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  1. I'm aiming to do the same! As a T&I-centric player, the Dragonfly would be my choice for any salvage runs due to the 2nd player/NPC seat and cargo space... however, I used some store credits to get a Nox so I could try it out alongside the Dragonfly in 3.0 to satisfy my curiosity. Even if I don't like the Nox I could still CCU it to an Ursa to get the most out of my planetside operations.
  2. Welcome to Imperium and the Base! Wonderful setup btw, it would make a fine addition to this thread.... I'm curious, what is brand/model the main monitor?
  3. I also happen to skip the Turbulent parts because the main result that I'm waiting for is the full text/voice interaction of spectrum with the game... to the point that I, say in a Freelancer, could join a private chat group thats monitored by people on different devices (laptop, phone, tablet etc) that can communicate using text/voice. What would be an amazing milestone is if one of the screens in the ship (or the mobiglass) could be used to click on links/access the internet. Anyhow, the guys at relay made a tl:dr. The last part is promising:
  4. While the game won't be out for quite some time, the lore has been so well fleshed out to the point that you could form your opinions on the factions of the game. I for one wouldn't mind seeing a Messer-style government in power... if the UEE is to have any chance of fighting the Vanduul as well as guarding against the Xi'an, the UEE needs to be strengthened from the outside (with its navy) as well as the inside (advocacy/intelligence agencies). Both need more resources, funding and equipment to give the UEE the chance to be on the offensive against the Vanduul for once. Who knows, once the Vanduul are kicked out beyond the Tiber, Virgo, Veritas and Vermilion systems then we could focus on the Xi'an menace and find out once and for all who the hell the Tevarin are. Same... it would be amazing if we could use the mini screen (like the one seen in last years citizencon) to watch said events from someones Reliant Mako or comm-drone footage... or listen to in-game radio. Tbh my favorite thing would be to have the ability to browse the internet/twitch/youtube using mobiglass or the ship screens like this great mock-up.
  5. Best twist would be if the Imperator came out and did a speech like this. #makeUEEgreatagain
  6. Welcome to the Base!
  7. Welcome to the Base!
  8. Welcome to the Base!
  9. Welcome to the Base!
  10. I wouldn't mind not having the ability to dock ships in return for getting the game earlier.
  11. Same here, I have 3 packages to get extra NPC crew (that PCs can jump into when needed)... oh well, if it turns out that isn't the case anymore then I'll melt them.
  12. I daresay that half of the hate SC gets was because of theorycrafting/speculation that spun out of control and got turned into fact.
  13. inb4 free CCU for all existing backers xD But seriously I'd love to see some sort of beacon device that you can use to summon your ship if you're on planetside i.e. your ship flies as close to your location as possible using autopilot. Another idea would be a free maintenance droid that has zero defense/offense capabilities that could provide ship repairs, but at 5%-10% of the rate that a human/NPC repair speed, e.g. like this one.
  14. I for one plan to use my trusty Freelancer (or the reworked Cutlass Black if available) with a Dragonfly and land on the planet for the first time. I would probably park my ship in a cave so it would be harder to find while I'm using my land vehicle. If land vehicle fuel is infinite in their first iteration, then one of the first things I would do is to circumnavigate the smallest moon once in a Dragonfly. What are your plans?