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  1. until

    Would love to practice some dropship deployments. Will be there!
  2. Nice! You're building quite the fleet there :D And always nice to see a fellow Canadian. 👋
  3. wfja

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Honestly, I really like the idea of the Idris-K upgrade kit. I'll probably be getting one. The three-ship hangar was always a big draw as I imagined the Idris would be great as a force multiplier in skirmishes, or as an escort for a heavily laden mercantile vessel. I love the mental image of Imperium miners being raided, then suddenly saved as an Idris warps in and releases its fighters. My only concern (with the P, at least) was that the ship itself might not have the best weaponry for those kinds of fights. Anti-ship missiles? Yes please! Automated turrets with solid tracking? Exce
  4. wfja

    MISC Endeavor

    I'm with Juntau on this one. Here here! @Sky Captain I'm a capital ship-oriented player. With an interest in logistics and FPS/ground-play, I'm keeping the Endeavour for the Hope-class hospital. It'll likely be top of its class and it seems like a perfect ship to add to my fleet. Then again, I only bought it because I'm solely interested in medical gameplay opportunities it provides. I'd wait to hear more about game mechanics before settling on a conclusion.
  5. Yeah I'm interested to see how the gunship ends up. It'd be cool if it goes full-out air support. Gives more variety for our ship complement, for sure.
  6. @Devil Khan AFAIK one of the benefits of the Prowler's air shields are in-space deployment of suited troops. No moving doors/depressurization needed.
  7. @VoA Eventually I'd like a Hercules, but I think the Valkyrie fits a nice niche as a mid-sized drop-ship. The vehicle capacity is a huge plus, for sure. I really like how they're fleshing out the ground-based ships.
  8. @Devil Khan Oh, I witnessed it. I'm stuck in this chair for hours yet! Debating delivery... chinese? @Arcanus I really hope that ground battleplay will take inspiration from Planetside 2. I remember lots of suicide runs in Galaxies with that playing, before dropping on NC scum.
  9. Apparently it'll have modules though? I look forward to the Q&A. Loving the 'Huey feel with the door guns though. Play the 'Nam music, coming in from out of atmo.
  10. TBH I'd love to have a partnership with a ground-based unit. I'm sure a strike team would be more than welcome on our active fleet! And I know that I will be side-specializing as a dropship pilot, so...
  11. @Fizzlefuse Say goodbye to your funds! Yerp. Bought. CCU'd my Gemini for it. No regrets, dropship gameplay is my jam.
  12. They're a flying turret nest! I definitely wouldn't want to fly at that in a fighter. A couple of those will give some nice point defence for our fleet.
  13. Absolutely, media team is badass. I like the change. Then again, further towards launch I wouldn't be surprised if Imperium released a standardized classification system. CIG's work on naming ships might also change our names, depending on mechanics. TBH, any idea on how we gunna staff and deplot these bad boys? Gunna need a station to store the spares, mechanics permitting.
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