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Found 18 results

  1. This is what happens when you touch my shit in Star Citizen. Just DON'T DO IT!
  2. Here are a few things you will definitely need to know before you jump into the PU. Feel free to ask any other questions in chat, and I'll do my best to provide answers where I can! Controls: Left Alt + Space brings up the cursor in game. F12 brings up the instance chat box. Use enter to chat. F11 brings up your contact list. F10 initiates a HUD-like system which allows you to see names of other players at close range and items they have on their person. F9 brings up your MobiGlass containing your mission journal and other important things. F for interacting with objects. L Ctrl + F for exiting ships, chairs, beds, etc. R Alt + Backspace for "respawn," self-destruct. Double Tap Left Alt while in a ship to interact with your systems. ------------ Flight: "V" - Cycling V changes flight "movement mode." 1. (Default) Precision Mode -- Slows your ship to a max of 50 m/s and reduces maneuverability allowing your flight to be more precise. This is to be used when landing or any time you need more precision. 2. (1st Cycle) "Normal" -- Ship handles normally. 3. (2nd Cycle whilst at 100% power) Cruise Mode -- Allows your ship to travel at a high rate of speed, anywhere from 900 m/s to 1300 m/s dependent on the ship. [There may be another setting beyond Cruise referred to as "Supercruise," but I don't know if this has been implemented yet.] 'B' - Quantum Drive - Allows you to travel to certain distant points quickly. Hitting B shows you which points you can travel to. Use the mouse wheel (missile lock) button to activate your ship's quantum drive. ------------ Locations: Port Olisar - Starting location, main hub. Security Post Kareah - FPS station Cry-Astro Service 042 - Repair, Refuel, Rearm Covalex Shipping Hub - Explore, in Zero-G! Yela - ???
  3. If you dont know already know Frankie, he is a pretty big youtuber for PC games and has a lot of really good video series for games such as DayZ, ARK, Rust, Battlefield, etc, etc. I was really pleased to see him post this up yesterday (already close to 400k views) with some 2.0 action...watch it right to the end, its worth it lol.
  4. Does everyone else frequently crash in the Port baby Pu? I seem to last 20 minutes then crash.
  5. After testing the 2.0 release it seems I get about 45-50 fps, Pretty terrible since im used to 60, I run twin 780ti's in SLI overclocked. Were there any optimization with the 2.0 release, seems pretty shotty to me, Has everyone else had this setback in fps?
  6. Explored around Port Olisar and found the solar panels I could never seem to find from the pictures. They were quite mesmerizing up close so thought I'd share with others. Reddit RSI YouTube
  7. Just a small clip trying to get on ATV, appreciate any upvotes, etc. Reddit RSI
  8. Update for everyone posted in discord a few moments ago. Thought we’d give a little update on our progress with 2.0 on PTU. We’re focusing on two major issues that we want to resolve before we release the next PTU build: • Poor client-side FPS. • Game servers bottlenecking when too many ships spawn at comms arrays. We've got a build right now that will go into testing, and we'll know from QA's internal testing whether or not it's good to go to PTU late in the day USA time. To be ready to publish 2.0 to Live, we want to nail down all of the below (please note this is a partial list of what we’ll fix): • The previously mentioned framerate and game server bottleneck issues. • Multiple GIM disconnects plus assorted dedicated game server and client crashes. • Party system improvements. • Error message overlay does not go away. • Client flickering when SLI is enabled. • Chat UI is too small. • Destroying small ships with a physics grid will sometimes get the character stuck in an unplayable state on respawning. • Damage states in multiplayer games are not consistently working. • Players in the seat or turret of a multicrew ship when it is destroyed can get stuck in their bedrooms on respawning. • Various fixes for spawn points, including wrong locations and being stuck after dying in multicrew turret. • Implementing EMP distortion damage (currently has no discernable effect). • When transitioning from zero g to gravity zones from above, the player character will fall – sometimes taking damage, or suffering lost functionality. • Players can’t use automated landing in Andromeda. • Main thrusters missing on 350R. • Main menu fixes, particularly infinite load screen for Arena Commander. • Top speeds fluctuating in IFCS/SCM modes. • Repairing ships do not reset the ship’s mass. This 2.0 PTU test has been an absolute success because of your involvement and assistance in finding these issues. I’ll shamelessly “borrow” Producer Jason Hutchins’ words and offer a reminder that our PTU tests are for finding all of the blocking issues before it goes Live for everyone else. Each build brings us closer to a full 2.0 release, and that just would not be possible without you. Thanks everyone and have a great day! Will(edited)
