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  1. i have a rare flyable ferengi shuttle for STO that i plan on selling for Energy Credits, (in game currency for STO) very safe as will be traded totally ingame, and as i said for ingame currency. thought i would come here first before putting the ship up on the ingame market but i have a feeling i would be waiting a few months before it would get sold. i am looking for around 120,000,000 in game energy credits http://sto.gamepedia.com/Special_Requisition_Pack_-_Ferengi_Shuttle the shuttle comes as a lock box as above and i have also posted the stat's of the ship for anyone interested. http://sto.gamepedia.com/Ferengi_Na'Far
  2. so i got my hornet model FINALLY! but well yeah dunno why its misplaced the glass case for it. well some nice pics of the new model i guess
  3.  because we need a training montage

  4. SOOOOOOO MANY LITTLE BUG hahahaha anyone got the door bug ? when the door opens it just opens up into a room of nothing, till i walk past the nothing.
  5. got it as well, all systems nominal on my end. now when this rifle for a lvl 5 criminal kill reward comes in will the rifle be permanent ?
  6. it would it is built on panzer generals engine lol
  7. PlayFaast DieLast, my steam name at the mo and as for the dev team. well since its the FIRST strategy game on the new unreal engine (what they say) id hope it be good as it is going to show off the engine capability.
  8. soooooo battlefleet gothic has come out for pre order on steam. and it is SOOOO EPIC they are giving a 10% discount on it. granted they are doing the same BS we see these days tho with the locking off of content behind pre order wall aka you get to play with space marine fleets if you pre order. so any other big BFG fans here want to get into some big fleet battles when the game comes out ? im planning on picking it up today i need my space marine fix.
  9. so lol still looks bad ass for making a music video lol got a link ?
  10. hay i am looking for a link to the OLD OLD OLD connie vid with the interior shot that has a guy get hit by a explosive decompression ? looking for it for a video i am making. cannie find it at all O_o
  11. Psychopath

    Saber in PTU

    no idea how to load it lol i just logged into the new PTU and it was there. and from looking at it, the saber looks like it has 2 size 3 fixed mounted wing cannons and 2 sized 2 gimble nose gun mounts *mounts are on each side of the cockpit*
  12. Psychopath

    Saber in PTU

    as you all know SC PTU 2.1.0 is out, well guess what i found in my ptu hanger. a cheeky saber.
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