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  1. Drake Vulture

    The only responses I have is that... First, no one is forcing anyone to buy anything, like the 27,000 dollar "mandatory" DLC (as some are claiming). Dont buy it! Also, CIG will make many ships. Some you may like, some you may not. Want to support the funding, buy the ones you like...or not. Is the CIG company perfect? No. Is anything perfect? No. As a matter of fact, it is all subjective. So our opinions are just that. At the end of the day, you either do or do not believe this will be a good game for you. I personally think it will be just fine and all of this drama will be for nothing, as it usually is.
  2. Drake Vulture

    From Wing Commander From Privateer So I suppose the real question is, who stole what and who did it first?
  3. Blind Culling delayed - again

    @Devil Khan Just to be clear, I of all people are not frustrated whatsoever. My concern is for the integrity of the company and the "games". More information leads to less speculation which we have seen usually manifests itself in negativity. I fully expect the development cycle to run somewhere in the realm of 10 years. Which is a long time to have people not knowing what the state of their dream game is and undoubtedly leads to scepticism. Cig has certainly stepped up their game in regards to information sharing but I do think they could do more. When you look back and see how things like, The Road To Citizencon, had a positive effect on the overall mood of the community you have to ask...why not do this more often.
  4. Blind Culling delayed - again

    I don't disagree but a roadmap like the one created for the PU would necessarily contain spoilers. Just information on the feature development state. It could create more drama than it help elevate though. Such as what is happening now with the bind culling topic. At the end of the day, it will be ready when it's ready but sometimes the community is holding its breath waiting for the "silver bullet" as so eloquently described by @Drum. Which seems to be self defeating at this point.
  5. Blind Culling delayed - again

    @CyberianK I think if they lowered their hand a bit and let people know what the state of SQ42 is on a more regular basis, it might help. It might not, hard to say. I've seen a lot of bitching about a SQ42 roadmap not being available.
  6. Blind Culling delayed - again

    Only to those who unrealistic expectations or just truly have no understanding of what is being done behind the scenes. I say, let them melt!
  7. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    okay, I think that is enough already.
  8. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    That might be the best suggestion you have had so far. We are obviously having a hard time differentiating between a finished game and a still in development game. Yes, there Is a lot to be frustrated about but never have I consider smashing my keyboard. So based on that, you may want to walk away before something get broken. Be aware, I'm not up for the constant repetition of trying to convince you that everything will be fine. Please just go find something else to do for a while, like 2 years or so.
  9. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    Here is another interesting piece of information provided by CIG that must be agreed upon before proceeding with any pledge ... I particularly like the part that says "Welcome to open development"! You are a crowdfunding pledge, not a purchase! Star Citizen is funded through a community crowdfunding effort. Your "Pledge Funds" for in-game items such as ships or weapons will be spent on the ongoing development of the game. Welcome to Open Development! Star Citizen's Alpha releases include work-in-progress and features that have bugs that will be improved in future updates [See Roadmap ]. Your pledge will grant you continued access to this process. We encourage community feedback but the decisions must ultimately remain with the developer. All Pledges are final! For these reasons, you can not get your Pledge Funds back even if a particular in-game item takes longer to become available, contains bugs, or undergoes design changes. By placing your order, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions , in particular, section Pledges .
  10. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    Important: Many new features are present as a first implementation and still have numerous adjustments and tweaks to be made to bring them to full design specifications. Many optimizations are still incoming and performance isn’t up to our standard as is. With no many new systems coming online, there are likely to be numerous bugs left to smash and balance changes to hammer out. We want you to be part of our open development! Report issues and bugs you encounter on our issue council: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council.
  11. There are loads of people who use the HOMAS configuration. I have in the past but to me it felt to unnatural, so I abandoned it for dual sticks. You do loose a bit precision at first but with practice it's just as competitive as and controller configuration. After trying so many different control schemes and talking to masses of people on the topic, I truly believe that it is really just a matter of comfort and preference. You will only be as competent relative to the amount of time you put in to any given task. It's more likely that the quality of the device being used plays a greater role than the device type itself.
  12. How to make $ for star citizen?

    A thing to consider. The average age of the Star Citizen backer is relatively higher than that of your average Steam or console gamer. While there are no absolutes, this tends to lead towards said backers having more "disposable income" than their console gaming counterparts. Myself as an example. I have already threaded through the trenches of minimum wage work. Focused on a career path. Bought and remodeled a home. Paid off all the debt from my youth...ect. While I'm not saying anyone here is of this mindset, younger people tend to forget that it takes considerable time and hard work for most people to get to the point where money isn't that great of a concern. Once at the point, it is much less of a strain to funnel money into a hobby. Some people buy boats, build cars, hire prostitutes or do drugs. I personally build computers and buy virtual space ships in an effort to try to make sure this game gets completed and is successful.
  13. Build help New Build Advice

    While the last suggestion sucks, I agree. It does not make much sense however, that it tests good in the SM Suite but performs like shit in actual use. Are there multiple M.2 sockets on the board?
  14. Build help New Build Advice

    I would first start with updating the bios on the board, most manufacturers have made this a painless process. 99% of motherboards shipped are revision 1.0 and in turn have the first bios version written for that board. If you search the manufacturer website I bet you find there have been several newer revisions made for your board. Also, give this a look. http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/product/consumer/960evo/ Did you install the drivers from this site? According to the forum post linked above, the board supports m.2 PCI, which the 960 evo is, so that's likely not the issue.