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Found 148 results

  1. WTS AMD NEVER SETTLE SPACE EDITION Haven't done this before so some guidance would be appreciated. $130 paypal and ill send it to the email that payed
  2. ------------- WELCOME TO DEAD CAT`s STORE ------------- If you cant find something in my store, ask me in PM and I will try to find it for you! Information When PM me please sent your Paypal email and link to your RSI profile Payment through paypal in USD: Your paypal account must be Verified Please post your request in comments before PM me Will deliver item ONLY to buyer's PayPal email Paypal invoice will be extra 5% for the price Thank you Special Deals & Packages Argo MOLE (Orange) | LTI | 270$ Orion | LTI | 500$ Esperia Glaive | LTI | 325$ Drake Caterpillar Pirate | LTI | 270$ Endeavor | LTI | 300$ Carrack | LTI | 440$ Reclaimer | LTI | 300$ Valkyrie | LTI | 315$ 600i Touring | LTI | 325$ 600i Explorer| LTI | 400$ Hammerhead | LTI | 615$ Polaris | LTI | 635$ You can buy from me any Concierge package up to 1000$ price (above 1k items not giftable) Drake Loot and Scoot Deluxe Package |72 Months | 155$ | 163$ https://imgur.com/a/ZICU1 **Package - Entrepreneur Pack** | LTI |600$ https://imgur.com/a/oGBLe2G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original LTI ships Tumbril Nova Tank | LTI | 105$ AEGIS Vulcan | LTI | 200$ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upgraded ships Freelancer MAX | LTI | 140$ MISC Razor LX | LTI | 140$ MISC Razor EX | LTI | 145$ Constellation Taurus | LTI | 150$ Retaliator Base | LTI | 150$ Sabre | LTI | 155$ Freelancer MIS | LTI | 160$ F7C-M Super Hornet | LTI | 165$ Sabre Comet | LTI | 165$ F7C Hornet Wildfire | LTI | 170$ Anvil Hurricane | LTI | 175$ AEGIS Vulcan | LTI | 185$ Vanguard Hoplite | LTI | 215$ Mercury Star Runner | LTI | 205$ Apollo Triage | LTI | 235$ Apollo Medivac | LTI | 260$ Esperia Blade | LTI | 265$ Starfarer | LTI | 280$ Constellation Aquila | LTI | 285$ Caterpillar/Pirate | LTI | 270$ Starfarer Gemini | LTI | 320$ Esperia Prowler | LTI | 315$ Valkyrie | LTI | 325$ Endeavor | LTI | 300$ Hercules C2 | LTI | 335$ Hercules M2 | LTI | 455$ 600i Explorer| LTI | 455$ 600i Touring | LTI | 375$ Hammerhead | LTI | 625$ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upgrades to Ship | Upgrades from 125a <- Dragonfly Yellowjacket | 15$ 135c <- Dragonfly Yellowjacket | 20$ 600i Touring <- Merchantman | 50$ 600i Explorer <- Merchantman | 125$ 600i Explorer <- Constellation Aquila | 165$ Apollo Medivac <- Constellation Andromeda |50$ Apollo Medivac <- Vanguard Warden |25$ Apollo Triage <- Constellation Andromeda |25$ Apollo Triage<- Vanguard Hoplite |25$ Avenger Warlock <- 325a | 15$ Avenger Titan Renegade <- 325a | 5$ Banu Merchantman <- Khartu-Al | 180$ Constellation Aquila <- Eclipse |10$ Carrack <- F7C-M Super Hornet <- 220$ Caterpillar <- Dragonfly Yellowjacket |255$ Cyclone AA <- Cyclone |25$ Cyclone TR <- Cyclone |10$ Cyclone RC <- Cyclone |10$ Eclipse <- Constellation Andromeda |75$ Eclipse <- Hull C |50$ Eclipse <- Retaliator Bomber |25$ Eclipse <- Blade |25$ Eclipse <- Vanguard Harbinger |20$ Eclipse <- Vanguard Sentinel |35$ Eclipse <- Redeemer |50$ Eclipse <- Vanguard Warden |50$ Freelancer MIS <- Dragonfly Yellowjacket |125$ Razor <- F7C-S Hornet Ghost | 20$ Hercules C2 <- Merchantman | 10$ Hercules C2 <- Constellation Aquila |50$ Hercules C2 <- Starfarer |60$ Hercules C2 <- Eclipse |60$ Hercules C2 <- Blade |90$ Hercules M2 <- Hull D | 130$ Hercules M2 <- Endeavor | 130$ Hercules M2 <- Merchantman | 130$ Hercules M2 <- Crucible | 130$ Hercules C2 <- Vulcan |160$ Hurricane <- Constellation Taurus | 45$ Hammerhead <- M2 Hercules | 245$ Hammerhead <- A2 Hercules | 25$ Hammerhead <- 600i Explorer | 250$ Hammerhead <- Hull E | 175$ Mustang Delta <- Avenger Stalker | 5$ Mercury Star Runner <- Hurricane | 30$ Mercury Star Runner <- Vulcan | 25$ Mercury Star Runner <- Terrapin | 5$ Mercury Star Runner <- Sabre Comet| 40$ Mercury Star Runner <- Banu Defender| 40$ Mercury Star Runner <- F7C-M Super Hornet | 45$ Mercury Star Runner <- F7C Hornet Wildfire | 50$ Mercury Star Runner <- Khartu-Al | 55$ | Mercury Star Runner <- Constellation Taurus| 75$ Mercury Star Runner <- Prospector | 70$ Mercury Star Runner <- Freelancer MIS | 60$ Nova Tank <- Cyclone-AA | 25$ Nova Tank <- Cyclone-RN | 40$ Nova Tank <- Cyclone | 50$ Starfarer Gemini <- Caterpillar | 45$ Reclaimer <- Merchantman | 50$ Reclaimer <- Constellation Aquila | 90$ Reclaimer <- Eclipse |100$ Reclaimer <- F7C-M Super Hornet |220$ Vulkan <- Constellation Taurus | 50$ Vanguard Harbinger <- Constellation Aquila |5$ Vulture <- Freelancer | 30$ Vulture <- Freelancer DUR | 15$ Vulture <- F7C-S Hornet Ghost | 15$ Valkyrie <- Merchantman | 25$ Valkyrie <- Aquila | 65$ Valkyrie <- C2 Hercules | 15$ Valkyrie <- Crucible | 25$ Valkyrie <- Hull D | 25$ Valkyrie <- Endeavor | 25$ Valkyrie <- Starfarer Gemini |35$ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add Ons Kastak Arms Custodian SMG - CitizenCon 2947 | 8$ Harbinger Battlefield Upgrade Kit | 6 Months | 45$ Endeavor General Research Pod | 48 Months | 45$ Retaliator Rear Torpedo Bay | 24 Months | 50$ Retaliator Front Torpedo Bay | 24 Months | 75$ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. STANDALONE SHIP - 2946 MISC PROSPECTOR LTI $168 USD - With Aeroview Hangar, Lifetime Insurance, MISC Prospector Poster, MISC Prospector Model I'm trying out selling some of the uncommon items from my buyback in an attempt to make the rest of the way to concierge. Because I'm not terribly comfortable selling I will only sell to those with positive reputation. I am a longstanding member of this forum and met many members including Imperium Officers in person who will vouch for me as not a scammer. I prefer GooglePay $160 Payment in USD. I accept PayPal $168 When PM me please send your Paypal email and link to your RSI profile Payment through paypal in USD Your paypal account must be Verified Paypal fees included in price.
  4. Greetings, as subject of this topic im interested in selling an account (email included) with LTI Colonel package upgraded to Super Hornet and a standalone LTI Constellation Andromeda. The meltdown value is 420$ so im interested in selling it around 370$. Below you will find the images with the relative ships ship upgrades and other minor stuff plus the buybacks. The payment will be accepted through paypal invoices and if the buyer wants we can use a middleman (at buyer expenses).
