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Tom Villder

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  1. Welcome to the Base!
  2. Even CR has a problem with the Defender's field of vision: We all know how CR manages his projects... if he doesn't like it, there's no way its going to remain for long in his game.
  3. Welcome to the Base!
  4. Who knows maybe CIG would revise the Hull series to increase their capacity as well. But damn this is going to be a nightmare for escort ships to protect.
  5. Although we've seen them adjust ships as they transition from concept to in-game (and even after its initial implementation), its good to hear them address this one. While I love the design, I just couldn't stop thinking about the arms.
  6. Radiant Flux addresses a very important problem with the Banu Defender concept as it was presented to us and provides a decent solution imo:
  7. I wonder if its just me but... why is the cargo hold open? Shouldn't the bottom flap fold up to cover the cargo?
  8. Welcome to the Base!
  9. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  10. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  11. For lawful traders, another advantage of the Cutlass is that its intended to have low maintenance costs like all Drake ships, so if you survive an attack the repair costs are low (or at least lower than Freelancer, Hull etc).
  12. Welcome to the Base! While it is a bit harder to navigate around spectrum, I hope the devs work on spectrum to make it better and easier to use.
  13. Or they could salvage a derelict that's floating around.
  14. You are cleared for landing Victor Vector, welcome to the Base!
  15. Me too... while I'd love to do maintenance tasks (if I become good at that ingame), I'd at least visit once to see if this could be re-enacted on a large in-game ship by the crew. I wonder how the emergency sirens would sound like on the capital ships?