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  1. BryGen


    Welcome to Imperium!
  2. some good deals on 1080's, it appears
  3. BryGen

    Ongoing Discussion New build

    So with the new gpu prices and timing to hit markets I'm going to move forward with the 1080 I ordered. I would have been interested in the 2070 founders but no telling when it will be available Planning another higher end build in approx 2 years and passing this one down the line so, we will get there. Should have some build pics this weekend if all goes to plan 😁
  4. BryGen

    Ongoing Discussion New build

    Nvidia talked bout new architecture at the Siggraph keynote. Got a new Quadro card - RTX 5,6, & 8k but thats all so far ☹️ maybe next week ....
  5. BryGen

    Ongoing Discussion New build

    I am getting ready to build another PC due to the fact that my current rig is going on 4 yrs old (still solid) and I am passing it on to my kids so they can start to dabble in the PC realm. My current rig is a mini ITX. Although it was fun, I'm going back to a micro ATX mid tower size. New build - CPU- Intel i7-8700k Cooler - NZXT Kraken X62 Rev2 Mobo - Asus ROG STRIX Z370-G Gaming (mATX) Memory - Corsair Vegnance RGB Pro 16gb DDR4-3000 Storage - Samsung 860 Evo 1TB GPU - Asus GTX 1080 8gb ROG STRIX , but if new cards pop soon might swap. Case - Corsair Crystal 280X RGB mATX mid tower PSU - Corsair HX Platinum 750w Also gonna grab a 32" ultra wide to pair up with a 27" So this will be a RGB build with most of the components having that feature. I want to build a solid rig but not trying to max anything out this time around as I will probably do another build in a few years. Will throw up some pics once its done.
  6. I am thinking about this as well.
  7. pricing seems low, hope not but..... RTX, the R =$200+in branding alone.
  8. BryGen

    |9th| |9th|Security Industries

    Hey Raven, welcome to SCB!
  9. its hot outside 


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    o/ Hi to all

    Welcome to Imperium!
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    Welcome to Imperium @Naeramarth ! Glad to have you on board.
  12. BryGen

    imperium Hello.

    Welcome to Imperium!
  13. BryGen

    new recruit Hello All!

    Welcome to the Base! Glad to have you on board!
  14. BryGen

    citizencon austin

    Just jump into the river!
  15. BryGen

    citizencon austin

    Will try my luck at grabbing a ticket as well. Update pending.