  5. Want to sell Orion LTI (upgraded from M50) for $329 or €289 PayPal only. The price includes PayPal fees.
  6. Hello Guys, i decided to sell my 890 Jump LTI Original Concept for $ = 1000 €. payment would be done over paypal. buyer needs to pay the paypal fee. Verified PayPal only. best regards Kabs
  7. I have decided to sell many of my ships and/or Star Citizen items. I still love watching the progress of Star Citizen, but if I had my priorities in order I would have been remarried by now. I still plan to join you men and women in the verse, but with a reduced fleet size. That being said, here is what is available: Estate Land Claim Parcels (8kmx8km) $150 is what someone offered for one of them on reddit, I have 9 left so far. Original Concept Ships all with LTI: Hull E - $670 Polaris - $820 Dragonfly Yellow Jacket - $55 Nox 2 Pack (containing 1 Nox and 1 Nox Kue) - $90 600i Combo Pack (containing both exploration and touring variants) {Melt value 670 because I used a 20% off coupon} - $835 Prospector - $140 Pioneer - $925 Hammerhead - $725 Nova Tank (affectionately known as the tonk) - $109 Vulcan Warbond - $210 Mercury Star Runner Warbond - $258 CCUed Ships all with LTI: Super Hornet - $195 2 seperate Orions - $405 each Cutlass Black - $121 Hull A - $67 Hull B - $105 Cutlass Red - $135 Hull D - $363 Herald - $101
  8. Hello. I`m starting to say that I loved this game, from 2014 when I was in USA and I bought my Hotas Warthog and soon after some custom rudders from Europe. But that was then and now is now. My kid was born in 2017 and I love him much more then SR and I simply don`t have the time or the money to keep this game and I have to sell the whole account because I can`t invest in it anymore to make bound items tradable. I have the following items in it: 31500UEC 150USD Main Package - Advanced Hunter - LTI - Avenger Stalker and 8 items $75.00 USD "Starting Money: 2,000 UEC Lifetime Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Digital Star Citizen Manual Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download" Add-Ons - Harbinger Battlefield Upgrade Kit LTI $45.00 USD Standalone Ship - Aegis Vanguard - LTI $250.00 USD Standalone Ship - Anvil Carrack - LTI $350.00 USD Standalone Ship - Reliant Mini Hauler - LTI upgraded to Crusader Mercury Star Runner $225.00 USD Crusader Mercury Nightrunner Skin Epoch Society T-Shirt Aeon Club T-Shirt Christmas Reward 2016! Hangar decoration 100M Reward - 2944 War Bond Hangar decoration 56M Reward - J-Span Cryo-Star Cooler 55M Reward - Preacher Armament Inquisition XXII Gatling Space Globes Hangar decoration Christmas 2014 reward! Holiday Wreath December 2014 Backer Reward: Takuetsu Consolidated Outland Mustang / Mustang Box On buyback history I have many ships that I got and then melted to make this final fleet. If anyone is interested I can show him/her all my items with skype/discord share screen. Melted value of all items is 1095USD. I hope to get 1095 if is possible, me paying paypal fees. edit: here is my buyback list, I have multiple ships of same type but I only listed them once Standalone Ship - Aegis Eclipse LTI Standalone Ship - Hull A - LTI (multiple) Standalone Ship - Hull B - LTI (multiple) Standalone Ship - Drake Dragonfly Ride Together Two-Pack LTI Standalone Ship - Aopoa Nox LTI (multiple) Standalone Ship - Aegis Sabre - LTI Standalone Ship - Drake Herald - LTI (multiple) Standalone Ship - Kruger P-72 Archimedes - LTI (multiple) Standalone Ship - Reliant Mini Hauler - LTI (multiple) Ship Upgrades - Avenger to Sabre Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Cutlass Black to Cutlass Blue Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Cutlass Blue to F7C-M Super Hornet Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Cutlass Blue to Retaliator Base Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Cutlass Blue to Sabre Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Vanguard Warden to Merchantman Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Vanguard Warden to Harbinger Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Hull B to M50 Interceptor Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Sabre to Khartu-Al Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Sabre to F7C Hornet Wildfire Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Sabre to Hurricane Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to F7C-M Super Hornet Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to Sabre Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to Freelancer MIS Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to Khartu-Al Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to Freelancer MIS Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Dragonfly Yellowjacket to Anvil Terrapin Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Freelancer MIS to F7C-M Super Hornet Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Freelancer MIS to Gladiator Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Freelancer DUR to 350r Upgrade Ship Upgrades - Freelancer DUR to Freelancer MIS Upgrade Ship Upgrades - F7C-S Hornet Ghost to 350r Upgrade Ship Upgrades - F7C-M Super Hornet to Freelancer MIS Upgrade Ship Upgrades - F7C-M Super Hornet to Gladiator Upgrade Ship Upgrades - M50 Interceptor to Cutlass Black Upgrade Add-Ons - Sentinel Battlefield Upgrade Kit LTI for Vanguard Warden Add-Ons - Advocacy Tools Add-Ons - Origin Racing Suit Add-Ons - Model II Arclight Sidearm Add-Ons - UEE Environment Coat (on a side note anyone can tell how much can I sell a EU BDO account with full tri boss set on 2 characters lvl 56, many pets, maids, costumes etc.?)
