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  1. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Yeah I know, that's what got me thinking in the first place. Because crytek hasn't been consistent with salary payments, I remember hearing about a number of them jumping ship and joining cig. So maybe crytek is butthurt because of that as well as the fact that they're using what used to be originally their engine and doing stuff with it that they never imagined possible. But tbh I do believe what @Danakar Endeel has said is the most plausible tho... this could be a cash grab before jumping ship.
  2. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    I'm most likely wrong, but could this lawsuit also be a way for crytek to get back at cig because the latter has been recruiting a number of its employees over the last few years?
  3. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  4. New Recruit looking for a Unit

    Welcome to the Base and (soon) to Imperium!
  5. Returning player

    Welcome back to Imperium!
  6. Hello from new member (applying)

    Welcome to the Base and Imperium!
  7. New Citizen

    Welcome to the Base!
  8. Titan Suit sneak peek

    Can't wait to see these in-game. While it was very impressive to see characters pick up resource crates from derelicts, I'd love to see players in titan suits pick up ship parts and components for salvage or repair.

    Despite the Freelancer's many advantages over the Cutlass, I still think that the Cutlass is superior for raiding and salvage because it has 3 doors into the cargo bay, as opposed to Freelancer's rear door. The front-facing turret on the Cutlass is also handy in attacks.
  10. STUCK IN PTU Room

    I had that bug.. apparently even if you committed suicide your character still spawns there. All you needed to do was restart the game.
  11. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    So what did you guys buy so far? I got 2 CCUs for the Hawk and Freelancer MIS with store credits. The Hawk imo would be a unique addition for an escort ship as it has the ability to use its holding bay to quickly transfer a wounded person (me) in the worst case scenario. Also, I wanted to keep an expendable, medium-size military ship for major Imperium ops, that could double for transport, dropship etc so I got the MIS just in case. Ofc I can melt them anytime but I wanted to keep some backup CCUs. Can't wait for the Drake because I love its design philosophy, despite my peaceful goals in the game.
  12. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    You could use the Hammerheads as dropships themselves... they already have a decent cargo hold!
  13. ptu PTU Patch 3.0 notes

    I get ~10 fps on olisar and a consistent 10-15 fps on planets Haven't reached levski yet due to crashes
  14. New Arrival to the Fleet!

    Welcome to the Base and (soon) to Imperium!