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  1. greetings Hello from Houston

    Welcome Jacket! Always glad to have a fellow Texan on board!
  2. hello all:)

    Welcome to the Base, nice fleet!
  3. Hello Fellow Citizens!

    Welcome to the Base!
  4. Hello Citizens!

    Glad to have you on the Base!
  5. new Hi all

    Welcome to Imperium!
  6. Build help New Build Advice

    looks like a few in stock at micro center locally, might try what lakota said, http://www.microcenter.com/search/search_results.aspx?Ntt=1080+ti @Gallitin
  7. New here game won't launch

    Welcome to the Base, sorry to see you are having issues getting the game to launch. I'm not real technical and there might be some others here that can give better insight to this issue but just wanted to mention maybe trying to remove and reinstall the client if time and data limits permit.
  8. Hi Hi!

    Welcome to the Base! no the eve one is dif, not GS here. Discord - http://wiki.starcitizenbase.com/doku.php?id=starcitizenbase:discordreg
  9. Dora dont know squat

    Welcome to The Base! Hopefully SCB and Star Citizen can fulfill your exploration needs.
  10. New To Star Citizen

    Welcome to The Base Cpt. Corsair!
  11. Howdy Hoooo

    Welcome to the Base! Glad to have you on board!
  12. Hologram Technology Shown Off at CES

    Wow! wont be long now.
  13. My new Star Citizen gaming PC is here!

    Very nice build! Love the case and theme.
  14. Hi from TX

    Welcome to the Base! always happy to see another fellow Texan!
  15. Howzit peeps

    Welcome to the Base!