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  1. Put in a Star Citizen plug on that channel
  2. Depends on what countdown you're on.. I'm on the one that has the actual show starting at the "0" 3pm - 5pm PDT.. ..35min remaining..
  3. Thanks for the vid selections.. My wife has already left me alone . 42minutes until liftoff. Lots of energy at that "2013 Hangar Reveal" btw..
  4. Can't you get someone to buy it in north america and then gift it? (or is that not possible because of something CIG does?)
  5. I wonder if this ship will be in Squadron 42, hopefully meaning that we would get to fly it sooner than later. But being in "concept" makes me think that it isn't. Anyone have confirmation on this?
  6. All good and seems fool proof ...except, my wife came over to see what I was laughing at. I need a new plan
  7. I'm done here as it's getting a tad prickly. Judging by the responses of some simply wonderful people, I can see some don't value immersion like others. Didn't mean to offend. I just won't be flying beside people that participate in this kind of behaviour and basically wanted to see how this Org felt about it (not to whine). ...thanks for the honest replies.
  8. I find it very amusing how some of you try to justify being a douche bag as "we're trying to help the server". So, by heading to Kareha to protect the terminal from being hacked, I have allowed not only the public, but our Org members as well, to just blow up my ship "because it's parked there", even though I'm there to stop a "pirate" from hacking the terminal. Next thing you know, this Org (or certain members [who think their actions are justified]) will start burning witches like they did in the past. I thought we were better than that. [facepalm]
  9. I'm too old for tears ...But not too old to avenge others or myself. The other day, I had some guests operating the tailguns of my Tali as we approached Kareha. One or two of the gunners started shooting at the parked ships, from the ship I was piloting... Well I wouldn't have any of that, so I through it in Cruise Mode, away from Kareha and set the self destruct button. It was a great feeling. I could almost hear their screams as they tried to reach the airlocks . If I see anyone doing this without cause, I shoot first and don't ask any questions, friend or foe.
  10. Am I the only one that can't stand people that shoot at parked ships? Are you a person that shoots at parked ships and aren't ashamed to justify your actions? (Because I'd really like to hear the reasoning behind doing something that requires such little skill) I just can't understand why someone with any sense would do it and hope that I am part of the majority of this Org when it comes to feeling this way.
  11. Quite fitting.. Epic music for an epic game.
  12. I googled "space games" a few years ago and came to discover Star Citizen and backed almost immediately. I had played EVE for a while and needed something different. A game that had ships I could pilot. Something more involved. Something more ....Star Citizen :). Damn I love Google.
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