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  1. I'd say half the topics on any forum that exists are dead horses being beat CIG has been bashed, heavily, by the community for the previous CapShip sales, which were basically a click (or script) fest. They finally did what people have been asking since the Idris went on sale: Idris and Javelin were made available to basically anybody who was willing to hand out the money. For sure CIG has acted no different from other companies in in turning back on statements/promises: no more LTI, this ship will never be made available again, etc. etc. Certainly they presented a plausible reason, even a justifiable one, but if you hold them to their word, you can't avoid being upstet or displeased by some decisions Might be for money, might be because a vocal part of the community just wanted to have everything, but I do agree that the perceived value of some items has drastically been reduced due to a change of mind from CR Whether or not this is fair is subjective: I personally do not like what they did with LTI, but obviously a person who backed in 2016 and not in 2012 would think different. That said, the real value of the ships has not changed: a Javelin is 2.700$, and even if there are potentially 1.200 Javelins on launch date, I doubt they will significantly impact the Universe: they would still be a minority, and with the requirements for equipping and crewing them, we will not have Javelins all over the place.
  2. alkiap

    109,000,000 in "crowd funding"

    It's very nice to see funding still coming in hefty amounts. Means people have faith in the project, despite the occasional rages and dramas. Corvette would be a killer I think Idris scared off some people due to manning requirements (thus upkeep costs for NPCs), since she's grown a lot in size For sure I would grab a corvette and looking at the RSI forums, I think a lot of people would to
  3. Thanks for the link, had missed that info from Sherman Basically a "pirate" ship dedicated to dogfights, now that the Cutlass has grown to other roles. Should be an interesting cheap, mid tier fighter.
  4. Regarding sales, Ben is absolutely right. Just about every game that sells in-game items for currency has sales (not to mention the real world). It's simply part of how business works, and as a consumer you have to know that what you pay today may not be what it's worth in the next future. And the great item of discord is a stupid buggy, with almost zero significance in the game.. Regarding VD, I think CIG has always been wrong in not allowing refunds, since people paid money for things that either do not work (big confusion initially about hardpoint sizes, gimbals, etc: I know several persons who bought with real cash items they could not use) or were massively rebalanced. Granted, nobody forced those persons to buy (I have always avoided VD store like the plague for this exact reason), but the massive imbalance between ship melts and VD "buy it and keep it" was a sore thumb sticking out
  5. alkiap

    $40 Package Available

    Thanks for the heads up, I had missed that! Grabbed 2 using store credit I had left.
  6. alkiap

    BattleFleet Gothic

    Preordered. I loved BFG However, the developers have a pretty bad record.. I preordered only because I have faith in the Emperor and know that His justice will fall upon them if they fail
  7. alkiap

    Complete Imperium member exclusive

    Hey bOcy, if you have any left in February I'll pick them up. Spent too much on games in January
  8. alkiap

    Want to Buy Mustang Omega + SQ42

    Hi, I have one I could sell, however the Omega version has been swapped for the Mustang Gamma. I can sell it for 35$ If you are looking specifically for the Omega obviously this is not for you, but if you need only the package regardless of the ship type then it would be fine Below a screenshot
  9. alkiap

    Ongoing Discussion Titan ACS - Touch controls

    Very interesting but unfortunately only available for Windows now, not Android, which cuts off a huge number of tablets
  10. alkiap

    New Corvette is a thing *confirmed*

    Nice. Idris is too big for me, I was hoping for a combat/military focused vessel that bridged the gap
  11. From the title I thought it was aimed at defending Earth from an alien invasion, I was kind of disappointed they are actually focused on asteroids
  12. alkiap

    Imterview with Ben Lesnick

    Very nice, thanks for posting this. I also had not heard anything about diplomacy/relations between organizations; CIG has not discussed the topic since.. Wingman's Hangar maybe?
  13. alkiap

    Ever forgotten Solar Panels

    Port Olisar is very well made Being able to EVA also gives you a real sense of scale. Things always seem different, disconnected when seen from inside a ship, but going out there and touching them... that's fantastic
  14. I remember when the kickstarter launched. Getting a few million was the goal at the time