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Found 11 results

  1. The Next star system we will see at Citizencon
  2. http://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspace_solarsystem.html
  3. I've seen many rigs with touch screens in them and I know alot of us have been waiting for a software relating to StarCitizen, I don't know much about this company PMaxx or reviews on the software TITAN ACS (Advanced control system) yet, but I'm happy to see one is released this early on and for $5.45 US. Website RSI forum Features • Intuitive access to your ship's controls: • Navigate your ship's HUD from a stylish touch-screen interface. • Control you ship's targeting systems and countermeasures and more on the weapons interface. • Easy access to your ship's shield distribution. • Distribute power to different functions of your ship, as well as controlling your ship's main power throttle and toggle individual functions. • Access and control the navigation functions of your ship as well as different flight/landing modes and more on the navigation interface of Titan ACS. • Gain quick access to important EVA/On foot functions all from one intuitive interface. • Adds to immersion compared to (or in conjunction with) using a keyboard! • Great looking interface • Customizable themes • Touch-screen controls for your ship and EVA • Just install and play; no configuration required* • Includes FREE lifetime updates • And more! *You must enter the local IP address of the machine the server is running on the first time you open the client application.
  4. So....what is it? I'm guessing Arena Commander and Star Trooper will be ROM's? So this is where passes will go? Edit: Gerald figured it out its for the new REC.
  5. I read somewhere a while back that there will be new unexplored systems that we will have to find and you will get certain perks like the ability to name the system and such. Personally this idea sounds amazing and hope they continue with it into the game. It would be cool to name a system after Imperium like Imperiumverse or even if you fly solo and manage to discovery one and name it after yourself. Maybe even small scale discoveries like black holes or new asteroid fields could be named as well? What do you guys think about this idea?
  6. Omg it's here! The long awaited Odin system!!! [original link] GALACTIC GUIDE: ODIN SYSTEM
  7. $4.3 million – that’s the third system unlock today, that carrier can’t be far behind! Trise System Ownership: Banu Planets: 1 Planetary Rotation: 209 SED Import: Foodstuffs, copper Export: Medical, Printed Material Crime Status: Low Black Market: Poisons (Religious) UEE Strategic Value: Orange A single planet orbiting close to a star, the Trise System is not one of the galaxy’s most inviting spots. To the Banu, however, it is holy ground: the location of “The Council,” their religious collective. The Council is responsible for the dictums that define Banu society, but their own calling requires that they be separated from their people in so much as is possible. As a result, Trise is located deep in Banu territory far from any populated systems. There are no great Banu pilgrimages, though, so do not expect to move worshippers to and from the system. The idea that the collective must be separate from the society is law. In fact, shippers take note, The Collective prefers human and Xi’An goods specifically because they wish to avoid the influence of their own people… and they’re willing to pay top dollar to maintain their philosophy. Banu monk equivalents do produce elaborate copper-based artwork which has a certain kitsch value; their healers concoct a variety of medicines which have been shown to have a positive affect on human disease. Next: “The planet was designed from the ground up to act as a massive zoo/terrarium.” http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/unlock-trise-system/
  8. $4.2 million! Which means that Star Citizen is now the highest crowd-funded game project ever! You’ve earned this star system, and a lot more! Let’s go for $4.5! By the way: you guys are now unlocking systems faster than our artists can finish them… we promise we’ll add the missing concepts in the near future. Hades System Ownership: Unaligned Planets: 3.5 Planetary Rotation: 377 SED Hades III Import: None Export: None Crime Status: Medium Black Market: None UEE Strategic Value: Green The Hades System was named by someone with a sense of humor: it is the apparent graveyard of an ancient civilization… everything is dead. Exohistorians theorize that the race destroyed itself in a system-wide civil war. Of the four planets, three have been utterly devastated by bombs and weapons unlike any which have been developed by mankind. The fourth planet was literally cracked in half but still sits in orbit, a lasting memorial to this ancient and ultimately suicidal war. Less-than-noble archaeologists frequent the system, hoping to find some evidence of the advanced war making technologies used by the “Hadesians” to destroy themselves. There has been little progress on this front, however, and the system is not at all a hotbed for weapons sales: it seems the inhabitants of these worlds wiped each other out quite thoroughly. Most traders avoid traveling through Hades, as the whispers around the shipping hubs are that the system is haunted. Shippers claim to have encountered the ghostly visage of the “blue man” while traveling near the star. Next: “Home of the Banu religious collective, loosely translated as The Council” http://www.robertssp...k-hades-system/
