be replaced by a X56 and I was given a RMA and the return address. This was in the UK. I still don't know if it is a company policy, but it looks like Saitek are going beyond the call of duty to ensure they keep their X55 customers happy. UPDATE 17 Sept 2016 - A brand, spanking new X56 arrived yesterday. Now I don't know whether to keep it, because of the analogue mini-sticks, or sell it and see what else turns up before Star Citizen releases.
  22. Hey guys, I started working on converting my old office chair into something better suited for flying and I wanted to share my project with you. So far I only have $85 into it as the chair was free as was the wood I used. I have a few challenges to overcome with this project as I live in a rather small apartment so my gaming space must also be the family office. My wife will be using the PC from time to time and it is where I do my school work. I first tried to use some scrap wood I had in storage and while it worked, it wasn't pretty and it couldn't be removed easily. So I headed to the hardware store to get some supplies. Here is what I am working with. The chair came out of a drilling office that was closing down. Its ugly but surprisingly comfy. And here is what I will be adding to the chair. All the hardware cost $85 because I had to go with 1" pipe because the 1/2" flanges were not big enough to be able to bolt up to the chair and the store was out of 3/4" In all I purchased 6- 1" floor flanges 4- 90o elbows 4- close nipples 2- 8" sections bolts and screws to hold it together This is how the arms are attached. I took two flanges and bolted them together on the support for the armrest. I took the two sections outside and made and cut them to size then used a round-over bit on the router to finish up the edges. Then I sanded with 80 grit sandpaper and moved up to 220 grit Finally I attatched the bases to the arms I left the arms slightly loose so that I can fold the arms down to make room for when I'm not flying in the verse. And here is where I am at now. Its still a bit messy but ready to fly. I need to decide on what type of finish to apply or if I will just paint the bases. I will probably add some velcro to hold the sticks and throttle in place. Speaking of sticks I need to get a proper left handed stick someday but the 3d pro works for now. I also plan on adding a usb hub underneath the seat to secure all the cords but she works for now. Edit: Although I try, I can't remove this last picture. So enjoy this shot of an ugly old chair!
  23. I just got myself a Warthog and am extremely excited! But it seems I can't get the system to work right. When I run their T.A.R.G.E.T. system with the keybindings that I set up my throttle goes from 0 to 100 and that's it, no backing down to 0 even. I would like to have the set up with at least increments of 5 with full stop at the throttle's idle position. Can anyone help me?
  24. Hey all, just getting this out there after few suggestions and a lack of options for the warthog setup. So I made my own. Let me know if you guys like it. http://th3warm0ng3r.wixsite.com/gaming is my site I am in the process of making for it. Open to all tips and ideas!
  25. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826280021 Currently on sale for USD $299.99.
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