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  1. First off, I would like to thank you for your service and welcome you home. It is nice to hear that is paying off for you in the way of school finances. Furthermore, welcome to the Base. Imperium has been a great place for me to call home and I hope you find it the same. Good luck and we'll see you out there.
  2. Honestly, going forward clock speeds on the CPU will have much less of an effect on performance. Everything, and I mean everything, is becoming more and more GPU dependent. Also, more and more programs, including the games of the future like Sta Citizen, will be designed in a way to take advantage of EVERY core your CPU has available. This technology isn't mainstream just yet, but it is coming. While there is no way you can "future proof" a PC build, there are ways you can extend it's useful life. One of those it to get the most CPU and GPU that you can reasonably afford and DO NOT overclock either. The performance gains are negligible unless you are doing some heavy duty encoding or something of that nature. This however has proven to reduce the life of the core components. With that being said, building a PC for Star Citizen at this point is really pointless unless what you currently have will not run the game at all. At that point I would be more inclined to recommend small upgrades to get close to satisfactory performance. Like it has been said, Star Citizen has at least a couple more years of development to go until it is considered a complete product. There will, however, be a ton of playable/testable content but I'm not convinced that this content justifies spending the dollars to get even a mid ranged PC to play.
  3. Returning player

    It's certainly looking better, welcome back!!!
  4. Hello, FNG here!

    Hello Jax, and welcome to the Base.
  5. Hello from new member (applying)

    Yes yes, welcome. Also, you post brings up something I don't recall discussing. I feel a new poll coming soon. Imperial or Imperian? That is the question. Good job @Corwan!
  6. New Citizen

    Hello @RexCodex, welcome to the base. We hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. new arrival Hi, I'm new

    We all wish you a warm welcome to The Base. I too hope you find what you are looking for within Imperium. It is truly a great place to be. It is an unfortunate yet not an uncommon scenario with your friend. The time spent waiting for this game can wear on people and their patience. Hopefully you find some new friends in and around this organization "SOON".
  8. Greetings from new baked IMP !!!

    Welcome, may the light of LTI shine upon you!
  9. Hey, BASE!

    Welcome to the Base @IronFoxide. We hope your stay is a pleasant one.
  10. Hello!

    Welcome...but I'm not sure if I should afraid or not. o7
  11. November Imperium Insider

    It's you first and only notification for November
  12. November Imperium Insider

    Check for your local time here
  13. Greetings @Imperium Member As promised, the first Saturday of each month the Imperium Twitch will go live with the "Imperium Insider". NOVEMBER 4TH @ 17:00 UTC Unlike the previous iteration of the Imperium Insider, this season has a new twist. We will be broadcasting live via twitch to provide information, answer your questions, address your concerns and give you, the Imperium member, a greater overview of where Imperium stands and where we, as an organization, are going. Considering the fact the Twitch is not a secured channel and anyone from any part of the Star Citizen community will be able to tune in, watch and chat, most information given will be at the highest level possible in the interests of operational security. (That's right, you'll still have to speculate on the number of capital ships in the fleet) Nonetheless, it will provide an excellent opportunity for members to interact with Officers, HR and Fleet Command. We hope to see you all there! WHERE - https://www.twitch.tv/imperium_sc WHEN - The First Saturday Of Every Month