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  1. Skywing

    gameday Game Day, April 28th

    I would like to suggest Warframe it's free to play
  2. Skywing

    Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    What loadout do you use on your hornet F7M?
  3. Skywing

    3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    This work day is taking too long, i want to go home to see if i have 3.0
  4. Skywing

    Anvil Hawk

    Looks like a starter ship
  5. Skywing

    Cyclone Rover by Tumbril + Variants

    The biggest problem is that people want to buy the cyclone to use as LTI token, CGI knows that, and up's the price of the product. I think it would be preferable to sell LTI as a upgrade like the skins, separate by ship sizes like: Nox, Cyclone + 4€ for LTI Aurora + 6€ for LTI Hornets 12€ connys, freelancer 15 BM, carack, 20€ There wouldn't be the stress about LTI tokens for ships bought after concept sale, and CGI would make a few more bucks since we coloud buy ships anytime. The cyclone as we know it now, isn't worth 40€ for the base variant.
  6. Skywing

    Game Day, May 27th

    Sorry but i think 2 caterpillars releasing swarms of dragonflies, is way cooler. Bengal preparation
  7. Skywing

    warning on your CCUs!

    It's bullshit, plain and simple. If they stopped changing ships initial design we wouldn't need to change ships every 2 months. Went to the store and got a bunch of CCU, just because i still can, even for shit that i don't have, nor intention to.
  8. From what i saw we need to disable the X,Y,Z axis. This problem happens because starcitizen is not ready for "head movement". You can look around but not move your head forward or to the sides, when you do, your field of view moves but the head stays in the same place and you have an "out of body experience" of sorts.
  9. @Victor Vector after i read your first post i gave try to opentrack works pretty well. Just need to set the sensibility and ill be good to go (i still have the helmet bug). And i got the last part yesterday, so i finished the tracker. Thanks for the help.
  10. Do trackIr function in starcitizen just by plugging in, or is it needed to setup keybinding of any type. I am almost finished with my homemade track (just waiting for battery holders) but starcitizen does not recognize free track software, so i was wondering if i need to add it to key setup. Using a flashlight to hold batteries will the battery holders don't arrive. Spent less than 20€.
  11. Skywing

    Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    @Space-Moose i need the combat lessons, my flight capabilities are astonishing bad.
  12. Skywing

    Game Day, April 22nd

    Hi, i had a blast last time and i'll try to join you guys again I don't stream often, and the few times i did was to show games to friends that didn't had them and were thinking of buying them. I always have a problem with sound looping, and since it wasn't important i muted the game sound and ts. Is there a guide to configure OBS sound to stream properly, i'd like to contribute for gameday stream.
  13. Skywing

    Game Day - Febuary 25th 2017

    Don't know if it is possible, but since the forum has a calendar, is it possible to add those kind of events to it for all members? I normally forget the game day dates, and if it would send a reminder the day before it, or when it starts, it would be even better.
  14. Going to do the sensor like the video, and use a playstation eye as a tracker, may change the support material to be more resistance, cardboard seems to weak