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  1. wfja

    Gallery of in Game Screenshots

    Wow, nice album! Makes the game look amazing. @Porcupine I think they're from the ArcCorp landing site, not the fully implemented planets version.
  2. wfja

    Perfect Pancakes

    "Good morning everybody, I'm making pancakes for breakfast today..." ... I'm intrigued...
  3. wfja

    My new Star Citizen gaming PC is here!

    @Danakar Endeel On mobile so can't quote, but did you say that you had a 1080p monitor? With a rig like this, please please please upgrade to 1440p! Sticking with 1080p is like waiting 12 years for Star Citizen only to play it on mobile. What's the point?
  4. wfja

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    It's such a little thing that requires so much effort but I'm still incredibly impressed CIG's putting in deck crew NPCs. For me, one of the most exciting aspects is the crew manager for multi-crew and capital ships. That I'll be able to get a crew in my Idris, complete from janitors to deck crew? Hell yeah! So psyched. Also means we'll have a lot of assets for cinematics! I believe FiendishFeather animated the crew. Taking in-game animations will make the process easy enough for scrubs like me to make cool films.
  5. wfja

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I doubt CIG will put it in - maybe as an Easter egg - but we should do our own version! An Imperium Top Gun supercut. We can do one per capital or do a mashup. Heck, maybe we could use it as a recruitment vid! In any case we'd make CR proud.
  6. wfja

    Constellation - Variants

    @Booster Terrik IDK man, those hot tub component specs are pretty high-end and exclusive... Why have a powerplant when you can seduce any pirates you come across? Show them the luxurious side of gameplay.
  7. wfja

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    @FoxChard Would you prefer it on the Idris, the Pegasus, or the Bengal?
  8. wfja

    My new Star Citizen gaming PC is here!

    Oh wow! Looks amazing. I love the decal. Aegis is indeed the superior manufacturer. And the hardware looks like just what you'll need for a while to come. Just think about those juicy frames once they get the server-side optimization in!
  9. Bleh. That sucks. An already small market gets smaller. Not looking forward to uncontested nvidia price hikes.
  10. I really like this! Not only is it solid theory-crafting but you seem to have addressed multiple concerns with your composition of forces. One thing I noted in your linked post is that you were apart of the USAF. Are you drawing on any parts of your experiences there to conceptualize this theory crafting? As someone without military experience, I would've likely excluded something if I was to address this problem myself, like the Polaris rear guard. Can you also explain why you rely heavily on Hammerheads?
  11. wfja

    Bengal Carrier

    That's the balancing mechanic. These ships - by design - will have enormous combat capability and will project a shit-ton of power. They'll blow the other guy outta the water, no problem. In return, we'll have to throw all the monies and labours at them. Costs well-paid, IMO. I want some of these in our fleet. T&I will have their work cut out for them! This is the root of the whole "repair and online large capitals" thing. I think it's safe to say this is confirmed for the PU. Hopefully, there'll be other super-caps out there too, like the Pegasus-class or the Indefatigable-class. Whether derelicts will be hidden and ready at PU launch is the real question here. And how long it'll take to find them!
  12. wfja

    music You Will Enjoy This

    You're right. I did enjoy that.
  13. wfja

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    @Boildown I f'ing love BSG. Thanks for the reminder. As an aside, a long, long time ago, the Pegasus escort carrier appearing in Episode 2 of SQ42 was confirmed to launch alert fighters Galatica-style. Dunno if that's still current, but cool nonetheless, eh? @FoxChard The whole Bogey thing is kind-of a "hmm." I'm sure that once they flesh out the contact/radar system a little more, they'll fix it. Separate unknowns from hostiles. They have to... right? Besides, they got to give the radar operator something to do on capitals. TBH I'm sure that brevity will slowly appear in comms once we start doing organized missions and fleet ops. It's too damned convenient not too. Actually, I'd be surprised if the Academy hasn't concepted a course on brevity already! It'll probably end up a hodge-podge of IRL, sci-fi inspired, and SC-specific vocabularies. Hopefully we get some BSG material in there too... "Hornet three-five/Heart, clear forward, nav-con green, interval check, VTOL holding, thrust positive and steady. You're cleared to launch. Launch launch launch." Mmmm I'm ready.
  14. @J. Coren You make some solid points. In my head, that the Kr'thak were a funding goal gave them some level of significance - I thought they'd be present already like the Banu or the Vanduul. But us not knowing anything is simply that - we don't know anything. I wonder on the Xi'an's motivation on keeping us cut off from them... are the reasons mainly cultural, xenophobic, strategic, etc.... Oh? Guess I missed something. Didn't know that they had intercepted explorers. Though, let's be real... on PU launch, I betchya some orgs will form fleets and simply march off into the unknown. That's have the appeal of exploration in a sci-fi game, right? I don't think a Quarian-esque fleet is as improbable as some may think. You're probably right on the money. I doubt they want to commit more resources creating another alien race when they have 3 (and likely more) already in the works. Though that kind of piques my interest... What do you think CIG will do for a continued narrative in the 'verse post-launch? They're on record saying they want the game to mirror the collapse of the Roman Empire, and, with the ability to puppet all the NPCs, they'll be able to craft an amazing narrative indeed. But what else? Maybe they'll release more capitals (like the Pegasus or Retribution) in the PU to incentivize org PvP. You know they gotta do a full-on Vanduul incursion sometime, too. Maybe they'll involve us in UEE politics with big orgs involved? Maybe we'll be a part of a 'verse-wide revolution... The possibilities! What's your thought process?
  15. I'm too poor to start filling up my Starfarer - only have 700 some credits - so I'll try to fly my Hornet here and give it a shot. I think it has 2 SCU or so. Make some money and buy some pretty armor pieces! Thanks @FoxChard I'll post when I don't fail horribly.