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  1. Hmm... ok. The CCU was there for me a week or so ago. Maybe my cache was just bugged. 😮 Didn't realise there was still an LTI game pack.
  2. @Danakar Endeel CIG must have seen this post. Nomad CCU is now gone it looks like.
  3. This is one of the first games I've played where the difference between an SSD and a HDD is EXTREMELY noticeable. If you're looking at a relatively cheap way to increase your performance in game and know how to install a new drive, you can pick up a decent SATA 500GB SSD (more than enough for now if you want a dedicated SC drive) for well under $100 USD: (Just an example, not a recommendation) https://www.newegg.com/samsung-860-evo-series-500gb/p/N82E16820147674. This will dramatically improve load times as well as in-game performance for streaming in and out content.
  4. Not even added to our hangars on the website yet, so not surprised it isn't in yet. As to the Legatus pack, they offer "upgrades" to people who have it each year with all the ships released that year (I don't have the pack, but know someone who does). OG Digital Completionist is still one of the best value/$$ you could've got now with all the old ship price increases.
  5. For sure. Expect it to line up by manufacturer with the free fly at the expo. https://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17360-IAE-2949-Free-Fly-Jaxs-Picks
  6. Honestly, I hope they DON'T Remove hover mode. I love it myself. However, it there should be multiple "toggleable" hover modes. Also, useful tip: hold X to lock your hover vertically. Perhaps this is what should be the toggle. Simple physics says this is mostly working as intended as the thrust vector should always be aligned to run through the centre of gravity in order to prevent pitching and other control moments. You want things to go straight unless another action is performed on them. If this is not the case, design decisions and computer systems need to be able to work around this.
  7. Legatus has had a badge since the new concierge program launched over a year ago. Been wearing it proudly since Also Completionist still exists, but just hasn't been updated. My guess is they might consider replacing it at some point, as 15k was a completionist but now even Legatus isn't a true completionist.
  8. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17153-Anvil-Ballista As an FYI, the dunestalker (desert) skin is a Chairmans club exclusive.
  9. Yep. Accessible on the right hand side in the main Area 18 square building (the one with the giant hologram person)
  10. danredda

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    1 word: Security. LTI despite being 3 meaningless letters, tells me that I will ALWAYS be able to get my weapons/ships/etc. in the game, provided it is still operating. It is essentially a guarantee that what I spent REAL MONEY on cannot be "lost." This is why I care about LTI. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this (as it is a game), but I would prefer it actually having LTI (Currently only things I have without LTI are the AMD Omega and Intel Sabre). Honestly, if it weren't for LTI I would have a Constellation and/or Freelancer tops.
  11. Calling it now, 3850x has a 50 because it is the 50th anniversary of AMD on 1 May next year (this is their 8086k). Exciting times. If I didn't have what was a decent rig 2 yrs ago (6 core, 12 thread), I'd consider this. 7nm is hopefully gonna be awesome!
  12. Or you can shortcut - F11 opens the comms tab straight away without having to go into any menus in the mobiglas
  13. It didn't fit. More than half of it is cut off vertically (just above hangar doors and below), and on all sides only the area inside this red box fits.
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