  9. For the people not in discord chat for PTU testing, here are some recent posts from Will (like just now), just to keep you guys in the loop WLeverett-CIGToday at 7:26 PM Hey guys I muted everyone for just a second for an important announcement. Don't worry, not to troll. ? So we're cooking a build right now that we will get QA tested this afternoon USA time. If QA signs off on this, I suspect the earliest we can go will be around 630pm CDT Austin time, which is 1230am GMT. We'll hoping to have limited party functionality with invites up to eight people. Again, this will have to pass QA muster before it gets released. We'll also have assorted fixes, but also substantially increased server logging. I'd say that this might affect you... but since we're all crashing every few minutes, it won't be that noticeable. ? In any case, we'll update further in the next few hours, but I wanted to let you guys know our immediate testing plan. WLeverett-CIGToday at 7:29 PM No more PTU invites until everything is stable. I'd say that's at least a week away and likely longer. WLeverett-CIGToday at 7:30 PM The reality is, the game elements are fun and playable, it's the game servers that are crashing. If we have some sort of stability, we'd then be looking at a Live push. But that is many days away of work, plus remember the USA has Thanksgiving holidays. WLeverett-CIGToday at 7:32 PM One last note for all of you dedicated tester clans... this one could be important. With a working party system, you'll be able to have eight people in a group. We don't have private instances, and we don't yet have the ability to whitelist players into an instance, but this will allow you to be a little more collaborative in testing. There's a real opportunity to work together to monitor all of the actions that are happening on a local game server, and when it crashes, find out who was doing what at that very moment in time. That, in conjunction with our increased server logs that we'll have when the next update goes out, will really help us isolate and fix these issues. WLeverett-CIGToday at 7:34 PM I'd expect fixes to take several days, so it's not something for the faint of heart. In any case, I think there is some opportunity to work together on this one, and we can use this Discord Crusader chat rooms or you can use your own to help communicate. I'll stop blabbing now. ?
  10. I did a quick search of recent posts for constellation and found nothing, if it has been shared already I apologize. Video is unlisted and shows an amazing volley. Was linked to in Hydro's stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNmQLLPeJ64 edit: adding tali torp http://gfycat.com/InsecureDeepAnhinga
  11. At 2:54 (or so) of the Anniversary livestream Chris and Erin confirmed that the 2.0 PTU will be released to one thousand backers tonight with a push to live in the next week or so. HYPE TRAIN IS HERE.
  12. With the live release of 2.0 around the corner I'd like to collect questions from you guys regarding any interactions within the 2.0 universe. After the release of 2.0 I'll attempt to test those questions and give you an answer. I hope to be able to work together with the academy on this one since this is a matter of SCIENCE, and I don't have a good enough rig to do any recording. Here are 2 examples of mine: When you exit the spaceship during quantum drive you end up in the middle of nowhere! CONFIRMED! (Pre live version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=por6XMWHbeU&feature=youtu.be Just as described you end up in the middle of space. You can disable and steal the NPC pirate ships! TBA TBA We need to expand this list! Don't do it for me, do it for SCIENCE! EDIT: Please note that I won't expand the list on the topic but bookmark the topic and then create a new one when there are answers.
  13. Time to get some!! Special Invitation to Test ArcCorp and the Social Module! Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 PTU: Crusader Playtest Invite Greetings everyone, we hope you are having a fantastic week and we have big news for you! If you are receiving this email, you have been specifically invited to the Public Test Universe (PTU) to playtest Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 which features the very first elements of the Persistent Universe in the form of the gas giant Crusader and surrounding areas. These locations include Port Olisar transit station, Covalex Shipping Hub, Security Post Kareah and many scenic asteroid fields, comms arrays and research satellites that our team has been hard at work on. This also includes our new Avenger variants, the first iteration on FPS, Multicrew technology, interior physics grid, quantum travel, IFCS, EVA, missions, and so much more. As we want to stress test the new content, we’ve disabled Arena Commander and ArcCorp for the time being. Yep... this is a pretty awesome time in creating the BDSSE and we’re excited to have you onboard for helping us playtest this with us!! · You’ll access Crusader on the same console you did for ArcCorp. · If you load into Arena Commander, you will be stuck on searching for a match screen till the player hits cancel. · If you load ArcCorp Area 18 you return an error message "All instances are full" and the player won’t get in! This is the foundation to the Persistent Universe, and we're extremely proud of this major milestone in building the BDSSE! Star Citizen 2.0 Crusader Full Patch Notes: https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/comm-link//15042-Star-Citizen-Alpha-200 Star Citizen 2.0 Crusader Issue Council for Player Feedback and Bug Reports: https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/community/issue-council PTU Playtest Voice and Text Chat (via Discord):Discord link removed. Step-by-Step Instructions: 1) Start the Star Citizen Launcher and log in. 2) Click the gear cog on the top right of the Launcher. The Options menu will pop up and you can see that you have PTU access (only selected accounts will have this option). 3) Click Copy Account to enable your account on PTU. 4) Click the PTU tab on the Launcher to start the download. 5) This also sends an email containing a PTU specific password to your registered email address. You do NOT need this to log into the Launcher, but you will need it to log intohttps://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com to provide bug reports and feedback. 