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  1. I'll cross my fingers again for 3.0, maybe we'll see a surprise release soon xD
  2. Build help

  3. Ongoing Discussion

    So, thanks to your advice almost a month ago, I made some changes to my build and wanted to share them with you: - I found out the voucher was due to expire before the end of this month, so I made arrangements and replaced my trusty Radeon 6970 2GB with a new RX 470 STRIX 4GB. - My rig was in storage for over 2 years, so I had to replace the thermal paste, clean out a lot of dust and I had a couple of problems with the front. The filter was almost completely clogged up and some of the plastic covering the front was 'melted'(?) because a car perfume card fell on it while it was stored and somehow reacted with it. The affected plastic was very soft and malleable: - I got a replacement front plate for along with a replacement top (changed it from the pre-existing plastic cover to a mesh cover) for about 20 euro: - A closer look, you can see the CPU cooler (Hyper 212 EVO) and the newly-intalled GPU: - As you can notice, the rear fan (a 2010 thermaltake fan) was replaced as well because it wouldn't move at all, I used a de-duster can on it and it could barely move... so I replaced it with a coolermaster fan, I would've preferred one without an LED, but that's what was available at the time. In light of the above changes, my specs are now as follows: - CPU - i7 3770k - Mobo - Asus p8p67 deluxe - RAM - 16GB DDR3 - GPU - RX 470 4GB - SSD + HDD Hopefully I can now play SC at a higher resolution than 1366 x 768!
  4. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  5. My thoughts exactly:
  6. inb4 a Red Bull-themed Anvil racer ship xD
  7. Imagine what BoredGamer and many other backers were feeling when they saw all this... and more during their CIG office visit, but couldn't tell anyone.
  8. They don't have to, they have so much material to use from their AtV, RtV and other episodes to compile a decent documentary without doing much.
  9. I'd love to see something like this near the end of beta or on release day, then we can look back and compare the numbers.
  10. The return of 10ftC is a good sign, it could be that that CIG has made enough progress to the point that they're confident to take in questions and reveal more content.
  11. Update from Boredgamer, using info from Spectrum:
  12. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/5zcsnn/2v2_roundbased_ac_tournament_this_saturday/ If there are any aces who would like to represent their Imperium and their unit, this would be a great opporunity to do so! Best of luck!
  13. More like CIG is killing us all with their amazing work, busily hammering away at the game of their dreams.
  14. - Idris is "pretty much done", working on Javelin now - Capital ships won't be reworked so much now - Vanduul ships and BMM are being worked on - Other ships in various stages e.g. whitebox, greybox etc and are close to be revealed - Paintjobs are on the way - No plans for custom org decals atm, but like everything this can change - He was impressed by planets the most - Modular bases can be placed with an "intelligent procedural system" on planets and space - He saw the O2 system - Confirms that mining is in 3.0 - Regarding environments, we'll be in for a lot of visual treats, especially in space - He talked to the coding/server guys, they plan to have more players in soon - His mind was blown by "organic sound" system - He spoke to Eron, repair would include rerouting power to other systems, other things require people to go and do the work physicially (players will have to do this, AI will do this later) - No denial/confirmation of a 2.7 patch - He's happy with the progress overall
  15. The tags of this thread under the title: "fuel", "economy", "trade & industry" and "theorycrafting" Totally understand, I'm a sub too I like his videos because they don't go on for too long While I used to love to indulge in theorycrafting, I have been a bit hesitant to do so recently because of changes, reworks and upcoming mechanics that can (and probably would) turn all our theorycrafting on its head. The thing is that theorycrafting has to be kept in check because on one hand, it can be useful for understanding/elaborating game concepts but on the other hand it can warp expectations to unrealistic levels, leading to nothing but disappointment.