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Tom Villder

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  1. Welcome to the Base!
  2. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  3. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  4. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  5. He's still talking? Wow... I'll start listening to him when he finishes his game
  6. Welcome to the Base!
  7. Its also interesting to see this approach to development take place, its pretty much the opposite of E:D's model, rather than having the systems all present at launch and then adding planetside/multicrew etc, you have all the features there and then add all the worlds. Knowing that one of the most common complaints about E:D was that it was "a mile wide and an inch deep", I wonder how this will fold out and what complaints would be said about SC in its initial official release.
  8. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  9. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  10. Welcome to Imperium and the Base! Looking forward to seeing you scrap some ships for me to salvage and piece back together.
  11. Welcome to the Base and (soon) to Imperium!
  12. Welcome to Imperium and the Base!
  13. I found this site that is more of an aggregate than a seller. You pick your parts (or select a pre-made build), select the retailers and purchase: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/ Good luck!
  14. Throw in choices for sizes and colors... and you're set! Would be amazing if you guys make this into an adhesive version while still retaining the 3d effect.
  15. No 3D printed replica of the new rig? Literally a scam refund in 80 days tops and furthermore. But seriously, well done everyone on chipping in. Once the build is complete, I hope he shares his build on the "post your rig" thread... Hell, I'd love to see an Imperium-themed case sticker that we can use.