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  1. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Oh it's snowing. Sup Snow!
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Switch!

  3. Hello

    Welcome to the base!
  4. Gamescom 2017 Drinking Game!

    We're all screwed.

    I never noticed that. That's awesome. I hope we can see it in the verse!
  6. New Imperium Website

    Looks like it only happens on the top Slider part of the website. I had the popup blocker activate on that link, but the one is fine in the footer @Ostia
  7. New Imperium Website

    Amazing job @Leonn!

    I always love seeing this image.
  9. Hey guys! For those going to PAX West this year (Located in Seattle), the Bar Citizen for it just went up. The information is at the link below: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50176/thread/usa-wa-seattle-washington-bar-citizen-pax-west-sat
  10. Hey Uthrac, We have a help guide that is integrated into our joining process as well as for the website, you can find that information here: https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/forum/136-imperium-information-and-guides/ The website is currently under construction as @Gallitin has mentioned. Please check back for updates later on!
  11. Looking to join

    We have a place you can input ships! Please head to this link https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/ Once there - Under the Tab "Me" Choose "My Hangar" You will be able to input all of your ships and keep track there
  12. Looking to join

    You should have a PM
  13. Escort/Defense Fleet Composition

    For Fleet structures and set ups...I'm sure within Operations, our @Operations Officers will plan this type of thing along with our @Military Officers .. Of course, the numbers and setups, and such will all be [REDACTED] for obvious reasons, but yeah
  14. Find the derelict in the PU 3.0

    Let's relax just a little. No one is right or wrong in this post. Let's not start attacking each other or being rude in the posts. This should be about fun and what -could- be hiding in 3.0 ...or beyond. We know nothing at his post so going off of what Nathan said, and what we know about the ships so far, we are making our conclusions on it. We are all aware that the game is in development and that it has Lore, but let's be nicer when talking to each other.
  15. Find the derelict in the PU 3.0

    Nathan, at the very end, would not say the name of this "massive" ship that is 3-4 pixels from space. If it was the Javelin, he would have said the name. It's not a Javelin. It's too small. You guys forgot something very important that was shown a ton in the past.