6) After launching the game, users now load into the Main Menu rather than going directly to Hangar. You have the option from the menu to “Go to Hangar” and “Electronic Access”. IMPORTANT NOTE: Each 2.0 zone will allow up to 40 players but only 16 ships. Remember: You WILL need your special PTU password sent to you in email to access the PTU Issue Council and Patch Notes: Note: We’re trusting players not to share the Discord invite! Accessing Star Citizen 2.0 Crusader: After launching Star Citizen and loading into your hangar, locate the large hangar bay doors (typically located behind where you spawn in; it’s below where you spawn in the case of the Deluxe hangar). Go through the hangar bay doors and locate the elevator. Interact with the panel to select Port Olisar (located in the Crusader system) as your destination and press ‘Launch’. Terminals on Port Olisar are available courtesy of Crusader Industries, to allow pilots to request flight-ready ships for delivery at one of Port Olisars convenient landing pads. The ships provided at the terminals will have a default loadout for the ship, and any changes made at the Hangar holotable will NOT be reflected. Ships requested via the terminal are locked to the person who summoned the ship, for approximately eight minutes, after which they are considered abandoned and can be piloted by anyone. Abandoned ships will eventually despawn. This is not how the functionality will work long term, and is temporary for the purposes of testing. There are many locations in the surrounding Crusader space to be discovered and explored, including Covalex Shipping Hub, Cry-Astro Service Station and others. However not all locations available for exploration are immediately shown in your Quantum Travel navigation points. Try repairing Comm Arrays or roaming the map via Quantum Travel to see what you may find! Port Olisar is an Armistice Zone. All weapons are disabled while in the zone, and pilots will need to leave the area to settle disputes or seek adventure. The first iteration on Quantum Travel is now available for testing in Crusader. It has been activated for all currently flyable ships except the P-52 Merlin, which is a fighter and is not intended to be capable of independent Quantum Travel. Quantum Travel can be enabled with the "B" key on the keyboard by default. The default keybindings are "Left Tumbler+Left DPad" on the Gamepad, and "Button 12" on the Joystick. Once enabled, you can rotate your ship until you have a local Navigation Point highlighted. The highlighted navigation point will have a large circle around it in the HUD. Once you have the Point of Interest highlighted, press the middle mouse button, to enter Quantum Travel to that destination. The default keybinding is "Y" on the Gamepad and "Button 4" on the Joystick. If an object exists in the path between the ship and the selected destination, the Nav point will warn that the target is "Obstructed". You cannot eject or self-destruct while in Quantum Travel. This is intended. Fuel mechanics are also in place. When you activate Quantum Travel mode, the Nav points will indicate how much fuel it will take to reach that destination, as a % of your remaining fuel. Quantum Travel will let you transit even if you have insufficient fuel to reach the destination, however it will only take you as far as your fuel allows. Keep that and the location of the nearest refuel point in mind when planning to Quantum Travel. Quantum Fuel available is listed in the bottom-right of the center HUD for most ships. Cry-Astro Service Station 042 provides repair, refuel and restock to ships in Crusader space. This includes reloading missiles, ballistic ammo and fuel for Quantum drives. Weapons, Ammo and MediPens for healing needs are also available to be found on some stations, including the Behring P4-AR. Pirates have been known to roam and harass honest citizens exploring Crusader space. Wise pilots should be on their guard. Approaching the atmosphere of a planet too closely will result in your ship receiving a warning, and if you continue flying toward it for too long, your ship will begin to rattle apart and be destroyed. This is not how the functionality will work long term, and is temporary for the purposes of testing. MobiGlas is now active, and can be accessed via "F9" hotkey. The only applications currently usable are the Scheduler and Journal, which allow you to read and view the status of Missions as you receive them during gameplay. This can be accessed all around the planetary zone, in EVA, and while in a space craft. Viewing the MobiGlas UI while on-ship dims both the ship UI and visor to allow the MobiGlas UI to be visible. Our first set of missions are now available around Crusader for players to test! The first one is to repair the Comms Arrays in orbit around Crusader, which will allow other missions to be discovered. You can track missions via the MobiGlas Journal application, by clicking on the yellow hexagon icon next to the entry for that mission. Missions are generated and offered at-random, and some are much rarer then others. We sincerely thank you for your participation and hope to see you in the (PT)’Verse! -WL The Cloud Imperium Games Team I'll post the PTU patch notes here once that CommLink is actually posted. Hah.
  14. Just thought I would drop a few screenshots in here for people to see. I hear they are sending out a bunch more PTU invites, hope to see you all in there soon!!
  15. http://www.twitch.tv/badnewsbaron
  16. Just wanted to point out that the patcher for Star Citizen has been updated right before the upcoming livestream and hopeful release of 2.0 afterwards. Post your favourite hype .gifs, .webms and videos!
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