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  1. wuuuu
  2. Topics Merged We still plan on using our Discord server and the forums here at SCB over the ones on Spectrum. While Spectrum will be amazing (hopefully) down the road. We have much more control than what is offered and the tools that we need. It will always be re-evaluated by Fleet Command should the need to arise down the road.
  3. hiya Nord If you haven't already, we have a Discord associated with SCB and Imperium now! come chat with peeps as well as here on the forums
  4. Yep, it's the next concept. LIFE IS LIKE A HURRICANEEEE
  5. Moved to Off-Topic as it does not relate to Star Citizen.
  6. Yes - Please follow the steps outlined in the post above:
  7. Banu Merchantman Corridor Habitation This week’s sneak peek takes a look inside the Banu Merchantman. The finely detailed work on the corridor floor showcases the superb Banu craftsmanship passed down through the generations by their venerated guilds. Such attention to detail is what makes the Merchantman a favorite of traders all across the UEE and Banu Protectorate.
  8. @Gallitin PM Folder Sorting is not working and @Switch can verity it as well, I am trying to go into my "Operations" folder, however, it's not letting me leave my "Inbox" main folder...or it's just not sorting the messages at all and dumping everything into the main "Inbox" Folder Using Chrome on Win10:
  9. Also the Star Map on a Bengal:
  10. Welcome
  11. ....and no one forget, She drowned in moonlight and was strangled by her bra.
  12. STOP TAKING THE GOOD PEOPLE. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/carrie-fisher-dead-star-wars-actress-was-60-959097
  13. done