  9. Hallo dear SCB-community! A friend of mine told me about the SCB marketplace. So here we go. I am not going to play SC in the future and therefore I am thinking about selling my F7C-M Super Hornet (Digital Colonel LTI package) for 190$ If you are interested and you agree to the Terms & Conditions below, please leave a comment here and send me a private message with your PayPal email and your corresponding RSI handle. Terms & Conditions of this service: Transactions via PayPal (Verified PayPal only). Price is final (includes PayPal fees). I will send a invoice for the above mentioned payment via PayPal. The above mentioned Item will be delivered to buyer's PayPal email address after the payment is finished. No returns or refund as the gifting system only allow 1 time gifting and it will be account bound to the buyer's account (your payment will be refunded if I cannot deliver your item for any reason). You must own a copy of Star Citizen, and are required to have an account the item can be gifted to. Item will be delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address. You can claim the item by clicking on the link provided in the email about "gift" and sign in your RSI account. Be careful to be logged into the correct RSI account when you redeem your email about "gift" containing the transmitted ship/upgrade. If you have any more questions, please let me know via private message.
  10. Hello! I'm getting rid of some old ships I've been saving at the following prices listed below. If you have any questions please PM me. I pay fees Verified Paypal transactions only You can request Middleman if you pay for it Thank you! 890Jump - $1000 https://i.imgur.com/pONIPqm.png UEE Land Claim License ESTATE PARCEL (4 available - Can request more) - $220 https://i.imgur.com/BFWrAum.png RSI Polaris Warbond - $800 https://i.imgur.com/lywY6BC.png Esperia Vanduul Blade - $270 https://i.imgur.com/Kr5yvgc.png Esperia Vanduul Glaive - $580 https://i.imgur.com/y0TlptG.png Endeavor + Modules ALL LTI Endeavor - $450 Medical - $170 Service - $80 Supercollider - $170 Hanger - $120 https://i.imgur.com/MTItWAh.png https://i.imgur.com/8rThJSD.png https://i.imgur.com/RKcrfxN.png
  11. Hello Citizens! Want to offer you some RAZOR EX LTI ships. I was ordering about 15 ships for my friends in const party, but it seems not all will be purchased. So I can offer you to buy it for melt price + PayPal fees - $150 This offer is a time limited - till June 2, 10:00 AM GMT 8 7 5 ships Razor EX 2 Razor LX - $145 1 Combo - $290 Let me know if you are interested it I know Im a new here, but I have a good trade history. More then 245 trades on Reddit, some on ebay. You can see my store and feedbacks on reddit here - Starry Harbor Store
  12. Hello! Getting rid of my old Endeavor set. If interested please PM or feel free to contact me through Discord so I may respond faster: SwitchOnTwitch#4447 Bio dome - $150 Endeavor - 450 Fuel pod - $68 General Science - $68 Medical - $170 Service - $80 Supercollider - $170 Price Reference https://i.imgur.com/MTItWAh.png https://i.imgur.com/8rThJSD.png https://i.imgur.com/RKcrfxN.png
  13. WTS Eclipse for $300, please PM and/or comment below if interested. Serial: A01094EC Thank you!
  14. Hi, i want to sell some rare stuff: 1x Standalone Ship - Esperia Glaive Gamescom2017(6M)=390USD PICS: https://imgur.com/a/b66ODfb PM me if u want to buy Thanks
  15. WTS: 1x Banu Merchant Man: Melt Value $215: Price $200 Selling because I just have too many large ships and would rather put the money towards other projects. Selling it for less than it's melt value it's a really great deal, I am not really willing to go lower on price but I am eating the paypal fees on my end. Additionally I can upgrade it to a reclaimer or carrack for an extra $50. Paypal Only Preference will be given to buyers with a decent trade history If you can find a cheaper BBM... buy it :-)
  16. I am reducing my stuff to 1 package per account, and only a couple spare ships or so per account. I will send ship/package first. Then expect payment. Because of me making the first move, I will only sell to long term forum members with a substantial good rating. "Expensive" ships ($200+) I will only risk selling to long term Imperium members with substantial good rating... unless the buyer has a crazy high rating. I will only sell with both of us on voice chat, and my screen and sound recorded from my side (via gopro) as proof that I sent the item. Disputed sales will be put on youtube to keep my name clean. Here's what I have : (Main Account) ----------------------------------------------- Game Packages : Rear Admiral LTI (constellation phoenix) <- For Sale ($375) Digital Colonel LTI (super hornet) [Currently not for sale] Ships : Banu Merchentman LTI <- For Sale $230 Idris Corvette P LTI <- For Sale $1250 (Only for sale to imperium leader(s)) Note : I was PMd and told these can't be transferred without concierge - It has the gift icon in my hangar - This is something we can try to work out with CIG if someone is really interested. Retaliator Bomber LTI <- For Sale $250 350R Racer LTI <- For Sale $120 Glaive (LTI) [Currently not for sale] Vanguard LTI [Currently not for sale] Khartu Al (LTI) [Currently not for sale] RSI Aurora LN LTI [Currently not for sale] Upgrades : F7A military hornet upgrade [Currently not for sale] (Alt Account #1) ----------------------------------------------- Game Packages : Digital Colonel LTI (super hornet) [Currently not for sale] Ships : M50 interceptor LTI <- For Sale $90 Anvil Gladiator LTI <- For Sale $150 Upgrages : F7A military hornet upgrade [Currently not for sale] (Alt Account #2) ----------------------------------------------- Game Packages : Digital Pirate LTI (Cutlass) [Currently not for sale] Ships : Scythe LTI [Currently not for sale] Caterpillar LTI [Currently not for sale] -scheherazade Edit : Price update
  17. Hey Star Citizens, I am trying to liquidate some of my spare ships. Aside from USD, I'll also accept New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc..) as payment. I'll offer a discount for the alternate payment methods and for bulk orders. I'm planning to invest in cryptocurrency, so I'm downsizing my hangar a bit. Here are the ships I'm currently selling. I'll also add my available buybacks, once I get a chance. Let me know if anything piques your interest. - x7 Mustang Omega Packages ($150 each) - x1 Banu Merchantman anniversary with 24mo insurance ($265) - x2 Origin 85x ($60 each) SOLD - x1 Banu Merchantman with 48 month insurance
  18. What the title sad. CCU`d Carrack/Reclaimer for the 315$ (melt value 285$), ship has 400$ upgrade value. Dragonfly LTI -> Constellation Taurus to F7C-M Super Hornet (15$ saving) -> Redeemer -> Banu Merchantmen (100$ saving) -> Carrack/Reclaimer Your paypal account must be verified !!! Also have: BMM - 235$ Origin 600i Touring - 300$ Origin 600i Explorer - 325$ Esperia Prowler - 315$
  19. -WTS- SELL STAR CITIZEN ALPHA ACCOUNT RSI Store Price - $500 MAIN PACKAGE - AURORA MR STAR CITIZEN + SQUADRON 42 COMBO(Single Player , MP and MMO) Kruger P-72 Archimedes with LTI(Life Time Insurance) , CCU , Standalone Ships StarFarer with LTI(Life Time Insurance) , CCU , Standalone Ships Add-Ons Game Universe Digital StarMAP UEC - 31000 SPACE GLOBES UEE TOWEL OMNI ROLE COMBAT ARMOR (ORC) MK9 DECEMBER 2014 BACKER REWARD CHRISTMAS 2014 REWARD! EXPLORER-CLASS MOBIGLAS RIG HADESIAN ARTIFACT ENGINE TUNING KIT XI’AN SPACE PLANT BB-12 MANNED MANEUVERING UNIT 5PREACHER ARMAMENT INQUISITION XXII GATLING J-SPAN CRYO-STAR COOLER 2944 WAR BOND http://imgur.com/a/ZiWWG Price - $425 Im the Original Alpha Account Owner.I have a Verified PayPal and RSI.PayPal fees included
  20. Hi gents and ladies, Getting engaged soon and decided to sell my little nest egg of ships. Got a verified PP and have a history of deals here on SCB. Buying? PM me with your RSI handle and PayPal email. Buyer pays fees. STANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS SABRE - LTI $175 SHIP UPGRADES - SABRE TO BANU DEFENDER UPGRADE $50 STANDALONE SHIP - KRUGER P-72 ARCHIMEDES - LTI CCU'D to Mustang Beta $55 STANDALONE SHIP - KRUGER P-72 ARCHIMEDES - LTI CCU'D to F7C-M Super Hornet $180 STANDALONE SHIP - RELIANT MINI HAULER - LTI CCU'D to Freelancer MIS $165 Tips not required but greatly appreciated for ring fund Regards: Hefty
  21. I want to sell my LTI Vanguard Harbinger. $250 Buyer must be Paypal Verified.
  22. I am willing to part with my Esperia Vanduul Glaive LTI as seen in the Screenshot for $590. Buyer must be PayPal verified. If you are interested please let me know via PM.
  23. Hi all! I want to sell my account with i300 ship (2014 registration). 300i Starting Money: 2,000 UEC 4 Month Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Digital Star Citizen Manual Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Legacy Alpha and many time rewards for all time from 2014 Price 60$ skype md67blaze good luck all!
  24. Hi guys/gals, Selling my LTI Orion. $325 Just want to get what I paid for it, I'm not looking to make money off anyone here. The price hasn't gone up yet as far as I know but its not for sale very often. So if you want one for a good price with LTI, let me know. I upgraded another ship to an Orion and figured I'd sell this one since its giftable.
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