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  1. Welcome to my personal hangar. I've been a huge Star Citizen fan since 2014 and it's a great honor to further contribute towards this incredible game's development by sharing with you the many original concept ships which are no longer available. I'm NOT cashing out whatsoever. If anything, you are grabbing these extra ships from my personal inventory. You are contributing to the games development right alongside with me. A win for both you and Star Citizen. I've been an Imperium and Star Citizen Base member since 2014. You'll see I have excellent feedback and Reputation here. I'
  2. Anyone watch the premier last night? I still haven't had time to see it, but been hearing it's getting a lot of buzz. Like it?
  3. It looks quite promising. Not the typical WD, but several dozen people who you play. Rather play it on uplay instead of epic, It's not on steam for launch.
  4. Anyone playing Anthem? The action is pretty nice and they nailed the flying Mech part. The story, forced silly conversations and characters pretty much suck (man Bioware has really gone downhill over the last few years 😥 ). I'm reapoman in game in case anyone wants to join up.
  5. Hi guys, I've been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance lately and I found this in a mural on one of the churches.... He's apparently a saint or someone holy....
  6. i tried to enlist multiple time in the main site but the enlist buton never highlighted can someon pleas help me
  7. Just was notified of a new game, named Dual Universe, a voxel-based MMO build on UNiGiNE 2. Looks quite similar to No Man's Sky, but there is a few aspects of it that personally interest me... a.) Single Shard Universe- apparently they (at Novaquark) have found a way to incorporate many more players into a single 'shard' at once- transitionless. b.) interface custom design with Lua- you build a ship... and then you can build it's interface. They claim to permit the functionality to completely redesign the interface of any ship to suit your needs, so long as you know Lua, but you can
  8. Does anyone know, how much my WoT account? 23 TIER X 18 TIER VII 12 TIER VI 61 PREMIUM TANK AND T55A/OBJ260/M60 95 TOTAL TANKS IN GARAGE 6,574 BOND 490 GOLD 95,000 CREDIT AND 3.100 FREE EXP 415 PERSONAL RESERVE 1615 WN8 52,32% W,R 39.082 BATTLES
  9. Incredibly beautiful game, it's like Avatar styling which really looks nice
  10. Let's post our ideas for Star Citizen. The galaxy's a huge place, full of curiosities and splendor! Please be polite and have fun, while we discuss in detail the additions we want to see in SC. Constructive criticism is always welcome, keep it friendly... Here are a few ideas I will start us off with: -Planets- Planets should have highly varied biomes and environments. These should include ocean planets, desert worlds, jungle moons, cavernous lands, ice planets, swamps, (and a personal favorite) lava worlds! It would be cool to have various atmospheric conditions, such as exces
  11. Caldon


    So you guys, I was looking through the Steam store the other day and something caught my eye : a little indie top-down puzzle game called OneShot. Looked fun enough I guess. Graphics didn't look too impressive though, but 10 bucks? Eh... And then I noticed it has 4000 reviews and a 98% score. It was easily the highest scoring indie game I'd ever seen. So I checked it out. Now, without spoiling too much of the story, it's amazing. It's an incredible feels rollercoaster. Oh, and the soundtrack is awesome. This is the store page. I can really, really recommend it.
  12. Hello @Imperium Members! I would like to make an announcement regarding the next two Imperium Game Day’s activities. (Yes this is a copy pasta and will be a copy pasta until after 3.0 release) As you may know already Patch 3.0 is (not so rapidly) approaching and it’s within the realm of possibility that the next scheduled Game Day may fall on a date where PTU is out of Evocati and semi-public. It’s reasonable to expect some sort of layered release as usual and not everyone will have access at the same time. With that said here are the contingencies for the next Game Day.
