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  1. I have the following ships for sale: 1 x Caterpillar LTI - CCU'd from Retaliator Base - $300 1 x Cutlass Blue LTI - CCU'd from Avenger Titan - $150 Prices are negotiable and Paypal fees are included. PM me for offers.
  2. Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Imperium!

    Welcome to the Base!
  3. Aegis Eclispe

    Would love to see something like this being pulled off by an Eclipse (or a squadron of them):
  4. Question about sale of ship on SCB marketplace

    lol how convenient xD
  5. Question about sale of ship on SCB marketplace

    Thank you for the answer. I was looking at getting some money back in the medium-term, but in that case I'd rather wait for a concept ship sale... if the concept ship is expensive, then I'll just buy an LTI dragonfly buyback and then CCU with store credit to sell later on/
  6. If I buyback a ship with cash and then apply an upgrade using store credit, would it still be sellable/giftable? If its possible, lets say I buyback an LTI ship, then what ship should I upgrade to for a better sale?
  7. 3.10

    I'd love to join in but can't atm... How's the latency and crash rates in this build?
  8. Org Wars? The verse against TEST

    lol we can barely field a small squadron of ships and soldiers without the game crashing and orgs are already at each others throats xD
  9. Hello from Colorado

    Welcome to the Base!
  10. Alpha 3.1 PTU Expands testing group

    How's the gameplay at the moment? is it still lagging?
  11. Hello. EX Ultima Online player joining the Verse

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  12. Lexip gaming mouse.

    Reminds me of this mouse, which had so much potential, but came out to be waaay to expensive:
  13. new Hi all

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  14. Dora dont know squat

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  15. New To Star Citizen

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