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  1. Is it true that CIG had already once mentioned before to finalize our fleets before Beta release? If that is the case did they ever mention how are they planning to fund further development? I mean Beta is still a looooooooong ways away from actually release, how are they planning to get the funds with only starter pack purchases, and some subscriptions And the same question goes for when the game releases, did CIG mention how they plan to fund server and future development? Are subscriptions going to be a requirement for all players later?
  2. all comments within are my opinions. -------------------- The question i am asking is this: Are we hurting ourselves / RSI by continuing to give them FREE money / adding backing money ? --------------------- Make no mistake every time we add to the backing it is money they dont have to repay anyone. It does add to the over all Valuation of CIG / RSI as a company since its used to build the studio and as marketing reference. Considering the recorded sale of both Digital Anvil and Point of no Return are we pushing the RSI / CIG valuation to
  3. incredible CIG has now made $130,000,000 That is $5,000,000 in just under a month thanks to the Polaris and the Militia Mobilization Initiative.
  4. they rly sell well. nice discount offcourse on that presale with nice manual and shipnumber
  5. Congratulations CIG! $120 million! Wow - SC 3.0 and the Gamescom presentation really blew everyone away - perhaps NMS flop had something to do with it as well
  6. Okay, another month has passed and the funds just don't seem to stop. Slowed a bit? Yes! With no big sales, it still amazes me that the train keeps rolling the way it does.
  7. Gratz everyone - we just hit a new milestone The new military sale just put us over the top
  8. 111 Million! Looks like the Vanduul Blade Sale put us over the top.... with a spike yesterday probably due to the 2nd Q&A coming out.
  9. Well kids, good job handing over all your hard earned (or not so much) money to CIG. You have successfully achieved the 109 million funding mark!
  10. $108m and Moving Higher!!! ... again with no major sales !!! === Normally CIG averages between $30k-$50k per day but in January to February (with no major sales... and after some big sales = tired wallets)......... CIG has plowed forward through January with averages of $50k-$75k per day - which is very impressive https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals
  11. $107m and Moving Higher!!! ... with no major sales !!! === Normally CIG averages between $30k-$50k per day but in January (with no major sales... and after some big sales = tired wallets)......... CIG has plowed forward through January with averages of $50k-$75k per day - which is very impressive https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals
  12. Seems like $100m wasn't that long ago ...... but now we are already at $105m. Can you imagine what it will be once the first episode of S42 is released ?
  13. $104MM! Congratulations on a very successful 2015, fellow citizens, and here's to an even better 2016 and beyond! +++++ LAST DAY FOR THIS AWESOME SALE - and there is a real possibility that prices may increase next year (not just for the EU for the VAT and currency differences) - base prices may increase (as they have mentioned could happen every concept sale) +++ Pick up CCU's since prices may increase for those as well... ---------- Disclaimer Yes I have been accused of being an insider CIG salesperson....
  14. Woot - 2015 is going to be hard to top (we thought we couldn't surpass the funding of 2014.... but we did)
  15. Every $1m of funding is still a big deal and it looks like the Sale of the Javelin, Idris-P and Reliant Variants (including extra release of the Freelancer MIS, Sabre, $30 Aurora package, etc...) ... pushed us over the $101m mark Gratz Everyone !!! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals NOTE - we also recently pushed past $1.1 million citizens as well ++++++ by.. dczanikSpace Also, if they get about half a million more in the next 2 weeks, they'll break last years funding record: 2012: $ 7,239,348 2013: $28,446,117 2014: $32,933,205
  16. Just $17,000 till 100 million! At the rate that the spending is going... we may very well be hitting this mark today.
  17. Greetings all, The reason for this post is to get input from Imperium about how they intend to operate their organizational finances and funding of ongoing missions and operations, but i'd be curious to here about other Orgs plans as well. I'm on the lookout for an org and this question has been rolling around in my mind and gets to the heart of what i'm looking for in an organization. How does your org plan to fund it's stated mission goals? In Imperium's case, they ".. plan to take over an area in fringe(null-sec) space to establish our operations and expand." Wil
  18. Even though a bug made it looked like we crossed the threshold......... $99 Million today with no bugs = 1 day $681+k = GRATZ ..... $100 million mark soon (definetly before the new year especially with the Prowler Concept Sale still coming). NOTE - the AnniVERSEary Sale has been extended until tomorrow per Ben's latest post...... so CIG should have a great Cyber Monday !!!
  19. 99 Million, steadily watched it rising. Okay, bets on when we'll hit 100 Million?
  20. First time statistical projections say we will hit $100m before the new year Gratz!!! For projections see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tMAP0fg-AKScI3S3VjrDW3OaLO4zgBA1RSYoQOQoNSI/edit#gid=1694467207&vpid=A1
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