  13. If someone already have posted this before, thank you for your patience with me. I just bought the game Interstellar Transport Company and ready to take it for a spin. It released 16 Aug, 2017, Anyone here tried it yet? //Anhard
  14. Howdy ho @Imperium Member! As this will probably be the last Game Day we have before 3.0 comes out, we figured it would be good idea to get some flight preparations going! But we'll of course keep the usual Star Marine Banter we all enjoy oh so much. We're also green this month! Firstly, let’s congratulate last months gift card winners; @Federal, @moggimus and @Weehamster! three well deserving victors! Also, some applauds are in order for @Switch's amazing compilation of what transpired last Game Day. This is also a good reminder for everyone who has the capa
  15. Wuz gud @Imperium Members! With 3.0 just around the corner we event coordinators figured it would be a fun idea to throw an event where we all just sit down and play some Star Citizen, before 3.0 get’s released and everything works magically and no one is disappointed or anything of the sorts... Realism Pessimism aside, we have some congratulations due for our raffle winners from April’s Game Day. Congratulations to: @Aegid @LowZone @rimmer59 and @Uthrac, you’re all well deserving of the 10$ gift cards. As there’s been some confusion surrounding the raffles we’re gonna t
  16. Salutations @Imperium Member! We've finally managed to clean up after the last Game Day, and we're now ready to prepare for another one! If it was the case that you missed the last one, or somehow don't know what Game Day is; then don't worry, because we streamed most of it. @Rellim and @Pegasus truly did an amazing job setting up the stream with all the technicalities and what-not. @Sharpspoonful Did a great job shoutcasting during the stream and we look forward to many more streams with his beautiful voice and face at the forefront. We would also like to give a shoutou
  17. Hey all Need some recommendations for a good 4X space game if anyone has any. I have a few criteria: Must Haves: Space related Available on steam Real time (i.e NOT turn based) Relatively 3D (i.e no top down / stuck view) Optional: Relatively new 2-3 years Relatively pretty looking game Ive got Sins of a Solar Empire, Stellaris, Galactic Civ 3. And out of all of those i like sins the most with stellaris being a close 2nd. ~Killfrenzy
  18. Darius Marx


    Selling my Black Desert account. Account: Same account I used in beta. Have pre-order items for a level 35 witch which is also the highest character. About 10Million silver worth of goods and loot. 6 workers. 900+ beers to feed workers. 3 pets levels between 5-6. Other characters between level 10-15. Family name "Vengeance". Many black stones for armor, a couple for weapons. No guild. Never broke any rules, just kept to myself. Many cities and farm nodes I have invested in, highest level being 4. 75 contribution points. 82 energy. Many properties bought in velia. Level 3 horse. Many
  19. just wanted to share this, while i was surfing the internet i came across this movie "hardcore henry" (i watched the cam version) it's theam is a fps shooter and surpriseingly i found it to be a very enjoyable movie,,, if you happen to like fps shooter games (also action, lots of that too) as the reviews are mixed i've found from skiming over them here is the trailer
  20. Hey all. Apparently there is a new space game that will soon be going into open beta. It is called Beyond Dark. I signed up...could be fun. If you would like to try it out too here is my referral code link to help me get into the early open beta: https://goo.gl/xOOypk And here is the main page link: https://beyonddark.net/
  21. soooooo battlefleet gothic has come out for pre order on steam. and it is SOOOO EPIC they are giving a 10% discount on it. granted they are doing the same BS we see these days tho with the locking off of content behind pre order wall aka you get to play with space marine fleets if you pre order. so any other big BFG fans here want to get into some big fleet battles when the game comes out ? im planning on picking it up today i need my space marine fix.
  22. Hello guys. Being bored of csgo, arma 3,dcs world etc. and not being able to play star citizen so often because of big patches (I moved out in a new house and for now I have a limited 4G 75gb/month internet) I want to try some other games. Have you played Elder Scrolls Online or Black Desert? Which one should I choose? Maybe both? Please help
  23. Can you hear it guys? Chugga Chugga Chugga choo-choo. Time for another Hype thread! When you realise that you're European and the game awards are at nearly 3 am
  24. Did a quick search and did not see any mention of this project that a friend of mine pointed me to. I'm not into Legos but this friend is big time into it. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/80111 The project needs a lot more support before Lego will consider making the custom pieces but check out that Vanduul Scythe. Looks badass! Go support it if you think it's interesting.
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