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  1. Likewise I go with a Gladiator. Great all round ship that should fit in the hangar. Size 5 Torps or lots of sts missiles, reasonable as a fighter even. Ground attack very likely an option down the track with it. Can do decent recon and even be used as a shuttle for getting into atmosphere where you want to avoid being with the Polaris unless there is no choice.
  2. Karazantor

    Freelancer MAX

    Looks really neat. I could probably come to live with the cockpit view over time too. I'll see how the Cutlass Blue goes, but a Freelancer variant may well be a really good alternative - though I can't make up my mind if I would go full on for cargo with the MAX, or flexibility with the DUR.
  3. Karazantor

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Being a very basic whitebox doesn't help the perspective too much. Add in some logos and a bit of yellow accent and it will probably look 100% better. Here's hoping. Edit: The rear wing is missing and the engine is lower - Heresy 😒 More seriously, that probably has a lot to do with the different appearance.
  4. Karazantor

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Possibly I'm out of the loop here, but my rather old information on Insurance tells me that 72 months is NOT 72 months real time, but 72 months game time.
  5. Will try to make it, depending on timezone issues 🙂
  6. Karazantor

    Origin 890 JUMP

    It was almost inevitable that they would select the one concept of the 890 that I didn't like. Everyone was salivating over the nice, clean, smoothed edge version of it, so naturally they picked the blocky one with the unpleasant looking snout 😬 I'm keeping mine, but I'm not a fan of this particular external look, at all.
  7. Karazantor

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I've been working on the principle for a while now, that I'll probably end up just renting out my 890J in the PU. Its a unique and interesting ship, but the playstyle probably isn't really my thing so much. Its certainly grown into a bit of a monster in size.
  8. The new model looks pretty good to be honest. There is a fair bit of groaning about it on Reddit, but externally at least it looks quite acceptable (to a non Carrack-cultist at least). Internally a bit difficult to tell, however it looks quite promising - certainly better than the Starfarer.
  9. Melted some stuff and upgraded to: Crucible Orion Terrapin Retaliator Military Edit: Almost forgot a Hercules M2 also - that was my main goal for the anniversary sale. Really glad I have it - sad that I like things like that more than the military ships most of the time! Also have a full set of CCU's for the 3 models of Razor. Chances are very high I'll use one later. That's probably me set until game launch now on top of what I had. Some really nice ships and some that are going to be great for making money.
  10. Karazantor

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Don't have time to find the post, however on the old forum there was several posts by CIG undertaking development of the Idris who stated that it had a couple of PDS added - it was never on the stats page though. More of a development thing - the 890 likewise was reported on the development pages with a few PDS though my recollection of that is a little vaguer. And yes, the Phoenix most definitely had one in the tail from the get go - but nearly everything promised over the Phoenix has been wound back from the concept sale. Strange how that happens.
  11. Extremely unlikely scenario I would suspect. Manning a basic gun turret is going to be one of the easier things for NPC's, let alone something CIG is likely to prevent by handwavium. Far too many big multi-crew ships out there in orgs with limited numbers - no way is CIG going to piss everyone off by telling them their multi-crew ship "must" be crewed by real people in the gun turrets or else. A single seat fighter isn't meant to be competition for a capital (or near capital ship in the case of the HH) - the fighter is the escort for the torpedo bombers that are the real threat.
  12. Karazantor


    Hi Razdan. Thanks for supporting SC to a rather huge extent. Will be awesome to see it all come together finally thanks to some rather dedicated funding. likewise I am now looking forward far more to the larger multi-crew ship action than the smaller stuff. I'm not sure I particularly want to be fighting a joystick for hours on end with a nimble fighter (anymore), so the larger ships have a lot going for them. From industrials to military there is some really impressive stuff here already. Also welcome to SCB and Imperium.
  13. Welcome VKGT 🙂 Great screenshots too - really love some of the content I'm seeing from Star Citizen.
  14. Its a bird - no its a plane! No its just the pilot ejecting without a parachute. Meanwhile the arch overlord of the no fly zone is saying Respect ma authoriteh 👺
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