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  1. Decided to bunker down this sale as I was downsizing my fleet (one ship for each role, a jack-of-all-trades and a fighter), so I took the opportunity to perform more CCU-fu and convert the remaining ships to LTI, which gets rid of one more headache when the game launches.
  2. Tom Villder

    Planetside 2 Players

    Downloading now, see you on Auraxis soon!
  3. Tom Villder

    Planetside 2 Players

    I used to play a lot of PS2 way back. Do you play every day or on thursdays only?
  4. Yes, prices all in US dollars. Update: only 3 x Hercules C2 LTI remain
  5. Tom Villder

    Daymar Rally

    Once a semblance of persistence is present on the servers, I imagine that I'd be down there in a Vulcan... shadowing the vehicles and providing fuel and repairs when needed. But if its a death race then you'll be seeing me in a Vulture
  6. This video might be helpful to those making up their mind: I for one prefer the Gladiator
  7. Now that the Hercules ship sale is over, I have added more ships: 1 x Hercules C2 LTI (2 are CCU'd from MPUV cargo and 3 are CCU'd from Dragonfly ships) - $250 or best offer (original melt price - $360) This is in addition to the other 2 ships that I have for sale: 1 x Caterpillar LTI - CCU'd from Retaliator Base - $240 or best offer (original melt price - $245) 1 x Cutlass Blue LTI - CCU'd from Avenger Titan - $110 or best offer (original melt price - $150) Paypal fees are included. Pm me for offers. Update: All ships have been sold.
  8. Tom Villder

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Imperium!

    Welcome to the Base!
  9. Tom Villder

    Aegis Eclispe

    Would love to see something like this being pulled off by an Eclipse (or a squadron of them):