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  1. LGF

    gun pictures are always fun

    It's a Truvelo 50, my first time firing .50 BMG and the recoil surprised me a bit. It also made my MSA Sordins turn themselves off.
  2. LGF

    gun pictures are always fun

    I had some fun the other day.
  3. LGF

    An odd request

    Link PMd to those who have responded. I've set up a Discord channel to help collate feedback. If anyone is interested in providing some here is the invite link.
  4. LGF

    An odd request

    So this is kind of a strange one, I'm looking for some fresh eyes to look over a series of PowerPoint presentations and offer any constructive criticism. I've recently finished building a new series on ab initio flight training and have to submit them for approval next month. Essentially I'm wanting to expose it to as many people as I can to make sure that the method of presentation makes sense to the majority of the folks who I have to present it to.
  5. LGF

    The official music thread

    What a wonderful world.
  6. LGF

    Beyond Dark Space MMO Beta

    EDIT: I'm an idiot.
  7. I don't think CIG is doing any CryEngine development for Crytek. All the engine work CIG is doing is for in-house purposes only, I've never heard of them sending the modified engine back to Crytek. In fact, as far as I know, CIG still haven't finished modifying CryEngine for Star Citizen. I'd put it down to internet conjecture. EDIT: Reddit thread on the subject here.
  8. LGF

    PTU 2.2

    Have they fixed the bug with the Sabre's shield in 2.2.1?
  9. I had similar trouble with my old GTX580, are you able to change the PCIE slot the GPU is installed in? You may have to reinstall drivers before it functions normally.
  10. What GPU do you have? Do you have an OC on the GPU? Try changing the SATA port for the BOOT_DEVICE_LED error. Also, I love that background, where did you get it?
  11. LGF

    Flying Fortress The Aegis Retaliator

    I'd love to check out how the local physics grid handles players trying to traverse that.
  12. LGF

    PTU 2.2

    So excited!