  9. Good news: we’re continuing the system unlocks all the way to $5 million! At $4.1M, you’ve unlocked Kallis… and if you see another system, it’ll mean we’ve topped the crowd-funding record! Kallis System Ownership: UEE Scientific Outlay Planets: 9 Planetary Rotation: Kalis IV 322 SED Import: Research Equipment, Luxury Goods Export: Rare Metals Crime Status: Low Black Market: None UEE Strategic Value: Grey Kallis is a system still in its infancy. All the planetary masses are still forming and cooling. It’s not ideal for colonists and with the exception of some rare metals in unusual concentrations it’s not great for merchants… but all eyes are on the system in the scientific community. As such, the system has no native population or representation in the UEE senate; it is officially governed by a panel of Imperial researchers. Kalis IV, survey number DXP-55.7c, has attracted particular attention because of its believed similarity to Earth at this stage of a star system’s formation. Survey teams are observing the planet from orbital stations and spy-eye recon drones twenty-three hours a day and the work is less than thrilling. The potential for studying how an Earth-like planet is formed is exciting, but all parties involved know that it will take tens of thousands of years to gather the necessary data. Black market traders might be advised that the crews manning these posts will be looking for other forms of entertainment to fill their days. Kallis’ 7th planet, a gas giant, has been identified as a potential refueling station, although only a small Lagrange platform currently exists there. The belief is that Kallis may become a jump hub as expansion into this region of the galaxy continues; canny real estate investors would be advised to purchase land deeds immediately. Next, at $4.2M: “Massive SuperEarth planets terraformed solely for their resources.” http://www.robertssp...-kallis-system/
  10. We’ve reached the $3.4 million unlock: the Goss System! At $3.5 million you’ll earn another system and learn more about the games’ docking mechanics. Let’s get there soon! Goss System Ownership: UEE Planets: 3 Planetary Rotation: Goss I 50 SED, Cassel (Goss II) 244 SED, Goss III 309 SED Import: Food, Energy supplies Export: Elements. Crime Status: Low-Med. Black Market: Kidnapping, Theft. UEE Strategic Value: Blue Description: Generally regarded as one of the most visually stunning systems in the Empire, the Goss System is a binary star system situated in the forefront of a massive emission nebula. Permanent bands of turqouise, gold and deep orange paint the sky from any location in the system. All three of Goss’ planets are inhabitable. The bulk of the system’s economy comes from tourism, but Gossians pride themselves on being self sufficient. Long-haul traders will find few bargains here, as the system produces little worthy of export and gathers its raw materials internally, mining and harvesting resources from the inner planets as needed. The main destination is the lush, thriving resort world of Cassel (Goss II.) The surface is largely tropical rain forests dotted with stately pleasure domes constructed to support tourists and dozens of launch arcologies that house the descendants of the original Goss settlers. Goss I is a low-atmosphere world with abundant heavy metals. Scattered pockets of well-paid miners are a reasonable market for luxury goods and black market items, although the systems’ strict export policies prevent shipping raw materials out-system. The Olympus Pool has dark side, too: the same nebula that delights tourists also acts as an effective curtain for several deep space pirate clans. Pirates are generally careful not to interfere in the tourism on Cassel… but the brilliantly colored sky is believed to hide multiple clan operations facilities and supply chain master points. WARNING: gravity effects of the binary star have rendered portions of the system untenable to starships not carrying Level 7 shields or above. Consult current gravity maps before attempting transit! Next, at $3.5 million: “Formerly the most distant UEE colony it grew to notoriety as the first contact point with the Vanduul. The attacks became so frequent that the settlers ultimately abandoned it.” Kellog System As a bonus, here's concept art of yesterday's locked system, Kellog, showing the jungle planet Xis: Citizen Card Here’s the Silver Citizen Card, which is included with pledges at the $250 level! Linking/Upgrading Pledges We’re confident that most pledges from the backup site are now linked. However, we’ve also heard reports that a small number of pledgers have had issues with their upgrades not appearing correctly. Please contact Sandi if you are seeing either of these issues and she will update our database manually. http://www.robertssp...uesday-updates/
  11. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/26/roberts-on-star-citizen-becoming-a-space-crime-lord/ Good article describing the instances the way CR sees them, and some other informations I didn't knew where to put this so Gallitin, feel free to move/delete topic to put the info where it needs to be Part 2 : http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/27/chris-roberts-on-pc-gaming-going-to-space/
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