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  1. Juntau

    citizencon austin

    I'm pretty sure @Moderators can merge the threads
  2. That's freaking funny. I did not catch the typo. 😆
  3. Glad to see @Asmos is finally catching up. We have been saying this exact thing for at least a couple of years on Star Citizen Base Round Table podcast, I mean, DUH! Tune in for cutting edge insight and commentary on Sunday's @ 5pm EST only on The Base Radio. You don't need to wait two or more years to get the facts!
  4. Juntau

    citizencon austin

    Content may be inappropriate for children...
  5. Juntau

    CitizenCon Streaming

    Just a couple points here. First: CitizenCon will be freaking awesome. Even with it's past issues such as broken game play and what not, it is always awesome. Second: Given the nature of the way CIG is attempting to deal with it's community, I'd say some leeway can be given for missteps considering NO ONE has ever done this before and they are creating the processes as they go. Lastly: The issue isn't solely that they wanted to charge for the stream. There are three main sticking points here... 1 - It has always been free 2 - They weren't going to let the streamers who keep up the hype in periods of low output, share the experience with the communities they have built around this game. 3- If it had been presented well ahead of time, and the keynote/demo was free to all, and an explanation of why they wanted to do what they wanted to do was adequately given, IT WOULDN'T BE AN ISSUE! All in all, it's no longer an issue. However, we as members of the community can only hope that going forward, lessons are learned and NOT repeated. I agree @VoA, all things considered, CIG does a pretty decent job and they have some extremely talented and dedicated employees. Nevertheless, we should continue to pressure them to continually improve, especially with regards to community engagement.
  6. Juntau

    CitizenCon Streaming

    @VoA I am speculating, as are you. There is no definitive information regarding the topic of this discussion that can be source or substantiated. It's just a discussion.
  7. Left behind by society...that's funny. I don't think it works quite that way.
  8. Juntau

    CitizenCon Streaming

    While this may be the case, I find it hard to fathom that he has the same impact or influence. Also, one thing to consider is that WIKI pages are group collaborations of content and therefore not always accurate. I know CIG's official stance is that Ben was going to be working remotely, but do you follow him social media? Never a mention of the project at all.
  9. Personally, I applauded Morgan Freedman in his role as GOD since his overall vibe denotes that of wisdom, and it made sense to me.
  10. Juntau

    CitizenCon Streaming

    I fear @LowZone, with the departure of Ben Lesnik, there is no one with enough clout, or balls, to tell Chris what he needs to hear as it relates to the community. The term, community managers, denotes that their role would be to "deal" with issues related to the community and it's perception of the company. I highly doubt however, that the opinions of these folks is considered when making marketing decisions. It's sad, considering how open the community is with their opinions, that CIG is having such a difficult time grasping what will and will not piss of the majority of the community. I still say, just tell us what is going on, and we will respond accordingly. Especially with monetary funding.
  11. Juntau

    CitizenCon Streaming

    Like I said on Discord, if they would have approach the community ahead of time and laid all this out for the community to decide, it would have been fine. People are growing tired of the WTF are you thinking moments from CIG. If the second option of: The keynote and closing being free to all and additional content being pay per view, sure you would have had some complaints but not at the level we saw with the initial digital ticket sale fiasco. If they explained things ahead of time I think the majority of the community would have a much greater acceptance of the ideas and played along, but it seems that the folks over at CIG are very, very slow learners.
  12. We were. Unfortunately neither Twitch nor Mixxer particularly like multi platform broadcasting, which is what we were doing. Currently we are live on Twitch at twitch.tv/thebaseradio and have a multitude of content outside of simply broadcasting music. You can of course join our discord to keep up to date.
  13. Juntau

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    If it were me, I would withhold all information regarding the carrack until it is flight ready. Why? Because the community is hell bent on getting a date for this ship, I would make it a big ass birthday surprise.
  14. Prices on pascal have dropped way down, should be more than enough to play any game out for a couple of years... https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487265&cm_sp=Homepage_Dailydeal-_-P1_14-487-265-_-08252018
  15. @Metternich70 But how does this sovereignty apply to the internet where sales are global? I find it hard to imagine that these issue were fully fleshed out by any country and/or any legal system. I know consumer protection laws definitely apply to businesses within or in close proximity to the state in question where a purchase has been made or within a group of states that have predetermined arrangements regarding such sales. The question is, is a company based in the united States bound to the commerce laws of all other countries across the globe? I'm not sure how this works or if it in fact works at all. If it is anything like criminal law, pre-existing arrangements need to exist in order for something like extradition to take place for example. At least this is how I understand it.