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  1. At this point i'm basically holding out on my Retaliator strictly because I don't have the money to upgrade to a Polaris. Maybe if I see them come up with some decent dedication to actually make the Retaliator what it is meant to be, then i'll hold on to it longer... but as much as I love how the ship looks, and what it stands for.. I just haven't seen any effort by the developers to make it what it is supposed to be. Not yet anyway, but like I said, I still hold on to hope
  2. So, I know we're all here to make fun of just how many times he said "fidelity" but I am going to avoid exactly copying everyone else, and instead say "Wow, I can't believe that it has been 5 years since the kickstarter already. It doesn't feel that long." It has certainly been an interesting long-term investment.
  3. Welcome to the Base, and Imperium! I second the statement that there is a metric tonne of Trade and Industry people in Imperium!
  4. Welcome to the Base, and Imperium. Tell us a bit more about yourself!
  5. Welcome to the Base, and Imperium. I see you mentioned that you do a lot of Youtube videos. We have several members that are constantly on Teamspeak that stream Star Citizen and other games fairly frequently. Not sure if you would want to collaborate with any of them, but they are around!
  6. JakeStoanes


    Welcome to the Base, and Imperium!
  7. Welcome to the Base, and Imperium! I think you'll find a nice home in the Trade and Industry division judging from your real life background - unless you just want to do something totally different. Either way, i'm sure you'll find what you're looking for!
  8. Welcome to the Base, and Star Citizen!
  9. Welcome to Star Citizen, the Base, and Imperium!
  10. I am still hesitant to purchase Elite Dangerous. I have been looking at it for awhile now, but I have been reading a lot of bad things about how much of a grind it is, and I tend to dislike endless grinds, it is a large part of why I left EVE Online awhile back. Endlessly mining to try to gain resources was a pain in the ass.
  11. JakeStoanes

    Build help Build HOTAS setup

    The only suggestion I would make, is actually making the block of wood that they're resting on a cut out, and drop it down. That way the actual base of the flight stick is in line with the board going out from underneath your arm rest. The reason for this, is because it will allow you to lay your forearms flat to reach the flight sticks, instead of having to each up a bit further. So essentially you have the plank going out to the flight stick, and then you create a box, with a lowered bottom, that allows the bases of the HOTAS controllers to sink in, and remain flush. I also recommend using strips of velcro underneath the controllers, once you're ready to finish. This allows you to remove the controllers if you want, and it gives a bit more support if you get aggressive during flight, so the controllers themselves don't shift.
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