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  1. RIP Tom Clancy

    I remember reading about Jack Ryan and his adventure the first time in the library, good read, good book, good memories. RIP Tom Clancy, you left this world too soon.
  2. Intro and hi

    Welcome to the forums and hopefully the fleet
  3. Thanks to Jamtu

  4. Greetings

    welcome to the forums!
  5. Heya.

    Welcome to the forums and Imperium fleet
  6. Starfleet Dental: Official Envoy from Dear Leader

    Hiya, dentists!
  7. How do you think the sales of ships in-game would be done?

    That would be my ideal way. Would feel so much better than just a generic wall of text saying "Yeah the ship is good"
  8. How do you think the sales of ships in-game would be done?

    I'll check it out then, thanks! Edit: Yeah the video didn't hold any video, thanks for the suggestion though.
  9. I was just wondering how the buying and selling of ships will be done. Will it be the slightly boring and unimaginative form of having a list that you can access anywhere and just select your ship. Or be more dynamic and enter a parallel of a car dealership, in which you can sit in the cockpit, test drive it, and then decide if you'll buy. I know the second would be tougher to program, but would feel so much more organic. Well we won't have true final say, but still fun to think of it .
  10. Jabbl signing in

    Welcome to the board! Join the fleet if you want.
  11. Sorry for the lack of INN posts lately...

    A weekly recap would be nice, but whenever there is something you consider breaking news in SC universe then it'd be nice to have a dedicated post for it
  12. Drake Cutless Concept Art Released

    If it weren't for the pirate stigma that surrounds that ship I'd love to give an arm and a leg for it. Still, it is incredibly sexy haha
  13. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the fleet, glad to have ya!
  14. Phonebloks

    Wow, that's an incredible idea. Plus, it'd give so much ground for testing new components and technology. Oh, the potential.
  15. Hello everybody

    Wow, thanks for the welcome everybody, glad to be here.