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  1. I'm on the same boat. However, I hope that one day, CIG decides to put older models of the ships in some sort of ship in-game museum or graveyard, like in God of War 1:
  2. Wow I was close enough. I agree with Painmeister, this ship will benefit explorers more than military or trade. I don't envy you because but its going to be one hell of a tough choice... for a ship that can build bases, you can get two Carracks mobile bases and still have enough left over for a 3rd explorer ship like the Freelancer DUR... maybe even an extra land vehicle as well.
  3. Welcome to the Base!
  4. Welcome to the Base!
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the ship was sold at Polaris-level prices. They under-priced a very versatile ship once before and they will not do it again xD Also, here's a mockup by Kallmor on what he thinks the ship would look like: https://sketchfab.com/models/e3ac2dd10fe94ff3afa34d91e57988e1
  6. Speaking of private servers, if CIG developed the necessary tools to make SC private servers, would Imperium consider hosting one?
  7. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  8. Welcome to Imperium and the Base! Since you're looking for a place in a squadron, I would recommend that you check out the units and see which one is most suitable for you and your timezone.
  9. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  10. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  11. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  12. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  13. Welcome to Imperium and the Base! I'm sure that your knowledge in disaster and relief efforts would be of great use to the org in the verse.
  14. Welcome back! With 3.0 around the corner, it looks like you chose a great time to become active again! Also, there have been quite a number of new signatures that you can get, just make a request here.
  15. Same, its about time that I actually participate in one of these from start to finish!