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  1. Dont mess thisse upp now :-)
  2. I talked to webhallen the other day, their next shipment is coming either next week or the week after that and it will cover all the preorders they had at that time. You might be lucky and get some of that if you order now.
  3. @ The problem with only holding one part of the trade as an middle man, is that you can't be sure what has happened to the other part of the trade. Party A says he has gifted the ship, Party B says he didn't receive it. Now who do you send the cash to? Only way I would consider being an middleman is if i can guarantee both party will comply. There is an workaround that will require even greater trust in the middleman. Party A sends the cash to the middleman, Party B sends his login on RSI to the middleman, Middleman gifts the ship in question himself from Party B's account, Party B changes his password, Middleman sends the cash. I don't think many would favor this kind of trust in a middleman, but the way I see it that's the only way the middleman can guarantee fair play from all parties.
  4. NO NO, for gods sake. I didn't mean to imply that you had done anything wrong. It's just people might feel strongly regarding topics like this and I just wanted to put a note in early so people think before they post
  5. Just a heads up: We are an international org, with lots of different views. This event is in my opinion important and we should be able to talk about it. But please please keep it civil so we don't have to clamp down on it.
  6. Yeah, apart from that debacle with the pool game, it was an eventfull evening
  7. sadly i need to work tomorrow so I won't be able to tune in to your first live show :/ But Good luck Ricko!!
  8. yeah, posted a bit quick, could have checked it on my end before posting. Was my player that had glitched, sry
  9. is the stream broken right now? there seem to be glitch and it loops back again, same song on for some time now
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