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Found 11 results

  1. Want to sell my whole account, as I wont have the time to be playing this game in the future. Starting Price: 1500$ or better bid. It consists of the following packages: Veteran Backer & Golden Ticket Account Package - UEE Exploration 2948 Pack (LTI): Anvil Carrack Expedition LTI + Pisces Expedition Banu Merchantman LTI Crusader Mercury Star Runner LTI with Night Runner Skin Anvil Valkryie LTI Freelancer MIS LTI Including Storecredit: 0 Dollar UEC: 2000 UEC Buy Pack Pledge: Digital Scout LTI Or
  2. I'm looking to sell my account, spent $2532 on it. Melt value of the ships and the Store credit = $2206 PRICE I’m looking for is $2000 There is a few buyback ships from last years IAE There is also lots of subscriber Items in the Hanger and Buyback Ship List Anvil Carrack Expedition with C8X Pisces (RSI Ursa Rover Included)- LTI Origin 600i Touring ( Name Reservation) - LTI Crusader Ares Inferno - LTI Drake Cutlass Black BIS - LTI Aegis Reclaimer BIS - LTI MISC Prospector - 6 Months Banu Merchantman - 10 Years Crusader Mer
  3. WTS my Carrack LTI from first concept sale in 2014. Includes VFG Hangar and some things like posters and the model for your hangar. Life time insurance and all the trimmings. (see attachement) Asking price $400
  4. UEE 2948 Exploration Package at cost! Not looking to make a profit, just don’t want people to loose more money. $695 (does not include PayPal fee if you want an invoice). PM me if interested.
  5. I am glad to welcome you in my store ships. In it you can find a lot of ships that are not available at the moment for sale on the RSI. I have over 150 successful sales of ships Star Citizen on eBay (all with positive feedback from buyers). PM me message and I will provide a link to that sales thread. Also I have successful major sales on this site, you can see my feedback. Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - leave
  6. PayPal fees included to the price --- AEGIS HAMMERHEAD LTI CCU --- $675 --- AEGIS NAUTILUS LTI CCU --- $675 --- AEGIS RECLAIMER LTI CCU --- $320 --- ANVIL CARRACK LTI CCU --- $450 --- BANU DEFENDER LTI ORIGINAL CONCEPT --- $220 --- BANU MERCHANTMAN LTI CCU --- $ 280 --- C.I. GENESIS LTI CCU --- $370 --- C.I. HERCULES C2 LTI CCU --- $300 --- C.I. HERCULES M2 LTI CCU --- $430 --- C.I. HERCULES A2 LTI CCU --- $670 --- DRAKE CATERPILLAR BEST SHOW EDITION LTI CCU --- $300 --- ESPERIA PROWLER LTI CCU --- $380 --- ORIGIN 600 TOURING L
  7. I’m selling my rare lti ship packages , pm me if you are interested .
  8. Hello, I empty my hangar : I propose a Carrack LTI and a Banu Merchantman LTI . (all CCU'd) for 450 $ (Carrack) and 350 $ (Banu Merchantman) PayPal Fees included. (other possibilities too (contact me to see if I have the upgrades: exemple : Drake Caterpillar Lti (300Usd) ....) PM if interested.
  9. Looking to sell the majority of my ships, hoping to find a good return on the purchases I've made over the years, please PM me for the following ships: Anvil Carrack LTi - $400 Khartu-AL LTi - $200 - SOLD Mustng Delta - $70 Cutlass Black - $110 Gladius - $100 Avenger - $70
  10. Hi, I am selling Carrack LTI Standalone Ship for 500 USD. Please PM me interested. Niner
  11. Thank you for those that took the time to review post. Understanding this is a lot of money to expect anyone to pay for digital ships, I will show topic as Complete and keep account. See you in the Verse
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