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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hehehe... And when you lose one... I wonder how they'll be treated as assets. Will they just be stockpiled and rarely used, only to show up in escalated fleet battles? Or will they be feasibly used in more regular missions, like heavy patrol or escort? Or will that in turn never happen, as it paints a giant target? I guess I'd like to know how prohibitvely expensive they will be to operate as an org and as an individual, and what the turn around will be to get a new chassis/hardware after it dies.
  3. Ok, but can I say how excited I am for the Prowler? Very pumped. Alright, carry on.
  4. @Fintz Not ITT... unless I'm blind... O.o I don't think I'm blind...
  5. I'm surprised no one's posted this. If you have critical thoughts about CitizenCon, or are interested in Star Citizen's development process at all (so all of you), please watch the following video. Released from CIG, it reveals an excellent look behind the curtains that might clarify a few things, especially the SQ42 debacle. I found that it explains a lot, and I respect the call that was made. Looks like they came right up to the finish line, but just didn't make it. Dev crunch time can be incredibly stressful, so mad props to team CIG for getting as close as they could. On the upside, it's basically guaranteed that we'll see some sweet, hour-long SQ42 footage come the next livestream! So I guess it's alright to always look on the briiiiight siiide of life!
  6. I started this thread. I curated this thread. Then I left and pursued other ambitions. Now here I am, returned from voyages in lands called "real life," and this... thing... is still alive. I don't know whether to be impressed or depressed. But congratulations everyone, either way! And YOU, @NewzyOne... you are banned for thinking that this is your base. It is our base. (But mostly mine.) Happy Star Citizen-ing, everyone. Hope everything's going well.
  7. Wow. This thread is so ancient I forgot I posted in here before. (Also hai @FoxChard, @Donut, and everyone else!) The recent planet demos change everything. If approaching planets is as seamless as shown, then ground warfare with CAS goes from "who knows?" to "yes, eventually." Because it's seamless, because it's completely inter-actable, then it's only a matter of time before fully-developed ground warfare is a thing. Maybe in the first or second expansion pack post-release, they'll create space-to-ground weaponry and systems. Outfit your fighters with atmospheric kits. Maybe dedicated ground warfare will become a thing, à la Planetside 2. The planets demos change a lot of what we thought. And it's pretty cool.
  8. I thought the first bit, with community tools and the Spectrum, was a good part to include. It has ramifications on a lot of stuff. That said, it only got me more excited for the gameplay. And when we got to the Planets demo... wow. My jaw dropped. It's astounding. But... it ended with me wanting more. That just wasn't enough for a big annual event. There wasn't anything that backers could do now. No new ships released to fly, no surprise releases, nothing like that. And that's fine. But remember last CitCon, how cool it was when they told everyone that the Star Map was online and accessible, right during the presentation? That was awesome! But they also demo'd a lot more. Idris walkthrough, the big SQ42 cast trailer, mocap, referral program, Million Mile High Club, Saitek gear, Crusader demo, multicrew and IFCS implementation/changes, SC Alpha 2.0... I mean, it's the annual big event. Last year, they had the content to own the stage and they. Kept. Blowing. My. Mind. They made sure everyone knew that CitCon is the event that puts Star Citizen in the spotlight. They told everyone: "What has CIG done in the past year? A helluva lot." And while the SQ42 demo needing more polish is completely understandable - and I support that decision - it still makes the presentation feel a little... lacking. :/ Don't get me wrong. The stuff they showed is some of, if not the, best stuff we've seen yet. It's amazing. But it needed something more. Here's hoping they get that polish done soon and get that demo out to us , so I can come back and sing nothing but praise. Edit: Words. Also, awesome Episode 7 vibe!
  9. Bump the thread! Bump the thread! As a follow up, my Audioengine A5+'s have served me magnificently. 10/10 would recommend again.
  10. Beautiful.
  11. Wow! Is that official? That's a beaut!
  12. IT'S ALIVE! She's up and running seven hours later. I've installed the operating system and am working on the drivers. All of the panels are off as I still need to do cable management and troubleshoot some other stuff (my case's fan controller doesn't work, have to test USB I/O's). Cool stuff that happened: SO. MANY. FREAKING. SCREWS. My liquid CPU cooler was so big we had to remount it 7 times to accommodate the power supply and motherboard. Would not start up for a long time. Apparently I had not inserted the power cord into the motherboard firmly enough. It started! Did the celebratory booty dance, then checked out the BIOS. The first thing I noticed was the CPU temperature spiking up to 90. Freaked a little and turned it off. Turns out the CPU cooler wasn't installed correctly. We still don't know if it's working properly, but the fans are turning, sooooo we'll just not touch it. I presume there are safeguards to turn off the system if the CPU overheats anyhow. So lots and lots of fun. I'm slightly hesitant that something will explode, but I'm off to carry on driver installation. I'll get a pic up of the guts and it with the panels on tomorrow.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, the day has arrived! Due to shipping issues and regional storms, the graphics card's arrival was delayed until today. BUT! It has arrived, and with it the final piece of the computing puzzle! So I'm now off to build my first PC. I'll post a picture of the final ensemble. I had to stop myself from skipping on the way from the post office... EDIT 1: Haha, I have no idea what I'm doing. This is great. Just installed the CPU and am now putting in the CPU cooler.
  14. Link for the lazy. Does look really cool! I'd like to see the reviews first, though. Looks like the KS products are just shipping.
  15. @Mrchafy Yup. It's currently the UEE's largest ship-of-the-line.