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  1. the devil lies within the details, as always.
  2. if it's in a huge cap ship, why not infiltrate and disable the targeting systems first, making it a sitting duck?
  3. Fine, mine'll be FindingNomNom
  4. If I'm the dev I'd be shit pissed about reworking on balancing ships in Alpha through Beta into Launch.. _whatawasteofmymanhoursandSLEEP_ dude/quit
  5. Fidelity... Fidelity.. More Fidelity!!!
  6. Made a summary out of the earlier twitch sneak peek... still picking up editing skills. please be lenient on me and enjoy..
  7. the comments section were funny.. enhance enhance!
  8. Wait, wasn't the Vanguard Warden sold as mil-spec @250USD but downgraded to a Civilian version after the sale? I have strong doubts about this sale as well.
  9. First off they should fix ship's purposes and especially their stat pages... Issues like nerf batting will cause players too CCU - take the constellation for example when it was touted as a space superiority fighter; these days it can be very easily taken down since it flies like a whale. Otherwise it's just not justifiable. Why should we foot the bill if CIG can't make up their minds on the purpose of ships? And if they happen to balance a ship later on, those CCUs should not be charged extra because the ship itself may not be the purpose that it was initially sold for.
  10. The point isn't on Singapore, so please don't derail the topic. Point is, the way things are going no other country in the "free world" would follow American leadership. It's just a pathetic real mess. What next after demolishing Net Neutrality? Lol. All in the name for money. Or is it truly that Freedom is but an illusion? Time will tell.
  11. Democracy is dead? And the WH just fired Comey. If America has her way, we'd see Net Neutrality wiped off for $$$ profits.
  12. USA has been corrupted ever since the introduction of big money and interest lobbies... Democratic? NO. And it's always the repugs... it's almost close to despicable how that country has become.
  13. thank you for the share
  14. I agree with @Pharesm, why waste all the productivity on rework? But some people just don't get it. They argue about game balancing and stuff which is really short-sighted. Why design a blardy ship that no human uses at all, for humans? It goes a full circle.
  15. I'm sitting on the Tobii 4C, used for ED. I'm just hoping CIG would support this tech as well. You can't quite aim guns with eyes, but its good enough to support looking around without tilting the head. Found that awkward.