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  1. Yep. Accessible on the right hand side in the main Area 18 square building (the one with the giant hologram person)
  2. danredda

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    1 word: Security. LTI despite being 3 meaningless letters, tells me that I will ALWAYS be able to get my weapons/ships/etc. in the game, provided it is still operating. It is essentially a guarantee that what I spent REAL MONEY on cannot be "lost." This is why I care about LTI. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this (as it is a game), but I would prefer it actually having LTI (Currently only things I have without LTI are the AMD Omega and Intel Sabre). Honestly, if it weren't for LTI I would have a Constellation and/or Freelancer tops.
  3. Calling it now, 3850x has a 50 because it is the 50th anniversary of AMD on 1 May next year (this is their 8086k). Exciting times. If I didn't have what was a decent rig 2 yrs ago (6 core, 12 thread), I'd consider this. 7nm is hopefully gonna be awesome!
  4. Or you can shortcut - F11 opens the comms tab straight away without having to go into any menus in the mobiglas
  5. It didn't fit. More than half of it is cut off vertically (just above hangar doors and below), and on all sides only the area inside this red box fits.
  6. Tow it using my Javelin towards the nearest star
  7. 26th November is final day of anniversary (Celebrate end of KS). Odds are the sale will start a week before and go out with a bang on the 26th. As for holiday LS, not sure. Usually a few wks before xmas
  8. I spent $30 on a webcam and it does the trick for now. Honestly, unless you plan on producing Youtube videos and stuff, it's probably not REALLY worth getting anything super expensive now. By the time the game comes out, 1080p/60 will be much cheaper.
  9. OK that is awesome. SC is gonna be great for game videos and RP stuff
  10. danredda

    Drake Kraken

    I got mine in wave 2. @Reavern Warbond version has LTI, ship, VFG Hangar. No special goodies from the looks of it. @VoA Looking at that data, I'd say that survey is flawed. Over 450 Wave 1 apparently which seems unlikely that many in wave 1, considering how many people have not been posting they were wave 1. The incredible imbalances in that survey's results makes me think the data has been compromised.
  11. There is no such thing as 100%, except from the source itself. As to your situation Minge, I would contact CIG through support (https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us) and find out exactly why it was locked. If it is for what Chimaera stated, I suggest you look at things like chargebacks and/or refunds through ebay (especially if you used paypal, ebay serves as a transactional contract and if it were stolen goods the seller could face blockage - potentially saving a number of other users from your same fate).
  12. Damn that is a nice haul. Shame it was on the wrong side of the planet. Maybe one day they will board their Constellation and come back down here....
  13. I'm pretty sure the Tony Z panel was stage 2 no? I don't remember watching it.
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