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  1. This is sweeeeet, thanks for sharing!
  2. Awesome work! Just looking at all these images again reminds me why I backed in the first place.
  3. I think having head tracking (i.e. TrackIR etc) and voice commands natively supported in-game are going to do a lot for the immersion. I know both are there now, but I wouldn't mind if they spent some CIG resources polishing each. The other big piece is having solid NPCs. They should be interesting and capable. I know a lot of us have big ships and my wish would be to see Mass Effect type of character depth with the smarts to perform their job on board as well as a newbie human player.
  4. I just wish we had a better idea when Squadron 42 is going to be released. I feel like we havent had an update on that since the failed push for Citizen Con 2016
  5. so it should cycle wallmart junky low brass birdshot just fine? In your opinion?
  6. speaking of ships that just handle "allright" at best. I hate the way the Vanguards handle...
  7. Hey Donut, know anything about those Black Aces Tactical shorties? They look cool, but man they are expensive for what is essentially a modded mossberg 500
  8. Alright gents - I am still looking for an awesome magazine fed shotgun. I found a few others just wanted to get folks opinion. Here is pump that I like and it is very cheap because its a Mossberg 500 conversion: http://www.adaptivetactical.com/products/venom-5rndbox-system.php I also found this its a new Semi-Auto based on a AR-10, it's the UTAS XTR-12: http://www.utas-usa.com/semiautoshotgun/xtr-12-tungsten And finally, I found a very cheap Vepr/Saiga clone that i heard is super reliable, the Century Arms Fury 2. http://palmettostatearmory.com/fury-ii-sa-shotgun-12ga-sg1875n.html Any thoughts? Thanks everyone!
  9. I hope they make some exciting new changes to the Phoenix. 'The Debutante' is awaiting her facelift.
  10. This is probably a ploy to get some gaming street cred as they begin pushing their drinks to professional e-sports players. I hope SC is so successful that they sponsor a race in the game, imagine the Red Bull Murray Cup!
  11. It is bracket season folks! This is the 2017 Name of the Year bracket. http://deadspin.com/presenting-the-2017-name-of-the-year-bracket-1793264800 I am personally rooting for YourMajesty Lumpkins. Good Luck!
  12. Red Bull published this infographic about Star Citizen on their website. I am not sure how new this is, but I haven't seen it on our forums yet so I thought I'd share. Here: http://www.redbull.com/en/games/stories/1331846115570/star-citizen-infographic-red-bull-games
  13. nice hearing all of this is super exciting... I wonder if he has any info on Squadron 42
  14. Yup, I got the app about a month back. It works great and love the SC ones. I would be interested to see how to make them. Maybe we could get a Imperium one made.
  15. looks awesome, but makes me more excited to see what AMD does in response.