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  2. If we go by our own "human" experience, every time a more advanced civilization has encountered another less advanced one, it has not gone well for the latter.
  3. Gall, sorry to hear about your kid and hope he gets well soon. I am sure he will be up and about in no time!
  4. Drago

    Anvil Terrapin

    Why not in addition to instead of in lieu off the sensor array
  5. Drago

    Anvil Terrapin

    For me the biggest draw back is its lack of a gun turret with coverage towards the back side. In case of an encounter and given its low maneuverability and speed, its only recourse will be to use its shields and heavy armour to try to get away. In this instance however, the nose turret will be practically useless and with time, even the heavy armour won't be enough to withstand continuous fire. If it had a gun turret, it would reduce the number of shots landing on the ship and the shields and armour just might be enough until either help arrives or the ship is able to get to a safe place.
  6. Welcome aboard and you will be happy here...we are as drama free as you can get Cheers Drago
  7. This is another tragedy and on a pregnant woman for God's sake! http://nypost.com/2016/07/24/syrian-asylum-seeker-kills-woman-with-machete-in-germany/
  8. I just learned about the news, so sad that 10 lives were cut short.
  9. Jane Bond ... She definitely could pool it off, I like it!
  10. Sad to see another SC old-timer go. Good luck to him on his next adventure
  11. Triple bypass...that new engine will be firing on all cylinders speedy recovery mate!
  12. ISIS with their radical and twisted views of what is right and wrong, puts them at war with the rest of humanity. The good people of the world needs to unite and fight them. This fight needs to be conducted at different levels, first to contain them militarily, but that alone won't make the problem go away. The most important fight is to give the young generation of Muslims hope for a better future. We need to show them a better way through education and building a good economy, with jobs and income to support an honorable and decent life. My thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and the middle east, whom are all suffering from this senseless attack to humanity.
  13. FYI. Although not optimized yet, I thought you would like to check on how the game currently performs across several GPU's. http://wccftech.com/star-citizen-13-performance-analysis-nvidia-amd-improve-appreciably/
  14. The wall will be bigger than the Great Wall of China As a tourism attraction we can make millions , only that it will cost billions to make Politicians are not known for being smart, or are they? @Osclin, yes do leave a hole for Keystone.
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